Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 512: Palm Imprint, Fist Imprint, Finger Hole

Chapter 512: Palm Imprint, Fist Imprint, Finger Hole


Chapter 512: Palm Imprint, Fist Imprint, Finger Hole

A black coloured blood cluster was suspended above Lin Dong’s palm. A dragon roar and dog’s bark that seemed to be vaguely filled with violence, was emitted from within it. Furthermore, it also carried an ancient sensation within it.

This was the ancient essence blood from the Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog. Clearly, Lin Dong had basically sucked out all of the Essence Blood embedded within this Demon Dragon Dog.

A joy flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes when he sensed the great strength of the Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood. Together with this Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood, the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile that he summoned would likely be exceptionally powerful.

“Lin Dong, aren’t you a little too overbearing?” At this moment, the three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts, with ugly expressions on their faces, finally could not endure it any longer and let out a cold cry.

The three of them looked at the large cluster of ancient Essence Blood in Lin Dong’s hand before glancing at the tiny bit on their hands. It was likely that their hearts felt extremely unjustified at this moment.

At this moment, those people from around also threw their gazes over due to the unexpected change that occurred. The experts belonging to the three large empires, locked their eyes onto Lin Dong, while Yuan Power surged through their bodies.

Little Flame , who also sensed the actions of these people, moved. He appeared in front of the Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog’s corpse, before he slammed the heavy rod in his hand down onto the ground. A fierce aura swept apart and caused the expressions of the experts from the three large high ranked empires to change.

“The three of you, this Demon Dragon Dog belongs to no one. Something like this relies on one’s ability. Why? Do the three of you intend to forcefully snatch it?” Lin Dong flipped his hand and kept the Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood into his Qiankun bag. His gaze looked towards the three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts while he spoke with a faint smile.

“Lin Dong, I know that you are quite powerful. However, this Demon Dragon Dog was killed by all of us together. Yet, you have taken more than half of the reward now. Aren’t your actions simply too overboard?” A skinny and tall two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert spoke with a somewhat gloomy expression.

“That’s right, take that Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood out and divide it into four portions. All four of us will take a portion. What do you say?” This time around, the one who spoke was a yellow clothed man. He glanced at Lin Dong indifferently. Although his words indicated that he was discussing, his tone appeared to be that of an order.

Although the fact that Lin Dong had defeated Shi Kun was sufficient to get these experts to treat him seriously, it did not mean that they were afraid of Lin Dong. They would withdraw a little of their haughtiness when dealing with Lin Dong, but they could not endure Lin Dong turning the tables around on them and acting as though they were nothing.

Lin Dong glanced at these two people. Based on the conversations that he gleaned from the crowd, Lin Dong was already aware of the origin of these three groups of people. The first person was called Song Duan and the Great Song Empire where he came from, was also a high ranked empire. Furthermore, it was definitely stronger compared to the Devil Cliff Empire. The yellow clothed man behind him was called Mo Sha, from the Sand Empire. Both their own strength and that of the Sand Empire were at an equal level as the Great Song Empire.

The black clothed man, who was the only one who did not speak up against Lin Dong was called Peng Fei. He was also no ordinary individual.

Lin Dong calmly stared at these three people. After which, he laughed softly, “This Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood is quite useful towards me. Therefore, I’m afraid that I cannot do what brother Mo Sha has suggested.”

Forget about the fact that their tone caused him to be repulsed, there was simply no reason why Lin Dong should have to hand over the items that landed into his lap. Even if the other party had three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts, Lin Dong was still not afraid. After all, he did not believe that the three person in front, would really fight with him because of this Demon Dragon Dog Essence Blood. After all, the current Lin Dong was no longer the same as the one who just entered the Ancient Treasure Trove…

The eyes of Mo Sha suddenly became a lot gloomier, when he heard Lin Dong speaking in such a disrespectful manner. It seemed like he was no longer able to endure any longer and was about to attack. However, his heart unknowingly stopped him after he saw Lin Dong’s completely fearless manner. His eyes flashed but he actually did nothing.

The lips of Song Duan and Peng Fei by the side were curled when they saw this situation. However, they did not continue to speak. After all, the three of them were not considered allies and their relationship was not considered jovial. Naturally, it was nonsense to talk about joining forces to deal with Lin Dong. The Demon Dragon Essence Blood might be rare but there was not much use beside tempering their own bodies. Hence, it did not seem worthwhile to offend Lin Dong because of it.

Although they felt some displeasure in their hearts at Lin Dong’s action, that displeasure could only be suppressed by them in the face of Lin Dong’s powerful strength.

“The most important thing is to obtain the inheritance of this Eight Level Sect…”

The many experts around the hall involuntarily glanced at each other as they looked at the atmosphere around the corpse of the Demon Dragon Dog suddenly relaxing. Clearly, they did not expect that these three people, who possessed quite a great reputation in this north-western region, would actually choose to endure in the face of Lin Dong’s overbearing actions. It seems like the rumours regarding Lin Dong during this period of time was indeed true.

“Let’s go!”

Song Duan and the two others remained at this place for a moment before they finally clenched their teeth together. Their eyes stared viciously at Lin Dong for a moment before their bodies flashed. Following which, they directly rushed towards that enormous stone hall.

Everyone finally recovered their senses after they saw their actions. Some fiery heat rose within their eyes as they looked at this stone hall. After which, they also hurriedly charged over.

Lin Dong stood on the corpse of the Demon Dragon Dog. He saw this scene and grinned faintly. This was the benefit bought by strength. If his current strength was still at the same level when he had entered the Ancient Treasure Trove, it was likely that Song Duan and the two others would not even give him the right to speak, much less be forced to take a step back in the face of this competition for this Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood.

Although part of the reason for this was because they did not think that the Demon Dragon Dog’s Essence Blood was worthwhile for them to expend such a great effort, one could also interpret it as they were afraid of Lin Dong.

“Let’s go, we shall enter and see just what kind of impressive inheritance this Eight Level Sect possess!”

Lin Dong was quite satisfied after having obtained the Essence Blood from this Demon Dragon Dog. He immediately beckoned his hand towards Little Marten. After which, his body moved and swiftly rushed forward. Within a couple of flashes, he had charged into the interior of the enormous hall that had already been broken into by everyone.

The interior of the hall was extremely wide. All the corridors crossed each other, causing it to appear just like a maze. The ancient feeling that was accumulated over the years surged over from all directions.

At this moment, the originally quiet stone hall was filled with a liveliness as quite a number of people barged into it. Lin Dong and Little Flame also followed a corridor into it. However, they were surprised to find that they could not even find a single Nirvana Pill along the way, much less any other treasure.

The entire large hall was empty. It was as though it had been completely robbed of everything.

“Could this place have already been raided before we came?” Lin Dong once again passed by a stone room. When, he saw that empty sight, he finally could not resist as he commented.

“It will not be so clean even if it has been raided…” Little Marten flashed and appeared. It was also surprised at the emptiness of this ancient remains. After which, it voiced its thoughts, “Could it be that the Eight Level Sect did not leave anything behind?”

“Let’s head to the main hall and take a look.”

Lin Dong was similarly unable to provide any answer. This situation was clearly something that he had met for the first time. All he could do was to shake his head helplessly. After which, he upped his speed, followed the corridor and headed to the main hall.

Due to the fact that there was nothing desirable along the way, Lin Dong only took approximately ten minutes before he arrived at the main hall of this Eight Level Sect together with Little Flame. Following which, he realized that there were already some people at this place by the time he had arrived. Song Duan and the others were also here. However, their current expressions were quite ugly and there was a faint fury on their faces.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept around. He looked at the uncertain expressions and lack of understanding on everyone’s faces and immediately understood the situation. It seemed like they had not obtain any rewards after entering the Eight Level Sect’s remains.

“Damnit, why is this place so empty. Forget about treasure, there isn’t even a strand of hair!”

“Could it be that someone has arrived before us? Is that why there is no energy barrier guarding around this remains?”

“Even if someone has arrived before us, this place will not be so clean. Moreover, this place does not look as though someone has broken into in the past…”

Private conversations sounded within the main hall. Doubt and loss filled the eyes of these people.

Lin Dong frowned slightly. From the ancient scent caused by the prolonged period of sealing, it seemed like it had been quite some time since this place was opened. Yet, why was it that all the treasures had disappeared?

After a moment of deep thought, Lin Dong suddenly raised his head and looked at this main hall. The main hall was also empty and it did not seem like a unique place. The only thing special about it seemed to be a stone block that stood within the large hall.

A stone block?

Lin Dong was stunned for a moment. He immediately increased the speed of his footsteps and arrived in front of the stone block.

This stone block was neither tall nor large. It quietly stood at the spot but it possessed a feeling of appearing to be unshakable. There were many traces on the stone block. Lin Dong’s eyes looked over and saw three unique things.

They were a palm imprint, a fist imprint and a dark black finger hole.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared intently at the imprints on this stone block. He could vaguely sense a strange fluctuation being emitted from it.


There were quite a number of people within the main hall. Hence, Lin Dong’s action immediately attracted some attention. Song Duan and the two others were the first to hurry over. Their eyes similarly focused on the three imprints on the stone block immediately. A glint flashed over their eyes.

“What is this?”

Mo Sha was the first to be unable to control himself. His eyes flashed and he was the first to extend his hand and touched a palm imprint on the stone block.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed when he saw this. However, he surprisingly did not say anything.

Mo Sha’s hand finally made contact with the palm imprint on the stone block in front of many gazes. In the next instant, everyone saw Mo Sha’s face instantly turning blood red. A loud ‘boom’ was emitted and his body flew backwards. Finally, it smashed heavily onto the wall of the hall. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. There was a shocked expression that filled his eyes when he raised his head.


Quite a number of people in the main hall inhaled a breath of air. The people who had originally approached the stone block emitted a shushing sound as they withdrew some distance.

“What a powerful and fierce fist aura.”

Lin Dong’s eyes also gradually became solemn. They stared intently at the ancient imprint on the stone block. When Mo Sha had made contact with it earlier, Lin Dong could clearly sense a wild and violent fist aura that caused the skin on his head to turn numb being emitted from within that palm imprint…

Only at this moment did Lin Dong finally understood why this remains was so empty. The true inheritance was at this place…