Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 502: Reunion

Chapter 502: Reunion


Chapter 502: Reunion

Lin Dong looked at Wang Lie’s group, who were swiftly fleeing like homeless stray. However, there were no ripples in his eyes. After which, his body slowly descended from the midair.

At this moment, the area around the Pill River was still completely silent. Those gazes, which were directed towards Lin Dong, were filled with a respectful expression. It was as though no one dared to break the silence until he spoke.

However, Lin Dong did not intent to bother with those surrounding observers. His eyes glanced at the ancient training platform behind him. He knew that a large part of the reason why those people stayed behind was because of this training platform.

“Let’s go. During the two days that I have spent practising in this place, it was likely that the others would gradually have headed deep into the Ancient Treasure Trove. We need to hurry up.” Lin Dong smiled, turned his head and spoke towards Little Flame by his side.

Currently, Lin Dong’s strength had soared greatly and he already possessed the qualification to fight with those genuine experts. The subsequent journey in the Ancient Treasure Trove was likely going to be unusually intense.

Although the Pill River contained countless amount of Nirvana Qi and it was not a bad decision to remain in this place, Lin Dong knew that the real treasures within this Ancient Secret Trove was not this Pill River. There were even more secrets and treasures in the deeper regions…

Hence, Lin Dong decisively abandoned this good training environment in the face of those two choices. After all, he still had to help Little Marten find that so-called Samsara pill


Little Flame typically did not oppose Lin Dong’s decisions. Hence, all he did was to immediately nod his head.

Lin Dong did not remain any longer after seeing this. He transformed into a red glow before he rushed towards a distant place. Little Flame also followed closely behind him.


Lin Dong had just left for a short while when he sensed numerous Yuan Power fluctuation suddenly erupted from where the Pill River was. He was even able to hear various curses. At that moment, he could not help but smile. Were those fellows finally unable to control themselves and ended up fighting for that training platform?

“Heh, little fellow, it is unexpected that you have actually mastered the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger till this extent. You really do have some talent.” At this moment, Little Marten had also appeared. His eyes were somewhat strange as they stared at Lin Dong while he chuckled.

“The Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger itself is not merely a Manifestation martial arts. It is just that I was unable to comprehend it in the past. Now that I have broken through to the Nirvana Stage, I am finally able to comprehend that deeper training method.” Lin Dong laughed. He had finally realised that the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger actually possessed a deep training method, the moment he broke through to the Nirvana Stage.

“The person who created this martial arts is likely not some nobody back then. That kind of aura is even stronger than me when I was at my peak.” Little Marten’s eyes was a little solemn as it said.

“Great Desolate Emperor. That is the name of the one who created this martial arts.” Lin Dong nodded slightly. This was a little information which he had obtained from the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. However, he did not know if this Great Desolate Emperor was merely a form of address or his actual name. However, just by looking at those words, it was likely that this person was an important and great person in the ancient times.

“Great Desolate Emperor… those who could be called Emperor during the ancient times were no simple individuals.” Little Marten muttered to himself. Immediately, it laughed and said, “Looks like your luck is quite good. The reason that why a Soul Martial Arts is powerful is because of the little bit of soul that was left behind by its creator. The Great Desolate Emperor has quite a great background. A little of his soul is sufficient to shake the sky and move the earth. It was likely that this martial arts is no ordinary item even amongst Soul Martial Arts.

The Soul Martial Arts are also similarly divided into categories of various strength. It is also separated into low, middle and high rank. The difference was determined by the strength of the soul that was left behind by the creator and his actual strength.

Someone like the Great Desolate Emperor, who had created this Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger likely possess quite a great strength and status.

“Where do you intend to go next?” Little Marten asked once again.

“Let’s go to the deeper regions. It is likely that the Samsara pill and other treasures are located in those places.” Lin Dong mused aloud. He knew that those people or factions that possessed the qualification to enter the deep regions of the Ancient Treasure Trove would be no ordinary characters. Even the Devil Cliff Empire would likely be considered ordinary at those places. Hence, it was not an easy matter to obtain a treasure in those places.

Little Marten’s eyes clearly became fiery hot for a moment when he heard the Samsara pill. It immediately smiled and said, “This Ancient Treasure Trove should be an alliance of some sects back then. There will definitely some inheritance from the ancients sects in the deeper regions. If you are lucky, you might even find a Heavenly Soul Treasure or even a Soul Martial Arts.”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth parted when he heard this. Having witnessed the power of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, he naturally coveted after those Soul Martial Arts. It would be quite beneficial if he was able to obtain them.

The speed of the group did not reduce while they were conversing. The number of people flying past in the sky became increasingly dense as they gradually become distant from the Pill River and approached the deep region of this Ancient Secret Trove. There was an excited expression on the faces of quite a number of people. News about the location where traces of the sect were left behind were vaguely and repeatedly spread.

The people here were all clearly aware of just what the ancient relics represents. No one knew just where the inheritance from these ancient sect were located. Therefore, regardless of whether the news were real, most people would still anxiously charge over and take a look. While Lin Dong was travelling, he had also personally saw some those ancient sect relics. That was a somewhat larger floating island. The remains on the island could be considered to be quite complete. He was even vaguely able to see some ancient characters on a mountain peak on the island. It seemed to be an ancient sect called the ‘Dark Bone Sect’.

At this moment, quite a number of people had rushed over to the air above this island after hearing about it. After which, they rushed crazily towards the interior. Occasionally, one was even able to sense some Yuan Power fluctuations erupting from within it. Clearly, a fight had broken out in order to compete for something.

Lin Dong glanced at that place before shaking his head disappointingly. This so-called Dark Bone Sect was clearly not considered as an important existence in this alliance. Hence, it was likely that there would not be any great things.

It was just as Lin Dong had expected. After those people had searched countless number of times around that ancient sect relic and failed to gain any satisfactory rewards, abuses began to be hurled all over the place. The entire area had a comical feel to it.

Lin Dong grinned as he watched this scene. Shaking his head, just as he was about to turn away, he saw several figures rushing over at this moment. Finally, they wildly cried out towards this place.

Lin Dong’s eyes were directed towards a spot a short distance away. There was a group of people, who were interacting in an agitated manner. Although their voices was extremely soft, it was still completely absorbed into Lin Dong’s ears.

“Another complete relic of an ancient sect has appeared in the south-western area. There is even an energy barrier protecting it. There is definitely something good there.”

“Chi, we have also found a couple of ancient sect relics during our journey over but we gained nothing from them.”

“This time around, it’s the real deal. Quite a number of empires have also hurried over. Heh, I heard that there are already three fellows who was fortunate enough to obtain that ancient sect’s seal at that place. Therefore, they can choose to enter any time to obtain an ancient inheritance.”

“Oh? Ancient sect seal? Has it been obtained by someone? Who are those lucky fellows?.”

“It is really comical to talk about this. Those three people who had obtained the sect seal are not from some high rank empire. Instead, they are from a low rank empire. Currently, these three unluckily fellows have already been trapped. As long as one forced them to hand over their sect seal, one would be able to enter and obtain the inheritance.

“A low rank empire? Heh, these three fellows truly don’t know their limits. Although they are lucky, they do not possess the blessing to enjoy it. Which empire do they come from?” A tall skinny man laughed. From the Yuan Power fluctuation being emitted from his body, it was clear that he had already stepped into the Nirvana Stage.

“It seems to be called the Great Yan Empire. Who would care about this low rank empire? Currently, it is likely that those three fellows have cried until their tears dried up…” That person who had came to report the information spoke uncertainly.

Lin Dong, who had been eavesdropping on this conversation, was suddenly stunned. His eyes immediately narrowed. The Great Yan Empire, three people… the answer to that seemed to be one that need not even be mentioned… those three people should be Mo Ling and the rest who had separated with Lin Dong at the Thunder Granite Valley. From the looks of it, it seemed like they had a lucky encounter.


Lin Dong gently exhaled. His body moved and he directly appeared in front of that group. Without saying anything unnecessary, Lin Dong gripped his large hand, before a majestic whistling Yuan Power was emitted, forming a pressure that directly pressed down firmly on that group of people.

“It’s a Nirvana Stage expert!”

Those few people immediately inhaled a breath of cold air when they sensed the wild fluctuation emitted from Lin Dong’s body. They exchanged looks with one another. All of them hurriedly pointed towards a certain direction without daring to slight Lin Dong.

Lin Dong randomly scattered the pressure when he saw this. Finally, he turned around and left.

“Friend, may I know which high rank empire do you come from?” The few people hurriedly asked when they saw Lin Dong leave in such a straightforward manner. They knew that if they could rope in Lin Dong, their chance of obtaining something in the ancient sect relic would likely surge.

“Oh? The place which I come from is the low rank empire which you had mentioned earlier, the Great Yan Empire.”

Lin Dong’s feet shook. Immediately, he laughed. His body moved without pausing and travelled far away, leaving behind those stunned individuals.

“This person actually comes from the Great Yan Empire? Since when did a low rank empire possess such a person?” The few people involuntarily muttered when they saw Lin Dong disappear into the horizon.

The tall skinny man knitted his brows slightly. He appeared to recall something while his eyes suddenly shrunk and his voice contained a shock within it, “He is Lin Dong. That Lin Dong who is rumoured to have defeated Shi Kun from the Devil Cliff Empire at the Pill River despite the latter having already reached two Yuan Nirvana Stage.”

The expressions of the few people at the side immediately changed. Their eyes contained a complicated look.

“It is unexpected that those three unlucky fellows actually possessed such a strong backer. However, it is no easy matter to keep the ancient sect seal in front of the malicious intent of so many empires.”