Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 519: Pill Room

Chapter 519: Pill Room


Chapter 519: Pill Room

Numerous figures swiftly arrived at this enormous Pill Grounds from every direction. After which, their breathing became a little heavy. Clearly, all of them were shocked by the amount of Nirvana Pills in this place.


Numerous eyes contained a crimson colour. In the next instant, those Pill Rooms that stored Nirvana Pills were directly and brutally destroyed. A bright red Nirvana Pill tide surged forth with a rumbling sound. The shocking Nirvana Qi had basically formed a sort of substance like structure.

Everyone violently swallowed a mouthful of saliva as they looked at the wave of pills that had surged out like floodwater from within those Pill Rooms. They directly began snatch them frantically.

It was natural for some huge scuffles to erupt during this kind of snatching. Most of those who had arrived at this place had lost their mind in the face of this frightening amount of Nirvana Pills. Nirvana Pills were crucial to any Nirvana Stage expert. Only by possessing sufficient Nirvana Qi, would they be able to continuously refine their bodies and Yuan Power and reach the point where they could endure the next Nirvana Tribulation.

The amount of Nirvana Qi that one could absorb during one’s usual training was only a small amount. Hence, if one wanted to increase one’s training speed, these Nirvana Pills was something that one must have. Hence, it was not unusual for one to lose some sense of reasoning because of this event.

While fighting took place, Lin Dong did not stay behind. His gaze looked towards the deep regions of the Pill Grounds and was locked onto a large Pill Room at the deepest part of the Pill Grounds.

Although Lin Dong also coveted after those Nirvana Pills, he knew the importance of other matters. As long as he could obtain the Samsara pill, Little Marten would be able to recover its physical body and its strength would soar. At that time, with a genuine expert like Little Marten guarding him, the benefits that Lin Dong would gain would definitely far surpass those Nirvana Pills which he could snatch!

Additionally, just based on the relationship between the two of them, Lin Dong also had sufficient reason to abandon those Nirvana Pills.

In his eyes, Little Marten was clearly more important than even tens of millions of Nirvana Pills!

This Pill Ground was extremely large. Even with Lin Dong speed, he only managed to reach the Pill Room located at the deepest part of the Pill Ground, after several minutes.

This Pill Room appeared even more ancient than any other part of the Pill Ground. Its yellowish main gain vaguely contained some ancient symbols and lines. There was a faint energy fluctuation spreading from it.

Lin Dong’s eyes contained some joy as he looked at this ancient Pill Room. He did not say anything as Yuan Power whizzed out from within his body. Finally, a punch ruthlessly landed onto the main door.

The ancient large door did not crumble as expected, despite absorbing the full force of Lin Dong’s attack. Instead, Lin Dong directly rebounded from it. He took a couple of quick steps on the ground before stabilizing his body. A somewhat dumbfounded expression appeared on his face.

“This is a kind of protected door. It is impossible to forcefully break it. No matter how powerful your attack is, it will be reflected by the door unless you can completely blast it apart.” Little Marten flashed and appeared. It stared at the door for a moment before suddenly speaking.

“Use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol against it! Its defences might be strong but it must have been eroded over many years. It should not be too difficult to get rid of it.”

Lin Dong knew that he was pressed for time and quickly stepped forward without any hesitation. His hand was pressed gently on the ancient door. After which, a devouring force erupted, eroding the many ancient symbols on the main door an inch at a time.

Sizzle sizzle!

With the surge of this devouring force, the numerous ancient symbols began to gradually turned faint. A moment later, they completely disappeared.

This door suddenly decayed at a shockingly rapid speed when those ancient symbols disappeared. Finally, it emitted a crack sound and crumbled in front of Lin Dong.


With the crumbling of the main door, waves of frightening Pill Qi from within the Pill Room behind suddenly erupted like a volcano that had been sealed for a millenia.

The Pill Qi was like a real substance as it shot out from the Pill Room. Even Lin Dong was forced back by it. After which, the Pill Qi rose into the air, appearing just like a plume that could be clearly seen within a fifty kilometre radius.


Lin Dong involuntarily let out a furious curse when he saw the activity created after opening this Pill Room. With this commotion, it was likely that many experts would hurry over to this place.

“Go, enter quickly!” Lin Dong waved his hand towards Little Flame. After which, he entered that Pill Room like a rabbit.

The light within the Pill Room did not appear dim and it was like a gentle warm glow. However, the Pill Qi that lingered within it caused one’s vision to be slightly hindered.

However, this kind of hindrance could be easily overcame after getting used to it. Lin Dong raised his eyes and swept over it. Immediately, he involuntarily inhaled a harsh breath of cold air.

The size of this Pill Room was quite large. Numerous large rock pillars stood within it. Moreover, various different coloured medicinal pills were suspended over these rock pillars. Waves after waves of shocking Pill Qi continuously spread from these medicinal pills. Just by basing one’s judgement of the Pill Qi, it was possible to tell that these medicinal pills were extraordinary items.

Lin Dong’s eyes carried a slightly shaken expression as he swept over the place. A moment later, his eyes suddenly focused on a silver coloured round medicinal pill. His entire person trembled violently. He muttered, “This is the Crossing Disaster Pill?”

This so-called Crossing Disaster Pill was also known as the Crossing Tribulation Pill. It was basically a precious medicinal pill that every Nirvana Stage experts dreamed of. Everyone knew that the Nirvana Stage experts were most fearful of the Nirvana Tribulation and many Nirvana Stage experts had died because of it. However, this Crossing Disaster Pill could dramatically increase the chances of successfully surviving the Nirvana Tribulation!

If an ordinary person possess the Crossing Disaster Pill, they would have a seventy percent chance of surviving one Nirvana Tribulation. Although this might be a slight overestimation, it showed just how powerful this medicinal pill was.

Consequently, Lin Dong was actually startled for a moment when he saw this ‘Crossing Disaster Pill’, which he had only rumours of, appearing in this place.

Lin Dong was similarly afraid of the Nirvana Tribulation. He might possess the mysterious Stone Talisman that protected his body, but each of the Nirvana Nine Tribulations would become increasingly terrifying. He had only just endured through the first tribulation. There was no telling whether he would be able to smoothly survive every tribulation in the future. If he possessed this Crossing Disaster Pill, he would undoubtedly be much safer. Lin Dong licked his lips. His eyes could not hide the fiery heat in them. In the next instant, his body directly rushed forward and grabbed at the Crossing Disaster Pill above a rock pillar. He must obtain that item!

Lin Dong’s body was extremely quick. In a flash, he had already appeared in front of the Crossing Disaster Pill. Powerful Yuan Power surged out, transforming into a large palm that grabbed towards the Crossing Disaster Pill.


However, just as Lin Dong was about to grab hold of the medicinal pill, the latter suddenly shook. A shocking Pill Qi surged out. It vaguely seemed to form an illusory figure that blocked Lin Dong’s large palm.


The counter attack by the Crossing Disaster Pill caused Lin Dong to be startled. Clearly, he did not expect that even a medicinal pill was actually able to retaliate. However, his dullness clearly only lasted for an instant before he immediately recovered. He emitted a laughter as he curled his palm and a circular black hole spread out.


That powerful Pill Qi had just made contact with the black hole when it was completely swallowed. Lin Dong once again extended his hand and finally grabbed this Crossing Disaster Pill within it.

A boiling hot temperature spread the moment the medicinal pill fell into Lin Dong’s hands. The latter could vaguely sense the enormous strange energy contained within it.

“Is this the Crossing Disaster Pill?” Lin Dong could not resist the curiosity in his heart as he observed this extremely renown medicinal pill. The medicinal pill was silver in colour. Pill lines encircled it, appearing just like the stars. Its luster and other features were all top notch.

If this thing was to be taken out and auctioned, it would at the very least be worth over three million Nirvana Pills. Moreover, it was a situation where there was demand but no supply. Countless number of Nirvana Stage experts would fight over this medicinal pill until they bled.

Lin Dong flipped his hand and stored this Crossing Disaster Pill into his Qiankun bag. After which, his eyes looked at the other medicinal pills on the rock pillars with a fiery hot expression. The medicinal pills in this place were all clearly extraordinary.

“Little Flame, just go ahead and take as many as you can!”

Lin Dong urged Little Flame. They relied on their fast speed to be the first to arrive at this place. They should quickly act while there was no one competing with them.

Little Flame was unceremonious after hearing Lin Dong’s words. He directly rushed forward. A black light whizzed out from his palm and swept towards those medicinal pills.

The two of them whistled through this Pill Room. They did not care about what medicinal pill it was as they simply took all that they could. After all, it was not everyday that one could find such a place.

The two of them might have quite a fast speed but they were still unable to sweep the entire Pill Room. Around a few minutes later, Lin Dong had heard some hurried rushing wind sound that were emitted from behind him. Numerous figures entered this Pill Room with lightning-like speed.


These people also noticed the many extraordinary exquisite medicinal pills on the rock pillars after they had appeared. Some of those sharp-eyed individuals immediately inhaled a harsh but deep breath of cool air. In an instant, they seemed to have sensed blood boiling within their bodies.

“Have they caught up?”

Lin Dong also sensed the motion behind him. He immediately narrowed his eyes. At this moment, he had already reached the middle of the Pill Room. He raised his head and his eyes were focused towards the centre spot.

There was a black coloured ancient rock pillar located at that spot. A black and white medicinal pill that seemed to be the mixture of Yin and Yang were quietly suspended over the top of the rock pillar.

A vague feeling of life and death spread around it.

“Samsara Pill!”

Lin Dong’s mouth immediately turned dry at this instant. Little Marten’s aura from within the stone talisman also contained a sort of uncontrollable ripple.