Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 524: Soul Martial Arts Battle

Chapter 524: Soul Martial Arts Battle


Chapter 524: Soul Martial Arts Battle

Lin Dong’s forward moving body gradually came to a stop. Finally, he landed on the top of an enormous tree. His gaze was focused on an extremely familiar figure in front of him.

The two of them came from the same empire, the same clan and possessed the same surname. Similarly, they had the qualification of a genius. However, the relationship between them were like fire and water, neither could tolerate the other’s existence.

This kind of relationship had perhaps existed since Lin Langtian seriously injured Lin Dong’s father back then. After various subsequent events, their relationship had reached a point where it was impossible to reconcile.

Lin Dong clearly understood that Lin Langtian was his biggest source of trouble. It was impossible for the latter’s hatred towards him to be reduced. If this fellow was to gain the slightest opportunity, Lin Dong knew that Lin Langtian would definitely attack without hesitation.

Similarly, Lin Dong would not hold back if he possessed such an opportunity!

Looking at it from a certain point of view, the character of the both of them were somewhat similar.

White clouds flowed in the azure sky. The two figures were standing at the top of two trees. They looked at each other across the distance while a chillness surfaced within their eyes. Even the air showed signs of solidifying.

Little Flame stood behind Lin Dong. His large hand slowly rubbed on the metal rod that emitted an icy coldness. His body had leaned forward a little and there was a vague fierce explosive aura being gathered under both of his eyes.

Having followed Lin Dong for so many years, Little Flame was clearly aware of the grudge between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian. He was aware of the threat Lin Langtian posed towards Lin Dong. This kind of enemy that was a threat to Lin Dong, must be eliminated.

“Lin Dong… we meet again…”

A gentle breeze blew past. An extremely chilly smile was formed on Lin Lang Tian’s handsome face as he slowly spoke.

“Are you finally willing to come out after hiding for so long?” Lin Dong laughed softly.

“You should know how I am. If I do not have the confidence… I will not easily reveal myself… however, since I dare to reveal myself now, perhaps the one who will be in danger is you…” Lin Lang Tian laughed. It seemed as though he had recovered the kind of confidence and haughtiness that he had, when Lin Dong met him for the first time. It seemed that during this period that he was missing… he had similarly gain quite a fortunate and lucky encounter.

“I will not give you a second chance to flee…” Lin Dong lowered his eyes slightly and spoke in a faint voice.

“I will not make the same mistake as I did back then a second time. The person that the Lin clan had never seen before would still be me. Once I defeat you and join a super sect in the future, all I will need to do is to say a word and the Lin Family from the Yan City which you are protecting will completely collapse!” Lin Langtian smiled in a dense manner.

“You won’t have the chance.”

Lin Dong stretched his lazy waist and continued, “Let’s stop saying these nonsensical words. I also really wish to see how much you have improved after missing for such a long time.”

“I share the same thought!”

The denseness on Lin Langtian’s face became even greater. Immediately, he took a sudden step forward. Immediately, powerful Yuan Power whizzed past in a dominating fashion. That strength had actually reached the level of a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert.

“I know that you have defeated Shi Kun of the Devil Cliff Empire. However, coincidentally, a short while ago… there was a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert who also fled after being seriously injured my me!”

Bright golden glow suddenly spread out from Lin Lang Tian’s body. His body flashed and a punch struck onto the air in front of him. Incomparably sharp wind… directly covered Lin Dong within it.

Lin Dong extended his hand. He clenched it and his majestic Mental Power was spat out. It formed a large Mental Power hand and bombarded that sharp wind.

“This level is far from sufficient.”

Lin Langtian did not reveal any surprise after his attacked was blocked. He had also heard the rumours about Lin Dong during this period of time. Naturally, he understood that the current Lin Dong was already much stronger than he was back then. If he did not possess any special techniques, it was likely extremely difficult to defeat Lin Dong.

“In that case, I shall let you taste what is called a true Martial Arts!”

A cold smile surfaced on Lin Langtian face. Immediately, his eyes were focused as majestic Yuan Power swept out. Immediately, the natural energy began to show signs of boiling. Moreover, the Yuan Power that spread out from within Lin Langtian’s body seemed to be vaguely mixed with a kind of special feeling.

“Soul Martial Arts?”

Lin Dong raised his head and looked at the sky which was becoming dimmer. A surprise also flashed across his eyes. It was unexpected that Lin Langtian actually possessed such good fortune.

“Lin Dong, only I, Lin Lang Tian can be considered a child favoured by the Heavens. I am not someone whom you can compare with!” Lin Lang Tian’s feet stepped onto the empty air. The sky behind him dimmed and there seemed to be an enormous illusionary figure vaguely appearing behind him.

The illusionary figure stomped his foot onto the ground and a kind of special ripple spread. It was as though the figure was a martial ancestor that shook the world.

“Martial Ancestor Rotating Heaven Skill!”

A low cry was suddenly emitted from Lin Langtian’s mouth. That enormous illusionary behind him seemed to have extended his enormous arms across the sky. Immediately, the natural Yuan Power exploded.


The vast and mighty sky seemed to have shrunk in the face of that huge pair of hands. Finally, It actually transformed into a light curtain that shrunk and expanded in an inconsistent manner. An extremely powerful ripple spread apart in an uncontrolled manner.

The light curtain was held by the enormous illusionary hand. After which, his palm blasted apart the air and ruthlessly smashed towards Lin Dong.

Bang bang!

The sea of forest below was actually blasted into powder in the face of this pressure. Even the ground had been shaken until it split. At this moment, quite a number of people were rushing over towards this place due to the appearance of the four great mysterious sects remains. The great commotion here had basically attracted the focus of numerous eyes.

“It is actually a Soul Martial Arts? Who is this great being?”

“The person seems like he is attacking Lin Dong.”

“This person really don’t know how to live peacefully no matter where he goes.”

Exclamations immediately sounded when these gazes saw that large illusionary figure behind Lin Langtian. Due to Lin Langtian’s disappearance, no one found him familiar. However, Lin Dong was a newcomer in the north-western region whose reputation was leaping extremely quickly. Quite a number of people found him to be familiar.

“This feeling… it seems to be the Soul Martial Arts of the Ground Martial Sect.”

A grave expression flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes as he looked at the enormous illusionary figure behind Lin Langtian. From the looks of it, it seemed that the inheritance of the Ground Martial Sect, the strongest amongst the five great protector sects was actually obtained by Lin Langtian.


Lin Dong let out a deep breath. He did not slight the attack. A martial arts on the level of the Soul Martial Arts was too powerful. Even he had to be careful when facing it.

“Rumble rumble rumble!”

Surging Yuan Power suddenly whizzed out from within Lin Dong’s body at this instant. After which, it transformed into five enormous Yuan Power light pillars which in turn became five ancient large fingers.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, merge!”

Lin Dong’s hand grabbed forward and the five ancient large fingers immediately merged in a lightning like fashion. That illusionary space immediately blasted apart. A blurry figure that seemed to dominate the world once again appeared from within the darkness.

“That Lin Dong actually possessed a Soul Martial Arts as well!”

When the illusionary figure appeared within the empty space, the expressions of those experts who had thrown their gazes over immediately changed once again. All of them were filled with shock.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand!”

Surging Yuan Power gushed out from Lin Dong’s body in a somewhat crazy and uncontrolled manner. His hand suddenly grabbed forward. At the same time, that illusionary figure also slowly extended his hand. That illusionary like hand seemed to be a little real at this moment.


The empty space seemed to have cracked apart, forming a crack line, when the illusionary hand grabbed forward. That ancient large hand that was merged from the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger directly penetrated through the space and charged towards that enormous illusionary figure behind Lin Langtian with lightning like speed.


The attacks of both parties appeared to be even faster than lightning. Even Lin Dong and Lin Langtian themselves could only see a ray of light flashing past their eyes. In the next instant, the two martial arts attacks that caused the hearts of countless of people to be filled with palpitation, collided together like meteorites.


The world seemed to have trembled when the collision occurred. Frightening energy wind immediately spread apart. A mountain peak below was directly covered by this wind. It immediately collapsed and large rocks flew.


A low and deep roar was emitted from Lin Lang Tian’s mouth. His face was a little flush red as the Yuan Power within his body surged out crazily. Even that enormous large figure behind him also seemed to be emitting a sharp domineering roar.

Lin Dong immediately felt a great pressure when Lin Liantian’s martial art’s’ soul was emitting a roar. He quickly inhaled a deep breath of air as his eyes swiftly turned icy cold. His hand was suddenly clenched.


The word ‘break’ resounded over the place. However, it was not emitted from Lin Dong’s mouth. Instead, it was emitted from the illusionary figure in the sky.

That voice was actually emitted from the martial art’s soul of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Hand!


This voice was ethereal and ancient. However, it contained a kind of extremely terrifying pressure. Even the enormous illusionary figure behind Lin Langtian seemed to tremble a little. After which, it gradually faded in front of Lin Langtian’s tightly shrunk eyes before finally vanishing completely…

This martial art’s soul of his was actually shattered by Lin Dong’s martial art’s soul!