Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 509: A Mysterious Person

Chapter 509: A Mysterious Person


Chapter 509: A Mysterious Person

This scene that suddenly unravelled within the vast sea of fire caused Lin Dong to be so stunned that he unable to react in time. However, he did not lose his calm and exposed himself due to his cautious nature. Instead, he carefully maneuvered a wisp of Nirvana Demon Flame and perfectly hide his body within that sea of flames.

Lin Dong hid in the darkness. His gaze involuntarily shot over towards the opposite side. Following the careful screening with his eyes, he had discovered that there were two figures instead of one in that vacuum. However, the second figure was a little adrift. That figure appeared to have utilized a method similar to the one Lin Dong used to hide himself. He had allowed his body to merge with the surroundings. Therefore, Lin Dong was unable to spot him immediately.

“Who are these two people?”

Lin Dong’s eyes became extremely solemn. He could sense an extremely dangerous ripples emitting from those two figures. That kind of danger was something that even exceeded what he had felt from Liu Bai.

This discovery caused Lin Dong’s heart to be somewhat shaken. He knew that this Ancient Battlefield was filled with hidden experts. However, they shouldn’t have reached this extent?

“The aura of those two people are a little strange…” Little Martern cautious voice also suddenly sounded out.

“What do you mean?” Lin Dong frowned slightly as he asked in his heart.

“I am unable to explain. Their auras are a little different compared with the people in the Ancient Battlefield…” Little Martern hesitated and said.

Lin Dong was startled. These people from the Ancient Battlefield had all come from the Eastern Xuan empires. Since Little Marten had said that these people’s aura were a little different from theirs, was it possible… that these two people were not from the Eastern Xuan Region?

This ridiculous thought caused Lin Dong to involuntarily shake his head. This Ancient Battlefield should have been controlled by those super sects from the Eastern Xuan Region. Being the training ground which they used to select disciples, those who were not from their Eastern Xuan Region would definitely not be allowed in. Although these two people might seem strong to Lin Dong’s eyes, they would likely be viewed as ordinary individuals in the eyes of those super sects. Therefore, they would not be able to hide from those abnormal existence and sneak into the Ancient Battlefield.

While various thoughts were coursing through Lin Dong’s mind, the two people within that vacuum region also began to converse. Their voices were not loud but Lin Dong was also clear able to hear them. He heard a vague husky soft voice.

“This space… the Eastern Xuan Region has been in possession of it for long enough…”

This short sentence caused a storm to suddenly rage within Lin Dong’s heart. He even felt his skin vaguely turn numb Just what did he accidentally stumbled upon?

He had come from a small empire, the Great Yan Empire. The Eastern Xuan Region was currently just like a colossal existence that he could not even fathom. Yet, there was actually someone who was planning to snatch this space from such a great being’s hands. Just how frightening would this fight be?

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. He decisively turned around and left. It was best that he did not get involved with something like this. Besides, it would also be pointless even if he got involved.

“Who is there?”

However, the instant Lin Dong turned around, a slight ripple was emitted from his perfectly concealed body. A cry that seemed to have originated from hell resounded from that vacuum region.


Cold perspiration instantly flowed down from Lin Dong’s forehead. In the next instant, his body suddenly rushed forward. His speed was also unleashed to its limit.

Bang bang!

While he was fleeing, the sea of flame behind him was suddenly split apart by a frightening energy. After which, it gave chase with a lightning-like speed.

Lin Dong’s eyes shrunk when he sensed the ripple from behind him. He knew that if those two mysterious fellows from behind him were to catch up, it was likely that he would wound up in a sorry state today.

Little Flame’s eyes were somewhat bright red while he remained by Lin Dong’s side. A black coloured light tiger was vaguely visible. The metal rod in his hand also released its scales with a ‘chi’ sound.

“Don’t be reckless!” Lin Dong was a little anxious when he saw Little Flame’s actions. Little Flame might possess quite a powerful fighting strength and would even be able to fight head on against a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. However, the two mysterious people behind definitely possessed strength that far exceeds a two Yuan Nirvana Stage. At this moment, the incomparably sharp energy had swiftly descended and was about to cover both Lin Dong and Little Flame. Lin Dong clenched his fist before an Ancient Secret Key appeared. After which, he grabbed Little Flame and entered into the Mysterious Key Domain.


Lin Dong could sense that the entire space tremble intensely the moment he entered the Mysterious Key space and it felt as though the space was collapsing. Fortunately, this tremble lasted for only a moment before it completely disappeared.

Although the tremble had ceased, Lin Dong still did not dare to make any unusual movement. He knew that though there was no way to infiltrate this Mysterious Key Domain, he did not know for sure whether those two mysterious people were in possession of any unique skills.

The interior of the Mysterious Key Domain was completely silent. Even Lin Dong’s breath was suppressed to its weakest extent. Lin Dong shut his eyes and his mind merged with the Ancient Secret Key. He was able to vaguely sense that there seemed to be a kind of vague scanning that swept over the Ancient Secret Key before spreading over from a great distance.

This kind of scanning continued for a short while before it completely disappeared. At that moment, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief and sat down.

Flame spread from within the sea of flame while Lin Dong had sighed in relief. Two figures flashed and appeared. Their expressions were somewhat solemn as their gazes repeatedly swept around them in a sharp and shady manner.

“That fellow had actually escaped…” One of the two knitted his eyebrows and spoke in a solemn voice. “Would he hinder our plans?”

The person who asked the question had an ordinary appearance. However, both of his eyes were a deep strange purple-black colour. His eyes were densely cold as he glanced all around him before replying immediately, “We did not reveal too much information before. Even if he wished to inform others, he would have nowhere to do so. By the time he has an opportunity, our plan would have already been completed.”

“We were really careless. However, that fellow was actually able to merge with the Nirvana Burning Sky Array and escaped our senses. Looks like he is also no simple individual.” The other person shook his head and spoke darkly.

“Forget it, let’s go first. We should avoid revealing ourselves from now onwards to avoid any complications in the future.” That man with purple-black eyes spoke before waving his hand and swiftly rushing towards another area, at a great distance away.

This sea of flames became quiet once again after the two people left. This kind of silence continued for around ten plus minutes before the sea of fire shook. Those two people who had left earlier had once again strangely appeared. Only after they looked at their surroundings that was completely void of activity with ugly expressions, did they finally clench their teeth and completely turn their bodies around.

After these two people had completely given up, they became unaware that Lin Dong had finally walked out of the Mysterious Key Domain into a sea of flame that was a short distance away. Lin Dong and Little Flame looked at the quiet sea of flames around them and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Tsk, that was really close…” Little Marten also appeared. Itlaughed before immediately saying, “Those people should not be people from the Eastern Xuan Region. It seems that we have become aware of something…”

“It is best to be ignorant about such matters.” Lin Dong shook his head. With his current strength, it was best that he did not intervene in a fight at such a level.

“Relax, as long as Grandpa Marten obtains the Samsara pill, I will recover some of my strength. At that time, even those two fellows from earlier will not dare to touch you with Grandpa Marten protecting you.” Little Marten waved its claws and lazily said.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes at that fellow. He was too lazy to reply him. After sweeping his gaze around, he identified his direction and said, “Let’s go. We have already arrived at the edge of this formation. It is likely that we are about to arrive at our destination.”

Lin Dong did not appear to be overly worried about those two mysterious people from earlier. Although he was unaware of just what method they had used to sneak into this Ancient Battlefield, he did not believe that they had anyone who was on par with those super sect disciples. It was fine if these people hid in this place. However, they would likely not dare to create a commotion. Otherwise, the first ones whom they would end up attracting would be the super sects observing this place… those super sects from the Eastern Xuan Region would definitely not allow these outsiders to create trouble in their training ground.

Little Marten once again flew into the Stone Talisman after hearing this. Little Flame also nodded his head and followed behind Lin Dong. They swiftly flew towards another part of the sea of flame.

This time around, Lin Dong no longer merged with the sea of flame during his journey. Instead, he directly chose to use an ordinary method and used his Mental Power to suppress the corrosion of the fire wave. Although his speed could not be compared to before, it would not be detected for being too unique.

This journey did not last for long. After around ten minutes, Lin Dong sensed that the temperature around him had gradually begun to fall. The crimson colour that permeated his eyes also began to become increasingly sparse.

The crimson colour became increasingly sparse before it finally disappeared completely. When Lin Dong stepped out of the sea of flames, he raised his eyes and saw a majestic ancient scene in front of him. He knew that he had successfully passed through the Nirvana Burning Sky Array and reached the deeper regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove…