Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 492 Pill River

Chapter 492 Pill River


Chapter 492: Pill River

The man in black looked quite skinny and in particular, his face was exceptionally pale. He had a pair of deep sunken eyes, which faintly held a peculiar ghastly tinge, giving him a creepy and eerie aura.

In response to the sudden appearance of this person, Lin Dong’s expression grew extremely solemn. The fact that the latter had appeared without Lin Dong knowing indicated that he had some tricks up his sleeve. Currently, no one knew just how many powerful individuals had been attracted to this place by the ancient secret treasure trove. If Lin Dong was not careful, he might accidentally lose his life in his place.


The black metal rod in Little Flame’s hand slammed heavily on the yellow sand. His strong body leaned slightly forward, like a wild beast, who was just about to pounce onto its prey.

“Who are you?” Lin Dong was expressionless as he kept the Golden Body Sharipu into his Qiankun bag before asking.

“You are rather lucky. This Nirvana Sharipu is where the essence of the Nirvana practitioner is located in. If you are able to refine and absorb it, you will be able to become stronger. Along the way, this is the only one I have seen. I never expected that someone else would come first and take it before me.” The skinny black clothed man’s gaze slowly swept over Lin Dong and Little Flame as he spoke in a raspy voice.

“You are also interested in this Golden Body Sharipu?” Lin Dong eyes involuntarily narrowed as the power in his body quietly began to circulate.

“Are you planning to attack me if I say that I might be a little interested?” The black clothed man questioned with a faint smile.

Having his intentions read, Lin Dong smiled and spread his hands outwards in a noncommittal manner. Although he was unaware of the background of this black clothed man, it would not be so easy for his possessions to change its owner.

“Relax, although this Golden Body Sharipu is quite valuable, it is not something that I must have. You are called Lin Dong right? Since you are able to emerge from an unknown low rank empire and reach this stage in the ancient battlefield, you must be quite skilled. However, you are still greatly lacking if you wish to rely on this to stand out. The current you doesn’t even possess the qualifications to enter the Nirvana Ranking…” The black clothed man said.

“Nirvana Rankings?” Lin Dong frowned slightly.

“In another half a year, the true Hundred Empire War will begin. However, not everyone will possess the qualifications to participate in the final battle. The minimum requirement is to enter the Nirvana Ranking.”

“Of course, it is not just you who lack the qualifications. Even Shi Kun from the Devil Cliff Empire also lacks the qualifications.”

Lin Dong face gently changed when he heard those words. Even Shi Kun did not have the qualifications to enter the Nirvana Ranking. Doesn’t that mean that one must at least reach the level of two Yuan Nirvana in order to have a chance at entering the Nirvana Rankings?

“So there is actually such a restriction in this Hundred Empire War… “ Lin Dong muttered to himself. Soon after, his fists tightened. The current him might not possess the qualifications to enter the Nirvana Ranking, but there was still half a year before the Hundred Empire War. At that time, his strength would definitely exceed his current strength now.

“Thanks for the information.” Although Lin Dong was unaware of just what this fellow was planning to do, he still cupped his hands towards the latter and thanked him.

“There is no need to thank me. It is not as though I have any good intentions. All that I wish is for you to be aware of the gap between you and the true geniuses. It is no mean feat for someone from a low rank empire to possess a reputation similar to these fellows. Most people can only dream about it. The gap between both parties is one that is ultimately difficult to breach.” The black clothed man spoke indifferently.

“If one really thinks like you, perhaps that person will only be able to live as a mediocre person for his entire life.” Lin Dong laughed softly and said.

“Let’s hope so. I have heard similar words many times, but ultimately, they merely ended up as mediocre people…” The black clothed man shook his head before turning around to leave.

“I am called Yan Sen. If a treasure that I am interested in appears the next time we meet, you will not be so fortunate. Hopefully, you will not disappoint me too much at that time…”

The black clothed man’s body swayed and turned into a strange afterimage before drifting away as his raspy voice slowly echoed.

“This fellow…”

Lin Dong looked at the figure that had travelled into the distant and frowned slightly. He immediately stretched his lazy waist and muttered, “Looks like I will need to attempt to attack the Nirvana Stage soon. This feeling of being looked down upon really makes one feel out of sorts…”

“He is very strong.” Little Flame tightened his grip on the metal rod as he stared intently at the spot where Yan Sen had disappeared before speaking.

“Aye, he is no ordinary individual.” Lin Dong nodded. He could sense the dangerous ripples that came spreading out from this person’s body. According to his estimate, this fellow was at least a two Yuan Nirvana Stage expert. He might even be a seeded person who possessed the qualification to enter the Nirvana Rankings.

“Let’s go. It’s time for us to make a breakthrough…” Lin Dong turned his body while his gaze looked towards another direction.

“Do you know where there is a large amount of Nirvana Pills?” Little Marten once again appeared and asked.

“Aye. That place should possess sufficient Nirvana Pills to be squandered freely…” Lin Dong smiled slightly. He immediately stopped lingering on the spot. With a movement of his body, he took the initiative and rushed over towards the spot where his eyes were looking at. Behind him, Little Flame quickly followed behind.

The journey this time around continued for nearly half an hour. During this period of time, Lin Dong passed by many rock ruins. He would also occasionally meet some people who were also here to search for treasures. Most of these people had formed groups and they were just like a swarm of locust wherever they past, ravaging through the entire ruins numerous times.

A fight was naturally unavoidable in this place where so many people had gathered. Any rare treasure that randomly appeared would surely lead to a huge fight.

Thankfully, Lin Dong was not interested in those treasures. Ever since his brief stop in the desert, he had stopped landing on these ruins. Instead, he had increased his speed in the direction which he was heading towards.

From the information that he had obtained from the skeleton in the desert he became aware that the place would have sufficient Nirvana Pills for him to squander freely…

Lin Dong continued to travel at his maximum speed. A short while later, he clearly sensed that the desolated feeling around him had become much fainter. The remains of some of the floating island were also more complete than those which he had seen earlier. Moreover, the thing that really surprised Lin Dong was that the space here seemed to have an additional feeling of life.

“Are we gradually reaching the deeper parts of the ancient treasure trove…”

The surrounding changes caused Lin Dong’s heart to feel a joy. He continued to increase his speed. After around ten minutes or so, a splashing sound was suddenly emitted from in front of him.

Lin Dong braced his attention when he heard the sound of water spreading from this space. His body passed by an enormous floating island. After which, he stared in awe at the spot ahead of him.

The space was still overcast within a distance of ten thousand metres in front of him. However, there was a bright red sky river currently hanging on the sky. One could not tell just where the start of the sky river was. It was also impossible to see the end of the river at a glance. It was as though the river was directly merged into an empty space, appearing extremely majestic.

“This is the Pill River that was mentioned in the information from the skeleton…”

Lin Dong exhaled a deep breath of white fog, seemingly attempting to expel the shock within his heart. This was because he knew that this sky river did not contain ordinary river water. Instead, it was a Pill River that was formed from the gathering of Nirvana Pills!

“Using pills to create a river. What a display of wealth!” Little Martern click his tongue and praised, feeling a little shaken as it looked at this scene.At this moment, it finally understood why Lin Dong would say that this place had sufficient Nirvana Qi for him to squander. Even if Lin Dong stuffed himself, he would not be able to absorb even one ten thousandth of such a grand sky river.

Lin Dong suppressed the wild joy in his heart as he brought Little Flame to approach that enormous Pill River. He could see that the within that bright red flowing river was a Nirvana Qi that was so dense that it could be considered frightening. It actually even agglomerated and formed a liquid body which was flowing with a splashing sound.


When Lin Dong and Little Flame approached the Pill River, the surface of the bright red liquid was blasted apart. A somewhat illusionary fiery red figure rushed out in a lightning like manner and an extreme sharp wind violently struck towards Lin Dong.


A metal rod came swinging out from behind Lin Dong and ruthlessly shattered the wind. After which, it carried a wild and violent strength before colliding with that fiery red figure.


The metal rod struck onto the figure and the latter emitted a mournful sharp cry. At this moment, Lin Dong finally discovered that it was a human-like creature. Its body was covered with fiery red scales while its hand held a triden. Its eyes were crimson and ferocious.

“Is this the Pill Spirit Corpse?” When it saw this strange organism, Little Marten involuntarily exclaimed in shock.

“Pill Spirit Corpse?” Lin Dong was startled.

“By tossing a person who is about to die into this Pill River, the corpse that is soaked in this Pill River would gradually become a creature without any life nor intelligence. If one was to describe it, it can be considered similar to a puppet. No one knows just how many Pill Spirit Corpse exist within this Pill River. It is likely very difficult if you wish to absorb the Nirvana Qi from this place.” Little Marten looked at the Pill River and focused his eyes on it. It could see that there was countless number of Pill Spirit Corpse within this majestic Pill River.

“Moreover, the Nirvana Strength within this Pill River is far too dense. Even though you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it is still quite troublesome to absorb it..”

Lin Dong merely smiled when he heard this. It was as though he was not surprised by this. His body moved and travelled along the Pill River. “A training platform that was left behind by some ancient sect is hidden further up the Pill River. The formation at that place is able to dilute the Nirvana Strength. At the same time it is also able to prevent the harassment of the Pill Spirit Corpse.”

“Oh? Looks like you have obtained quite a lot of information from the skeleton.” Little Marten spoke was some surprise.

Lin Dong smiled. His body swiftly passed by the Sky River while his gaze was carefully sweeping across it. Around ten minutes later, his gaze finally stilled. One could see an ancient platform vaguely visible under the cover of the crimson Nirvana Strength below.

“We have arrived.”

Lin Dong smiled as he looked at the ancient platform. His body immediately landed onto it. Immediately, the Yuan Power that surged out from within his body also gradually calmed down at this moment.

“This training platform hides a formation. As long as it is activated, it will be able to form a powerful defence. It is a place that was specially prepared for the disciples of those ancient sects to train.” Lin Dong patted his hand and looked at this place with great satisfaction. He was able to absorb sufficient amount of Nirvana Strength in this place , attempt to break into the Nirvana Stage and tide over the Nirvana Tribulation!

“However, it seems that we will need to settle some problems before this…” Little Marten suddenly laughed in a strange manner when Lin Dong was preparing to find the method to activate the formation.

Lin Dong was startled when he heard this. Immediately, he seemed to have sensed something. His eyes sunk as he raised his head. He could only hear the rushing wind sound appearing far away. Soon after, ten figures rushed over from the distance and unceremoniously landed on this training platform.

“This place is occupied by my Sky Eagle Empire. I shall give the two of you ten seconds to get out of here!”

A greedy voice sounded in a ear piercing manner the moment these ten figures appeared.