Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 529: The Might of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile

Chapter 529: The Might of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile


Chapter 529: The Might of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile


A low and primordial roar rang out from the bloody light, that covered the sky, as the titanic silhouette started to move. As the bloody light faded, an enormous figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.


When the enormous figure within the bloody light was reflected in everyone’s eyes, a series of gasps echoed across the area.

That figure was a hundred feet large blood colored giant crocodile. Its entire body was covered with a bloody light. A thick layer of blood armour was covering its gigantic body. Its uneven surface contained some thorns that were extended outwards. At a first glance, it was as though the thick armour was a weapon used for massacre.

There was deep dark black coloured horn on the head of the large blood coloured crocodile and an unusual blood light was vaguely flowing over it. It was as though there was a frighteningly sharpness, that could penetrate through the world suddenly spreading from it.

This ancient giant crocodile that seemed to have emerged from the prehistoric era appeared within the blood light. It overlooked everyone on the field from its high position. Its large bloody eyes were emitting a ferocious glint.

This was the soul of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile. By borrowing the strength from two ancient bloodlines, Lin Dong had finally summoned it from within the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear!

“What… What is this thing……”

The bodies of Tian Zhen and the three others had basically froze as they were completely stunned out of their minds. Their eyes contained an incomparable amount of shock as they witnessed this scene. The enormous being from within the blood light, had directly caused the blood within their blood vessels to show signs of solidifying.

A paleness had surged onto the expressions of the four of them at this moment. They could sense an extremely dangerous ripple from within that enormous blood figure. That ripple was far stronger than them.

“How is this possible?” Lin Langtian inhaled a deep breath of air. He tried his best to suppress his crazy beating heart. Meanwhile, his face was incomparably gloomy. Lin Dong’s move had essentially destroyed all of his plans. Although he had yet to exchange blows with this enormous being… it was possible to tell from the ripples that were emitted, that the four of them would have difficulty defeating it even if they joined forces.

Originally, he thought that he could use the Ancient Secret Key as a reason to borrow the strength the others. With the strength of the four of them, it was sufficient to completely finish off Lin Dong in this Ancient Treasure Trove. However, this unexpected change had undoubtedly completely wrecked his plans.


Standing beside him, Tian Zhen, Mo Shou and Jiang Shan also swallowed a mouthful of saliva. They stared at the enormous being within the blood light and immediately felt their scalps turn numb. Only at this moment did they completely understand why Lin Dong did not reveal the slightest fear, even when facing against their combined attacks. This fellow actually had such a frightening trump card…

“Is that the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile?” Liu Bai and Yan Sen’s eyes had similarly gathered onto that enormous figure. However, it appears that the both of them possessed quite a good eyesight. They finally muttered those words after staring at that figure for a moment.

“How is it possible that this Lin Dong has summoned an Ancient Heavenly Crocodile? It is rumoured that such a fierce Demonic Beast could be considered as a powerful existence even in the ancient times.” An expert behind Liu Bai uttered with a tone that contained some shock.

“It is not a genuine Ancient Heavenly Crocodile. Rather, it is a remnant Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s soul.” Liu Bai shook his head and replied, “If it was a real Heavenly Crocodile, there would no longer be a need for him to participate in the Hundred Empire War. Once he summons this creature, no one would dare to fight with him. Even those abnormal beings from the super empires would likely change their expressions once this monster appears.”

“However, even if it was only the soul of the Heavenly Crocodile, it is also quite powerful… I wonder just where did this fellow obtain it from…” Mu Hong Ling curled her red lips. Although she did not appear to lose herself like the others on the surface, the rise and fall of her voluminous chests allowed others to understand the shock in her heart.

“Haha, I have already said that Lin Dong is not a simple person. Tian Zhen and the others think that they can defeat him with numbers. However, they did not expect that this metal plate is much harder than they imagined. At the end, they could only hurt their own legs.” Liu Bai laughed.

Mu Hongling nodded slightly. Her peach blossom like eyes watched the man in the field holding a blood coloured long spear. This fellow might only be from a low rank empire, but the things that he did were those that even these experts from the high rank empire were unable to do…

“Once you have recovered from your shock, you can come and try this thing…”

Lin Dong gently twisted his hand in the face of the entire place inhaling a cold breath of air. His eyes teasingly watched the pale white expression of Lin Langtian’s group. A thought passed through his heart without him wasting any breath. The Heavenly Crocodile soul within the blood light extended a claw that was filled with blood coloured scales and ruthlessly struck it towards Tian Zhen’s group.


The blood coloured claw transformed into a bloody ray of light. It appeared to have torn apart the sky. A blood coloured scar would be formed in the air along the path which it tore through.

The swiftness of the Heavenly Crocodile’s soul was unimaginable. Even someone as strong as Tian Zhen could only see a ray of light flashing past their eyes. Immediately, a dangerous feeling was suddenly extended as all the pores on his body stood up.


Surging Yuan Power rushed out from the bodies of all four of them without additional thoughts. They did not dare to underestimate the situation in the face of such a rich sense of danger.

Bright golden light surged out from within the bodies of the four individuals when the Yuan Power splurted out. Tian Zhen, Mu Shou and Jian Shan directly activated their strongest golden body barrier. This solid-like golden body barrier covered the three of them. Golden glow overflowed from it, giving it an extremely tough appearance.

Lin Langtian was a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert and he was still unable to reach the level of gathering the energy from the Nirvana Golden Body on the surface of his skin and forming a golden barrier. However, he had also maneuvered his Yuan Power to its limit. His entire body was bright gold in colour, appearing extremely dazzling.

While the four of them were wildly maneuvering their strength, the claw from the Heavenly Crocodile’s souls suddenly smashed downwards. After which, it mercilessly smashed onto the bright golden glow in front of the eyes of many.


A clear bell like noise resounded over the field. Soon after, countless incomparably fierce explosion occurred.

Golden glow shot in all directions. That seemingly powerful golden body barrier had only lasted for a couple of breaths in the face of the smashing blood coloured claw from the Heavenly Crocodile’s Soul. After which, it blasted apart without any obstruction in front of the many stunned gazes and the frightened eyes of Tian Zhen’s group! Boom boom!

Golden light shot all over the place and the four figures miserable flew outwards. Their bodies directly rubbed over the field, forming four glaring scars over it. Finally, they managed to stabilize their bodies forcefully after it reached the area near the edge of the field.


However, the force within their bodies erupted just when all of them stabilized themselves. Four mouthful of fresh blood were spat out. Their originally pale face had become even paler.

The eyes of everyone on the field observed Tian Zhen’s group miserably spitting blood. All of them involuntarily became silent. Some of their faces even twitched. Although they had already guessed this ending when the soul of the Heavenly Crocodile had appeared, they realised that they were unable to remain as calm as they had imagined when such an occurrence really appeared in front of them.

That was three top experts who had the qualification to attempt the third Nirvana Tribulation!

If people like Tian Zhen were given sufficient time, it was likely that they could even advance into that Nirvana Ranking and become an expert whom others looked up to. However, they were actually forced by Lin Dong into such a miserable state despite having joined forces!

The eyes of Tian Zhen’s group were filled with shock as they landed on the ground. They raised their heads and looked at Lin Dong a shock distance away. A faint horror was flashing in their eyes.

“I will not kill all of you. You can get lost by yourself!” Lin Dong’s eyes were bone chillingly cold as they swept over Tian Zhen and the two others. His tone was indifferent.

“Lin Dong, I am acquainted with the people from the Great Gan Empire. I don’t believe that you dare to touch me!” Green and white colour interlaced over Tian Zhen’s face as he cried out with fury.

“Great Gan Empire? That is a super empire. This Tian Zhen is actually related to them?” Tian Zhen’s voice had just sounded out, when some exclamations sounded from the surrounding crowd.

“I do not wish to repeat myself again!”

Lin Dong’s eyes became chilly. A thought passed through his heart and the Heavenly Crocodile’s souls once again extended its blood coloured claw. In an instant, a dense killing intent spread from it.


Tian Zhen’s expression finally began to change as he sense the killing intent that came spreading from within Lin Dong’s body. He knew that if he continued to contradict Lin Dong, it was likely that the latter would really mercilessly give him a killing blow!

“Lin Dong, nothing in this world remains constant. Today, I shall admit my loss here. I will seek recompense for this grudge in the future!” Compared to Tian Zhen, Mu Shou and Jiang Shan were extremely straightforward and tactful. The situation in front of them had already changed. If they were to continue remaining in this place, it was likely that they would not be able to defeat the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile that Lin Dong had summoned even if they were to join forces. In that case, it was best for them to directly leave!

Hence, the two of them got up, threw these words to Lin Dong before turning around and jolting out of the field.

“Consider yourself vicious! You should just wait!”

Tian Zhen’s expression was a little green after seeing Mo Shou and Jiang Shan leaving. The glint in his eyes changed for a moment before he finally clenched his teeth unwillingly and charged out from the field.

Everyone looked at this scene where Lin Dong’s words had chased away the three great overlords. All of them were quietly speechless. This Lin Dong was indeed not a person that one should easily offend…

“Humph, Lin Dong, remember, it is not over between us!”

At this moment, Lin Langtian also stood up with an ugly expression. Tian Zhen and the two others were forced to leave. There was little that he could accomplish alone. It seemed that he could only withdraw first.

However, just when he was preparing to withdraw, an icy cold smile was slowly lifted on Lin Dong’s face. He raised his head and observed Lin Langtian. His soft voice contained a dense killing intent as it quietly spread over this field.

“They can leave but you cannot.”