Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 537: Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill

Chapter 537: Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill


Chapter 537: Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill

Green glow flowed over the electric sea. A figure was suspended in front of the green glow. Thunderbolt continuously descended from the dark clouds all over the sky. However, a thunderbolt void was actually formed a hundred feet around this figure. That scene was as though the thunderbolt did not dare to approach him.

Qing Zhi placed both of his hands behind his back. His eyes were focused on the figure within the green light. A warm and stylish smile surfaced on his face. There was a pleased expression within that smile.

That previous attack was an attack that even someone who had experienced two Nirvana Tribulation, could not handle. However, Lin Dong was actually able to forcefully receive it with just the strength of a one Yuan Nirvana Stage. Hence, he performed pretty well.

“It has really been many years since I have seen the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.” Qing Zhi sighed softly and muttered somewhat emotionally.

Little Marten watched Lin Dong, who was being wrapped by the green light, from the surface of the sea. However, it did not worry. Instead, it turned its eyes towards Qing Zhi and said, “I never expected you to be so generous.”

With Little Marten’s eyesight, it was naturally able to tell just how powerful this inheritance that Qing Zhi gave to Lin Dong was.

“Looks like the Heavenly Demon Marten tribe has been quite completely preserved. That ancestor of yours does indeed possess quite a great tactic. He is actually able to preserve the tribe during that time.” Qing Zhi stared at Little Marten, smiled faintly and said.

Little Marten’s mischievous smile was gradually withdrawn when he heard this. Instead, there was some additional solemness in it. Being a member of the Heavenly Demon Marten tribe, he naturally clearly understood just what the ancestor that Qing Zhi had mentioned from his mouth represented.

“Just what happened back then?” Little Marten hesitated for a moment before it finally asked, after being unable to hold back any longer.

Although Little Marten possessed some inherited memory, it was nonetheless an extremely shallow one. The only thing that it knew was that the experts in this world had been completely swept away by a catastrophe during the ancient times. Countless number of top experts had died during that catastrophe…

Qing Zhi curled his lips. His mouth moved, but eventually he did not say anything. All he did was shake his head and said, “You might come to know about it in the future but now is not the time.”

Little Marten knitted his brows slightly. He could tell that this Qing Zhi seemed to be extremely afraid of that so-called catastrophe. This discovery caused even the usually fearless Little Marten to feel its heart tighten a little. The strength of this Qing Zhi was definitely even stronger than it was at its peak. However, even such a person was actually so afraid of the ancient catastrophe. Just how terrifying was that catastrophe?

Did this world really possessed something that had the shockingly great ability to destroy nine out of ten of those experts from the ancient era?


While Little Marten was feeling shaken by this in his heart, a low and deep roar was suddenly emitted from with the green light. That voice was emitted from Lin Dong. However, there was a faint and unique ripple within it.

Little Marten’s eyes looked over. One could see that Lin Dong’s body actually wiggled slightly. It was as though something was trying to tunnel out of his body. However, it appeared that something was missing and it was ultimately unable to complete that step.

“If one wish to master this Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill, the Heavenly Dragon Aura is something that one must possess. Otherwise, it is not possible to even begin practicing it…” Qing Zhi laughed when he saw Lin Dong repeatedly struggling in the green light.

“Heavenly Dragon Aura? Would that not mean that the inheritance that you give him is useless?” Little Marten frowned and said. The Heavenly Dragon Aura is something that was only possessed by those fellows with genuine dragon bloodline. It was not an easy matter to obtain it.

Qing Zhi smiled. He waved his sleeves and the enormous green dragon under his feet immediately whizzed forward. After which, it transformed into a deep green coloured light ray and rushed forward.

This deep green coloured light ray jolted through the midair. There was a faint powerful ripple spreading from it.

“Heavenly Dragon Aura?” Little Marten only slowly nodded after sensing the ripple that he was familiar with.


The deep green coloured ray of light rushed through the sky and directly charged into Lin Dong’s body. Immediately, the green light congelated and actually began to wiggle wildly on the surface of Lin Dong’s body. Low roars that were filled with bitterness was being continuously emitted from within it.

“The Heavenly Dragon Aura is the fundamental part of training by the dragon tribe. It is not easy for an ordinary human body to accept it. However, I have already provided everything that is needed. Whether you will be able to subdue this rare Heavenly Dragon Aura will depend on your ability. If you are unable to even surmount this obstacle, it is likely that you will have difficulty mastering this Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill.” Qing Zhi looked at Lin Dong, who was roaring under the green light and calmly said.

Little Marten did not comment much when it heard this. The Heavenly Dragon Aura was considered as a great treasure to many experts. If one was able to refine it, it would be extremely helpful in strengthening one’s body. Similarly, however, this was something that belonged to the dragon tribe. If a human, who was comparatively weaker than that of a dragon, wanted to absorb it, that human must undertake quite a great deal of risk.

Nevertheless, Little Marten had strong confidence towards Lin Dong and the latter was even able to subdue the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Although this Heavenly Dragon Aura was powerful, it was a little difficult to get Lin Dong to fail.

The figure that was being wrapped under the green light was struggling increasingly intensely in front of the eyes of Little Marten and Qing Zhi. Numerous wild and violent ripple also continuously spread from it.

“Boom boom boom!”

Amidst the roaring, the human figure within the green light also suddenly swung his hand and smashed it forward. Terrifying wind swept over and directly smashed the electric sea below, forming many enormous pit in the process.

However, following the crazy unleashment of this wild and violent force, the bitter pain within Lin Dong’s voice also gradually weakened. The Heavenly Dragon Aura might be incomparably uncontrolled and violent, but Lin Dong was also not someone an ordinary expert could compare with. After having experienced some pain, he had begun to show signs of vaguely getting used to it.

After all, Lin Dong had already gotten used to that pain within this half a year in the electric sea…

As Lin Dong gradually got used to the roaring Heavenly Dragon Aura within his body, a green glow also began to wiggle wildly on his surface. After which, it actually emitted a scaly like layer on his body.

“He has gradually formed some Green Dragon skin huh…” Qing Zhi smiled and nodded slightly upon seeing this scene.

Another roar was being emitted from the green light. However, there was not the least bit of pain within it this time around. Instead, it appeared exceptionally loud and clear. The figure within the green light shook and rushed out from the permeating green light. After which, that figure suspended steadily in the midair.

That figure naturally belonged to Lin Dong. At this moment, his entire body was filled with the green glow. These green glow had gathered outside of his skin, appearing to have formed a special skin layer. Moreover, this skin layer appeared to faintly form into the shape of a dragon.

Lin Dong lowered his head and observed his body with some interest. He clenched his fist and was able to sense the frightening energy that was surging and whistling through his body. The current him was undoubtedly much stronger than his previous self.

“What a powerful martial arts!”

Lin Dong widened and shut his mouth. A glint flickered in his eyes. From a certain point of view, this ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’ was similar to the ‘Devil Ape Transformation’ that he had practiced in the past. However, the gap between the two was just the cloud and mud. Base on the information which he had obtained, if one was to master this ‘Green Heaven Materialized Dragon Skill’, one’s strength would basically become as perfect as those from the dragon tribe!

Everyone knew that the dragon tribe was the strongest species amongst Demonic Beasts. By allowing a human to reach such a frightening stage, this martial arts itself was sufficient to shake the world.

The current Lin Dong had only just gained a rough understanding of it. Yet, his strength was already many times stronger than it was in the past. The layer of green glow membrane on the surface of his skin might appear weak. However, its defensive strength was likely even more powerful than his current Nirvana Golden Body.

“Hehe, just by being able to practice and form the green dragon skin so swiftly, your training talent is considered quite good…” Qing Zhi looked at the excited looking Lin Dong and chuckled.

“Thank you very much elder!”

Lin Dong withdrew the smile on his face and gave Qing Zhi a respectful bow from a younger generation. He clearly understood just how generous the gift from Qing Zhi was.

“Since you are able to see this remanent shadow of mine, we have some affinity…” Qing Zhi waved his hand and sighed in a manner that suggested there was a deeper meaning behind his words, “Moreover, it is ultimately good for there to be an additional expert in this world…”

Lin Dong was momentarily stunned. Clearly, he did not understanding the meaning behind Qing Zhi’s words.

“You will understand it in the future. By being in possession of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, perhaps you might not be able to hide from it in the future even if you wished to…” Qing Zhi laughed. He appeared to have also seen through Lin Dong’s uncertainty.

“Alright, I have already given you the inheritance. The task given to this remanent shadow of mine is completed. Perhaps, it’s time for it to vanish from this world…” Qing Zhi’s voice had just sounded when Lin Dong discovered that the former’s body had gradually begun to turn illusionary.

“The electric sea will also disappear after I disappear. There is a Pill River left by me in this Green Dragon Hall. Consider it the last gift that I will give you.”

Qing Zhi’s figure became increasingly pale. Finally, it completely vanished in front of Lin Dong’s eyes.

“Lin Dong, we will meet again in the future. Hopefully, you will not disappoint me at that time. My inheritance is not meant to be left to a mediocre person…”

A final soft laughter slowly reverberated over this electric sea following the disappearance of Qing Zhi’s figure.