Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 511: Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog

Chapter 511: Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog


Chapter 511: Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog

The enormous stone square fractured. Dust permeated the air as a titanic shadow crawled out from below the ground. It carried a violent and menacing pressure that originated from the ancient times, as it slowly appeared on the spacious square.

“Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog?”

Lin Dong expression twitched after hearing Little Marten’s words. He had naturally heard of this ancient demonic beast. It was a ferocious demonic beast from ancient times. Although it had a weak dragon bloodline, its ferocity and strength far exceeded some of the demonic beasts with stronger dragon bloodlines.

No one knew how powerful this prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog was, but from the presence it gave off, it was definitely extraordinary.

Under numerous surprised gazes, the dust in the air finally began to fall to the ground as the titanic being clearly imprinted itself in everyone’s eyes.

The size of the titanic beast ranged several hundreds of feet. The large beast was grayish-white in colour and it had some vague and unusual lines on it. It had a hunting dog like body but its head was that of a savage dragon.

The four legs of the beast were standing outside of the enormous stone hall. It appeared just like a guardian beast that was protecting the hall behind. A storm-like fierce and brutal atmosphere repeatedly spread before it charged towards everyone.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared intently at this Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog. However, he suddenly discovered that both of its eyes seemed to be void of any life. Instead, they were stiff and appeared just like deep empty holes. There were even waves after waves of a deathly aura vaguely spreading from it.

“This Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog has been dead for a long time. No wonder I felt that its fluctuation was a little strange…” Little Marten voice also contained a little surprise.

“Dead?” Lin Dong was startled for a moment.

“Although the interior of its body no longer contained any life force, it still possessed a remanent desire. It is likely that this Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog is the guardian demonic beast of this Eight Level Sect and its task is to protect the sect. Even in death, its desire to protect the remains here. This kind of Demon Dragon Dog might be incomparably fierce and brutal, but once it was tamed, it will be exceptionally loyal. Quite a number of sects in the ancient times used the Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog to guard their sects.” Little Marten explained.

“However, fortunately it is dead. Currently, the strength of this Demon Dragon Dog is not even half of its peak strength. With our current lineup, it is not impossible to deal with it. If this thing was really still alive, it would be best for you to leave as soon as possible.”

Lin Dong nodded slightly. This Demon Dragon Dog might have emitted a shocking fluctuation but it had not reached the point where it was sufficient to frighten them off. It was likely that with the flow of time, the strength within the Demon Dragon Dog’s body had been greatly exhausted. Although it still possessed a remanent will, it was no longer at its peak condition.

“It is actually a Prehistoric Demon Dragon Dog?”

Some exclamations were also emitted on this square while this thought flashed within their hearts. Clearly, Little Marten and Lin Dong were not the only ones who had recognised the origin of this thing.

“Humph, this Demon Dragon Dog no longer possess any life and it is clearly dead. Even if it could still resist, it is not something worth worrying about.” A two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, who was the leader of a group, swept his eyes over the Demon Dragon Dog and laughed coldly. Clearly, he had also discovered some clues.

“Everyone, let’s attack together, finish off this Demon Dragon Dog and unlock the remains of the Eight Level Sect!” Another two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert softly cried out. Although this Demon Dragon Dog was dead, a skinny and dead camel was still larger than a horse. It was best to be a little cautious.”

The surrounding experts had clearly become somewhat eager when they heard the words of these two people. The remains of the Eight Level Sect clearly possessed quite a great allure.

“Lin Dong, this Demon Dragon Dog is quite useful to you. Your Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear possess the remnant soul of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile. However, it needs an ancient bloodline to wake it up. Although that Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd of yours possessed a faint dragon blood, it is still too weak. Even if you were to use it, the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile that you end up summoning would likely only be able to fight with a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. It is not sufficient for the current situation which you are facing.”

“However, if you are able to obtain the blood of this Demon Dragon Dog and use it with the dragon blood in the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, the Heavenly Crocodile soul fragment that you summon will be even more powerful.”

Lin Dong nodded a little uncertainly when he heard Little Marten words. Following his entrance into this Ancient Treasure Trove, he had also sensed some pressure. After all, he had already met three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts at this remains of the Eight Level Sect alone. Just how many hidden experts would appear when he reached the four mysterious hall? If one wanted to contest for any treasures with these people, it was naturally best to have as many trump cards as possible. “You should look for a suitable opportunity to attack. This Demon Dragon Dog might be dead but it is likely that other people would also be aware of just how precious its blood was. A fight might be unavoidable at that time.”

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. Even though there are three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts around, these people were not in the same group. Furthermore, with Lin Dong’s capability, it was likely that they would not dare to do anything against him.


While Lin Dong had placed his thoughts onto the blood of the Demon Dragon Dog, a cry suddenly sounded from around the hall. After which, three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts rushed out at the same time. Fierce and powerful Yuan Power pillars shot out. They possessed a mountain like weight as the ruthlessly struck at the Demon Dragon Dog.

After these three people led the attack, the surroundings experts also began to swiftly do so. Immediately, numerous powerful ripples erupted. The weakest amongst those who had arrived at this place was also a Nirvana Stage expert. The force from their combined attack at this moment also caused Lin Dong’s brows to twitch involuntarily.


The Demon Dragon Dog suddenly roared towards the sky as it stared at the attacks which swarmed at it from every directions. Grayish-white coloured powerful energy swept out from its body. After which, this energy directly collided with the many attacks.

Boom boom boom!

Low and deep explosive sounds sounded repeatedly over this spacious square. Numerous ripples also swept apart.

Lin Dong’s eyes calmly watched this scene. He knew that the Demon Dragon Dog might be fierce and brutal but since it had lost its life force, it would not be able to endure for long. This seemingly intense face off was likely a temporary one. Furthermore, the three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts were quite cunning. They only struck the weakest part of the Demon Dragon Dog when they attacked. However, the three of them were obviously not people of the same group. All of them felt wary when they attacked. They were afraid of allowing the other parties to gain an advantage. In this way, it had undoubtedly caused the duration of the battle to be dragged on significantly longer.

Although this situation allowed the Demon Dragon Dog to endure for a longer period of time, its body, which was already nearing its limit, finally reached it in the face of the unending Yuan Power explosion. Its shrivelled body exploded, revealing those grayish-white fresh. There were even fresh blood still present within it.


The instant that the Demon Dragon Dog had fallen onto the ground, the eyes of those three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts brightened. They rushed out at almost the same time and grabbed at the dense white coloured bones of the Demon Dragon Dog. All of them knew that the Essence Blood of such a demonic beast was hidden within the bone marrow.


The three of them rushed out and they had actually suddenly attacked each other while they were still in midair. Clearly, they intended to hinder the other parties.

“Lin Dong, do it!”

Little Marten’s voice also suddenly sounded in Lin Dong’s heart at this moment.

The moment Little Marten’s words sounded, Lin Dong’s body suddenly rushed forward. His speed was extremely quick. Within a flash, he had already surpass the three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts who were fighting each other.

The person who had suddenly appeared had clearly surprised those three fellows. Immediately, their expressions became a little ugly. Most of the people present knew that the Demon Dragon Dog’s ancient blood was extremely rare and it was a good item to temper one’s body with. However, none of them did anything. This was because they understood that they did not have the qualification to snatch anything in front of those two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts.

However, this person who had suddenly appeared finally allowed them to come to a suddenly comprehension. There was actually still one person present who was not afraid of them. That person was Lin Dong.


The expressions of the three of them were a little ugly. They let out a cold snort but did not throw any vicious words. Having heard quite a lot of rumours about Lin Dong, they had clearly treated Lin Dong as a person who was on the same level as them. Hence, the right path now was to rely on their own abilities.

The three of them abandoned their fight with one another at this moment. One after another, they also followed Lin Dong when he landed on the corpse of the Demon Dragon Dog. After which, they did not waste their breath and their hand broke a grayish white bone. A suction force surged out from their palms in an attempt to suck out the ancient blood.

From the way they saw it, even though Lin Dong had quite a strong fighting strength, he was after all only a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Lin Dong ought to be weaker than them in terms of such skill.

“Humph, brat, you are still a little too tender to snatch the food from in front of us.”

Although these three people did not say such words, the gloating expression in their eyes still revealed these information.

Lin Dong merely smiled when he saw this. After which, he leaned forward in front of the eyes of those three. His hand slowly pressed onto a dense white bone. Immediately, his palm spun and a suction force suddenly swept out!


The entire Demon Dragon Dog’s corpse trembled at this moment. After which, three two Yuan Nirvana Stage experts were stunned to see threads of black lines flashing past the densely white bones. Finally, they wildly gathered towards Lin Dong’s hand.

Within less than ten seconds, those threads of black lines agglomerated into a cluster of black coloured blood. A powerful energy ripple spread from within the cluster of blood.

The three of them looked at the half a head large ancient blood in Lin Dong’s hand. After which, they looked at the thumb size black coloured blood on theirs. Immediately, their expression had turned to one that was similar to a pig’s liver.