Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 541: Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead

Chapter 541: Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead


Chapter 541: Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead

Lin Dong was clearly aware of the might of the Nirvana Demon Flame. This was something that even those experts who had stepped into the three Yuan Nirvana Stage, were extremely afraid of. If it was used appropriately, it could be considered quite a powerful killing weapon.

Of course, everyone was aware of the power of the Nirvana Demon Flame. However, all of those who were experiencing the tribulation viewed it as a painful eyesore and all of them begged for this thing to disappear with all their might. Most people did not possess the ability or the wild ambition to even think about subduing the Nirvana Demon Flame like Lin Dong did…

Lin Ding was clearly someone who did things in a resolute and decisive fashion. After making up his mind, he ceased delaying any longer. A thought passed through his mind and his majestic Yuan Power and Mental Energy appeared to have been completely activated at this moment.

Buzz buzz! An enormous amount of energy buzzed within Lin Dong’s body. They adopted numerous ring shapes like structures that wrapped around the Nirvana Demon Flame. After which, the flames were gathered towards a certain spot as though the were goats being chased.

At this moment, the black coloured Nirvana Demon Flame was burning fiercely. However, this thing that was originally able to cause many people experiencing a tribulation to feel terrified of, was currently showing signs of sluggishness. This was because Lin Dong’s Mental Energy and Yuan Power had firmly wrapped around it. Regardless of how it emitted a thawing strength, it was still unable to charge out of this encirclement that could be described as terrifying. However, it was clearly an impossible task to merely rely on the Yuan Power and Mental Energy that Lin Dong had used to surround this Nirvana Demon Flame.

The Nirvana Demon Flame was too fierce and brutal. Ordinary individuals would be unable to force it to summit. However, Lin Dong had clearly anticipated this kind of situation earlier. If the Nirvana Demon Flame was so simple to subdue, this thing would likely not be so rare.


A strange humming sound suddenly sounded from within the tight encirclement. Immediately, a gentle white glow cut through the encirclement and rushed out. A great amount of warm white glow was suspended in front of the Yuan Power and Mental Energy, appearing like it was the emperor. In the face of this light, even the wild and untamed Nirvana Demon Flame actually shrunk slightly.

The white glow swelled and shrunk unpredictably. At a glance, one could see that there was an ancient stone talisman suspended within it. An indescribable feeling vaguely spread out from it.

The only thing within Lin Dong’s body that could subdue this Nirvana Demon Flame was naturally this mysterious ancient stone talisman!

Even the current Lin Dong was unable to uncover all the mysteries of this stone talisman that had been in his hands for many years. Those various martial arts figures from back then were mostly useless for him. After all, the martial arts that he currently obtained, were no longer ordinary ones. The creator of these martial arts were all renowned great individuals. Hence, the martial arts that they had spent a great effort to create, was already at a level that even the stone talisman had difficulty improving.

Lin Dong had tried uncovering some of the other abilities of the stone talisman. However, all of his attempts ultimately ended in failure. This was because each probing was just like sinking a rock into the ocean and the stone talisman did not give him even the slightest response. This undoubtedly caused Lin Dong to feel a little dispirited. As more time passed, he could only allow nature to take its course.

After all, this stone talisman was in his body. If he was to be in an extremely dangerous and critical moment, at the very least, the stone talisman would instinctively intervene. This would more or less reduce some of his problems. Under Lin Dong’s control, the stone talisman was suspended in front of the cluster of Nirvana Demon Flame. Gentle rays of white glow swelled and shrunk. It might appear weak, but it was incomparably strong.

“Buzz!” After the stone talisman was suspended for a moment, some threads of white coloured glow finally rushed out from it. They interlaced with one another and directly formed a large net that covered the Nirvana Demon Flame.

The Nirvana Demon Flame was naturally unwilling to be captured when faced with these light net that were charging over. Immediately, a fire seedling wiggled. Its melting strength spread and melted the light net away.

Sizzle sizzle!

However, this melting clearly did not achieve a crushing weed like easy effect. That pale white coloured light net might appear weak, but it did not move even under that melting strength. That manner was as though the Nirvana Demon Flame’s melting ability was completely ineffective against it.

The light net was immune to this melting strength. This had naturally greatly reduced the tactics of the Nirvana Demon Flame. The light net rushed over and immediately covered the Nirvana Demon Flame within it. After which, the Nirvana Demon Flame was unable to break free regardless of how it struggled.

“Crushing great pressure!”

Lin Dong’s mind observed this particularly successful scene, before he smiled. After which, a thought passed through his mind and the stone talisman rushed out. It directly appeared on the light net and a warm white glow was emitted. Under the scattering of this light, the originally wildly struggling Nirvana Demon Flame actually became strangely quiet.

The ability of the stone talisman had once again exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. That Nirvana Demon Flame, which had gave him much headaches earlier on, had submitted obediently to him. This caused Lin Dong to involuntarily sigh quietly once again. This stone talisman was indeed mysterious.


The stone greatly suppressed the Nirvana Demon Flame as the light net suddenly squeezed it wildly. Immediately, the Nirvana Demon Flame within it was pressured and began to swiftly shrink. Numerous wild and violent ripple was continuously scattered from it. However, in the face of the pressure from the stone talisman, it was impossible for it to spread.

The Nirvana Demon Flame’s size was becoming increasingly small. However, its colour had become increasingly deep. Faintly, a destructive ripple surfaced from it.

The large cluster of Nirvana Demon Flame began to disappear. Replacing it were five deep black coloured small points. A moment later, these points swelled a little before finally completely solidified into the size of a thumb.

Five thumb sized black coloured beads were quietly suspended within the light net. They were completely silent but they possessed an aura that caused one’s heart to tremble.

Those Nirvana Demon Flame earlier had actually been directly suppressed by Lin Dong into five fiery black beads!

A joy surged up Lin Dong’s heart, when he saw these five thumb sized unique black beads. After which, his tightly shut eyes slowly opened. He gripped with both of his fingers and a black bead appeared between them,

These black beads that were formed from the agglomeration of the Nirvana Demon Flame were not hot. On the contrary, they were a little icy cold. However, Lin Dong was aware that once this small thing became rampant, it was likely sufficient to reduce a three Yuan Nirvana Stage expert into an extremely miserable state.

“This thing… let’s call it Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead.”

Lin Dong played with this black coloured bead. Despite suppressing all of the Nirvana Demon Flame in his body, he had only obtained five such Nirvana Fiery Thunder Bead. However, he believed that this thing would definitely help him out tremendously in the future.

“It is really a Nirvana Tribulation with great reward…”

Lin Dong flicked his fingers and kept those ‘Nirvana Fiery Thunder Beads’ into his body. After which, he stretched his lazy waist. Immediately, a crackling sound was emitted from all over his body. A powerful sensation that Lin Dong had never felt before, spread across his entire body. Finally, it flowed within his body and galloped like floodwater, appearing forceful and strong.

A satisfied smile slowly climbed onto Lin Dong’s face. After four months of bitter training, his strength had similarly encountered an earthshaking transformation. The current him was as different as the sky and the earth compared to when had had just entered the Ancient Treasure Trove.

An expert who had endured through three Nirvana Tribulation could definitely be considered an outstanding existence even in the entire Ancient Battlefield. Although there were definitely even more powerful people above him, Lin Dong was not afraid. Currently, he possessed many trump cards and he had difficulty finding a match amongst those three Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. Even those experts who had stepped into the four Yuan Nirvana Stage would likely find it difficult to defeat him.

Lin Dong leaped up from the ancient training platform. He sensed the various activity within his body a little. Only after sensing that there was not the slightest unusual activity, did he raise his head and threw his gaze into the distant.

An enormous light cocoon was suspending in mid-air a couple of hundred feet away from the Pill River. Black and white coloured glow lingered around it. A dense life and death aura was spreading apart, appearing to have developed into a ring of life and death.

Currently, this light cocoon had undoubtedly swelled by dozens of times as compared to four months ago. Lin Dong was also able to sense the originally weak aura within it was growing stronger at a shockingly rapid pace.

Most importantly, Lin Dong had begun to sense a genuine aura of the flesh from within that light cocoon…

Little Marten had the body of a Demonic Spirit and definitely did not possess any flesh. However, such an aura had actually appeared within this light cocoon at this moment. It seemed that the effect of the Samsara pill was really beginning to be unleashed.

“It should be soon…”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself as he sensed the withering blood aura. Little Marten had already entered a deep retreat for four months. If nothing overly unexpected happens, it is likely that he would exit very soon.

The Little Marten that came out would be a genuine Celestial Demon Marten that stood at the top of the food chain in the Demonic Beast World!

Lin Dong’s heart was quite curious about the Little Marten in that condition.