Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 534: Second

Chapter 534: Second


Chapter 534: Second


Above the electric sea, a glaring lightning accompanied by an angry dragon roar-like thunder, streaked across the horizon and bombarded brutally onto the electric sea, creating sky-high tidal waves instantly.

The tidal waves that were formed by the electric liquid clashed against a flimsy figure who was engulfed by a golden light on the surface of the sea.


Deep and low clashing sounds were given off, while that figure was being knocked back by a few metres. As the violent electric liquid dripped down from his body and interweaved with the golden glow, popping sounds sounded off repeatedly.

This figure walking amid the electric sea was naturally Lin Dong, who was trying to crash his way through the Green Dragon Test.

At this moment, his body was slightly crooked after he was hit by the electric liquid-formed tidal wave. His facial expression was somewhat distorted and he appeared to be in pain.

These electric liquids contained a rather violent energy. Under such energy, even with the protection of the Nirvana Golden Body, the intense pain that was caused by that kind of corrosion could not be avoided. That feeling was as if steel rods were being thrusted into one’s body and pierced through one’s bones and heart.


Lin Dong’s mouth quickly gasped for two mouthful of breath before his tightly-clenched fists loosened up slowly.Then, he straightened his body, which was previously made crooked from the collision against the tidal wave.

After walking for nearly half a day, he had encountered such situation countless times. The pain caused by the electric liquids was rather torturing. If not for the Nirvana Golden Body, he would be corroded by the electric liquids until even his bones did not remain.

However, even though it was painful, Lin Dong discovered some loopholes while he was being struck continuously by the intense pain. It seemed that every time the level of pain reached its climax, the violent energy would release a form of weird energy. This energy was extremely weak. Every time it appeared, it would dissipate into Lin Dong’s body. If it was not for his sharp perception for Mental Energy , he would not have noticed it.

This weird energy that seeped out from the electric liquids did not boost Lin Dong’s Yuan Power. However, he could feel that he was unknowingly strengthened by that strange energy….

After he was being strengthened, it seemed that he gained a bit more resistance towards the corrosiveness of the electric liquids. Even though the pain remained excruciating, it was clearly better than the beginning. Should it continue to strengthen, perhaps Lin Dong would be able to disregard the raging electric sea one day.

Yet, in order to reach that stage, one may not realise the intensity of pain he has to endure. If one’s mind is not resilient or if he is pretty much a weakling, even if one realises this situation, one may not be able to survive…

“Considering this and its speed, to achieve the stage of disregard to the lighting…” Lin Dong wiped off the streak of electric liquid on his head, looked up at the silvery electric sea that still no end before he frowned slightly. Based on his conjecture, at this rate, it would take at least half a year’s time.

And obviously, Lin Dong cannot afford the time. Within half a year, the Hundred Empire War will begin. Before that begins, he must pass through the Green Dragon Trial and gain the Green Dragon Hall’s inheritance。

“It is not impossible to raise the speed…” While Lin Dong was agonizing over this, the voice of Little Marten rang inside him.

“Hmm? Do you have a solution?” Lin Dong was a little startled and asked Little Marten instead.

“These electric liquids indeed contain a kind of strengthening energy. It will only be released at the climax of your pain. However, the energy released automatically is only one-tenth of the total amount of energy that the electric liquids really contained. As long as you can keep the remaining ninety percent of the energy, the speed of your body strengthening will naturally be increased,” Little Marten explained nonchalantly.

“Then, what is next?” Lin Dong plainly asked. Upon hearing what was being said, Lin Dong did not lose control in ecstasy. Instead, his eyelids were drooping. He knew that there was no free lunch in this world.

“Hehe, there’s nothing much. It’s just that the pain that you have to endure will be ten times stronger than before,” Little Marten smirked.

“Ten times….”

The corners of Lin Dong’s eyes twitched. Even though he had made the mental preparations, his body still could not help but tremble. That kind of pain was not something that an ordinary human could endure.

“It’s indeed something unbearable. However, this is the only way to increase the speed of strengthening your body. Of course, it still depends on you whether or not you can do it,” Little Marten replied.

“What choice do I have?” Lin Dong seemed somewhat helpless. Then, he straightened his body and gazed into the distance and said, “It’s up to you to harvest the remaining energy. As for enduring the pain, leave it to me.”

“Let’s start.”

Lin Dong clenched his fists and his eyes became focused abruptly. Then, without any hesitation, he took a step forward.

Tch tch!

As Lin Dong started to walk again, the lightning from the electric sea immediately extended towards him and transmitted from his feet into his body. At once, the intense pain came surging through his body again.

“I will start now. You will have to endure the pain by yourself. If you can’t handle the pain, tell me.” As the violent energy gushed into Lin Dong’s body once again, Little Marten’s voice slightly gravened. After it finished its sentence, Lin Dong could feel the sharp pain in his body intensified almost in an instant.

The step that Lin Dong just took on the electric sea stopped and his body unexpectedly trembled repeatedly. Cold sweat continuously trickled down from his forehead and finally followed the sides of his face and dropped off.

Unexpectedly, that kind of sharp pain… could be so brutal.

The facial features of Lin Dong were severely distorted and his mouth was gasping for huge mouthfuls of breath. After a long time of being in such state, the washed-out Lin Dong could finally feel the intense pain gradually fading.


As the intense pain faded, Lin Dong’s long-awaited weird energy finally arrived like the spring rain that immersed him.

The weird energy extended through his limbs and into his bones. At that moment, Lin Dong’s muscles, nerves and cells, which were being numbed by the intense pain, started to show signs of heating up.

The energy that he had expended due to the intense pain previously was restoring bit by bit now. The strength that he felt earlier was becoming stronger and stronger indistinctly…

“It’s indeed effective!” When Lin Dong sensed the recovered strength in his body, his mood uplifted abruptly and a glint of happiness flashed across his eyes.

Under the immersion of the weird energy, he could feel that his whole body was gradually strengthening!

At this rate, he might be qualified to take on the second Nirvana Tribulation in a relatively short time!

Even though this Green Dragon Test was painful, it was actually an ideal training ground!

“Keep going!”

As Lin Dong felt the recovered strength in his body, he then took a deep breath. Currently, there was not too much time left and he could not possibly waste any more time in this place. Soon after he made a slight adjustment, he took a step forward and continued walking.

On the seemingly boundless electric sea, a faint golden glow-engulfed figure could be seen walking across the sea slowly. However, his walking posture was as firm as a mountain.

The electric sea was extremely vast. A person standing in the midst of this sea would seem as insignificant as an ant. However, Lin Dong did not cower under such the greatness of the sea. Instead, he continued to walk forward without stopping at all.

Clearly, it was impossible to pass through the electric sea in one day’s time. With regards to time, Lin Dong was too lazy to keep track of it. All he knew was to keep on walking, step by step.

No matter how big the electric sea was, there must be an end to it.

Time silently slipped by in the electric sea. One day, three days, five days, ten days…..

Just three days ago, Lin Dong almost had enough of the torturing pain. Under that kind of intense pain, even his determined nature nearly gave way.

Fortunately, human body possessed the adaptability to such intense pain and there was the strengthening property of being under the intense pain as well. Even though each training session would leave Lin Dong in severe pain, he would ultimately persevere through his sufferings. Even Little Marten was rather surprised at this his nature.

After going through the last three days of utmost pain, contrary to belief, the intense pain was not alleviated. Instead, it was actually because Lin Dong’s body started to get increasingly used to the torturing pain.

As the time continued to pass, especially when it reached the tenth day, Lin Dong’s body seemed to develop the antibodies to resist the abusive force of the electric sea. That kind of intense pain started to alleviate significantly.

However, even though Lin Dong started to develop the antibodies, he still could not see the end of the electric sea…

Lin Dong was slightly puzzled at this situation. However, he never panicked at all. Since it was supposed to be a test, there was bound to be an endpoint. It may be assumed that the exceptionally powerful practitioner who created this dimension, would not be that senseless to fool around with the later generations on purpose.

With this thought in his mind, Lin Dong continued to walk on this vast electric sea for another five days.

Silver lightnings descended from the black clouds continuously. Finally, they struck the electric sea and created a sky-high lightning tidal wave.

As that lightning tidal wave swept across the sea, a faint golden glowing figure could be seen walking slowly on the sea. When the tidal wave clashed against him ruthlessly, he did not even bulge.

Tchh tchh!

The electric liquids that stuck onto his body was sparking with electric arcs. However, they could no longer cause the slightest amount of pain on his body that had gone through half a month of training in this electric sea.

Lin Dong used his palm to swipe off the electric liquids on his body. In half a month’s time, his body had strengthened significantly. After going through that kind of torturing pain that ordinary people could not have imagined, he finally received a deserving reward.

Lin Dong gazed into the distance and looked at the resplendent silverish electric sea and furrowed his eyebrows. According to his perception, the amount of strengthening that the electric sea could give his body had weakened significantly. At this point of time, this test seemed to be useless.

“It should be ending soon…” Lin Dong muttered as he stared at the electric sea.


Just as Lin Dong finished his sentence, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly froze. In the middle of the electric sea, numerous violent whirlpools emerged.

Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at the rolling electric sea beneath his feet. Soon after, his eye pupils dilated and he could feel that something was coming out from beneath the depths of the electric sea.