Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 515: The Might of the Fist Aura

Chapter 515: The Might of the Fist Aura


Chapter 515: The Might of the Fist Aura

The interior of the main hall was in chaos. Everyone were examining the stone block. The hands of Lin Dong, Song Duan and the two others were pressed tightly onto it. A powerful ripple was being vaguely emitted from the interior of the stone block.

Little Flame stood beside Lin Dong. He frowned while looking at Song Duan and the two others, holding back his impulse to sent three hateful fellows flying with his metal rod. Before receiving Lin Dong’s orders, he would definetly suppress the various emotions within his heart.


A slight sound was suddenly emitted from the stone block while Little Flame was looking at Lin Dong. After which, he saw that the bodies of Song Duan and the two others shook before staggering backwards. However, their faces did not reveal any fury. Instead, they were filled with a wild joy.

The expressions of some people within the main hall changed slightly when they saw the expressions of the three of them. Could it be that Song Duan and the two others had obtained something from the stone block.

Song Duan and the two others were unconcerned about the gazes of those around. Their eyes swept over Lin Dong’s back. After which, a flicker flashed through them. They waved their hands. “Let’s go!”

It appeared that they were aware that their action earlier would definitely anger Lin Dong. Although they were not afraid, they did not wish to fight head on against someone with a crazy temperament. Moreover, they had already obtained the inheritance. Once they successfully mastered it in the future, it was likely that Lin Dong could no longer be so arrogant in front of them.

Hearing the voices of Song Duan and the two others, those subordinates of their hurriedly nodded. After which, they pulled back.

“Aren’t the three of you a little too irresponsible if you leave now?” However, just when the three of them were preparing to leave, Lin Dong, who had their backs facing them finally let out a faint smile. His hand that was adhered to the stone block fell before he turned around and stared at Song Duan’s group with a mocking expression.

Song Duan and the two others narrowed their eyes when they saw that Lin Dong still managed to give chase. They asked, “What do you want?”

“If it is not because I had blocked the Fist Aura on the stone block, it is likely the the three of you would not have been able to enter. It is right that anyone who sees it should have a share. However, the three of you had even snatched my share. Isn’t it a little too overboard?” Lin Dong smiled. His eyes revealed a thread of chillness as he looked towards Mo Sha and slowly said.

“Lin Dong, this kind of inheritance is something that anyone with ability should obtain. The fact that you have failed to snatch it means that you do not possess the ability. What are you planning to do by saying such nonsense here? Do you want us to hand over the inheritance that we have obtained?” Mo Sha could not help but let out a cold mocking laughter.

“Moreover, the three of us did not make a fuss over you having snatch most of the Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood outside. However, don’t think that you really have the qualification to stand on the ground as us. We are not like Shi Kun, who had just entered the two Yuan Nirvana Stage!”

A glint flashed through the eyes of Song Duan and Peng Fei. However, they did not say anything. These two people were clearly extremely intelligent. Even at this time, they did not speak to Lin Dong with harsh words. Clearly, they were still a little fearful of Lin Dong.

At this moment, everyone in the main hall had understood the story from the beginning to the end. It seemed that Lin Dong had entered the stone block first and found some treasure within it. However, before he could obtain them, Song Duan and the two others, who had followed him in, had interfered…

Moreover, the subsequent events could also be easily foretold. After having been taken advantage of, Lin Dong would naturally not let the matter rest. Yet, attempting to get Mo Sha’s group to hand over something that they had got their hands on was clearly an impossible thing…

Looking at this situation, a face off would likely be unavoidable regardless of how one tried to avoid it.

The eyes of quite a number of people flickered when they thought of this. Naturally, the greater the chaos in this situation, the better it would be for them. They might even be able to randomly fish something during the chaos and obtain some surprise…

“What you have said is true. The inheritance here is indeed something that those with ability should obtain. However, with your ability, it is likely that you have yet to reach this level.” Lin Dong smiled. The words that he spoke caused the expression of quite a number of people to change slightly.

“Oh? Haha, Lin Dong, looks like beating Shi Kun has really boosted your confidence. Although you have already heard these words several time, I shall still repeat it to you again. A person should be aware of his limits. At times, it is not a bad thing to suffer some losses.” Mo Sha’s tone was dense. Looking at his expression, everyone were aware that this expert from the Sand Empire had already held a killing intent towards Lin Dong.

“Hand over the inheritance that you have obtained.”

However, Lin Dong merely raised his eyes in the face of Mo Sha’s dense words. He ceased saying anything and extended his hand.

“Brat, you are seeking death!” The few experts behind Mo Sha immediately became furious when they saw this situation.

Mo Sha’s eyes stared intently at Lin Dong. A moment later, his throat emitted a strange creaking sound as he slowly said, “Brat, I’m afraid that you don’t have the qualification to say these words to me. It’s just as well. I also wish to see just how outstanding this fellow, who has a mighty reputation recently, really is!”

“Hopefully, you are not just a useless person who only knows how to speak!”

Mo Sha’s eyes had completely turned dark and chilly after his cry sounded. He took a stride forward and majestic powerful Yuan Power surged out from within his body like a volcano that had erupted. A fierce and mighty pressure swept across the main hall. Other than Song Duan and a few others, the remaining people hurriedly stepped backwards while maneuvering their Yuan Power to block that Yuan Power pressure.


Mo Sha’s figure directly turned into a black figure and rushed forward. Surging Yuan Power gathered and immediately carried a shocking pressure as it ruthlessly swept towards Lin Dong.

Blood surged in Little Flame’s eyes when he saw that Mo Sha was finally unable to control himself any longer and attacked Lin Dong. However, just as he was about to attack, Lin Dong merely waved his hand and stopped Little Flame. A thought passed through his mind and surging Yuan Power as well as Mental Energy agglomerated in front of him, forming a defensive barrier.


Mo Sha’s attack violently landed onto the barrier that was formed from Mental Energy and Yuan Power. Immediately, a low muffled sound was emitted. Although the powerful force had shook the barrier until ripples were formed, it failed to shatter it.

By relying on the Yuan Power of a one Yuan Nirvana Stage and the ability of a One Seal Heaven Symbol Master, the current Lin Dong would not be at a disadvantage even when facing a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert head on.

“No wonder you are so arrogant. You actually do have some ability. However, you won’t be so fortunate after this!”

Mo Sha let out a cold laughter after his attack was blocked. His body moved and mud yellow colour Yuan Power whizzed out. It vaguely transformed into yellow sand that spread over the sky, possessing an extremely spectacular aura. Clearly, he did not intend to delay this fight any longer.

“Yellow Sand Bone Eroding Palm!”

A cold cry suddenly sounded from within the yellow sand. One could see the yellow sand permeating the sky gathered in a lightning like fashion. After which, it directly transformed into an enormous yellow sand fist. An eroding vapor was present within the wind from the fist as it struck towards Lin Dong’s barrier from all directions.

The people around him were evidently quite surprised when they saw Mo Sha’s actions. They were naturally aware that this Yellow Sand Bone Eroding Palm was basically one of Mo Sha’s killing move. It was unexpected that he had used it so soon. It seemed that this Lin Dong’s was indeed quite skilled…

Song Duan and Peng Fei narrowed their eyes when they saw this scene. Their strength were similar to Mo Sha. This attack from the latter was something that even they did not dare to slight.

Lin Dong raised his eyes. His pupils watched the enormous palm with surging yellow sand that was flying over. He could also sense the sharpness and faint killing intent that was contained within Mo Sha’s attack.


A cluster of white vapor was spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth. Immediately, he threw a fist forward in front of all the eyes present within the main hall.

This was a simple fist without any signs of martial arts being used. There was also the absence of any shocking strength surging within it. This fist appeared completely ordinary without any area that caused one to be surprised.

However, none of them knew that when Lin Dong executed this punch, the Eight Level Fist Aura within his Dantian wiggled slightly. Immediately, a Fist Aura was separated under the command of his mind.


When this Fist Aura surged, a finishing touch seemed to have been placed on that ordinary punch from Lin Dong. In an instant, it underwent a complete transformation. An invisible fierce powerful ripple swept over the place at a frightening speed.

The expressions of Song Duan and Peng Fei immediately underwent an intense transformation!

At this moment, they could vaguely sense that Lin Dong’s body seemed to be showing signs that it had synchronized with the ancient stone block!

They were unaware of just what this scene represented. However, they could sense that Lin Dong originally ordinary punch currently possessed an extremely frightening explosive force.

The fist wind that contained the Eight Level Fist Aura collided with that Yellow Sand Palm without giving way!


An incomparably fierce tone was suddenly spat out from Lin Dong’s mouth. At the next instant, everyone’s eyes widened. They could see that Mo Sha’s full powered palm had actually collapsed at this moment!

The expression of Mo Sha, who was at the back, suddenly turned pale white at this moment. A dense shock surged within his eyes as he looked at Lin Dong.