Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 503: Ancient Sect Remnants

Chapter 503: Ancient Sect Remnants


Chapter 503: Ancient Sect Remnants

Two figures zipped past as quick as lightning, in the dark greyish space that was filled with spatial cracks. In a blink of an eye, they had already appeared at the end of one’s sight.

These two figures were naturally Lin Dong and Little Flame. Originally, the former had planned on hurrying to the deepest parts of the Ancient Secret Trove. However, an unexpected development popped up along the way. The Mo Ling trio had followed him for quite some time and Lin Dong saw them as his friends. Hence, when he heard that they had ran into some trouble, given his character, he would naturally not simply stand by idly.

Rumours of the sect remnants had clearly spread across the area at an alarming speed. Hence, the Lin Dong duo saw a quite a number of people endlessly steaming over from every directions, as they rushed towards the ancient remnants. Obviously, all of them had the same objective…

“Looks like rumours about the ancient sect remnants are indeed true…”

Lin Dong’s eyes revealed an expression of deep thought, when he saw this scene. Currently, most of the empires within this realm were in a state where they would respond immediately to anything. However, they did not blindly follow others. From the looks of it, it was likely that the remnants of this ancient sect was going to be a little different from the rest. Else, it would not attract so many experts.

“This is a little troublesome…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. There were so many experts and empires eyeing this ancient sect remnants. However, the completely preserved ancient sect remnants has extremely powerful protective barriers. Only by obtaining the sect seal, would one be able to enter it and obtain the inheritance.

As a result, the sect seal had naturally become a hot potato and countless number of people were eyeing it. It might still be alright if the person who obtained the seal was some powerful expert, with a renowned reputation. Although the others would be upset, they would not dare to do anything. Unfortunately, Mo Ling and the other two had clearly yet to reach such a level.

The matter of them having originated from Great Yan Empire, a low rank empire, had already attracted much disdain. As such, having the sect seal in their hands would not only fail to bring them any inheritance, but would end up bringing disaster to them.

One might not have committed any offence, but one will end up suffering because of the possession of a treasure.

This was because in the eyes of many empires and experts, Mo Ling and the other two did not possess the qualifications to own the sect seal. Hence, Mo Ling’s group only had two choice. Surrender the sect seal or… surrender their little lives.

Without sufficient strength, even good luck that descended from the heavens could end up instantly transforming into a disaster…

Lin Dong curled his lips slightly. He immediately raised his head before his eyes looked into the distant. All he could see was that an extremely large floating island had suddenly appeared at the horizon of his sight. This island was the largest one that Lin Dong had seen throughout his journey over to this place. Moreover, there was a vague energy ripple spreading from that island.

“Have I arrived…”

Lin Dong’s eyes gradually narrowed as he looked at this enormous island.

The enormous island was currently crowded and chaotic. Numerous figures were suspended in the air above the island like locust. Meanwhile, the noise gathered together before spreading into the distance.

At this moment, all the gazes on the island were basically gathered towards a certain direction. It was the middle of the island. There was a large ancient hall at the middle. The hall might appear to be damaged but it was clearly considered complete when compared to the other ruins.

Additionally, there was a faint circular red glow being emitted within the large hall, covering it in its entity. This was likely the main reason that the hall could be preserved so well over the years.

There was a tall stone monument that was within the circular light barrier. On it were some obscure ancient words that were vaguely visible.

“Dry Cloud Sect, one of the alliance protectors!”

It was likely that those people present did not know much about the history of this Ancient Secret Trove. However, just by looking at the meaning of those words, they were vaguely able to sense that this sect was extraordinary. It was likely that there was going to be some genuine sect inheritance within it. Therefore, if they were able to obtain it, they would definitely be able to stand out in this Ancient Battlefield.

In fact, they might even be able to obtain the Soul Martial Arts that everyone coveted after!

A boiling heat suddenly surged into the eyes of quite a number of people when they thought of this. After which, they shifted their attention and gathered it at a spot outside of the light barrier. There were three figures at that spot. Each of their hands were holding a special seal, which was emitting a faint glow.

Many pairs of eyes were staring greedily at the seal in their hands. When they glanced past the three individuals however, their eyes would possess an additional ridicule and gloating expression.

In front of the malice intent of this group of lions and tigers, these three figures appeared just like a bunch of defenceless sheep. All that they could do was wait to be slaughtered as the others desired.

These three figures were naturally Ling Mo and the two others who had obtained the sect seal. At this moment, their expressions were extremely ugly as they looked at the sky, where those empires and experts from different places were staring at them with ill intent. The original excitement of obtaining the seal had already completely vanished in this situation.

They clearly understood once they dared to make even the slightest unusual movement now, it was likely that countless number of fatal attacks would strike them immediately until even their ashes would not remain.

The development of this situation had also exceeded their expectations. Originally, the Mo Ling trio wanted to come here and try their luck. However, none of them expected that they would accidentally obtain the sect seal. Moreover, the seals had caused the sect remains in this location to appear, which inadvertently attracted those other empires and powerful individuals.

Their original wild joy appeared to have been drenched by a basin of icy cold water which flowed down from their forehead, after the appearance of these powerful empires. The ridicule in the eyes of these powerful individuals were just like needles that pierced through the bodies. If it was not because of the increasing number of empires hurrying over from behind, it was likely that someone would have already attacked them and not drag things out until now.

“What should we do?”

While they were being stared by countless people just like monkeys in a zoo, one of them, Du Yun involuntarily chuckled bitterly. Following which, he turned towards Mo Ling, before he asked.

Currently, the three of them had already reached haf-step-to Nirvana level and they were only one step short of reaching the Nirvana Stage. However, all of them understood that their current strength would not provide them with even an ounce of protection in their current situation.

Mo Ling’s expression was currently solemn. He clenched his fist before he relaxed it again, while a slumped expression flowed in his eyes. It seems like they did not even have the slightest opportunity to retaliate in this situation.

“The news should have spread now since we have delayed them for so long. Brother Lin Dong will definitely come if he hears about it.” The large-sized Man Shan scratched his head and said.

“The situation is not good. If Lin Dong comes, we might end up implicating him. He has already provided us with enough help…” Mo Ling smiled bitterly and said.

“If it is really impossible, let’s just surrender our seals. Ultimately, our lives are more important that these things. It can only be said that we do not possess the fortune to enjoy it.” Du Yun sighed as he said.

“Even if we hand them over, we cannot let these fellows off easily!” A sinister expression surged through Mo Ling’s eyes. After which, he suddenly raised his head. His eyes looked at the four groups of men who were closest to them. They were four high rank empires whose strength did not lose out to the Devil Cliff Empire. Moreover, the leaders of these four empires were all genuine one Yuan Nirvana Stage experts. Additionally, it was rumoured that those four individuals also possessed the qualification to attack the two Yuan Nirvana Stage. Therefore, strictly speaking, these four groups were the strongest existence currently.

“Hehe, why? Have you finally thought it through?” A green clothed man from one of the four high rank empires smiled slightly and mockingly asked when Mo Ling raised his head.

“I know that the three of us do not possess the ability to keep this sect seal. Since you want it, we will give you.” Mo Ling was expressionless. His voice paused for a moment before asking, However, there are only three sect seals. How do you wish to distribute them?”

The atmosphere of the four high rank empires stiffened without anyone realising it, when Mo Ling’s words sounded. The four one Yuan Nirvana Stage experts shrunk their eyes.

The strange atmosphere had stiffened for a moment before the green clothed man coldly laughed towards Mo Ling. “Are you trying to play us against each other? It is not a bad strategy.”

“It is not up to you to decide how we will distribute them. Hand over the sect seals obediently. Don’t waste what little patience we have.” A dark face man extended his hand and cried out.

Mo Ling’s eyes turned slightly cold when he saw that the other party seemed to have sensed something. However, he did not have any other alternative. All he could do was to exchange glances with the other two, before he tossed his arm in an extremely unwilling manner. Immediately, the sect seals in his hand flew out.

A wild heated expression surged in the eyes of the four high rank empires as they looked at the three sect seals that flew over. However, everyone logically chose not to act. This was because they understood that if they displayed any unusual thought at this moment, it was likely that the other three would attack them in unison. The four sects were evenly matched and taking on the other three alone was a suicidal decision.

Therefore, under the watch of numerous eyes, the three sect seals gradually appeared in front of the four high rank empires. However, just when their eyes crossed each other and they were about to reach some agreement on who should have the sect seal, a wind suddenly blew past the sky and accurately struck onto the three sect seals.


A slight muffled sound appeared and the three sect seals flew backwards. Finally, they were once again suspended in front of Mo Ling’s group stunned eyes.

“Who is this cowardly person. Come out!”

The expressions of the leaders of the four high rank empires immediately turned grim, when they saw that the seal in their hands had once again flown away. A furious cry that contained a killing intent resounded over this island.

“Although my Great Yan Empire is merely a low rank empire, aren’t you thinking too highly of yourselves if you think that you can rob us as you please?”

A faint voice suddenly sounded in the midair. After which, countless number of eyes were shifted. They eventually paused in the midair, where two figures had unknowingly appeared.

“Lin Dong?”

Mo Ling’s group immediately exclaimed as they looked at the person at the front. An elation and excitement surged onto their faces.