Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 494 Attacking the Nirvana Stage

Chapter 494 Attacking the Nirvana Stage


Chapter 494 Attacking the Nirvana Stage

A bright red light barrier rose on the training platform, enveloping it entirely. Meanwhile, powerful ripples repeatedly spread from within the light barrier, giving it an extremely stable feeling.

This Pill River was a place the ancient sects left for their disciples to use. Hence, the defensive structures in this place was quite powerful. If one did not open it, even if Wang Lie and the others went crazy, it would not be the slightest bit affected.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept over those bright red light barrier. His eyes also revealed a satisfied expression. Some envy also appeared in his heart when he sensed the great strength of this formation. Those disciples from the ancient sect were truly fortunate. Not only did they have an envious training ground like the Pill River but they also possessed such a powerful protection.

“Although this formation is a little incomplete, it can still be barely used.” Little Marten also flashed and appeared at this moment. After which, it patted its claws and said.

Lin Dong nodded. Next, he directly sat in the middle of the training platform. Following the activation of the light barrier, he could clearly sense the viscous Nirvana Qi surging out from within the Pill River had become a lot more sparse. It even reached a point where a person could absorb it. This was likely as a result of the formation.

Little Flame also withdrew his metal rod and sat down beside Lin Dong. His gaze was somewhat fiery hot as he glanced in every direction. The Nirvana Qi that permeated this place appeared to be endless. Currently, he was at half-step-to Nirvana Stage. It was a period where he needed large amount of Nirvana Qi. Hence, this place was clearly a rare treasure ground to him. If he was to train in this place, he would likely be able to greatly reduce the time he needed to reach the second Nirvana Tribulation.

“These fellows seems unwilling to leave things as it is.” Little Marten looked at the light barrier. Although, it was unable to see the situation outside at the moment, it was still able to imagine just how noisy things was outside.

“There is no need to bother about them.” Lin Dong smiled faintly. Currently, he did not wish to delay his precious time because of these fellows. He did not care about what kind of activity they wanted to do outside. Once he successfully broke through to the Nirvana Stage and endured a Nirvana Tribulation, the so-called Wang Lie and the others would just be like ants to him.

This was Lin Dong’s confidence. When he was just half-step-to Nirvana Stage, he was already able to exchange blows with experts, who had endured a Nirvana Tribulation. If he was to also advance to that level, an ordinary one Yuan Nirvana Stage expert would not even be worthy of his attention. At that time, he would even be able to face that Yan Sen of unknown origin, whom he had met earlier on.

Only by reaching that step would he truly possess the qualification to fight for the various treasures within the Ancient Secret Trove.

“Little Marten, I will leave the rest to you.” Lin Dong smiled towards Little Marten. Only after seeing that the latter had nodded his head, did Lin Dong inhale a deep breath of air. After which, he slowly shut his eyes. An excitement surged in his heart. He was finally about to reach this step…

Lin Dong gradually suppressed the excitement in his heart. A thought flashed past and a circular black hole swiftly spread out from behind his head. Currently, this training platform was covered by a formation. Additionally, both Little Marten and Little Flame were individuals closest to him and knew a lot of Lin Dong’s secrets. Hence, there was little need for Lin Dong to hide anything. He directly pushed his Devouring Ancestral Symbol to its maximum.

Bang bang!

As that black hole slowly extended, waves after waves of Devouring Force erupted like a vast flood. Little Flame and Little Martern were quite surprised when they saw the dense Nirvana Strength that permeated over this training platform, transforming into waves of bright red light pillar that pouring unceasingly into the black hole behind Lin Dong’s head.

Hua hua hua!

The clothes on Lin Dong’s body moved in the absence of wind, emitting a fluttering sound while these majestic Nirvana Qi poured in. One could vaguely see numerous slight bright red glow swiftly wiggling under his skin.

Lin Dong’s strength was already at the peak of the half foot into the Nirvana Stage. Hence, he had already possessed the qualification to charge into the Nirvana Stage. However, he had been suppressing it. This was because he understood that attacking the Nirvana Stage was similar to building the foundation of a house. The more solid the foundation, the more advantageous it would be for him in the future. He would naturally not dare to randomly perform such an important step. At this moment, he possessed an unlimited amount of Nirvana Qi in this place. Therefore, he was able to fearlessly establish an incomparable firm foundation in this place.

A great amount of Nirvana Qi wildly poured into Lin Dong’s body. A heat also quietly spread out from within his body. Even the air outside of his body had become a little boiling hot.

Upon sensing the heat that was gradually spreading from his body, Lin Dong knew that the Nirvana Qi within had gradually reached the limit which he could support. However, this situation did not cause Lin Dong to panic. A thought passed through his mind and the surface of his body became to emit threads of gold coloured light. Moments later, his entire body was covered within the golden light.

Lesser Nirvana Golden Body.

The current Lesser Nirvana Golden Body had clearly already been practiced by Lin Dong until he reached full mastery. If one was to describe it, it would likely not be inferior to a genuine Nirvana Golden Body. In fact, it was probably difficult to find someone within the same stage, who was even stronger than Lin Dong.

Since he possessed an object that far exceeded that of any ordinary half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, the danger of breaking into the Nirvana Stage was clearly reduced to the minimum for Lin Dong.

Everything appeared to be as a matter of course and was extremely smooth.

Little Flame in the outside world had also started training. There was also numerous black glow being emitted from within his body. The surface of this black glow faintly formed a black coloured enormous tiger. The enormous tiger roared towards the sky and an enormous suction force was erupted. The force repeatedly sucked the powerful Nirvana Strength from around.

Although Little Flame’s absorption speed could not be compared with Lin Dong who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it similarly far exceeded the expert of the same stage. No matter how one put it, the current Little Flame possess the bloodline of the Heavenly Devil Tiger. Furthermore, thanks to his mutated body, he was exceptionally powerful. As such, he was also able to withstand such a wild absorption rate.

Standing beside him, Little Marten was also a little envious as he looked at Lin Dong and Little Flame who were absorbing the Nirvana Strength in this wanton manner. It was in its spiritual form. Therefore, even if it trained, the effects would be extremely limited. As such, if it wanted to make significant progress, it would need to have a body…

“This time around, I must obtain that Samsara pill!” Little Marten clenched its teeth. The feeling of watching Lin Dong’s and Little Flame’s strength gradually surpassing it was not a good one. After all, it was a genius in the Celestial Demon Marten race and was quite a renowned existence even in the Demon City. However, it had currently fallen into this state. Given its pride, how would it be able to endure it?

“Once I recover my strength, I must search for those bastards who had launched a sneak attack on me back then. Damnit, do you really think that Grandpa marten doesn’t know who you are, just because you have hid your aura and face?”

A shocking fierceness and traces of blood suddenly climbed within Little Marten’s eyes as it recalled how it died back then.

“Since you dare attack this grandfather marten, I will definitely repay you with a price that is a thousand times greater!”

The scene back then had nearly cause Little Marten to completely perish. If it were not for the fact that it decisively self-destructed at the last moment and hid his damaged demon spirit into the Stone Talisman, it was likely that it would no longer exist in this world.

All of these years, if it had not chanced upon Lin Dong,, it was likely that it would still be hiding within the Stone Talisman at this moment. Moreover, his demon spirit would completely scatter with the passage of time.

All of these formed a genuine blood feud. Based on its character, it would naturally seek to get even.

Little Marten exhaled a couple of ragged breath from its mouth. Only then did it gradually hid the surging fierceness and killing intent in his heart. After which, he glanced at Lin Dong, whose strength was climbing before a slight joy appeared in his eyes. At this rate, Lin Dong would be able to breakthrough until the Nirvana Stage not long in the future and attempt the Nirvana Tribulation.

“Little fellow, it is entirely up to you whether Grandpa marten can recover my physical body… Although you might have great potential, you are currently demand respect from Grandfather marten. Once you truly surpass me, it is likely not a problem if you really want to be the big brother…” Little Marten stared at Lin Dong. Its eyes were a little complicated as it parted its mouth and laughed.

Time flew past while Lin Dong was training. Two days had passed within the blink of an eye. However, there was still no activity on the training platform. Clearly Lin Dong and Little Flame had entered into a deep training state.

The Pill River outside of the training state was extremely noisy while this training platform was serene. This was an attractive part of the Ancient Treasure Trove. Moreover, due to the area being too big, it was difficult for him to avoid attracting attention.

Hence, after more and more experts hurried over to this place during these two days, all of their faces were filled with shock upon seeing that vast Pill River. Soon after, however, their surprise turned into regret. This was because they discovered that the Nirvana Strength within the Pill River was too viscous. An ordinary person would not dare to directly absorb it. Moreover, the Pill River had countless number of Pill Spirit Corpse which were extremely troublesome. Once they walked nearby the river, they would immediately be attacked.

This discovery made one feel like vomiting blood. They were just like hungry individuals who had been starving for more than ten days before discovering a pile of delicious food. Just as they were just about to pounce on it, they were told that the food had a lethal poison, causing them to feel depressed at being able to see but not eat.

However, a person’s intelligence ultimately reigned supreme. After experiencing a period of regret, someone discovered the hidden training platform within the Pill River. It seemed that one would be able to absorb a great amount of scattered Nirvana Strength if one trained there.

An uproar was undoubtedly stirred upon this discovery. Soon after, the area above the Pill River became incomparable lively. Every training platform would spark an extremely intense and cruel battle for it.

While countless number of snatching miserable battles erupted over the Pill River, the place outside of the training platform where Lin Dong was located had already unknowingly been surrounded by a large group of people. At the middle of these people was surprisingly Wang Lie who was revealing a deep and solemn expression. Clearly, it was just as Little Marten has described. This fellow would not simply let things go!