Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 523: Meeting Again

Chapter 523: Meeting Again


Chapter 523: Meeting Again


An incomparable wild and violent wind swept over the Pill Room like a storm. Several crack lines even appeared on the ground of the Pill Room at this moment. The surrounding experts were also shaken as they hurriedly withdrew.

While they were stepping back, their numerous gazes were also staring intently at the point where the two figures had made contact. A black shadow suddenly shot out from within the wild and violent wind in front of their eyes. His legs moved a couple of times on the ground in a somewhat miserable manner, before he finally managed to stabilize his body.


All the eyes were thrown towards the figure that had been shot out almost immediately. After which, a low sound of cold air being inhaled sounded within the Pill Room. This was because the one who end up being shot out in a miserable fashion was actually Tian Zhen!

Tian Zhen’s golden body barrier was actually broken!

Everyone was a little stunned when they saw Tian Zhen’s body. The golden body barrier that originally existed over it, had actually been broken. Even his clothes looked a little tattered. At a glance, he appeared quite miserable looking.

While everyone were still in a state of shock, a strong figure slowly walked out with mountain heavy footsteps from within the dust permeated area. A black glow covered Little Flame’s body as waves after waves of strange tiger roar was repeatedly emitted from within his body. The metal rod on his hand had a vaguely visible black coloured light tiger over it that was filled with fierceness and sharpness.

Little Flame blinked his eyes, that were filled with a fierceness and stared intently at the green face Tian Zhen. The blood within his body was also boiling at this moment. That heated desire to fight caused one’s heart to be gripped in fear.


The metal rod in his hand cut through the air, carrying a sinister aura as it pointed towards Tian Zhen some distance away. Little Flame’s low and deep voice had a fiery hot fighting intent that was not hidden.

“You are seeking death!” Tian Zhen was so infuriated by Little Flame’s action that he ended up laughing. However, the original belittle expression within his eyes had already become pale. A solemness replaced it. After the earlier exchange, he was aware that Little Flame was just as troublesome to deal with as Lin Dong.

“Just what is the background of these two fellows? They are clearly one Yuan Nirvana Stage experts, but their fighting strengths are this shocking!”

Tian Zhen quietly gritted his teeth. His heart felt a little surprise. Although he did not use all of his skills in the earlier exchange, he also understood that Little Flame in front of him, should also have some trump cards remaining. Moreover, the latter’s abnormal strength was something that caused him to also feel a slight fear within his heart.


While Tian Zhen’s heart was feeling shocked at Little Flame’s strength, some sound of footsteps were emitted from behind the latter. After which, Tian Zhen’s eyes shrunk as he saw Lin Dong slowly walking over with a smile on his face. Immediately, his eyes turned towards the stone pillar. All he saw was that the Samsara pill on it had already disappeared…

“How is that possible?”

The green clothed man and the others were also greatly shocked. Earlier the green clothed man had personally experienced the strange energy around the Samsara pill. Even his two Yuan Nirvana Stage strength was unable to block it. How could Lin Dong retrieve it so smoothly?

“You have actually broke through the Ring of Life and Death?” Tian Zhen’s voice was also filled with disbelief. From the looks of his appearance, it seemed that he was actually also aware of the existence of the Ring of Life and Death.

“I was merely lucky.” Lin Dong smiled and casually mentioned. However, this caused Tian Zhen’s fury to burn.

“Big brother, have you succeeded?” Little Flame inquired with some joy. The fierceness in Little Flame’s eyes was reduced when he saw Lin Dong.

“Yes.” Lin Dong nodded. His eyes glanced at Little Flame in a somewhat strange manner. Originally, he thought that it was quite good if Little Flame could block Tian Zhen. However, he did not expect that Little Flame had actually directly shattered Tian Zhen’s golden body barrier. Even Lin Dong himself had underestimated the fighting strength of Little Flame.

The expressions in the eyes of the surrounding people became a little complicated when they heard that Lin Dong had obtained the Samsara pill. A few of them contemplated a malicious thought in their mind, but most of them were wary of those two. Lin Dong and Little Flame might not beat them in numbers, but the two of them were clearly extraordinary individuals. Both of them were existences that could fight with someone like Tian Zhen. If the two of them were to join forces, it was likely that even someone as strong as Tian Zhen would be forced to retreat.

Green and white interchanged over Tian Zhen’s face at this moment. Clearly, his heart was quite furious. With his reputation in this north-western region, there were seldom any occurrence that he had ended up losing out. This time around, however, he had clearly suffered a great lost in Lin Dong’s hand.

“It is likely not going to be as easy as you think if you wish to take the Samsara pill!” Tian Zhen, whose fury had surged in his heart, was finally unable to endure any longer and spoke in a furious voice.

“Alright, in that case, allow us brothers to experience the might of the Fierce Wolf.”

Lin Dong smiled slightly and said.


Tian Zhen was stunned. His expression was a little purplish. He was not afraid of Lin Dong or Little Flame alone. However, if the two of them were to join forces, even he did not possess the confidence to beat them. Originally, he wanted to use his words to provoke Lin Dong to exchange blows with him alone, but Lin Dong’s words had directly sent his words back into him. Clearly, if they were to fight, Lin Dong would not fight him one on one.

Little Flame held the metal rod and stood behind Lin Dong. His eyes looked down at Tian Zhen from a higher position. That mighty body of his possessed a deterrence effect.

In the face of Lin Dong’s half smiling appearance and Little Flame’s eyes that were filled with fighting intent, Tian Zhen’s reasoning finally suppressed his fury. His expression was green as he suddenly turned around.

“Lin Dong, don’t be too pleased. This matter is not finished!”

After tossing these words that were filled with killing intent, Tian Zhen finally turned his body and left in an unwilling manner. His body flashed a couple of times before exiting the Pill Room and disappearing.

Everyone watched Tian Zhen leaving in a somewhat ashen manner and were immediately completely silent. They smacked their mouths together and their eyes looked at Lin Dong and Little Flame with fear. Clearly, they did not expect that even someone like Tian Zhen, was unable to gain any advantage in the hands of this person from a low rank empire.

This person was indeed a vicious character. No wonder he was able to swiftly build a reputation for himself.

Lin Dong was completely unconcerned about these surrounding gazes. He swept his gaze around and glanced at the green clothed man’s group. The latter’s entire body quivered when he saw Lin Dong’s eyes looking over. Immediately, they hurriedly turn around and left in a miserable manner. That appearance was as though they were extremely afraid that Lin Dong would find trouble with them. Having witnessed Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s fighting ability earlier, they no longer had the arrogance that they had at the start.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Dong casually glanced at the green clothed man’s group leaving in a miserable fashion. He did not have any intention of giving chase and settling the scores with them. Instead, he waved his hand towards Little Flame and said.

Now that he had obtained the Samsara pill, Little Marten’s problem was considered to be completely resolved. Next would likely be the final main event, the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects.

If Lin Dong was able to obtain one of them, he could be considered to have gained a bountiful reward from this trip of to the Ancient Treasure Trove.

Lin Dong did not hesitate much after saying those words. He directly leaped out of the Pill Room. The crowd automatically parted and formed a path wherever he passed. No one actually dared to obstruct him.

Lin Dong and Little Flame directly left the place in front of many complicated eyes. He appeared a little free and easy, causing some people to let out a quiet sigh. Perhaps after leaving this Ancient Treasure Trove, two more people would be added to the ranks of the four great overlords of the north-western region…

Currently the Pill Ground had already attracted quite a number of people. All the tightly shut Pill Rooms had also been opened. The Nirvana Pills within them had been completely snatched away. That originally quiet Pill Grounds currently appeared like a village that had been patronized by robbers. It was a complete mess.

Lin Dong and Little Flame were somewhat speechless as they looked at the many greedy figures within the Pill Grounds after having left the Pill Room. It was likely that he no longer had any hope of obtaining some Nirvana Pills. They immediately decided not to remain in this place any longer. Instead, they directly left this Pill Grounds and rushed towards the deepest part of this island.

“Little Marten, we have already obtained the Samsara pill. When do you intend to use it?” Lin Dong rushed through the mid-air, while inquiring in his heart.

“We should do it after this matter is over. It is not easy to recover a physical body.” Little Marten’s voice quickly sounded. Lin Dong could hear the excitement and the impatience, that was difficult to hide from within the voice.


Lin Dong smiled and nodded. His heart also let out a sigh as though a giant weight has been lifted from his heart. He had finally resolved Little Marten’s problem…

“Lin Dong…”

“Hum?” Lin Dong was surprised.

“Thank you.” Little Marten’s voice was faint. However, it was a rare one that was unaccompanied by laughter. There was a seriousness and sincerity within it that he had never seen before.

“I am really not used to you being this courteous. Aren’t you some ultimate expert? I am making an investment.” Lin Dong smiled and shook his head.

“Haha, relax, once Grandpa Marten regains my strength, I will definitely not allow anyone to bully you.” Little Marten laughed out loud.

Lin Dong also grinned. His eyes turned towards the deep regions of the island. He could sense a strange ripple from that spot. It was likely that the place should be the remains of the four great mysterious sects.

“I am really looking forward to it.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. He really wanted to know just how powerful the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects were, given that they were the ones in charge of this Tiangang Alliance.


Lin Dong’s mind suddenly became focused just when this anticipation had surged into Lin Dong’s heart. His eyes suddenly shot towards his front. A figure was standing straight on an enormous tree at that spot. That handsome face as well as the dark cold eyes were extremely familiar looking.

Lin Langtian!

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth was slowly lifted into an icy cold arc when he saw this face.

Seems like we finally meet again…