Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 540: Retaliate

Chapter 540: Retaliate


Chapter 540: Retaliate


The scarlet hurricane was spinning with a terrifying speed above the boundless Pill River. The crazy energy waves that it was releasing, were enough to make a Three Yuan Nirvana stage’s practitioner palpitate with fear.

Lin Dong’s figure was sitting silently in the middle of that hurricane. His facial expression was incredibly solemn, while faintly containing a tinge of nervousness as well. Clearly, even he himself did not dare to be too reckless when dealing with the third Nirvana Tribulation.

In this world, there were a lot of talented geniuses who had died during these Nirvana Tribulations. All these years, Lin Dong had to fight bitterly in order to gain the success that he enjoys today. Therefore, before he becomes the best in the universe, he did not want to join the ranks of those pathetic fallen geniuses…


The hurricane swirled around the training platform. Suddenly, numerous streaks of scarlet Nirvana Flames shot out and blasted towards the seated Lin Dong.

Originally, Nirvana Tribulation is a kind of tribulation that occurred within a practitioner’s body. However, as the number of Nirvana Tribulations one went through increased, the difficulty of the Nirvana Tribulations will increase as well. Take this third Nirvana Tribulation for example, not only would the Nirvana Tribulation attack from within one’s body, but it would also activate the Nirvana Qi between heaven and earth and carry out an attack from the outside. By then, the internal attack and the external attack would coincide, and catch one completely off guard.

Right now, Lin Dong was situated in the middle of the Pill River. The Nirvana Qi present in the Pill River was extremely dense. As such, the kind of attack from the Nirvana Tribulation would be much more stronger and troublesome to deal with.

Streaks of scarlet Nirvana Flames whizzed downwards like meteors that fell through the sky. Eventually, accompanied by violent energy waves, they collided ruthlessly onto Lin Dong’s body.

Bang bang!

Muffled explosions could be heard repeatedly throughout Lin Dong’s body. That kind of scorching heat was corroding Lin Dong’s body frantically. However, at this moment, the ‘Green Dragon Skin’ that was covering Lin Dong’s body began to display extraordinary defensive abilities. As the faint green light diffused, it completely isolated the incoming spiralling Nirvana Flames from Lin Dong’s skin.

On the surface, it seemed like Lin Dong was being engulfed by raging Nirvana Flames. However, if one was to take a closer look, one would observe that a faint green glow was flickering on Lin Dong’s skin. Furthermore, even though the green glow might seem weak, it was actually what kept the Nirvana Flames from penetrating Lin Dong’s skin.

Naturally, Lin Dong knew everything about the external attack. Hence, when he saw the attacking Nirvana Flames being stopped completely by the ‘Green Dragon Skin’, he silently heaved a sigh of relief. However, soon after, he became anxious once again. That was because he knew that even though the external attacks might be troublesome, he knew that he could handle it. However, the truly thorny matter was the attacks that came from within his body….

Lin Dong’s attention was focused on scanning the inside of his body. His Yuan Power was flowing rapidly through his bones and limbs, preparing to come to the aid of any parts of his body that were in trouble at all times.

Lin Dong’s wait did not last too long before he saw a wisp of black-colored flame appearing mysteriously.

Nirvana Demon Flame!

When Lin Dong saw this wisp of black-colored flame, his heart contracted firmly. This thing was the most troublesome problem of the third Nirvana Tribulation.

Once it’s terrifying melting power proliferated in the body, all the internal organs would be melted in an instant without a trace.

Previously, Lin Dong had seen this kind of flames in the Nirvana Burning Sky Array and he even subdued the flames. After that, Lin Dong was able to use the flames and put Lin Langtian in an unknown life-or-death situation. Thus, he knew everything about the destructive powers of the flames.

“It has finally arrived….”

Lin Dong muttered softly in his heart. Soon after, without saying anything unnecessary, he focused his mind and channeled out his Yuan Power, which completely engulfed that wisp of black-colored flame.

Tch tch!

As if it had sensed Lin Dong’s action, that wisp of Nirvana Demon Flame started to act as well. With a sway of its body, its terrifying melting power started to extend outward swiftly. Immediately, the Yuan Power that engulfed it was melted with a visible speed.

“Troublesome thing.”

Upon seeing this, even though Lin Dong already prepared for it mentally, he still could not help but curse it. He then quickly channeled an even larger amount of Yuan Power and surrounded the Nirvana Demon Flame. No matter what, he could not let the melting power of the Nirvana Demon Flame extend to the vulnerable but important internal organs in his body.

The only way to withstand something like the Nirvana Demon Flame, was to make use of the vigor of Yuan Power and put out the flame by brute force. However, this method required an enormous exhaustion of Yuan Power. When individuals who had weak foundation tried to survive this Nirvana Tribulation, due to their deficiency in Yuan Power, the Nirvana Demon Flame would wreck havoc in their bodies and ultimately cost them their lives.

The foundation of Lin Dong’s Yuan Power was rather strong. Therefore, it would not be too stressful for him when he used this method for quite a while. However, he clearly understood that there would not just be one wisp of Nirvana Demon Flame appearing in the third Nirvana Tribulation. Otherwise, there would not be so many practitioners who had fallen at this stage….

That frail wisp of Nirvana Demon Flame was engulfed by vigorous Yuan Power. No matter how much it released its melting power, it still could not break out of the Yuan Power. Instead, as it constantly released its melting power, it began to melt gradually till the point when it finally dissipated completely.

Just as the wisp of Nirvana Demon Flame disappeared, Lin Dong’s chest tightened up immediately. He knew that what coming next was the main highlight…

Lin Dong’s highly-anticipated wait lasted for approximately half a minute before an activity was detected inside of his body. Speckles of black-colored glow extended mysteriously in his body. Finally, like a vast sky full of stars, these speckles of black glow materialized into hovering black flames.

Upon witnessing such an amount, Lin Dong firmly heaved in a breath of cold air. Then, surging Yuan Power whizzed out of his Dantian and engulfed those Nirvana Demon Flames with a terrifying speed before they could release their melting powers.


At the moment when the flames were being engulfed by the Yuan Power, Lin Dong knew that an extremely arduous to-and-fro tussle was about to start!

Horrifying melting powers were released in an intimidating amount. One-tenth of the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body was melted within a few minutes’ time!

At this moment, the terrorizing aspect of the Nirvana Demon Flame was revealed gradually.

Facing such a huge exhaustion of Yuan Power, Lin Dong’s facial expression became sombre. Luckily, he did not panic. He understood that if he panicked at this moment, it would be the end for him.

While keeping his heart calm, Lin Dong systematically drew out a steady flow of Yuan Power from his Dantian. He would immediately send the Yuan Power to whichever part of his body that could not resist the flames anymore. No matter what, he could not let these Nirvana Demon Flames injure the inside of his body. That was because, it would be a fatal blow.

Lin Don’s performance was rather good. However, the amount of Nirvana Demon Flames that appeared this time around was rather large, making it particularly difficult to deal with. That kind of powerless exhaustion made Lin Dong’s eyebrows to involuntarily knit.

Naturally, the Nirvana Demon Flames did not care about Lin Dong’s emotions. They continued to burn ragingly and emit their terrorizing melting powers. It seemed that they had vowed not to give up until Lin Dong had been completely melted.

In this kind of stalemate battle, Lin Dong’s Yuan Power was melting rapidly. After about ten minutes, approximately half of the Yuan Power in his body had already been depleted. However, these Nirvana Demoni Flames did not show any sign of disappearing. Instead, they were burning with increasing fervor.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong sighed deeply. With a jolt of his mind, boundless Mental Energy gushed out abruptly from his Niwan Palace, which eventually replaced his Yuan Power.

When his Mental Energy replaced the Yuan Power in trapping the Nirvana Demon Flames, Lin Dong’s mind jolted again and a wave of Devouring Power was emitted. At this moment, the Nirvana Qi from the surrounding heaven and earth surged swiftly into Lin Dong’s body, replenishing the Yuan Power that had been exhausted.

Lin Dong was different from other Nirvana practitioners. Not only did he possess a remarkable achievement in the mastery of his Yuan Power, he also had an extraordinary attainment in the mastery of his Mental Energy. He was proficient in both types of energy. If he was to use them concurrently, he could engage in an overwatch battle with these Nirvana Demon Flames. This was one advantage that Lin Dong possessed.

The turn for the better seemed to occur right now. Facing an overwatch battle with the two types of energy, even the Nirvana Demon Flames would have to suffer. Some weaker wisps of Nirvana Demon Flames were already gradually showing signs of disappearing under such resistance.

However, even though the situation seemed to change for the better, Lin Dong did not show signs of slacking off. As long as these Nirvana Demon Flames were not extinguished completely, they could still emit terrifying energy in an instant. Hence, there was no room for negligence.

Under Lin Dong’s impregnable defense, the Nirvana Demon Flames were becoming helpless gradually. Wisp by wisp, the dangerous Nirvana Demon Flames started to disappear one after another.

When Lin Dong saw this, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he saw these Nirvana Demon Flames disappear, he felt that a tinge of regret. These Nirvana Demon Flames possessed powerful killing powers. Even a Three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner would be severely injured if his or her body was being infiltrated by these flames. Hence, if he could subdue them, it will be a powerful trump card in his hands.

“Subdue them….”

Lin Dong muttered to himself as he focused his attention on those mysterious and devilish black-colored flames.