Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 520: Samsara Pill

Chapter 520: Samsara Pill


Chapter 520: Samsara Pill

The medicinal pill that was made up of alternating black and white colour, was quietly suspended above a black coloured rock pillar. In contrast to the other medicinal pills, which were emitting a pungent Pill Qi, this medicinal pill appeared extremely quiet. In fact, one could not even sense the slightest Pill Qi from it and even the pill fragrance was absent. At a glance, it appeared just like a black and white spherical rock.

However, based on the seemingly uncontrolled rippling aura that was being emitted from within the stone talisman, Lin Dong could tell that this medicinal pill in front of his eyes, should be the thing that Little Marten dreamed of. Moreover, it was the thing which Lin Dong’s group had found after so much difficulty… the Samsara pill.


Lin Dong’s breathing quietly became a little heavier. He looked at the medicinal pill in front of him. Even with his self control, he still felt his head turning a little dizzy because of it.

This was because once they had this item, Little Marten would be able to regain its physical body. In fact, it would not be impossible for it to regain its peak strength in the future.

Lin Dong inhaled two deep breaths as he suppressed his surging heart. Without further ado, his body moved and reached towards the Samsara pill.


However, just as Lin Dong was about to make a move, countless sharp wind suddenly rushed over from behind him. Moreover, they aimed right at his fatal spots. It was likely that the one who had attacked was quite vicious.

Clang clang!

That attack caused Ling Dong eyes to become chill. Before he could counter, the black coloured metal rod in Little Flame’s hand swept over. It directly struck explosively towards the many sharp wind that had pounced over.


Many figures had already rushed over from behind Lin Dong during that brief instance. From a short distance behind Lin Dong, their eyes were filled with greed as they stared at the Samsara pill suspended above the black rock pillar. Clearly, they had also recognised this renowned medicinal pill.

This thing was rumoured to be able to keep one alive regardless of how seriously one was injured, as long as one still had a breath remaining. This was something similar to a protective talisman. By obtaining it, one would be equivalent to possess another life.

“Why did you guys attack me suddenly?” Lin Dong slowly turned around. He looked at the many figures who appeared behind him. These people were clearly from some strong high ranked empires. Their two leaders have all stepped into the two Yuan Nirvana Stage and were quite powerful. In fact, they were not inferior to Song Duan and the others whom Lin Dong had met earlier.

“This friend, since you were the first to reach here, you have already obtained quite a handful of valuable medicinal pills. You should always show a little restrain in your actions. It is not too good to wipe this place clean, is it?” That green clothed man spoke with a faint voice.

Lin Dong glanced at him and involuntarily laughed. Although some of the special medicinal pills in this place had been snatched by Lin Dong and Little Flame, quite a number of medicinal pills still remained. It was baseless to say that he had wipe the place clean.

“What do you all want?”

“We can discuss about it. Since you are the first to reach here, it is only right that you obtain something. However, please give this medicinal pill to us. What do you say?” The green clothed man pointed at the Samsara pill and smilingly said.

He was not afraid of angering Lin Dong. There were four people on their side who had reached the strength of a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. The remaining two were at the peak of the one Yuan Nirvana Stage. On the other hand, Lin Dong’s group consist of only one Yuan Nirvana Stage experts…

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. His expression was a little unfriendly.

“You are Lin Dong who defeated Shi Kun right? It is rumoured that you possess the qualification to fight with two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. However, let me give you a word of advice, it is best not to be too arrogant.” Another two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert beside the green clothed man sensed Lin Dong’s unfriendly expression and laughed coldly.

“If you have the confidence to fight the both of us alone, you can give it a try!”

A coldness flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. However, just as he was preparing to send these two fellows flying, Little Marten voice suddenly sounded, “Let them.”

Lin Dong was startled by the sudden words. He immediately frowned but did not say anything more. Instead, he grabbed Little Flame’s shoulders and pulled back a little.

“Big Brother.”

Little Flame was also stunned by this action from Lin Dong. There was some uncertainty in his eyes as he looked at Lin Dong. He did not appear to understand Lin Dong’s intention.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong is really a sensible person. I will remember this favour.” That green clothed man involuntarily smiled when he saw Lin Dong step aside. His eyes contained a gloating expression that could not be hidden. Meanwhile, a disdain quietly formed in his heart. This fellow, who had caused a huge uproar, was merely a timid mouse. Shi Kun had really lost all his face by being defeated in his hands.

The green clothed man’s eyes withdrew from Lin Dong and shifted upwards. A greedy expression flashed across his eyes when he stared at the Samsara pill on the rock pillar above. After which, his body rushed out without the slightest hesitation.

An increasing number of experts were hurrying to this Pill Room. It was likely that these fellows were intending to remove the most precious treasure in the Pill Room before those people arrived.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the green clothed man, who had rushed forward. His fists involuntarily tightened slowly under his sleeves. Treads of dense killing intent surged out from deep within his eyes.

When Lin Dong was unable to endure any longer and was about to attack, however, the green clothed man was already in front of the Samsara pill. After which, he grabbed at the pill with his hand.

Sizzle sizzle!

An unexpected change suddenly occurred at this moment. That green clothed man had already quite cautious. His entire hand had turned into a bright golden colour when it was extended. Clearly, he had unleashed the Nirvana Golden Body to the limit. Moreover, surging Yuan Power surged out when he activate the Golden Body. He clearly appeared fully armed.

Even though he was fully armed, however, the the golden glow dimmed at a shocking pace when the green clothed man was half a foot away from the Samsara pill. Even his arm began to wither…


A sharp screech was emitted from the green clothed man’s mouth. His shrivelling hand was spreading at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was as though it intended to spread over his entire body.


The face of the green clothed man, which originally contained a pleased expression, had become distorted because of fear. However, this fellow clearly also seemed to have sensed that he was caught in a trap. He suddenly clenched his teeth, raised his blade and actually directly cut his own arm off.

Blood scattered. That green clothed man flew backwards in a miserable manner. Finally, he violently landed onto the ground. He grabbed his arm and howled miserably. His companion also hurried forward.

Lin Dong, who had witnessed all of these, also violently inhaled a breath of cool air. His eyes were shocked as he looked at the Samsara pill that was floating quietly. Clearly, he did not expect that this medicinal pill was actually this peculiar. In merely an instant, it had actually turned the arm of a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert into some withered lifeless bones.

If the first person who charged forward was Lin Dong, it was likely that he would definitely pay some price even with his many tactics.

“It is indeed the Ring of Life and Death!” Little Marten solemn voice sounded at this moment.

“Ring of Life and Death?” Lin Dong was stunned. Clearly, this term was a little foreign to him.

“This Ring of Life and Death is something that only the experts who had Mysterious Life and Death Realm can create. When this Samsara pill is formed, it would birth the Ring of Life and Death. This thing cannot be seen with one’s naked eyes. However, the life of anyone who touch it will immediately disappear…” Little Marten explained.

“I was uncertain about whether this Samsara pill is protected by the Ring of Life and Death earlier. That is why I did not allow you to be the first to touch it. However, from the looks of it now, it is right to be a little more cautious…”

“Can we undo it?” Lin Dong knitted his brows and asked. By putting it in this manner, would it not mean that even he would not be able to obtain it?

“It is a little troublesome. This Life and Death Qi is not something that you Nirvana Stage experts could resist…” Little Marten voiced his thoughts.

“Life and Death Qi?” Lin Dong curled his mouth. Suddenly, he recalled the black eyed old man whom he had met at the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. The latter seemed to have reached this mysterious stage.

“What do we do now?” Lin Dong glanced at the miserable green clothed man and asked within his heart.

“Wait for awhile. I also need some time in order to find out how to break this Ring of Life and Death…” Little Marten replied. After which, it became silent. Clearly, it was thinking of a solution.

The green clothed man by the side was finally able to stop his blood while Little Marten was remaining silent. His expression was pale as he stood up. However, his gaze was extremely vicious as it looked towards Lin Dong and roared, “You knew that this would happen, right? That is why you purposefully allowed us to charge right at the front?”

The companions of the green clothed man also stared at Lin Dong with vicious eyes. Clearly, their hearts were extremely furious.

Lin Dong knitted his brows in the face of this green clothed man’s roar. His eyes also gradually turned icy cold. He turned his head, stared at the four individuals and slowly said, “It’s your own fault for being greedy. Get lost!”

“Brat, you are seeking death!”

The expressions of the four individuals turned into a fury green colour when they heard Lin Dong’s words.

“Haha, it seems that this place is quite lively.”

However, just when the green clothed man and the three others could no longer control themselves and were about to attack, the sound of wind being parted suddenly sounded. A faint laughter reverberated from a short distance away. Finally, it reached a spot not far from the black coloured rock pillar. His gaze looked at the rotating Samsara pill on the top of the rock pillar not far away. A satisfied smile was lifted on his face.

“This place is indeed worthy of being the Pill Grounds of the four great mysterious sects. It even possess such a medicinal pill…”

Lin Dong’s eyes congelated slightly as he looked at the figure which had appeared. His expression immediately became a little solemn. The ripple that was emitted from the latter’s body was far stronger than the green clothed man. Clearly, he was not an ordinary two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert.

“Have I finally met a troublesome person…”

Lin Dong curled his lips. He could sense that this person was extraordinary. It seems that he also possessed quite a great reputation within this north-western region. However, Lin Dong was unaware of who this great being was and where he originated from.

This fight for the Samsara pill was becoming increasingly lively.