Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 535: Third

Chapter 535: Third


Chapter 535: Third


The electric sea churned while silver coloured lightning slurry crackled, forming countless lightning arcs. The entire place looked extremely frightening.

Lin Dong looked as though he was facing a great enemy, when he saw such a unexpected change. Although he had already possessed some ability to endure this electric sea after half a month of shuttling through it, he also understood that if this endless electric sea was to really become wild and crazy, all it would take was one wave and even his ashes would not remain.

Bright golden light swiftly spread out from within his body. His shiny golden body vaguely contained a faint silver glow flickering within it. It was as if there was some lightning glow leaping under it, appearing as though it was increasingly stronger and tougher.

This half a month of tempering had clearly allowed Lin Dong’s strength to reach a different level.

While Lin Dong was completely focused on the churning electric sea, Little Marten had once again flashed and appeared. Its eyes were a little shocked when it looked at this electric sea.

“Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!”

The electric sea churned increasingly intensely while it was being watched by a person and a marten. At the end, the luster of the silver coloured electric sea appeared to have become an even deeper one.

Lin Dong stared at this gradually deepening colour. His eyes suddenly shrunk in the next instant. He discovered that an extremely large shadow seemed to be surging up from deep within the electric sea!

That figure was extremely blurry but was very huge. At a glance, Lin Dong could tell that everything within a ten thousand feet radius was covered by this shadow.

Lin Dong involuntarily felt his head become numb the moment he thought of the figure’s size. Immediately, he quickly retreated.

An enormous wave surged on the electric sea as Lin Dong’s body swiftly withdrew. Finally, it emitted a ‘boom’ and a gigantic wave swept apart. Finally it carried a sound that could shake the entire world as it violently surfaced from the sea. At that moment, even the space itself trembled because of it.

A wave swept past Lin Dong’s body and the lightning slurry lingered over his body, repeatedly emitting many lightning arcs. Even though Lin Dong had been gradually strengthened, he was still forcefully sent flying for a thousand feet due to this wild and violent force. Only then did he slowly land on the electric sea.

Lin Dong’s feet once again landed on the electric sea and he immediately raised his head to look in front of him. Soon after, his expression underwent a drastic change.

The thing that had appeared on the surface of the sea was an enormous being, which he could not see its edge. This large being’s body was deep green in colour and was covered with bright scales. Its body was curled up and was as hard as steel. A kind of frightening pressure spread like the might of the Heavens. At that instant, Lin Dong sensed the Mental Energy lingering around his body being forced back to his Niwan Palace by this pressure.

“Is this… a dragon?”

Lin Dong’s mouth was dry as he watched this enormous being. Even his voice contained a slight fear in it. He had seen many powerful Demonic Beast, including some Demonic Beast with dragon bloodlines in them. However, there was clearly a big difference between those Demonic Beast and the enormous being in front of him.

That gap was just like the difference the king and that of the ordinary folks.

In the Demonic Beast world, the mysterious and powerful dragon tribe was clearly at another level!

“Green Dragon?”

Little Marten on Lin Dong’s shoulder was also shocked by this enormous being that had suddenly appeared. A special glint immediately flashed past his eyes. He licked his mouth and laughed strangely, “It is unexpected that I am actually able to see the Green Dragon that possessed the orthodox dragon blood in this place. It is really nostlagic.”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth involuntarily twitched upon hearing these words. This fellow… could it be that it had truly eaten a dragon in the past? The Celestial Demon Marten was actually this aggressive and they even dared to fight head on against the dragon tribe that stood at the peak of the Demonic Beast World.

Little Marten waved its claw and a circular black coloured glow wrapped around Lin Dong, isolating the powerful pressure at the same time.

“The dragon tribe might be powerful but there are not invincible in the Demonic Beast world. Other than my Celestial Demon Marten tribe, there are some other powerful tribes that purposefully find trouble with them. One example is… Monstrous Giant Bird tribe. Those fellows loved to eat the dragon tribe. Of course, the dragon tribe is no weak prawns. If the Monstrous Giant Bird tribe wanted to eat them, the Monstrous Giant Bird tribe would have to pay a hefty price. It is not rare for the Monstrous Giant Bird tribe to end up being eaten instead. The two tribes could be considered as sworn enemies that seeks to kill each other.” Little Marten laughed.

Lin Dong wiped off some cold sweat. It seemed that this Demonic Beast world was quite complicated. Those Demonic Beasts are extremely gifted. They possessed extraordinary talent from the moment they were bone and possessed far too many advantages when compared with humans. Some humans would likely not be able to compare with a Demonic Beast which was just born, even if they trained until their death.

“Haha, it is unexpected that I am actually able to see someone from the Celestial Demon Marten tribe here…” A soft laughter suddenly appeared above this electric sea while Lin Dong was wiping off his cold sweat.

Lin Dong abruptly raised his head upon hearing the laughter. His eyes followed the voice and looked over. After which, they focused on the giant head of the Green Dragon. There was a green clothed figure at that spot, who was seated quietly.

The green figure’s appearance was quite handsome. His face also contained a warm smile that made him appear quite refine. If his hand possessed an additional folding fan in it, he would undoubtedly appear like a scholar.

“That fellow is the same as this Green Dragon. It is only a remnant figure. There is no need to be shocked.” Little Marten lifted his head, stared at the figure and spoke to Lin Dong, who appeared as though he had met a great enemy.

“If I guess correctly, this entire realm should have been created by him. He should be the Chief of this Green Dragon Hall…”

“Haha, my name is Qing Zhi, most people call me Green Dragon King.” The green clothed figure laughingly said.

“Green Dragon King, Qing Zhi…” Lin Dong’s eyes congelated. It seems that this person was indeed the ruler of this Green Dragon Hall and also one of the people in charge of the Tiangang Alliance.

“There is finally someone here after so many years. Before you, there were also others who had charged in. However, all of their bones ended up being buried in this electric sea.” Green Dragon King, Qing Zhi, lowered his head, looked at Lin Dong and spoke smilingly.

“Lin Dong from the younger generation, greets Green Dragon King.” Lin Dong cupped his hands together and bowed. No matter what the situation was, it would not be wrong to be a little more polite when faced with this kind of old demon, who existed during the ancient times. This was the case even if it was only a remnant shadow.

“There is no need to waste time. Didn’t you come to this place because of the inheritance of the Green Dragon Hall? Since this fellow’s remnant shadow had appeared, this means that you have already passed the Green Dragon test. He should quickly hand over the inheritance to you now.” Little Marten by the side curled its mouth impatiently before it finally uttered those words, while Lin Dong was politely speaking with him.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes. Clearly, he was speechless because of Little Marten straightforward manner.

“Haha, he is correct. Anyone who pass the Green Dragon test does indeed possess the qualification to obtain my Green Dragon Hall’s inheritance.” Qing Zhi merely smiled in the face of Little Marten straightforward manner. After which, his gaze paused on Lin Dong. At that instant, Lin Dong seemed to sense that his body had been exposed without restrain under those scanning eyes.


Lin Dong was clearly unable to stop this scanning that was on a completely different level. However, just when he was feeling helpless, the mysterious stone talisman, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Ancient Universe Formation in his body actually trembled at this moment. A kind of ripple spread out in a lightning like manner.


The air in front of Lin Dong suddenly exploded. The body Qing Zhi, who was sitting on the Green Dragon, also trembled a little. His calm water like eyes finally revealed a surprised expression.

“Heh, this little fellow might appear ordinary but he is not someone whom you can randomly look into at your current state. It may be possible if it is your actual body personally doing it.” Little Marten laughed strangely.

“Haha, seems like I have misjudged him. It is unexpected that such treasures are actually hidden within his body.” The surprise in Qing Zhi’s eyes lasted for a moment before it completely disappeared as he laughed softly.

“Alright, let’s cut the crap. Hand over the inheritance!” Little Marten waved his claws and pressed.

Qing Zhi smiled in a refined manner. He immediately nodded and said, “Since you are able to come to this place, you can indeed obtain the Green Dragon Hall’s inheritance. However, you have two choices.”

“Oh?” Lin Dong was slightly started as he lifted his eyes.

“If an ordinary person had arrived here, he will not possess the second choice. However, you seem to be a little different…” Qing Zhi smiled in a manner that suggested there was a deeper meaning. He immediately waved his sleeves and two green light rushed out from his sleeves before suspending in the sky.

“These are the two strongest martial arts in the Green Dragon Hall. They could reach the level of a high grade Soul martial arts. If you successfully practice it, it will likely not be a problem to challenge others across levels.”

“Two high grade Soul martial arts?”

Lin Dong was startled. He did not expect this Qing Zhi to be so generous and take out two high grade Soul martial arts. If this was in the outside world, it was likely that even those super sect would not be able to control themselves and end up fighting over them.

“What is the other choice?” Lin Dong blinked his eyes. He did not directly receive the two martial arts. Instead, he asked once again.

“That is the inheritance of the Green Dragon Hall.”

Qing Zhi smilingly stared at Lin Dong and replied, “The other option is the inheritance from me, Qing Zhi.”

This caused not only Lin Dong to be stunned. Even Little Marten by the side was a little surprised. Was this Qing Zhi not a member of the Green Dragon Hall?

“I am unable to clearly explain the issues that happened during the ancient times to the both of you. Which are you going to choose now?” Qing Zhi waved his hand and did not dwell on this topic. Instead, he simply stared at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong knitted his brows slightly. He mused for a moment before slowly replying, “The latter.”

The latter was naturally refering to the inheritance from him, Qing Zhi. Although Lin Dong was unaware of the exact identity of this Qing Zhi, this person appeared to be extremely powerful.

“Haha, smart little fellow…” Qing Zhi grinned. He stretched his lazy waist and said, “Alright. However, if you fail to meet my expectations, when we meet in the future, I shall take back everything.”

Lin Dong was just about to nod his head when he suddenly recovered. He cried out in surprise, “When we meet in the future? You haven’t died?”

Meet? Was this fellow in front of him not someone from the ancient times? At this moment, he had likely been dead for so long until nothing of him remained. How could they possibly meet?

A strange smile surface on Qing Zhi’s face as he watched the stunned gazes of Lin Dong and Little Marten. He softly said, “Who told you that I am dead?”