Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 525: The Overlords

Chapter 525: The Overlords


Chapter 525: The Overlords

The Soul Martial Arts was similarly divided into low, middle and high grade. The most obvious manner to differentiate the strength between these three grades, was to see just how strong the martial art’s soul was.

From a certain point of view, the stronger the strength of the person who created this martial arts, the stronger the might of the Soul martial arts. Of course, this was not absolute. The different Soul Martial Arts that are created by the same expert would also possess a difference in strength. This difference originated from the spirit that was bestowed.

Some of the martial arts which they thought of as important would likely be bestowed with quite a dense spirituality. If it was randomly created by them, the spirituality would likely be a little weaker.

Clearly, this “Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger”, which Lin Dong had obtained, was not something that was randomly created by that legendary Great Desolated Emperor.

The strength of the Great Desolated Emperor back then was likely much stronger compared to the sect leader of the Ground Martial Sect, who was the martial art’s soul that Lin Langtian had summoned. Otherwise, it would be difficult to gain such an advantage when the two martial art’s soul collided.


Powerful wild and violent energy wind swept through the sky. The numerous surrounding gazes carried some shock as they looked at the enormous illusionary figure crumbling behind Lin Langtian. This kind of collision between Soul Martial Arts was not something that they could witness often.

“The martial art’s soul that the fellow summoned using his Soul martial arts should be the sect leader of the Ground Martial Sect. People calls him the martial ancestor. His strength could cause the world to crumble. It is unexpected that even such a Soul Martial Arts was unable to block Lin Dong’s attack.”

“The Soul martial arts that Lin Dong had displayed is not simple. I wonder just which powerful person had created it. It is actually this strong.”


Numerous private conversations that were filled with surprise spread throughout the sky. Clearly, the amazement that was created by this scene was quite a great one.

“It actually shattered my Soul Martial Arts…”

A dark solemness flashed across Lin Langtian’s expression in front of the shocked gazes all over the sky. He was naturally familiar with Lin Dong’s Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. Back then, he had similarly obtained a martial arts from Manifestation Tablet back then. However, he did not expect that Lin Dong’s Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was actually just the initial stage of this complete martial arts…

With the increase in Lin Dong’s strength and his familiarly with this martial arts, the might of this martial arts was truly unleashed by him.

“This fellow is not so simple. I sense some dangerous ripple within his body.” Lin Langtian’s expression was gloomy, when a hoarse voice suddenly sounded within his heart.


Lin Langtian’s eyes shrunk slightly. He did not doubt this Yuan Spirit within his body. He was able to obtain such an achievement mostly because of the existence of this Yuan Spirit. He also understood just how powerful this Yuan Spirit was. It was unexpected that Lin Dong was actually able to cause this spirit to feel a sense of danger.

“Is it due to the Demon Spirit within his body?” Lin Langtian inquired.

“I am unable to sense the fluctuation from that Demonic Spirit any longer and don’t know about its situation. Even though you have currently obtained the inheritance of the Ground Martial Sect, it is extremely difficult for you to kill Lin Dong.” That Yuan Spirit voiced his opinion.

Lin Langtian immediately clenched both of his hands tightly when he heard this. A refusal to resign to the situation, flashed across his eyes. Originally, he thought that after half a year of bitter training and unique encounters, he could be considered as a top tier person even in the north-western region, and it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to finish off Lin Dong. However, he did not expect that Lin Dong’s improvement actually did not lose out to him!

“Don’t bother about him. Currently, obtaining the inheritance of the four great mysterious sect is the most important thing. The Ground Martial Sect is considered the strongest of the five great protector sects. However, it is still much weaker compared to the four great mysterious sect. If you are able to obtain one of the inheritance within it, you will definitely be able to suppress Lin Dong. At that time, he will definitely be unable to escape from your hands.”

Lin Langtian knitted his brows. His eyes were dark and cold as he looked at Lin Dong, who was standing as straight as a spear. Finally, he could only clench his teeth unwillingly. He turned around and withdraw without saying any unnecessary words.

Currently, the most important thing to do was indeed to obtain the inheritance. As for Lin Dong, the gap between the two would be pulled apart after he obtained the inheritance. At that time, even if Lin Dong possessed the powerful Soul martial arts from the Manifestation Tablet, Lin Dong would definitely have difficulty contending against him!

“Do you intend to beat a temporarily retreat…”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Lin Lang Tian’s figure. The surrounding Yuan Power fluctuation had also gradually calmed down. He knew that Lin Langtian wanted to head for the remains of the four great mysterious sect. That place was also where Lin Dong was intending to go.

“I said before that I will not give you a second chance to flee.”

Lin Dong softly muttered to himself. He had already made up his mind. Lin Lang Tian must be finished off in this Ancient Treasure Trove. This thorn had existed for too long and Lin Langtian must not be allowed to keep becoming stronger. However, he knew that he must obtain the inheritance of the four great martial sect, before resolving this issue. He also understood the importance of the inheritance. If Lin Langtian, who had already obtained the inheritance of the Ground Martial Sect, was to obtain it, it was likely that this person would completely surpass him. At that time, given Lin Langtian’s character, he would definitely not show any mercy towards him.

“Little Flame, let’s go.” Lin Dong waved his hand. He ignored the many stunned gazes in the sky around him. His body moved and swiftly rushed towards the deep regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove, where space was fluctuating.

Swoosh swoosh!

After the two of them left, the many experts who were observing the battle from around the place finally recovered. Their eyes were filled with a fiery hot greed as they looked towards the deep regions. They did not utter any nonsense as their figures rushed forward. Immediately, many ear-piercing sound of wind being split apart resounded over this place.

Everyone knew that after experiencing numerous danger, they were about to reach the centre area of this Ancient Treasure Trove!

The treasure at that place was sufficient to change their trajectory within this Ancient Battlefield! The space within this Ancient Treasure Trove was undoubtedly much more solid compared to the other places. Those crack lines that covered the space in the outside did not appear in this place. The air contained an ancient taste. The silence of this remains,which had been sealed for countless number of years, was finally broken at this moment.

Lin Dong and Little Flame rushed through the sky. Their eyes looked all around them and they could see many figures darting towards a similar direction. The aura of these people were quite strong. Of course, not a single person who could arrive at this place, relied only on their luck.

“The space there…”

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly focused while he maintained his fast flying speed. After which, he saw that the space not far in front of him had actually become extremely distorted. There was an incomparably wild violence spatial ripple vaguely spreading from it.

There seemed to be an ancient large square located in that distorted space. Its grand and mighty aura could still cause Lin Dong and the others to be shaken despite it being blocked by the distorted space.

“Is that place the remains of the four great mysterious sect?”

Lin Dong looked at the ancient square. Both of his eyes revealed a heated expression. He had finally arrived.

After Lin Dong approached the place, he discovered that there were already quite a number of figures suspended around the distorted space. A couple of familiar figures was also amongst them. Liu Bai’s group was at the northern position. They had also clearly discovered the arrival of Lin Dong and Little Flame. Immediately Liu Bai revealed a profound looking smile on his face. It was likely that he had heard of the many events Lin Dong had encountered while making his way here.

There were three figures located a short distance from Liu Bai’s group. Lin Dong had already seen one of them. He was the Fierce Wolf Tian Zhen, who had fought with him over the Samsara pill. A strong man with a body size that did not lose to Little Flame was standing a short distance away. The back of this strong man was carrying a huge black coloured axe. An extremely wild and fierce sharp aura vaguely surged out from within his body, causing quite a number of gazes to be involuntarily thrown towards him.

Not far towards Tian Zhen’s right was a skinny looking man. This man was wearing a beast robe. His appearance was ordinary but the dense sharp glint that would occasionally flash across both of his eyes allowed one to understand that he was not a kind person. Moreover, the ripple that was seeping out from within his body was not weaker than Tian Zhen and that man carrying an axe.

“The two other overlords of the north-western region, huh…”

Lin Dong’s eyes glanced over these two people. Clearly, there should not be anyone else other than Liu Bai, Tian Zhen and the other two overlords who possessed this aura.

While Lin Dong’s gaze was glancing at these two, the gazes of Tian Zhen and the two others were also thrown over. Tian Zhen’s eyes were dark and vicious while the eyes of the other two also revealed some caution. However, they did not reveal any haughtiness or disdain, which was a rare phenomenon. Someone who could cause Tian Zhen to suffer a loss was not someone whom they could underestimate. Lin Dong’s sight leaped over these two and saw Lin Langtian, who had just exchanged blows with him. The latter’s icy cold eyes looked at him before withdrawing it with a cold smile.

“Seems like you have quite a number of enemies…”

A voice suddenly sounded beside Lin Dong while Lin Langtian was smilingly coldly at the former. Lin Dong raised his eyebrows. He turned around to take a look. The person who had arrived was wearing a black robe. He was actually Yan Sen, whom Lin Dong had met when he had just entered the Ancient Treasure Trove.

“You have defeated Shi Kun and should have obtained his Ancient Secret Key, right?” Yan Sen’s somewhat pale white face looked at Lin Dong from under the black robes and asked.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. He remained non-committal. Currently, he was no longer the same person as he was when he had just entered the Ancient Treasure Trove. At that time, he might be extremely afraid of Yan Sen. Now, Lin Dong was not afraid even if he had to cross blows with Yan Sen..

“In that case, you are in possession of two Ancient Secret Key. Haha, how interesting. It looks like you will have quite a great amount of trouble later. I wonder if you have the ability to endure through it…”

Yan Sen laughed faintly as he uttered some inexplicable words. After which, he did not stay. His body moved and rushed forward.

“Ancient Secret Key, four great mysterious sect…”

Lin Dong frowned slightly as he muttered to himself. He seemed to have vaguely understood something…