Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 499 Arrival of Trouble

Chapter 499 Arrival of Trouble


Chapter 499: Arrival of Trouble

Everyone around the Pill River, the crowds who were dazzled by Lin Dong’s abrupt surge in strength, also became shocked at this suddenly scene. After which, they seemed to have recalled something and their gazes openly turned towards the sky in the distance. They could hear the loud sound of wind being torn apart at that spot and vaguely sensed a formidable Yuan Power fluctuation spreading over in a mighty fashion.

“It’s the Devil Cliff Empire!”

“I heard that Shi Kun has finally survived the second Nirvana Tribulation!”

“He is really outstanding. The two Yuan Nirvana stage can be considered a top tier existence even in the entire north-western region. This Shi Kun is indeed worthy of being a genius of the Devil Cliff Empire.”

“We will truly be able to witness a good show today. Although Shi Kun has endured the second Nirvana Stage, Lin Dong is no ordinary individual. No one knows just who will win if they fight!”

“That’s right!”


With the increasing intensity of the sound of wind being torn apart, a large group of men finally appeared in front of everyone’s sight. The surroundings of the Pill RIver also immediately emitted waves after waves of noise upon seeing the arrival of these people.

Swoosh swoosh!

Numerous figures rushed over in a lightning like manner before they finally hovered beside the Pill River. The one leading them was wearing black clothes and he had a chilly expression. Who else could it be other than Shi Kun?

The current Shi Kun was clearly much stronger as compared to a couple of days ago. A forceful Yuan Power repeatedly spread from within his body. Even the space itself had fluctuated slightly. A golden glow was partially visible on his body. That was the indication that his Nirvana Golden Body had became even stronger. Clearly, Shi Kun had genuinely endured through the second Nirvana Stage during these past few days.

Shi Kun’s dark and cold gaze, which carried a killing intent, was directed towards Lin Dong the moment he appeared. After which, a slight dullness appeared in his eyes before they shrunk for a moment. Clearly, he had similarly sensed the sudden rise in Lin Dong’s strength.

“I never expected that you have already broken through to the Nirvana Stage and endured through one Nirvana Tribulation within these short two days time!” Shi Kun’s eyes shadily stared at Lin Dong while he slowly spoke.

The faces of Shi Xuan and the others behind Shi Kun changed with surprise when they heard Shi Kun’s words. All of them glared at Lin Dong as if they had seen a ghost. This was especially true for Shi Xuan. He genuinely had difficulty believing that Lin Dong, who could only rely on some special tricks to fight with him, would actually catch up with him within two short days and even showed signs of vaguely surpassed him.

“I am also quite surprised that you are able to survive the second Nirvana Tribulation within these two days.” The Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in Lin Dong;s hand was pointed towards the ground, while a sharp spear’s glow was being emitted and withdrawn from it. Lin Dong grinned as he eyed Shi Kun. He was indeed a little surprised. Originally, he had thought that his speed was already sufficiently rapid. Unexpectedly, Shi Kun was also not slower than him. It seemed as if that fellow did indeed possess the qualification to survive through the second Nirvana Tribulation as rumoured. However, he simply did not dare to randomly do so for safety sake.

“If I do not finish off you, with my enemy, I will end up having difficulties eating and sleeping in peace.” Shi Kun parted the corner of his mouth and revealed his densely white teeth. Those words which he uttered, contained a murderous intent that was not the least bit concealed. However, Shi Kun also felt fearful of Lin Dong. Clearly, the latter’s quick rise in strength had caused him to sense a danger. He understood that if he did not eliminate this problem as soon as possible, it was likely that the position between the two of them would end up changing.


Lin Dong smiled. His smile similarly contained a dense killing intent that was not the least bit hidden. Since Shi Kun wanted to kill him immediately, why wouldn’t he want to return the favour?

The people around understood within their hearts, that there was no room for any negotiation when they heard the conversation between the two of them. Both of them were filled with murderous intent towards each other. From the looks of it, the face off today would definitely not end in a peaceful manner.

A tense aura quietly spread over the both of them. At this moment, Wang Lie and the others had already hurriedly moved away in a miserable fashion. Their eyes were filled with shock and uncertainty as they locked onto Lin Dong. A trace of horror still remained within the eyes of Chen Ku and Zheng Heizhu. Clearly, they had been greatly shaken by Lin Dong’s earlier attack. They knew that Lin Dong truly possessed the ability to finish them off.

While the eyes of the two flashed, an intent to retreat had already formed within them. They definitely did not dare to attack once again before the fight between Lin Dong and Shi Kun ended. After all, they did not have a big grudge with Lin Dong. The reason that they had promised Wang Lie to intervene, was because they desired the treasure Lin Dong possessed. However, the strength that Lin Dong currently displayed, had already erased the greed within them.

Therefore, when Wang Lei saw that their eyes were filled with uncertainty and resentment, he quietly cursed these two cowards immediately. Although he cursed in his heart, Wang Lie also swallowed a mouthful of saliva, when he turned to look at Shi Kun and Lin Dong. Right now, he no longer dared to simply attack.

“Although your improvement had surprised me greatly, there will only be one ending for you today!” An extremely powerful Yuan Power lingered around Shi Kun, while he looked down at Lin Dong from above. His tone was filled with confidence and pride.

He clearly understood just how powerful he was after having survived the second Nirvana Tribulation. The current him already possessed some qualifications to step into the ‘Nirvana Ranking’. Even within the entire Ancient Battlefield, he could be considered an outstanding existence. Hence, there was currently still a great gap between Lin Dong and him.

Lin Dong merely revealed a teasing grin when he saw Shi Kun’s confident expression. After all, he was too lazy to utter any unnecessary words. His hand was gently extended and he spoke indifferent, “Let’s fight. Allow me to witness your confidence.”

“You will regret it!”

Shi Kun’s eyes were dark like a poisonous snake as he stared right at Lin Dong. Immediately, a ferocious expression flashed across his face. His body moved and an glaring bright golden glow suddenly erupted from within his body. At the next instant, he had already appeared in front of Lin Dong in a ghost like manner. His entire arm appeared to have been casted from real gold. It flickered and emitted an all-conquering aura.


A punch was thrown forth, while the air within a dozens metres radius seemed to have been compressed under Shi Kun’s fist. Golden coloured and violent Yuan Power ferociously smashed towards Lin Dong like a great wave.


A similarly bright golden glow also spread over Lin Dong’s body at the same time. Although Lin Dong had only undergone one Nirvana Tribulation, he was confident that he would not be much weaker when compared with Shi Kun in this aspect, since he had an extremely strong foundation. Hence, he did not do anything else, other than clenching his fist and throwing a punch in an ordinary fashion.


The two golden fist collided violently in midair. Soon after, a low and deep muffled sound also spread. After which, an extremely wild hurricane like ripple directly swept out from the two fist in insane manner. Even the Nirvana Qi that was permeating in the Pill River below, was forcefully scattered for a couple of hundred metres.

The fists parted upon contact and the two of them violently retreated backwards. The air itself emitted some explosive sound each time their feet landed.

Quite a number of people were stunned upon seeing that Lin Dong did not end up in much of a disadvantage in a head on collision that relied purely on strength.

“Not bad! However, I want to see if this body of yours dare to resist my Life Demon Blade!”

Shi Kun’s eyes also narrowed. He now no longer dared to underestimate him. As he clenched his fist, a golden glow flashed. Immediately, the glow transformed into a golden coloured broadsword. A cold glow was surging on the broadsword. Clearly, this was quite a strong Earthly Soul Treasure.

Shua Shua!

Shi Kun stomped his feet and the golden blade in his hand immediately danced, forming numerous golden coloured blade glow. The moment these glow appeared, it carried an incomparably sharp wind that swamped Lin Dong from every directions.

Any of these blade glow was powerful enough to easily hack a Nirvana Stage expert apart. Moreover, given their numbers, even a one Yuan Nirvana Stage would not dare to underestimate it.

Lin Dong, who was swamped by the golden coloured blade glow, narrowed his eyes. His hand gripped his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear tightly, as powerful Mental Energy quietly spread out, absorbing all the movement of the countless number of blade glow into his eyes.

In the next instant, Lin Dong’s body suddenly moved. One could see his feet gently tapping against the air before his body actually rushed towards the blade glows that permeated the sky.


An afterimage flashed past the eyes of countless number of people. In the face of the sharp blade glow that came from every directions, the figure seemed to be like a boat amidst powerful waves. Although it rose and fall unsteadily, it did not show any signs of capsizing.

All the sharp blade glow merely narrowly flew past Lin Dong’s body under the seemingly mirco-level perception of Lin Dong’s Mental Energy. The Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in Lin Dong’s hand suddenly emitted a little bright cold glow at this instance.

The cold glow agglomerated and the Yuan Power around Lin Dong were gathered on this point which was extremely sharp.

Lin Dong’s was expressionless as the permeating blade glow in front of him had finally scattered. Immediately, a formidable glint lit up in Lin Dong’s eyes. As he raised his arm, a golden light quickly spread out. As he jutted his arm, he quickly tore through the air with a frightening speed and attacked Shi Kun’s forehead in a ruthless manner!

Shi Kun’s eyes also shrunk suddenly. Clearly, he did not expect that Lin Dong would actually be able to dodge his attack in this manner and appear in front of him.

“Golden Body Barrier!”

Though that sharp cold glow had not touched his forehead, it had already left a red dot on Shi Kun’s forehead. In the next instant, a gold-like circular halo suddenly emerged from within Shi Kun’s body. This sight looked as if there was a powerful barrier protecting his entire body.


Lin Dong’s Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear heavily slammed onto the golden light barrier. However, it simply emitted some sparks. The clear sound seemed to indicate that the spear was piercing onto a metal.

“Haha, Lin Dong, as long as one endured past the second Nirvana Tribulation, one will be able to released the Nirvana Golden Body around oneself and form a barrier. You are unable to destroy my Golden Body Barrier!”

Shi Kun involuntarily laughed heartily towards the sky, when he saw that Lin Dong’s attack had been firmly blocked by his golden light barrier. His eyes suddenly turned icy cold as his voice seemed to rise from hell. It was so densely cold that it was terrifying.

“Don’t think that you are the only one who possess a high grade Manifestation martial art. Today, I will let you see my Devil Cliff Empire’s top martial arts! It’s time to bring an end to your arrogance!”

Shi Kun placed his hands together, giving it the appearance of a palm knife. Golden glow surged in a manner that could split a mountain. Immediately, the power of nature began to gather around Shi Kun’s hand

This activity immediately caused the expressions of the countless number of people around to change. Everyone knew that this Shi Kun was clearly planning on using his finishing blow to completely get rid of this problem called Lin Dong.