Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 538: Seclusion

Chapter 538: Seclusion


Chapter 538 Seclusion

Qing Zhi’s figure finally disappeared completely from the electric sea. The imposing aura that was pervading through the air weakened gradually as well.

Lin Dong looked at the spot where Qing Zhi’s figure had disappeared and smacked his lips involuntarily. Apparently, he did not expect to have such a lucky encounter in this place.

Even though he was still unclear about Qing Zhi’s origin and identity, he knew that the latter must be an extraordinary individual. Such individual was definitely a first-class existence in the entire universe.

“This fellow is quite powerful,” Little Marten stated as it used its claws to scratch its hairy face.

Lin Dong smiled. To be able to survive from the ancient times until now was indeed a scary feat. Perhaps this Qing Zhi was the legitimate old demon.

“However, this fellow is rather generous.”

With regards to this matter, Lin Dong completely agreed with Little Marten as well. Even though he still could not fully comprehend the ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’ that Qing Zhi had given him, he could indistinctly sense the boundless potential of this martial art. If he could master it, its might would be considerably terrifying.

The ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’ was not like the ‘Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’ in the way that it was not solely an offensive martial art. From a different perspective, it could be considered as an extremely profound body transformation martial art. If he could master it, his entire physical body would become much more powerful. By then, every movement that he made would bring about devastating killing power. One of his fists or fingers would be comparable to a martial art.

Naturally, Lin Dong clearly had not reached that level yet currently. Even if he relied on the ‘Heavenly Dragon Aura’ that Qing Zhi had given him, he would barely make it past the first step. However, even if that was the case, he could already feel the benefits that the Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill brought about. Just the ‘Green Dragon Skin’ alone had already strengthened his physical body significantly.

Furthermore, Lin Dong had not fully absorbed the ‘Heavenly Dragon Aura’. Currently, even if he had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it was clear he could not refine this powerful ‘Heavenly Dragon Aura’. The ‘Heavenly Dragon Aura’ will stay in his body and gradually fuse completely with his body as his powers became increasingly stronger. And when the ‘Heavenly Dragon Aura’ fused perfectly with Lin Dong, his physical body would be as abnormally powerful as those Demonic Beasts.


Just as Lin Dong was overjoyed at the reward he reaped this time around, an enormous disturbance finally occurred at the boundless electric sea. The surrounding space started to get distorted and the rolling thunderous clouds in the sky were dissipating rapidly with an observable speed.

“Is it going to disappear soon…..”

Upon seeing what was going on, Lin Dong muttered to himself softly. Just like what Qing Zhi had said, the Green Dragon Test would gradually disappear after he disappeared.

The distortion of space was getting increasingly violent. Eventually, it was like a piece of shattered glass, crumbling completely with a snapping sound.

As the electric sea collapsed, the surrounding space became formless and chaotic once again. From afar, it seemed as if the dusky space was filled with nothing but stillness.


Lin Dong was suspended in this space of nothingness and he looked ahead of him with squinted eyes. There appeared to be a crisp sound of water flowing coming through that direction. Indistinctly, boundless and surging Nirvana Qi was blasting towards him like a volcano eruption.

After being blasted by the boundless Nirvana Qi, the dusky color of the surrounding was being dulled rapidly. Then, a thousand feet long, enormous and resplendent river appeared dazzlingly before Lin Dong’s eyes.

The river was bright red in colour and the water in the river was rather thick and sticky. On the surface of the river, there was scarlet flames as well. That was the Nirvana Flames, which was formed when the robustness of the Nirvana Qi had reached a certain level.

Apparently, this river was a Pill River. From the look of it, its quality was undoubtedly a lot better than the one Lin Dong saw outside.

Lin Dong was looking at the resplendent Pill River with slight envy. It would take a terrifying huge amount of Nirvana pills to make such a high quality Pill River. This Qing Zhi was indeed generous….

“This is a good place. Hey, it appears that Qing Zhi also did me a favor too.”

Little Marten looked at the Pill River that was flowing through the space of nothingness while nodding its head satisfyingly. Right now, Little Marten already had the Samsara pill. However, if it wanted to form its physical body, it would still need an extremely huge amount of energy to support the process. The Pill River before its eyes seemed to absolve its desperate need.

Lin Dong smiled while nodding his head. If Little Marten could recover its physical body, even if it could not return to its peak form in a short while, it would still be much more powerful than what it was now. By then, Little Marten would be a great help to him.

“It will take quite a bit of time for me to form my physical body.”

“It’s okay. It just so happens that I need to train here as well and try to break through the second Nirvana Tribulation,” Lin Dong chuckled. His journey in Ancient Treasure Trove was coming to an end. Right now, he was in no hurry to go outside. After all, he could not find such a perfect training ground while he was outside.

Currently, everyone was hunting for the treasures scattered across the Ancient Battlefield. All the practitioners were trying their best to increase their strength in preparation for the Hundred Empire War, which would be arriving in less than half a year’s time.

To vie for the treasures, the fights that broke out across the land were extremely intense as well. Right now, more than half of the Ancient Battlefield were in chaos. Lin Dong would rather train peacefully in this place than being out there.

Upon hearing what was said, Little Marten nodded its head. Soon after, its eye became gradually solemn. With a leap, it appeared in the middle of the Pill River. Then, with swipe of its claw, the black and white mysterious pill appeared on its claw.

Traces of Samsara Qi were emitting from the pill. When the surrounding Nirvana Qi came into contact with the Samsara Qi, the former dissipated immediately. Clearly, these two energies were not of the same level.

Little Marten stared emotionally at the pill on its claw. After a slight moment of hesitation, it stuffed the pill directly into its mouth!


When the Samsara pill entered its mouth, a terrifying wave of energy gushed out from Little Marten’s body abruptly and swept up perilous torrents in the Pill River

Traces of the black and white Samsara Qi were seeping out from Little Marten’s body and extended outward gradually. Finally, they formed a black and white energy cocoon that engulfed Little Marten’s body entirely.

Lin Dong looked at the black and white cocoon that was hovering in the Pill River. Indistinctly, he could sense the frantic energy waves that were emitting from the cocoon. Clearly, the inside of the cocoon was not as peaceful as it seemed on the outside.

Apparently, the formation of a physical body was not an easy task and came along with significant risk as well. However, with regards to this issue, there was nothing much that Lin Dong could do about it. This matter depended only on Little Marten and Lin Dong could not interfere. Hence, the only thing that he could do was to pray at one side for Little Marten to complete this task successfully.

“Seems like it’s my turn now….”

After staring at the black and white cocoon for nearly half an hour and realizing that there was nothing much he could do to interfere, Lin Dong finally gave up. Then, he took in a deep breath of air. With a jolt of his body, he landed on the only training platform on the Pill River.

He was not Little Marten and he could not directly absorbed such thick Nirvana Qi. Therefore, he needed the training platform to filter the Nirvana Qi. Luckily, he possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and his absorption speed of the Nirvana Qi would not be too slow.

“The second Nirvana Tribulation….”

As Lin Dong sat on the training platform, his eyes were filled with eagerness. After this half a month of training in the electric sea and with the newly-formed ‘Green Dragon Skin’, his physical body was far more superior than even the bodies of those practitioners who had passed through the second Nirvana Tribulation. Thus, he was rather confident in passing through the Nirvana Tribulation.

As Lin Dong closed his eyes and prepared to enter the training mental state, a thought flashed across his mind.

“ I wonder how Little Flame is doing now….”


This place was a battlefield that was reeking of blood. Numerous blood-reeking figures flew back and forth within this battlefield. The sound of fightings and killings resounded through the battlefield while devastation pervaded the area.

These figures were emotionless and their bodies were skinny and dried up like mummified corpses. Their eyes filled with killer intent and were blood-red in colour.

This place was just like hell.

“Bang bang!”

Deep and low voices came through the devastated battlefield. More than ten figures exploded after being struck by the shadow of a rod. Then, an extremely dreadful aura of brutality swept across the battlefield like an ancient Demonic Beast.

As the aura of brutality swept across the place, a muscular, giant-like figure walked out of the mountain of corpses and sea of blood with a heavy footstep while dragging along an enormous black-colored metal rod by his side. At this moment, the figure’s seemingly dull face became Asura-like, which was filled with malevolence and viciousness!

Upon facing such malevolence, even the surrounding blood-eyed and mindless mummified corpses did not dare to go near it. They allowed the figure, whose entire body was covered in blood, to walk through them slowly and all the way till the end of this battlefield.

That kind of malevolence could not even be stopped by this devastation-filled and blood-reeking place.