Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 505: Liu Bai

Chapter 505: Liu Bai


Chapter 505: Liu Bai

A fiery hot battle that should have erupted was easily resolved by Lin Dong. The green clothed man and the rest were no fools. Currently, Lin Dong’s reputation was becoming increasingly greater and his strength was also soaring. In fact, even Shi Kun, who had advanced to the two Yuan Nirvana Stage, was defeated miserably by him. Therefore, the green clothed man clearly understood what this meant.

In this realm, strength was ultimately what others respect the most.

Qin Shen, who had suffered a great loss, similarly returned to the the group from his empire without uttering a single word. His face was somewhat dark and solemn but his chilly eyes were not looking towards Lin Dong. Instead, they were looking at the green clothed man and the two others. It was likely that he understood why these fellows had suddenly became mute earlier. It was because they wanted to make use of him to test Lin Dong’s skills.

Now, Lin Dong had revealed his skills but he had ended up losing quite a lot of repute.

The green clothed man and the two others revealed a somewhat unnatural expressions when they saw Qin She’s dark chilly gaze. All they could do was to laugh dryly. However, they similarly understood that they had completely offended Qin Shen because of this. Although they were not afraid of him, losing an ally was not something to be pleased about.

Mo Ling and the two others below were also looking at the scene in the air in a stunned manner. From the looks of it, it seems like the four high ranked empires would not dare to do anything. Was this matter resolved so simply?

The three of them faced each other. All of them could see a perturbed look that could not be hidden from each other’s eyes. If news of this matter was to spread back to the Great Yan Empire, it was impossible to tell just what kind of frightening uproar it would create. The Great Yan Empire had participated in quite a number of Hundred Empire War but not one of their predecessor had reached such a stage in the Ancient Battlefield…

The emotions of these three people began to turn complicated when they thought of this. When the four of them had first arrived at the Ancient Battlefield, their strength were roughly similar. However, within a short half a year’s time, Lin Dong had leapfrogged them and left them biting his dust. This caused them to sigh deeply.

Lin Dong clenched his fist in the midair and grabbed the three sect seals in his hand. His eyes were still staring at the mountain peak. The few figures present there caused his expression to turn a little solemness. He understood that these people were perhaps the ones who could be called the overlords in the north-western region…

It’s no wonder when he met that Mu Hong Ling back then, she seemed to completely disregard the Devil Cliff Empire. It turns out she actually had such a powerful background.

“Haha, little brother Lin Dong, truly impressive. In such a short period of time, you have actually improved by such a great extent.”

While Lin Dong’s eyes were flickering because of the group of people on the mountain top, Mu Hongling somewhat bewitching yet lovely laughter spread. After which, those few figures rushed over and appeared in front of Lin Dong.

Mu Hongling still wore a red dress, which appeared just like a fire searing one’s eyes. Her exquisite appearance caused a stunned expression to flash across the eyes of several people.

However, when some of the empires and experts with a wide information network saw the few figures beside Mu Hong Ling, their eyes involuntarily trembled.

Qin Shen and the three others, who were at a short distance away, were initially startled when they saw a white clothed man appearing. Immediately, fear flashed across their eyes. After which, they withdrew a little together without any prior agreement. Meanwhile, their eyes were flickering as they glanced over. It seems like they clearly did not expect that this group of people would actually be alerted and head over.

Clearly, with the appearance of these people, they no longer possessed the qualification to partake in the matter.Therefore, the wise decision was for them to obediently step aside.

Although the action of Qin Shen’s group was subtle, it still did not escape Lin Dong’s sharp senses. Immediately, he gently lifted his eyebrows. It seemed like this group of people who had just arrived, must possess an extraordinary background. However, just what powerful were they? They were actually able to strike fear into the hearts of these high rank empires just like a tiger.

This thought lingered within Lin Dong’s heart. His eyes swept across the lovely Mu Hongling before he turned to the area around her. At that spot, a white clothed man was smilingly while he looked back at him. This person was handsome and he gave off an extraordinary aura. Moreover, he surprisingly lacked the haughtiness of those high rank empire. His face appeared warm, which allowed one to easily form a favourable impression of him.

Of course, that was not Lin Dong’s concern. Instead, he could faintly detect an extremely dangerous sensation from that white clothed man’s body. That sensation far exceeded what he felt from Shi Kun.

Clearly, this group of people were definitely no ordinary individuals.

While Lin Dong was sizing up this white clothed man, the latter was also doing the same. A moment later, their eyes met. Promptly, the white clothed man smiled and said, “Lin Dong, I have heard of your great name.”

Lin Dong did not know whether this fellow, who clearly had an extraordinary background, was a foe or an ally. Immediately, all he chose to do was to also cup his hands together and replied the greeting in a lukewarm fashion.

The corner of the mouths of those few people behind the white clothed man moved when they saw this scene. However, they ultimately did not say anything. If they did not know that Shi Kun had been defeated miserably by Lin Dong, they might still reprimand him. However, right now, they had hold themselves back. It seems like news of that matter was also a shocking one to them.

“Little brother Lin Dong, last time around, you forcefully expel this older sister out of the Secret Key realm. Are you thinking about compensating me now?” Mu Hongling smiled like a flower, as she looked at Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong laughed dryly. He was a little uncomfortable with Mu Hongling’s warm attitude. He had only chanced upon the latter twice and they did not end on friendly terms. Furthermore, they could not be even be considered as acquaintances, much less as friends. Therefore, Lin Dong clearly felt a little cautious and afraid of this weird demon-like lady…

“Haix, originally this elder sister planned to teach you a proper lesson after encountering you in this Ancient Treasure Trove. However, from the looks of it, it seems like it will be difficult…” Mu Hong Ling stretched her lazy waist, revealing her curves as she did so. Her current strength had already reached the peak of one Yuan Nirvana Stage. However, it seemed like it was little insufficient since Lin Dong had defeated Shi Kun.

“I was forced by the circumstances back then…”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly and shook his head. He knew that this woman was speaking half truths. The two of them did not have a major grudge. As to whether that lady really feared him, it was likely that she was lying. He could sense that this Mu Hong Ling was currently at the level of a one Yuan Nirvana Stage. On the surface, it seems like she could not be compared with Shi Kun. However, Lin Dong was aware that one should not judge a book by its cover. Just like him, though he was a one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert, he was able to defeat an expert like Shi Kun, who had reached the two Yuan Nirvana Stage.

Mu Hong Ling’s background was quite strong. Therefore, Lin Dong refused to believe that she did not possess any powerful skills which would allow her to overpower higher-ranked foes.

“Hehe, Hongling is merely joking. There is no need to treat her seriously.” At this moment, the white clothed man smiled and spoke to Lin Dong, “I am Liu Bai.”

“Liu Bai…”

Lin Dong’s expression did not change when he heard this name but his heart pounded violently for a moment. Only at this moment did he understand why Qin Shen and the others were so afraid of this person.

Amongst the elites gathered in this north-western region, a faction like the Devil Cliff Empire could be considered a powerful existence. However, above these powerful existences were four overlords. They were the ones who were truly the most famous in this north-western region.

One of the four overlords was called Liu Bai.

Demon Spear Liu Bai. This was a powerful person who had advanced into the Nirvana Rankings!

The surrounding people in mid-air around had clearly been violently shaken by his name. An uproar began to spread like a huge wave.

“I have long heard of your great name.” Lin Dong’s eyes flickered. He smiled slightly and said, “By heading over here, does that mean that the few of you are also interested in this sect’s remnants?

“Haha, the reason why the Heaven Cloud Sect can become a protector sect of the alliance is because they are quite powerful. Therefore, their inheritance are pretty decent. However, it is not something that we must have.” Liu Bai smiled. His eyes looked at Lin Dong as he said, “The main reason for us to come here is to befriend you.”

The surroundings once again turn into an uproar. The expressions of Qin Shen’s group, which had pulled back, also changed. Clearly, they did not expect that this legendary figure in the north-western region would actually take the initiative to. It seems like he must hold Lin Dong in high regard. If news of this matter was to spread, it was likely that even some high rank empires would not dare to offend Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was similarly startled by these words of Liu Bai. He immediately smiled and said, “It is really my honour to have brother Liu Bai say these words…”

Lin Dong clearly sighed in relief in his heart when the conflict he had imagined did not occur. After which, the two of them chatted for awhile before the atmosphere become a warm one. This continued for awhile before Liu Bai’s group showed signs of leaving.

“Brother Lin Dong, it is likely that we will meet in the deep regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove. At that time, we might even have to cooperate.” Liu Bai smiled at Lin Dong. After which, he turned his body in a free and suave manner before, leading Mu Hong Ling and the others away.

Lin Dong thought about the meaning of Liu Bai words before his eyes congelated slightly. It seemed that the fight within this Ancient Treasure Trove was indeed not going to be an ordinary one. Even a person like Liu Bai did not have absolute confidence of being victorious. It seemed that there were quite a number of experts hidden in the shadows…

As he recalled this point, Lin Dong suddenly recalled Yan Sen whom he had met earlier. Though that fellow’s aura was not weaker than Liu Bai, his name was not listed amongst the four overlords of the north-western region. Therefore, one did not know if he was an expert who had kept himself hidden or someone from another place…

Regardless, these people were all extraordinary individuals…

Lin Dong gently flicked his finger. After which, he turned around and descended. Those people in the surrounding air could only withdraw regretfully when they saw this. They knew that after experiencing this incident, it was likely that no one dared to be arrogant towards Lin Dong. The inheritance of this Heaven Cloud Sect would likely end up in the hands of these few people from the Great Yan Empire…