Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 527: Using His Trump Card

Chapter 527: Using His Trump Card


Chapter 527: Using His Trump Card


The atmosphere on the large field had stiffened at this moment. Numerous gazes that contained various emotion gathered towards Lin Dong. Greed, along with an extremely rich fear, was present in their eyes.

“This Lin Dong had actually forced three great overlords to attack him…”

Some gazes swept over Tian Zhen’s three men group. Although they were uncertain about Lin Langtian’s strength, Fierce Wolf Tian Zhen, Mountain Shattering Axe Jiang Shan and Beast Fist Mu Shou were quite famous within this north-western region. There might be some people present who knew that Lin Dong had exchanged blows with Tian Zhen back at the Pill Grounds, however, currently, there were three heavyweight experts including Tian Zhen stepping forward…

It was likely that no one within the north-western region would not feel fear in the face of such a lineup.

Liu Bai, Yan Sen and the others looked at this scene with a peculiar expression in their eyes. Although they did not intend to add insult to injury, they did not intend to intervene and lend a hand either. They were truly a little curious about Lin Dong in their hearts and really wanted to know just how far Lin Dong could endure in the face of this lineup, which even they did not dare to slight…

A smile of having fulfilled his evil scheme flashed across Lin Langtian’s face when he saw this scene. Although Liu Bai and Yan Sen ultimately did not intervene, this current lineup was likely sufficient to finish Lin Dong off.

“Lin Dong, you possess two Ancient Secret Keys in your hands. As long as you are willing to part with one of them, I will not make things difficult for you.” That beast robe man with eyes as sharp as wild beast stared at Lin Dong and slowly said.

Lin Dong’s eyes paused on this person’s body. By being in possession of such a mighty demeanor, it was likely that he could not be anyone other than one of the four great overlords, Beast Fist Mu Shou.

The development of the situation to such an extent had somewhat exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations. Before this, he did not expect that this Ancient Secret Keys were actually the critical objects used to open these four great mysterious sects’ inheritance, on top of being used to open this Ancient Treasure Trove.

There were only a total of four Secret Keys… currently, he held two of them in his hands. Looking from a certain point of view, being stared at by these experts with fiery eyes was not an incredible outcome. After all, everyone here wanted to obtain the inheritance. Moreover, amongst the owners of the four keys, Liu Bai and Yan Sen could be considered truly troublesome individuals… in other words, Mu Shou and the others would naturally choose the weakest one to go after. Clearly, in their eyes, Lin Dong’s threat far exceeded Liu Bai’s group.

“Two Ancient Secret Keys…”

Lin Dong curled his lips… he glanced at the two tightly shut bronze door and his eyes narrowed. In the face of this situation, even if he was to really hand it over, he would likely be only to get one of those to dispel such thoughts. The remaining individuals… would definitely snatch the last remaining Secret Key in his hand unwillingly…

The current Lin Dong seemed to have two choices. One was to hand over a Secret Key and get one of Tian Zhen’s four men group to withdraw… after which he would fight with the other three individuals.

The second was to not hand even a single key over and end up with an intense fight with the four individuals. However, these two results did not appear to have any difference in Lin Dong’s eyes.

Lin Dong gently clenched his hand… he immediately raised his head and smilingly said, “There is coincidentally two of us here… therefore we are able to use both of these Ancient Secret Keys.

Lin Dong’s words immediately stirred a low uproar within this field. The eyes of some people involuntarily felt shocked. The meaning of Lin Dong’s words was that he wanted to directly fight head on with Tian Zhen and the three others. Was this fellow really unaware of his limits or did he really possess such a shocking ability?

Mu Shou’s eyes had become a little darker because of Lin Dong’s words. A ferocious expression flashed across his face as he slowly said, “You don’t know what’s good for you!”

“Ha ha, Mu Shou, you need not waste your breath with him. This fellow is extremely arrogant. He thinks that he can ride on our heads and shit over it just because he has some ability. If this kind of person is not taught a lesson, it is likely that we will be mocked by others.” Tian Zhen spoke with a dense smile.

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent as he glanced at Tian Zhen. He completely ignored him. With a flick of his finger, an Ancient Secret Key shot abruptly towards Little Flame behind him.

“Take it. If you manage to get the opportunity later, open one of the large bronze doors and enter it. Take the inheritance within it. Ha, such a treasure must of course be given to one’s brother. How can those fellows get to enjoy it…”

Little Flame was slightly stunned when he heard Lin Dong’s words. He quietly nodded his hand and kept the Secret Key properly. His other hand slowly held the dark black metal rod. A cold glint vaguely surged within his eyes.

Lin Dong twisted his neck and immediately exhaled a breath of air. He knew that the subsequent battle would likely be the most intense one that he would experience ever since he entered the Ancient Battlefield.

“You three, since this person does not accept our kind offer, let us all attack. We will decide just who the Ancient Secret Keys will belong to after snatching them… what do you say?” Lin Langtian laughed.

“Lin Dong, there should be a limit to greed. Otherwise, you will only return empty handed despite all your effort!” The man who was carrying a large axe behind him looked at Lin Dong with icy cold eyes as he spoke with a deep voice.

“Sorry but these are things that I have exchanged with my life. It won’t be so easy to take them away.” Lin Dong’s voice was completely still without ripple, appearing just like a deep well. He did not withdraw even a little in the face of that powerful lineup. He had given a lot in order to obtain these Ancient Secret Keys. Now, these fellows had actually wanted to use their force to pressure him to hand the Secret Keys over. Given Lin Dong’s character, he would definitely not accept it.

“Since this is the case, we can only defeat you and take them ourselves.” The man with a large axe behind him slowly grabbed the huge axe on his back. After which, the axe shook and a sharp overbearing wind swept over the ground, forming a deep scar in the process.


When this sharp overbearing aura swept out from Jiang Shan’s body, Tian Zhen, Mu Shou and Lin Langtian by the side also took a step forward. Three surging aura spread. That kind of great pressure swept towards Lin Dong in an overwhelming manner.

Tian Zhen, Mu Shou and Jiang Shan were all experts who possessed the qualification to attempt the third Nirvana Tribulation. They were undoubtedly the peak existences within this north-western region. Lin Langtian was also quite fierce. Although he was only at the one Yuan Nirvana Stage, he similarly possessed the ability to fight with a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Now that the four of them had attacked together, the pressure created caused quite a number of people present to change their expressions. They hurriedly withdrew their bodies as they did so.


The majestic pressure spread as though it was a real substance and covered this wide field. Even Lin Dong’s expression had turned into an extremely solemn one under such pressure.


The metal rod in the hands of Little Flame behind slammed heavily onto the ground. A tiger roar was vaguely emitted. Numerous black glow swept out continuously from his body. Finally, some black light swept out from within his body and agglomerated into an enormous black coloured light tiger on its surface. The light tiger continued to roar and danced. A fierce aura slowly permeated it.


A low and deep ferocious voice was emitted from Little Flame’s throat. Just when Little Flame was about to charge forward, Lin Dong extended his hand and stopped him.

The fierceness in Little Flame’s eyes immediately diminished a little when Lin Dong extended his hand. Although he did not understand why Lin Dong was stopping him, his forward moving body still came to a stop.

“I have said that the Ancient Secret Keys are things that I have fought tooth and nail to obtain. It will likely not be as simple as you imagine to get me to hand them over…” Lin Dong lowered his eyes. His deep voice vaguely had a bone chilling coldness surging within it.

“Does the current you possess the qualification to say these words?” Tian Zhen laughed. Three of the four overlords of the north-western region attacking at the same time. With such a lineup, it was an extremely simple matter to destroy Lin Dong. Yet, Lin Dong actually spoke such words to them. From the way he saw it, this was an incredibly laughable matter.


Jiang Shan and Mu Shou behind Tian Zhen let out a cold snort, appearing as though they agreed with the latter’s words. Yuan Power crazily surged and the pressure was greatly strengthened. They seemed to be intending on using their merged aura to deter Lin Dong.

Lin Langtian crossed his hands over his chest. His eyes were playfully staring at Lin Dong. He really wanted to see just how Lin Dong was going to escape out of this situation.

Numerous gazes on the field, including Liu Bai’s group, were gathered on Lin Dong. Clearly, they also wanted to know just what could Lin Dong really on in the face of such a lineup…


Lin Dong clenched his hand in the face of the many gazes. An ancient halberd appeared in his hand. It was the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd.

The Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear also flashed and appeared on Lin Dong’s other hands after the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd appeared. It was inserted heavily into the ground in front of him.

Chi chi!

Lin Dong’s expression was icy cold. His hand slammed heavily onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. After which, a dark golden coloured blood suddenly shot out. The Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately dimmed after this blood shot out. It was as though it had lost all of its spirit.

Lin Dong flipped his hand after removing this blood that was hidden within the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd. A cluster of grayish-black ball of blood once again appeared. It was the blood of the Demon Dragon Dog that Lin Dong had obtained from the Eight Level Sect earlier.

From this manner of Lin Dong, it was obvious that he was planning to use these two ancient bloodline to summon the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s soul from within the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear!

Faced with Tian Zhen and the three other troublesome opponent, it seemed that Lin Dong was planning to use his trump card…