Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 516: Fallout

Chapter 516: Fallout


Chapter 516: Fallout

The interior of the main hall was completely silent. Everyone’s eyes contained a shocked expression that could not be concealed. They were truly unable to believe that the palm, which contained nearly the full strength of Mo Sha, would actually be forcefully shattered by Lin Dong’s simple and ordinary punch!

“What a frightening Fist Aura.”

Of course, those experts like Song Duan possessed an extreme solemness within their eyes. They were naturally able to sense the shocking Fist Aura that was being emitted from this single punch of Lin Dong. The intensity was as if it intended to shatter this entire place!

They were really unable to imagine just how was it possible for Lin Dong to possess such a frightening Fist Aura!

All of them clearly understood that an extremely rare yet powerful thing like a Fist Aura was not something that someone at their level could come into contact with. Only those true experts could brew such a frightening conception.

At that level, it was likely that most martial arts were already useless towards them. By possessing that kind of aura, a simple raising of their limbs would be powerful enough to shatter the lands and the sky!

“How is that possible…”

Song Duan and Peng Fei looked at each other. They were able to see some disbelief within the other party’s eyes. However, both of them were also extremely intelligent. After the initial shock, an expression of deep thought flashed across their eyes. A moment later, their bodies shook, seemingly having understood something…

“The true inheritance of this Eight Level Sect is not the martial arts but the Eight Level Fist Aura!”

Song Duan and Peng Fei’s expression turned bitter at that instant. A regret surged up their hearts. Although the martial arts that they had obtained was quite good, it was undoubtedly an entire level weaker when compared to this Eight Level Fist Aura!

The hearts of two of them, which were still extremely happy at having obtained an inheritance earlier, was drenched with a basin of cold water. Their entire body turned icy cold as a result.

Mo Sha’s expression was a little pale as he hurriedly took a couple of steps back in front of numerous stunned eyes. His gaze carried a little shock as he spoke in a hoarse voice, “This is the Eight Level Fist Aura?”

“You have actually obtained the Eight Level Fist Aura?”

Mo Sha involuntarily roared the last few words. There was a dense greed and dissatisfaction that surged within his eyes. Originally, he had been gloating because he thought that Lin Dong had gained nothing. However, this scene had caused him to understand that the one had the final laugh in this Eight Level Sect remains was still Lin Dong!

“Thanks to you.”

Lin Dong smiled slightly. There was nothing fake in his smile. This caused Mo Sha to involuntarily spit a mouthful of blood when he heard this. Although he did not understand what Lin Dong meant, it seemed that the reason Lin Dong was able to obtain the Eight Level Fist Aura was possibly due to him.

“Could it be?”

Mo Sha’s thoughts was quite acute. His mind spun and he seemed to have understood something. His eyes suddenly shrunk. “Those three light clusters are merely lures? The true Eight Level Fist Aura still remained on the stone block!”

“You are correct. Too bad there is no prize!”

Lin Dong parted his mouth and smiled. His eyes suddenly turned cold as he stride forward and ruthlessly threw another punch.

The Eight Level Fist Aura also surged out from his Dantian once again. The aura around Lin Dong had also become as fierce and violent as the lightning that lingered in the clouds.


The space in the large hall shook violently for a moment. That wind from the punch that contained a thunder-like fierceness swept towards Mo Sha in a lightning-like manner, appearing like a storm.

“Bastard, why are you attacking us since you have obtained the Eight Level Fist Aura? Don’t tell me that we are not even allowed to drink some soup even though you are feasting on some meat? Who do you think you are?” Mo Sha roared angrily. The Yuan Power within his body seemed to have been suppressed as he sensed that shocking Fist Aura pressure.

“I do not mind letting you guys have soup. However, I do not like to be schemed by others nor do I like your attitude!” Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. His arm shook and the majestic fist wind charged at Mo Sha, who had maneuvered his Yuan Power to surround himself, with lightning-like speed.


The fist wind smashed onto the fully armed Mo Sha’s body. A low muffled sound spread and a shocking energy ripple swept over from the midair. After which, everyone saw that the layers of defence over Mo Sha’s body actually crumbed directly.


A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out as Mo Sha’s body miserably shot backwards. Finally, he violently slammed onto a wall. That hard wall swiftly formed a couple of crack lines. Every single expert from the Sand Empire changed their expressions due to shock when they saw this scene. They had heard rumours that Lin Dong had defeated Shi Kun. However, they had only heard of it. Moreover, Mo Sha’s strength was stronger than Shi Kun. Yet, after only a couple of exchanges, Mo Sha was actually miserably defeated by Lin Dong.


Lin Dong’s body rushed out. With a flash, he appeared in front of Mo Sha. He curled his hand and grabbed at the latter’s head. A devouring strength erupted. After which, everyone saw a light cluster being directly ripped from Mo Sha’s head.

“Little Flame!”

Lin Dong let out a low cry after ripping out this light cluster. His arm tossed and the light cluster was thrown towards Little Flame. The latter was startled momentarily before grabbing it and placing it into his body.

The inheritance that Mo Sha had obtained was actually being snatched. This case Mo Sha’s eyes to turn blood red. He immediately turned his head and Song Duan’s group before speaking in a dense voice, “Do the both of you really think this fellow will let of if you stand idly by the side now?”

Mo Sha clearly understood that his strength alone was no match for Lin Dong, who had obtained the Eight Level Fist Aura. If he wanted to fight with Lin Dong, he must join hands with Song Duan and Peng Fei.

The expression in the eyes of Song Duan and Peng Fei changed a little when they heard Mo Sha’s words. They clenched their fists slightly. A moment later, they suddenly relaxed it. After which, they raised their heads, smiled towards Lin Dong and said, “If brother Lin Dong really wants it, we will hand over the martial arts inheritance.”

The atmosphere within the large hall became a little quiet. Everyone, even Lin Dong, were a little stunned as they looked at Song Duan and Peng Fei. Clearly, they did not expect that these two two Yuan Nirvana Stage Experts would actually choose to surrender!

“You two!”

Mo Sha was also stunned when he saw this scene. His throat involuntarily felt a sweetness again. He did not expect Song Duan and Peng Fei were actually this cunning.

Lin Dong stared at Song Duan and Peng Fei. He immediately laughed softly. It was likely that he understood the intention of these two. Song Duan and Peng Fei were extremely unwilling to hand over the inheritance martial arts. However, they were also aware of how trouble it would be to deal with Lin Dong, who had obtained the Eight Level Fist Aura. Therefore, they directly lowered their stance and surrender in front of so many people. The both of them had given Lin Dong a great amount of face. This cunningness was indeed quite great. Most importantly, this character of being able to bend depending on the situation caused Lin Dong to be a little surprised.

“Anyone with affinity can obtain this inheritance treasure. Since the both of you have this affinity, it is only natural that I do not have the qualification to say any more nonsense.” Lin Dong nodded slightly and laughed. He did not act too ruthlessly.

Lin Dong’s words were similar to the ‘those with ability should possess it’ that Mo Sha had said earlier. The meaning within it, however, was completely different. This caused Mo Sha’s expression to be incomparable green with fury. This fellow was just using him to set an example!

On the other hand, a joy flashed passed the face of Song Duan and Peng Fei. The cupped their hands together towards Lin Dong. It seemed that this soft stance did indeed possess some benefit. At the very least, it was many times better than Mo Sha, who had lost both his face and treasure.

“Lin Dong, you should not be too pleased. My Sand Empire will definitely not let this matter rest!”

Green and white mixed on Mo Sha’s face, causing him to appear extremely miserable. He looked at the mocking gaze from around him before finally rubbing off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. After tossing some vicious words, he let his people and left with great dissatisfaction.

Lin Dong glanced at Mo Sha’s back. He did not stop him. Lin Dong might be able to defeat the two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert Mo Sha but if the latter really wanted to flee, even Lin Dong would have to use some of his trump cards as payment if he wanted to kill him. At this moment, however, Lin Dong was unwilling to use these trump cards on Mo Sha…

Numerous eyes watched this scene from within the main hall. All of them involuntarily but quietly clicked their tongue. Some gazes repeatedly swept over Lin Dong. They were really unable to imagine that Lin Dong was actually able to use his strength alone to force three great high rank empire to surrender and admit defeat.

“Let’s go. It is likely that the four mysterious halls are about to be opened. Those are the main course…”

Lin Dong was unconcerned about the surrounding eyes. He turned his head and whispered to Little Flame with a smile. After which, he ceased remaining in this place. His body moved and he turned around to leave in front of the complicated gazes of Song Duan and the others.