Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 539: The Third Nirvana Tribulation

Chapter 539: The Third Nirvana Tribulation


Chapter 539: The Third Nirvana Tribulation

While Lin Dong sealed himself within the inner sanctum of the Green Dragon Palace to cultivate, as anticipated, the endless Ancient Battlefield fell into a period of fighting and extreme chaos.

Various treasure troves were gradually excavated and precious Soul Treasures, pills and even martial arts started to circulate. Within the Ancient Battlefield, the demand for these items exceeded the supply. Hence, they inevitably drew many coveting gazes. Thus, fights for these items were difficult to avoid.

The various empires similarly invested a great deal of effort due to the appearance of these treasures. The fragile alliances between different groups were practically worthless under the allure of such treasures.

Everyone wanted to obtain treasures because every person who was able to reach the Ancient Battlefield, was not an ordinary individual. Likewise, their ambitions could not be compared to any ordinary folk. Each person desired to distinguish themselves in the Hundred Empire War, in hopes of catching the eye of the super sects, allowing oneself to be akin to the carp that jumps through the dragon gate and completely change one’s life.

It is clear that these treasures that had originated from the treasure troves, were a rather good shortcut to becoming even more powerful, and many did not plan on giving up on such a seemingly easily obtainable shortcut.

And so, fights for these treasures were inevitable.

As the various empires fiercely contested for these treasures, the entire Ancient Battlefield was filled with smoke. In the presence of this practically explosive atmosphere, more and more practitioners started to emerge and reveal their prowess.

Amongst them, there were no lack of renowned practitioners from the high ranked Empires. Of course, there were also quite a few characters that had suddenly appeared from nowhere. These characters mostly consisted of the type who had by some stroke of luck obtained the inheritances of the treasure troves, and were all rather powerful. Hence, they could be regarded as sparkling dark horses.

Chaos and struggles would eventually result in elimination. Likewise, they would also cause those remarkable characters to reveal their strength.

The current Ancient Battlefield has truly reached its climax!

After half a year of silence, every practitioner started to utilise all kinds of means to become people that were the focus of everyone’s attention…

While the entire Ancient Battlefield turned incomparably chaotic and explosive, a dazzling pill river quietly flowed in the space within the depths of the Ancient Treasure Trove, endlessly emitting an astonishing Nirvana Qi.

An alternating black and white striped light cocoon surrounded by black and white halos floated in the pill river. Not even the slightest bit of Nirvana Qi existed within a hundred meter radius of the halos. It was as if the Nirvana Qi here was extremely fearful of that particular area.

Two completely different scenes appeared within the halos. One was full of life and vitality, while the other was shrouded in a thick aura of death, so much so that even space itself had become dull and grey.

Life and death. Two unique energies that controlled the cycle of heaven and earth continuously produced various marvellous sights.

Within the light cocoon was naturally Little Marten, who was in the process of creating a flesh and blood body. Ever since it had swallowed the Samsara pill, it had spent an entire three months inside the light cocoon.

In these three months, besides the light cocoon growing larger and larger, nothing else had occurred. No one knew what was happening within it due to the Life and Death Qi lingering around the cocoon.

However, the increasingly potent Life and Death Qi around the light cocoon indicated that there was nothing to worry about.

All in all, things were going rather smoothly for Little Marten.

On a cultivation platform several hundred feet from the black and white light cocoon, a figure silently sat like a meditating old monk. Waves of enormous Devouring Power continuously spread forth from his body. In the face of this Devouring Power, the surrounding vigorous Nirvana Qi endlessly poured into Lin Dong’s body. This speed would cause onlookers to feel completely amazed.

Three months.

Lin Dong had spent practically every waking moment in the past three months painstakingly cultivating on this cultivation platform, and it was evident that his progress was rather fruitful. In fact, Lin Dong had already successfully passed the second Nirvana Tribulation two months prior.

Although the second Nirvana Tribulation was more ferocious and berserk than the first, it had felt even more effortless for the Lin Dong, who had tempered his body for half a month within the sea of lightning and took the first step in the ‘Dragon Transformation Art’.

Hence, the second Nirvana Tribulation had went so smoothly that even Lin Dong himself was astonished. If news of this matter was made known to others who had passed the Nirvana Tribulation, they would only be depressed. Others were terrified of the Nirvana Tribulation and barely managed to survive it after struggling with all their might, yet, when it came to Lin Dong, it was as easy as having a meal…

Of course, Lin Dong naturally did not have any time to consider other’s feelings. His ease in overcoming the second Nirvana Tribulation was due to the inhuman pain he had suffered previously.

This body of his which was far stronger than practitioners of the same cultivation level, was not effortlessly obtained by Lin Dong through some kind of mystical treasure.

No matter what, there was always a price to pay. One had to invest in other to obtain returns. This was the path of cultivation.

Nirvana Qi churned atop the old cultivation platform, while Lin Dong’s expression remained as calm as the abyss. The aura given off by his body was several times more powerful compared to three months before.

He was now a true-blue two Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. Given his battle power, he would be able to fight evenly against a three Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner.

In a short month of painstaking cultivation, Lin Dong had survived the second Nirvana Tribulation. This speed was already rather impressive. However, Lin Dong was not too satisfied with it. Hence, he showed no signs of stopping even after he had passed the second Nirvana Tribulation. Instead, he grew even more frenzied because his original goal was to pass the third Nirvana Tribulation before he left this place!

Lin Dong was not arrogant. He clearly understood the level of those hidden dragons and crouching tigers within the Ancient Battlefield. The fact that he had a somewhat fortunate encounter meant that others would have very likely met with something even more miraculous. The good luck in the world would never fall solely on him alone.

The strength of the two Yuan Nirvana stage could indeed allow him to turn up his nose on the majority of practitioners. However, if he encountered the powerhouses on the Nirvana Rankings, he would barely be able to match up. Thus, before the arrival of the Hundred Empire War, he needed to raise his strength to the limit!

For him, that limit was enduring the third Nirvana Tribulation!


Atop the cultivation platform, Lin Dong’s breathing slightly intensified as a black hole spread out behind his body. Immediately, the surrounding Nirvana Qi once again madly sped towards his body like a torrential rain.

The pill river flowed in the grey space. A stillness that no one could break shrouded the place and only the occasional sounds from the pill river, brought a sliver of liveliness to this domain.

In this kind of place, the concept of time could not be felt.

In such a way, another month stealthily passed. While the fires in the Ancient Battlefield burned bright, the pill river remained quiet and peaceful.


Above the surging pill river, a scarlet red Nirvana fire leaped into the air. Suddenly, the entire pill river violently trembled. Following which, the abundant Nirvana Qi started to rush towards the cultivation platform at a shocking speed.

In the face of such an amount of Nirvana Qi, a faint golden light flowed on the figure within. Seated there like a golden monk, extremely unstable Yuan Power undulations continuously rippled outwards from the figure’s body.

The pure golden color that had appeared on Lin Dong’s skin was slightly tinged with a strange scarlet red, while the surrounding air grew dryer.

These unstable undulations was a sign that the Nirvana Tribulation was coming!

Lin Dong’s third Nirvana Tribulation had finally arrived after another three months…

Like a metal to a magnet, the Nirvana Qi within the pill river was drawn over, becoming extremely berserk. With the cultivation platform as its epicenter, the Nirvana Qi faintly showed signs of transforming into a storm as plumes of Nirvana fire shuttled back and forth within it.

At the center of this enormous storm was Lin Dong’s silently seated figure. The current him had a solemn look on his face and he was no longer as relaxed as when he faced the second Nirvana Tribulation.

Nirvana Tribulations. Each one was more deadly than the previous and its might would multiply each time. By relying on the power of his body, Lin Dong might be able to easily survive the second Nirvana Tribulation. However, if faced with the third Nirvana Tribulation, even he would not find it as simple as before.


As the undulations from Lin Dong’s body grew increasingly berserk, a low dragon’s roar suddenly rang out from within his body. Green light extended outwards, condensing into a layer of green light on his skin. This was the awe-inspiring ‘Green Dragon Skin’ that could only appear after cultivating the ‘Green Dragon Transformation Art’!

Evidently, to cope with the third Nirvana Tribulation, Lin Dong had brought all his cards into play. Now, he wanted to find out exactly how terrifying the third Nirvana Tribulation that numerous practitioners feared was!