Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 496 Explosion Of Reserves

Chapter 496 Explosion Of Reserves


Chapter 496: Explosion Of Reserves

Nirvana Practitioners are divided into nine stages, while Heavenly Symbol Masters are split into ten seals….

Nirvana stage practitioners have something that they fear just like a fearsome tiger, yet have no choice but to attempt it: Nirvana Tribulation. For Heavenly Symbol Masters, there is something similar that they love and fear at the same time, that is the Wind Lightning Trial.

Mental Energy intrinsically possess the ability to manipulate the heavens. Therefore, after one advances to Heavenly Symbol Master, once one’s Mental Energy reaches a certain level, it will invoke the Wind Lightning Trial.

This was a powerful energy source formed from wind and lightning. Once the Wind Lighting Trial materializes, the person undergoing the trial will have his Mental Energy involuntarily sucked out, before it will be cleansed by that wind and lightning. If one is able to survive, one’s Mental Energy would naturally become much more powerful and solidified. However, if one fails to survive, the instant one’s Mental Energy has been dispersed by that wind and lightning, the consequences would be as severe as that of a failed Nirvana Tribulation.

“Nirvana Tribulation and Wind Lightning Trail arriving at the same time. Heh, the way this kid does things is really different from everyone else.” Little Marten stared at that Wind Lightning Trial that was materializing, before it glanced at Lin Dong, who had now shut his eyes and was trying to withstand the Nirvana Tribulation. Following which, it involuntarily chuckled with a slightly gloating expression.

Little Marten is extremely well experienced and this is not the first time he had met a person like Lin Dong, who trained in both Mental Energy and Yuan Power. Typically speaking, most of them would try to avoid undergoing both trials together. That was because these two trials, one came from within, while the other came from outside. Due to this dual pronged attack, it was extremely easy for a mishap to occur.

The consequences caused by a mishap was naturally extremely severe. If one was negligent, it would not be a surprise for one to self destruct.

In the middle of the cultivation stage, the Nirvana Tribulation within his body had evidently erupted forth. Furthermore, Lin Dong could see that the instant the Wind Lightning Trail appeared, Lin Dong’s panicked for a moment, before he quickly stabilized himself.

“Is Big Brother alright?”

Right now, Little Flame, who was training beside him, opened up his eyes, before he started worryingly at this sight and asked.

“Don’t worry. Even though it is a little troubling to have both trials occurring at the same time, this kid is not simpleton. He won’t perish so easily.” Little Marten casually replied.

Little Flame gently nodded his head. With regards to Lin Dong, he had full confidence in him. After all, over all these years, regardless of what opponents they faced, the one who had the final laugh, was always the insignificant-looking Lin Dong.

“How much progress have you made on the Heavenly Devil God Transformation?” Little Marten looked at Little Flame, before it suddenly asked.

“I have already mastered the first act. This martial arts is extremely powerful…” Little Flame scratched his head. The more he practised this Heavenly Devil God Transformation, the more he realized how extraordinary this martial arts is.

“So you mastered the first act?” Little Marten lifted its eyebrows before it spoke without any expression on its face. However, currently, it felt shocked inside its heart. That was because it was completely aware of the full calibre of the martial arts Heavenly Devil God Transformation. Even in the Heavenly Devil Tiger clan, it was considered as top tier.

In the Heavenly Devil Tiger clan, even those clansmen who possessed pure Heavenly Devil Tiger bloodline had to expend a huge amount of effort in order to master the Heavenly Devil God Transformation. However, right now, Little Flame had managed to master the first act within a month’s time. If the Heavenly Devil Tiger clan knew about his progress, it would surely lead to a major commotion.

“Indeed a rare mutated physical body…” Little Marten muttered to himself while he sighed. Meanwhile, it became increasingly expectant of Little Flame’s future progress.

“Boom! Boom!”

Just as Little Marten and Little Flame conversed, the rain clouds in mid-air had already materialized. While thunder rumbled, a peculiar suction force suddenly erupted forth.

Thanks to this suction force, Little Marten and Little Flame instantly saw a glowing beam suddenly explode from Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace. Following which, an illusionary figure suddenly arose before it hovered above Lin Dong’s head.

This illusory figure was naturally Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body. Right now, he lifted his head before he glanced helplessly at the rain clouds. Following which, he looked down below him. Currently, his body was completely red and it seemed like he was about to explode in flames. At the same time, terrifying shockwaves continuously emerged from his body.

“Hehe, kid, you are truly unfortunate. Now that your Mental Energy body has been dragged out, how are you going to handle the Nirvana Tribulation within your body?” Little Marten stared at Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body, which had been forcefully ripped out from his body, before it asked with a gloating smile.

Lin Dong gently smiled and he did not panic. Instead, he calmly said: “This Nirvana Tribulation does not seem to present much of a threat towards me.”

“Oh?” Little Marten was a little shocked. Evidently, he did not know where Lin Dong’s confidence came from. Since his Mental Energy body has been forcefully dragged out of his body, his body was no longer under his control. Therefore, how could he withstand the Nirvana Tribulation that was about to erupt?

Little Marten’s doubts were quickly resolved when he saw a warm white glow spreading out from Lin Dong’s heart. That white glow was refreshing and gentle, yet it was extremely magical. Once that white glow spread out, Lin Dong’s red-hot body that was about to burst into flames quickly recovered some of its usual color.

“Is that… the Mysterious Stone Talisman?” When he saw that familiar white glow, Little Marten was stunned for a moment, before he asked in shock.

“Yes.” Lin Dong nodded his head. The Mysterious Stone Talisman is extremely magical and with it protecting his body, no matter how savage the Nirvana Tribulation is, it would not be able to destroy him. As such, he had sufficient time to handle the Wind Lightning Trial.

“Wah ah!’

In mid-air, rain clouds squirmed. In the next instance, a greyish silver lightning bolt carrying a tinge of wind lightning energy, suddenly ripped across the sky, before it violently struck against Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body.


A deep exploding noise erupted from Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body. Immediately, he saw lightning sparks crackling on his illusionary body.

“Haha, even if two trials came together, they can do nothing to me!”

Lightning glow flowed over his whole body. While he was being sandwiched by these two major trials, the burning glint in his Lin Dong’s eyes intensified. At the same time, the vigour in his heart surged as he gripped his palm. Promptly, a powerful Devouring Force erupted forth and wrapped itself around the lightning sparks that was corroding his Mental Energy body. Instantly, all of them were forcefully sucked into this Mental Energy body. As such, it caused his Mental Energy body to become increasingly solidified.

“Devouring Ancestral Symbol, appear now!”

Lin Dong took a step forward, before a dark hole-like ancestral symbol directly floated out from his forehead, before it slowly squirmed. Meanwhile, it gave off a terrifying Devouring Force.

Boom! Boom!

The storm clouds seemed to have been agitated by Lin Dong’s greed. As the storm clouds rumbled, lightning bolts that were formed from wind lightning energy continuously rained down, before they viciously struck Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body.

As he faced those vicious lightning strikes, Lin Dong did not show any signs of retreating. Instead, he directly stretched out his arms, before he allowed those lightning bolts to strike his body.

Bang! Bang!

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body was continuously forced back due to those thunderbolts. Streams of resplendent lightning glow sparkled on his body. That savage force was powerful enough to destroy a Heavenly Symbol Master’s Mental Energy.

“Devour it!”

If he was an ordinary Heavenly Symbol Master, he naturally would not dare to use his physical body to forcefully withstand these thunderbolts. However, Lin Dong had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and he had no reason to fear. As he laughed heartily towards the sky, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol that was located out of his forehead began to squirm quickly. Meanwhile, an all-encompassing Devouring Force spread out, before all the lightning sparks on Lin Dong’s body began to disappear at an alarming rate. Evidently, he had directly devoured all of them.

Thanks to his Devouring Force, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy body quickly became solidified. Meanwhile, the Mental Energy vibrations became increasingly stronger.

Below him, when Little Marten and Little Flame saw this sight, they involuntarily marvelled him in their hearts. This Nirvana Tribulation and Wind Lightning Trial that was extremely terrifying for any ordinary individual did not seem to posses any threat towards Lin Dong.

Right now,Lin Dong had the Mysterious Stone Talisman guarding his body. That object is extremely mysterious and even Little Marten acknowledged it. With it around, the Nirvana Tribulation could not destroy Lin Dong.

With regards to the Wind Lightning Trial, even though they did not know about the future, it seems like the first Wind Lightning Trial could not handle the godly Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Since Lin Dong possessed both the Mysterious Stone Talisman and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he could naturally handle the terrifying Nirvana Tribulation and Wind Lightning Trial!

“In this world, there are only a few individuals who can survive both trials so easily…” Little Marten shook his head regretfully. If other Nirvana stage practitioners and Heavenly Symbol Master saw how Lin Dong easily handled these terrifying trials, they would probably implode in jealousy…

Standing aside, Little Flame also nodded his head. After all, godly objects like the Mysterious Stone Talisman and Devouring Ancestral Symbol could not be possessed any ordinary individuals…

“All we have to do now is wait for him to finish both trials. What a boring show. I thought that I could see him panicking…” Little Marten stretched his body. Originally, he thought that he would witness a much more thrilling show. However, the outcome turned out to be so disappointing…

Little Flame chuckled, before he sat down. Following which, he lifted his head before he stared at Lin Dong, who was now devouring thunderbolts.

While the two of them watched on, within the cultivation stage, thunder rumbled while burning waves arose. However, it seemed like that figure within was undergoing a metamorphosis, as he became increasingly powerful at a terrifying rate!