Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 518: Pill Grounds

Chapter 518: Pill Grounds


Chapter 518: Pill Grounds


The sound of wind parting appeared continuously in the sky. Numerous figures swiftly rushed over from the horizon before appearing at the surroundings of the large island that was suspended in the sky.

This island was unusually large and grand, with forest and mountains covering it, giving it the appearance of an ancient land. A desolated aura that was brewed over time was spread from this land, rippling over the sky and giving it an incomparably majestic atmosphere.

At a glance, it was impossible to see the edge of the island. The many human figures floating around it seemed as tiny as ants.

“What a spectacular sight…”

Lin Dong and Little Flame could not help but exclaim when they saw at this place. Their eyes were filled with amazement. No building on this island had suffered the slightest damage. One was even able to vaguely see the vast martial arts Grounds. It was likely that tens of thousands of people would gather at this place back then, creating a noise that could shake the skies.

“Let head in!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were fiery hot as he stared at the seemingly endless remains of the four great mysterious sect. At this moment, the most important place had already appeared. They should begin their search for their target, the Samsara pill!

Lin Dong was even able to sense the excited emotion of that little fellow within the stone talisman at this moment. Once he obtained this Samsara pill, it would once again be able to obtain a physical body. At the same time, it would possess a chance to truly recover to his peak condition!

Lin Dong’s finger rubbed across his palm and smiled immediately. His body moved, transforming into a ray of light that shot into this extremely vast island.

There were also many anxious figures charging in from the surroundings of the island. Immediately, this island remains, which had remained silent for countless number of years, became noisy at this moment.


However, with an increasing number of human figures rushing into this island, this land seemed to begin trembling. After which, the land cracked. Some of the aura that seemed to have been in a deep slumber also woke at this moment. A roar resounded over the sky as numerous energy that was filled with a shady scent whizzed out. Some unlucky fellows were tore into a pool of blood.

“This is bad. Be careful. This island actually still have some living Demonic Beasts?”

Numerous exclamations immediately spread through the air as everyone looked at this sudden unexpected change. Their expressions changed as they looked at the cold glint of the teeth and claws that shot out from the Grounds.

Lin Dong and Little Flame were startled for a moment because of this scene but they were not overly surprised. After all, this was the remains of the four great mysterious sect. It was not surprising if it possessed some usual qualities. Those Demonic Beasts that had awoken might have a powerful aura, but it was likely that they would have a great difficulty stopping everyone. Of course, they would naturally cause some people to feel troubled, but Lin Dong and Little Flame was not one of them.

“Little Marten, can you sense the position of the Samsara pill?”

“Most sects or alliances like this one will possess their own Pill Grounds. Although I am unable to sense the position of the Samsara pill, it is likely that this thing is stored at the Pill Grounds. The construction of the Pill Grounds would definitely be beside the Medicinal Grounds, which grows medicinal ingredients.” Little Marten appeared. Its eyes was flickering with a boiling hot expression as it swiftly said.

“The area with the densest medicinal scent on this island is in that direction!”

Lin Dong looked towards the direction which Little Marten was pointing towards. A smile also surfaced on his face. Without uttering any other nonsense, he and Little Flame directly transformed into a ray of light that shot in that direction.

The remains of the four mysterious sects was very large. The forest within it was also filled with towering trees. Various awakened Demonic Beasts spread across it at a shocking speed. Hence, Lin Dong and Little Flame also encountered quite a attacks when they attempted to pass through it. Although their lives were not threatened, it did reduce their speed.

“How troublesome…”

Lin Dong looked at an ancient Demonic Beast that was once again sent flying by the metal rod in Little Flame’s hand. He could not help but shook his head. Currently, an increasing number of people were barging into this island. Moreover, since Lin Dong’s group was able to sense the direction of the Medicinal Grounds, it was likely that the other experts would also be able to sense it.

Everyone knew just what the Pill Grounds represent to this ancient sects. The various unique pills within it were sufficient to cause people to turn crazy. Therefore, there were definitely many experts hurrying over towards the Pill Grounds from every direction at this moment. If Lin Dong was late and the Samsara pill was obtained by someone else, it was likely that he would have wasted his time.

“Humph, some ancient Demonic Beast that had been buried under Grounds through some special techniques also dare to act so mightily in front of Grandpa Marten. It would be more be appropriate it if was your ancestors!” A cold glint flashed in Little Marten eyes. At this moment, anyone who dared to block it from obtaining the Samsara pill would likely be directly hacked into two by it.


A purple black light glow suddenly swept out from Little Marten’s body. After which, it transformed into a Celestial Demon Marten shadow figure behind it. Immediately, a frightening pressure swept over the place!

When that Celestial Demon Marten appeared, Lin Dong could sense that even the body of Little Flame by the side stiffened slightly. However, he quickly recovered to his normal state.


Under this sweeping mighty pressure, those ancient Demonic Beast with a chaotic mental state immediately began to quiver. After which, they let out a trembling cry and scattered.

“All that you can do now is to rely on this…” Lin Dong looked at Little Marten, which had revealed a proud face and involuntarily laughed.

The face of Little Marten, who had wanted to proudly say something, turned flush red when it heard this. It immediately responded with an anger caused by embarrassment, “What do you know? When this Grandpa Marten regains a physical body, you will come to be aware of Grandpa Marten’s ability!”

Lin Dong laughed heartily. He ceased his teasing. Pressing his toes gently onto the ground, his body suddenly rushed forward once again.

With Little Marten chasing away these diminutive Demonic Beasts, Lin Dong’s speed undoubtedly increased tremendously. This continued for over ten minutes before that suffocating forest finally disappeared. In front of Lin Dong, was a seemingly endless sea of medicinal ingredients.

Various different unique medicine were present by the dozens in this place. Rich medicinal fragrance lingered over the air as though it was a real substance.

“Such extravagance…”

A shaken expression involuntarily surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes when he saw the sea of medicine. It was likely that even some high ranked empires did not have the ability to groom a sea of medicine of this size. The size of this Tiangang Alliance back then was truly terrifying.

“In the middle of the sea of medicine is the Pill Grounds…” Little Marten pointed towards the middle of the sea of medicine. One could vaguely see a large Pill Grounds located at the middle of the permeating medicinal fragrance.

“Let’s go!

Lin Dong licked his lips. His somewhat nostalgic eyes withdrew from this sea of medicine. Most of the medicine present were extraordinary but he did not specialize in this field. Hence, there were of little use even if he obtained them. From the way he saw it, instead of snatching these unique medicine, he should just go for those unique treasures!

Hence, Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s bodies directly rushed past this sea of medicine and landed at the Pill Grounds in the middle.

The Pill Grounds was a spacious region. When Lin Dong and Little Flame landed in it, the dust on the Grounds had scattered. Clearly, this place had been covered by dust for many years.

There were quite a number of large Pill Rooms within this Pill Grounds. Lin Dong randomly blasted apart a symbol seal on a door of a Pill Room. After which, he saw a wave of Nirvana Pills surging out from the Pill Room from every direction. Crimson colour filled one’s eyes as a shocking Nirvana Qi surged to the air.

Lin Dong looked at those millions of Nirvana Pills, before he involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This was merely a small sized Pill Room in this Pill Grounds, yet it already possessed this number of Nirvana Pills. He really did not know just what kind of enormous medicinal pill resource this Pill Grounds possessed.

In the face of this amount of Nirvana Pills, even Lin Dong’s breathing became a little ragged. A redness surfaced in his eyes. After which, he did not say anything before he opened his Qiankun bag. Those Nirvana Pills continued pouring into it like floodwaters.

Within a short few minutes, nearly two million over Nirvana Pills rolled into Lin Dong’s Qiankun bag. This kind of harvest really left one speechless.

Swoosh swoosh!

While Lin Dong was storing the Nirvana Pills, some rushing wind sound was finally transmitted from the distance. A couple of figures landed in the Pill Grounds. Their bodies instantly stiffened when they saw the crimson red pill tide from within the Pill Room. Their eyes also suddenly became blood red…

“Oh my god, Nirvana Pills. All of them are Nirvana Pills!”

A somewhat crazy roar resounded one after another. Those voices contained a shock and wild joy that could not be hidden.


Lin Dong was not overly greedy after glancing at those fellows who were stimulated to the point of going crazy. He knew that Nirvana Pills were similarly important to these people who were also at the Nirvana Stage. However, this was not the time to be delayed in this place…

Lin Dong’s figure rushed out at lightning speed. His eyes were locked onto the deep regions of the Pill Grounds. The largest Pill Room was located at that spot. Lin Dong could vaguely sense that a little palpitation within him…

The Samsara pill should be located at that spot!