Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 495 Arrival of the Double Tribulations

Chapter 495 Arrival of the Double Tribulations


Chapter 495: Arrival of the Double Tribulations

From time to time, human figures swept past the mighty and vast Pill River, but quickly after, countless bright red human figures would charge out from within the river, causing numerous chaotic battles to continuously erupt in quick succession at various places along the river.

Evidently, the opening of the Ancient Treasure Trove this time around had completely broken the countless years of peaceful silence within this dimension and caused it to become increasingly chaotic.

At this moment, a large group of humans had gathered at a certain edge of the Pill River. Their gazes contained some cold smile as they stared at the Pill River in front of them. That place was being covered by an extremely dense bright red circular light barrier. Meanwhile, the circular light was emitting a powerful energy ripple.

These human figures wore different clothes. The empire’s badge on their chest were also completely different. Clearly, they originated from different empires.

“Wang Lie, that brat called Lin Dong is really hiding inside this thing?” A skinny man amongst the crowd swept over the training platform with sinister eyes before turning his head to the person by his side and asked.

“Yes, I personally saw him enter. Brother Chen Ku, doesn’t your Corpse Empire like Spiritual Puppets? That brat just happens to be in possession of a grade one Spiritual Puppet. If you are able to obtain it, it would definitely be of a great help.” Wang Lie smilingly said.

“A Grade one Spiritual Puppet huh?” A greedy expression involuntarily flashed across the face of the man called Chen Ku upon hearing this. Immediately he smiled darkly and said, “I heard that that brat is actually also a Heaven Symbol Master. I really wish to challenge him and see if he is as strong as rumoured.”

“Haha, looks like brother Chen Ku really thinks highly of Lin Dong. You have endured a Wind Lightning Tribulation and you are a genuine one seal Heaven Symbol Master. I heard that brat has only advanced to Heaven Symbol Master for a short while. How can he be compared to you?” A foolish-looking large man was standing on the other side of Wang Lie. At this moment, his face was wearing a foolish smile that caused him to look stupid. However, anyone who knew him understood that this person was vicious. Despite his appearance, there were already countless number of people who had died at his hands.

“Hehe, Zheng Hei Zhu, don’t try this in front of me. It is rumoured that this brat had even wounded Shi Kun from the Devil Cliff Empire. Furthermore, he is in possession of countless number of trump cards. I would not foolishly go and find trouble with him.” That Chen Ku parted his mouth and laughed.

“The two of you need not argue. That brat does indeed has some ability but the three of us are experts who have stepped into one Yuan Nirvana Stage. Moreover, we have so many Nirvana experts under us. If we were to join forces, regardless of what trump card that brat possess, he will definitely fail to escape alive. After we kill him, not only will the Spiritual Puppet belong to us, but we will also be able to occupy this training platform. If we train here, we will not have to worry about having insufficient Nirvana Pills and we might even be able to try attacking the second Nirvana Tribulation in this place.” Wang Lie waved his hand and laughed.

“This training platform is indeed not bad.”

Although Chen Ku and Zheng Hei Zhu were noncommittal about the matter of attacking the second Nirvana Tribulation which Wang Lie had mentioned, their gazes lit up when they looked at the training platform that was covered by the bright red circular barrier. Currently, the surroundings of the Pill River were filled with crazy battles because of the training platform. If they were to join forces, it was likely that they would be able to occupy this place. Just thinking of the benefits at that time excited them.

“Moreover, I have also sent people to invite the Devil Cliff Empire. Currently, that Shi Kun is attacking the second Nirvana Tribulation. With his ability, he has a seventy percent chance of successfully enduring it. At that time, he would be a genuine two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. Given his grudge with Lin Dong, he would definitely be the first to attack Lin Dong. Hence, this brat will definitely have not survive this time around!”

“Oh? Shi Kun is attacking the second Nirvana Tribulation?”

A shock expression appeared in the eyes of Chen Ku and Zheng Hei Zhu when they heard this. They were people who had personally experienced the tribulation and naturally clearly understood that each tribulation was more frightening than before. With their current ability, they would very likely be directly incinerated to death if they tried to attack the second Nirvana Tribulation. Hence, their hearts were all filled with envy when they heard that Shi Kun had the confidence to endure the second Nirvana Tribulations.

“That Lin Dong had caused the reputation of the Devil Cliff Empire to greatly fall. Shi Kun has already hated him to the core. Hehe, it must be said that this fellow is overly arrogant. He only has a little ability, yet he goes around and create enemies. This time around, I will see how he can hide!”

Wang Lie’s eyes were vicious as he stared at the training platform that was covered by a bright red light circle. The savage smile on the corner of his mouth was extremely terrifying. It seems like he had already saw the relieving scene of Lin Dong trembled violently under his feet in the not too distant future…

Brat, I dare you to hide in the training platform for the rest of your life like a tortoise!

While the outside of the Pill River had descended into a chaotic big battle, the training platform that Lin Dong was on, was just like a sacred land, which was quiet and peaceful. There was not the slightest chaos that originated from the violence outside.

Lin Dong quietly sat at the middle of the training platform. The Nirvana Qi lingered all around his body and actually emitted a faint water flow like sound. From this, it was possible to tell just what kind of frightening degree the Nirvana Qi in this place had reached.

The pores all over Lin Dong’s body suddenly emitted a bright gold light while he was covered by the dense bright red Nirvana Qi. Under the shine of the bright gold light, it seemed that the flesh, bones and even internal organs all over his body seemed to have been constructed from gold, as they emitted a strong indestructible feeling.

Nirvana Golden Body!

This was the true indicator of a Nirvana expert. It used the Nirvana Qi to refine one’s physical body, refining each and every single part of it, both on the inside and outside until its limit. Following which, it would strengthen the physical body until quite a powerful stage.

Once the Nirvana Golden Body was formed, not only would one’s defence greatly soar but one’s strength, speed etc would also soar. This was a genuine transformation.

The most important reason why Nirvana Stage experts were being able to look down on the Creation Stage experts was not because their Yuan Power was even more powerful, but because they possessed the powerful Nirvana Golden Body. Under the protection of the Nirvana Golden Body, they could basically ignore all the attacks by someone at the Creation Stage. Of course, this was not absolute. After all, in this world, there would also be people like Lin Dong who could not be measured by common sense.

However, looking from a majority point of view, the Creation Stage or even someone at half-step-to Nirvana Stage would not have the slightest chance of victory when facing a Nirvana Stage expert who possessed a genuine Nirvana Golden Body.

“Has he successfully advanced into the Nirvana Stage?!” Little Marten looked at Lin Dong, whose entire body was emitting a bright golden glow. Even the blood flowing in the latter’s body was also mixed with golden colour, before joy flashed across Little Marten eyes. If an ordinary person attacked the Nirvana Stage, they would have a chances of failure. However, this clearly did not apply to Lin Dong. Although the Nirvana Qi which he absorbed within these two days, would at least be equivalent to more than two million Nirvana Pills, Lin Dong was able to rely on his strong physical body to forcefully endure this enormous Nirvana Qi, which was sufficient to cause many people to self-destruct.

This advancement appeared to be just like a matter of course and everything was extremely smooth. In fact, he did not even meet the slightest obstruction along the way.

This was the unleashing of firm and solid foundation.

With Lin Dong’s strength, he had long possessed the qualifications to attack the Nirvana Stage. However, he chose to suppress it. Currently, the potential from the former suppression has been completely unleashed, eliminating the powerful obstruction of the Nirvana Tribulation.

A wave of unusually powerful aura gradually spread out from Lin Dong’s body. Finally, it drifted within the bright red circular glow. This aura was definitely many times stronger than before.

Even Lin Dong himself was uncertain of how great an amount of Nirvana Qi he had absorbed during the advancement to the Nirvana Stage. In any case, he had directly activated the Devouring Ancestral Symbol to its greatest capacity and wildly swallowed the endless supply of Nirvana Qi from around him. At the end, he only gradually stopped after his physical body felt difficult to continue enduring despite the its strength.

According to Lin Dong’s rough estimate, the Nirvana Qi which he had absorbed should have exceeded a frightening two million Nirvana Pills. If this news was to spread, it would definitely spark quite a great uproar. Everyone knew that the more Nirvana Qi one absorbed when one charge to the Nirvana Stage, the better it was. However, there was similarly a limit. This limit was the extent to which your physical body could endure.

Even the strong like Shi Kun from the Devil Cliff Empire could only endure around eight hundred thousand Nirvana Pills worth of Nirvana Qi. However, the amount which Lin Dong could currently endure was a couple of times more than Shi Kun.


A cluster of air that faintly contained a gold coloured was exhaled from Lin Dong’s nose. His tightly shut eyes were also suddenly opened at this moment. A golden glow was revealed in his eyes. Looking from a distance, it looked like a pair of furious golden eyes that revealed a great sternness.

“Nirvana Stage!”

Lin Dong’s fist slowly tightened. A frightening strength rippled within his body. He could sense that by just relying on his current strength, it was already sufficient to fight with Shi Kun!

The millions of Nirvana Pills worth of Nirvana Qi was not a trifle matter!

However, this was not the level which he had hoped for. He had previously said that once he had advanced to the Nirvana Stage, he would attack the feared Nirvana Tribulation!

Little Martern clearly seemed to have understood something when it saw the wild and heated expression that was suddenly revealed on Lin Dong’s face. Its body immediately withdrew quickly.

“Nirvana Tribulation. Let me see just how frightening you are!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were wild and hot. A low roar sounded as a thought passed through his mind. Bright golden glow abruptly erupted from within his body. After which, a frightening ripple swiftly spread out from within Lin Dong’s body.

Under this frightening ripple, Lin Dong body suddenly trembled despite its strength. A little white smoke rose from his skin.

Little Marten retreated to a far distance. It clicked its mouth as it looked at the bright redness that appeared on Lin Dong’s skin. It knew that the interior of the latter’s body was already currently in complete chaos.

“Bang Bang!”

While Little Marten was withdrawing and preparing to watch how Lin Dong would endure this Nirvana Tribulation, its expression suddenly changed. It abruptly raised its head. At this moment, dark clouds had suddenly gathered in the sky above this training platform

“This is… Heaven Symbol Master’s Wind Lightning Tribulation?”

Little Marten’s eyes suddenly shrunk as it looked at the dark clouds and lightning being slowly gathered. Clearly, it did not expect that the Wind Lightning Tribulation of the Heaven Symbol Master had actually arrived concurrently with the Nirvana Tribulation!