Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 506: Tiangang Alliance

Chapter 506: Tiangang Alliance


Chapter 506: Tiangang Alliance

Numerous figures flew through midair before rushing towards the deeper regions of the Secret Treasure Trove with a lightning-like speed. The person leading them was the man whom Lin Dong had just met, Liu Bai.

“Big brother Liu Bai, it seems that you think quite highly of Lin Dong.” Behind Liu Bai, a man with a centipede-like wound on his face, glanced towards their backs and suddenly said.

“Although that fellow does have some ability, does he truly have the qualifications to work with us?” Another man who had a somewhat pale face also frowned and asked.

This person’s aura was also quite strong. He himself was also quite a renowned existence in this north-western region. It was rumoured that he had already survived the second Nirvana Tribulation two months ago and was naturally much stronger compared to Shi Kun, who had just advanced. Hence, he did not feel any fear towards Lin Dong even though he defeated Shi Kun.

The words he had spoke was not meant to belittle Lin Dong, but rather the competitors whom they had to face were all individuals who had surpassed Shi Kun. However, Lin Dong ultimately still at the one Yuan Nirvana Stage. Therefore, cooperation seemed to be a little out of the question.

“That fellow is not as simple as what you see on the surface.”

The one who had suddenly spoken was Mu Hong Ling, who had a little grudge with Lin Dong. Her long peach blossom eyes glanced at the two who had spoken before she lazily said, “Otherwise, do you think that I, Mu Hong Ling, is such an easy person to handle? That little fellow directly kicked me out from the Secret Key realm. He is the only one in so many years who dared to treat me in this manner.”

Liu Bai laughed softly. He immediately nodded and said, “I have also met Lin Dong back in the Ancient Hall. At that time, his strength was merely half a step to Nirvana Stage while his Mental Power was clearly that of someone who had not underwent the Wind Lightning Trial. However, look at him now.”

“Before he battled Shi Kun by the side of the Pill River, he had spent two days training there.During these short two days, not only did he managed to breakthrough to Nirvana Stage, but he had even survived a Nirvana Tribulation together. Who amongst you can complete these two steps in a single attempt?”

“Moreover, he did not survive the Nirvana Tribulation this time around. It is likely that there’s also the Wind Lightning Trial. Haha, experiencing two great tribulation at once and being able to endure through them. Who dares to call him simple now?”

The faces of the two men earlier, who were at the Yuan Nirvana Stage, changed when they heard these words. Indeed, none of them possessed the courage and determination to undergo both the Nirvana Tribulation and the Wind Lightning Trial together.

They had seen experts who cultivated both Yuan Power and Mental Power at the same time. There were quite a number of such people but most of these experts would carefully separate the two tribulations apart. Seldom was there anyone who dared to resist the two great trials together like Lin Dong did. That fact alone was sufficient to tell that he was no ordinary individual.

“According to what I am aware of, Lin Dong used a Soul Martial Arts when he defeated Shi Kun. Tsk, I am really curious about why this fellow from a low rank empire would actually have so many trump cards. If this continues on, he could likely be compared with Tian Dao…” Liu Bai laughed softly. He immediately raised his head. There was a faint fiery expression in his eyes.

“I am really anticipating the Hundred Empire War half a year later. I really wish to know just how many hidden individuals will emerge at that time…”

Lin Dong had also descended from the midair after Liu Bai’s group left. After which, he led Little Flame and landed in front of Mo Ling’s group, who were staring at them. Lin Dong involuntarily smiled when he saw their expression of theirs before he randomly tossed the sect seals over to them.

The three of them hurriedly received those seals. After which, they raised their heads to look around them. Those empires and experts in the sky no longer had any intention of attacking them at this moment. They might not pay heed to Mo Ling’s group but with Lin Dong at their side, they had some who could be considered as a heavyweight. This caused them to be afraid of having any deviating thoughts.

“It is unexpected that you have already reached this stage after parting for just a short couple of months.”

Mo Ling smiled bitterly and said to Lin Dong.

“I was merely lucky. Isn’t it the same for the three of you now?” Lin Dong smiled. If Mo Ling and the rest could obtain the inheritance from the Heaven Cloud Sect, their strength would definitely soar. In the future, they might even possess the qualification to ascend into that Nirvana Ranking.

“Hehe, seems like we have gained some good luck after following you for a period of time.” Du Yun laughed before continuing, “If you are interested in this Heaven Cloud Sect, we can bring you in and you can try to see if you can obtain the inheritance.”

All of them understood that had Lin Dong not arrived in the nick of time today, not only would they lose their sect seals, but if they were careless, they might even lose their lives in this place.

“Since there are only three of these sect seals, it is likely that the inheritance inside is only meant for three people. I shall not join in and take a share. Haha, you need not worry about me. There are many sect’s inheritances within this Ancient Treasure Trove.” Lin Dong shook his head. He would naturally not take up one of Mo Ling’s group spot. Although this Heaven Cloud Sect might be considered quite great, it was not one that was very important to Lin Dong. His mindset was similar to Liu Bai’s group.

This sect’s inheritance might not be considered crucial to the current Lin Dong but it was something that could change the destiny of Mo Ling’s group and allow them to possess the qualifications to catch up with the other experts from the high rank empires.

“I will guard all of you while you enter. Once you begin to accept the inheritance, I will leave this place and hurry to the deeper regions of the treasure trove.” Lin Dong voiced his thoughts.

Currently, Mo Ling and the other two were all at half step to Nirvana Stage. Honestly speaking, this kind of strength considered nothing in the Ancient Battlefield. Since Lin Dong had already helped them until this point, he was naturally going to make sure that they smoothly received the inheritance.

Mo Ling and the three others also felt a little moved when they heard this. They sighed softly and said, “When we left the Great Yan Empire back then, my father, the emperor, has instructed us to follow you. Looks like his advice was indeed spot on.”

When Lin Dong had conflicted with Lin Langtian back then, they had all chosen to stand on Lin Dong’s side. Thinking back now, all of them undoubtedly rejoiced at their choice. Though Lin Langtian might possess outstanding talent, he was indeed inferior as a friend when compared to Lin Dong in the hearts of Mo Ling’s group.

“Let’s go, we shall enter this sect remains and see if we can obtain any treasures.” Mo Lin shook his head. His gaze suddenly looked towards Little Flame behind Lin Dong and asked hesitatingly, “This is?”

“Lin Yan, my brother. You have met in the past. He is the Demon Tiger that was following beside me. Now that he had broken through to Nirvana Stage, he has already broke free of his beast’s body.” Lin Dong smilingly said.

“Ugh?” Mo Ling’s group directly became stunned. Their eyes were extremely shocked when they saw Little Flame. Clearly, they did not expect that the latter would actually be that Demonic Beast that had been following beside Lin Dong in the past.

“Nirvana Stage.” Immediately, those stunned expressions turned into envious ones. That level was something they had dreamed of. It was unexpected that the Demonic Beast beside Lin Dong had currently already reached this stage.

Little Flame gave Mo Ling’s group, whom he was somewhat familiar with, a simple and honest smile. However, that smile clearly possessed some additional pressure when it was matched with his enormous size.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong waved his hand. Mo Ling’s group nodded when they heard him. They extended their hands and the three sect seals slowly drifted upwards. After which, they transformed into a strange light. This light shot towards the light barrier that was covering the ancient remains. Immediately, a gap was slowly thorn on that light barrier, which could disregard the wild attacks by Nirvana Stage experts.

Lin Dong’s group did not delay for long when they saw the gap appear. Their bodies moved and they charged in amidst countless number of envious gazes.


The entire island began to tremble just as the group entered the light barrier. After which, everyone saw the ancient remains simply disappearing under the cover of the light barrier.

Everyone in the sky looked at each other when they saw this scene. After which, they could only sigh helplessly. They scattered unwillingly and once again went in search for traces of other sect remains, hoping that they could have the good fortune like Mo Ling’s group.

Lin Dong’s group was curiously examining the remains that had appeared in front of them while everyone in the sky had helplessly scattered. This was an ancient wide open ground. At the front of the open ground, one could see an ancient sect’s hall.

“Is this the ancient sect?” Mo Ling and the two others looked around them curiously. This place might not appear extremely grandiose but it also possessed a majestic atmosphere.

Chi chi!

A short while after Lin Dong’s group had entered, three ray of light shot out from within the hall of the sect. Finally, the rays covered Mo Ling and the two others who were holding onto the sect seal. At the same time, a suction force surged out, pulling the three of them into the large hall.

“Looks like the inheritance is about to begin.” Lin Dong was initially startled when he saw this scene. However, he quickly let out a soft laughter.

“Brother Lin Dong, it would be too courteous to thank you. However, you are really a good friend! It is our blessing to have a such a good friend like you.” Mo Ling’s group had also sensed the enormous suction force. Immediately, they cupped their hands solemnly towards Lin Dong and laughed.


Mo Ling’s words had just sounded out when the bodies of the three of them shot out and were forcefully pulled into the large hall. A light barrier surged behind them, completely sealing off the large hall.

“These fellows.”

Lin Dong grinned slightly as he looked at the tightly shut large hall. He felt happy for Mo Ling and the others for being this fortunate.

This ancient open ground had become empty after Mo Ling’s group was sucked into the large hall. Lin Dong’s eyes swept around him before he led Little Flame and walked towards an ancient stone tablet at the middle of the wide open ground,

The stone tablet did not possess martial arts like Lin Dong had imagined. Instead, it seemed that some information on this Ancient Treasure Trove was recorded on it. Evidently, Lin Dong was extremely interested in the face of this.

The information on the stone tablet had become somewhat blurry because of the flow of time. However, Lin Dong still managed to decipher some key terms on it.

“Tiangang Alliance. One hundred and eight sects. Sixteen protector sects. Four great mysterious sects.”

Lin Dong’s eyes were slightly shocked as he looked at these words. This so-called Tiangang Alliance should be the part of the alliance of sects in this Ancient Treasure Trove. It was unexpected that there were actually one hundred and eight sects. This was indeed quite a great size.

“Sixteen protector sects.”

Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. This Heaven Cloud Sect seemed to be just one of them.

“Four Great Mysterious Sect. This should be the highest members of this sect alliance. Looks like the most precious inheritance in this Ancient Treasure Trove should belong to them. Liu Bai and the others should perhaps be after their inheritances as well.”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth was lifted slightly. If he guessed correctly, the hall of the four sects should be the most important place of this Ancient Treasure Trove. Perhaps, the Samsara pill is also located there…”