Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 491 Golden Body Sharipu

Chapter 491 Golden Body Sharipu


Chapter 491 Golden Body Sharipu

When the large ancient door hovering in the sky slowly opened up, all the Yuan Power in the domain seemed to rage instantly. The reason why they raged was not because of the large door but rather it was caused by the Yuan Power vibrations inside countless bodies…


The silence only lasted for a moment, before an endless swarms of humans, swept across the sky just like a tidal wave. Finally, all of them made a beeline for that large ancient door.

Everyone knew that there was bound to be dangers lurking inside the mysterious ancient trove. However, due the allure of the treasures, they had evidently forgotten about the dangers…

Lin Dong stared at the sea of humans that blocked out the sun, as he involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air. As he waved his palm, standing nearby, Little Flame immediately hopped over, before he stood behind him just like a steel tower.

“Let’s go as well.”

Lin Dong took a glance at Shi Kun and the rest, who were standing at the altar, before his figure flashed as he directly jumped towards that large ancient door. Just as he leapt forth, he waved his palm and once again sucked that mysterious ancient key into his palm. Even though he had already opened up the mysterious ancient trove and this key seems to be useless, he faintly felt that it was better to have the key in his possession. Perhaps, it’s ability that allows him to jump between dimensions, could prove useful in the future.

After he grabbed onto his mysterious ancient key, without further ado, Lin Dong and Little Flame immediately leapt forth before they finally followed that huge crowd and entered the large ancient door…

“Haha, it’s time to go as well. This rare sight has actually got my blood boiling as well.” On top of a distant tall tower, countless figures stood above it. The man leading them was an extremely elegant man. Right now, his eyes were locked onto that mysterious ancient door, that was just opening up, and there was a faint fire burning in his eyes.


After he spoke, he took charge and immediately led his men, before he headed for that large door.

Soon after they made a move, at a remote corner outside of the large palace, several hidden yet powerful auras suddenly sprung up.

Based on this sight, everyone knew that it was going to be quite crowded inside the mysterious ancient trove.

The instant Lin Dong dashed through the mysterious ancient door, he could clearly feel an extremely powerful spatial distortion force sweeping towards him, before it wrapped itself around him. Instantly, a destructive ripping force swamped him from every direction and tried to rip Lin Dong apart.

When he faced this savage ripping force, Lin Dong quickly activated the Yuan Power and wrapped it around his body. However, this ripping force did not last as long as he had expected. Approximately half a minute later, that ripping force suddenly vanished. Meanwhile, his originally dark and greyish surroundings suddenly lit up. Immediately, he knew that he had reached his destination.

The instant the place lit up, Lin Dong quickly scanned his surroundings. Then, he involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air with an awestruck expression on his face.

Everywhere he saw was of a corroded yellowish tinge. In fact, even the sky displayed a similar color. Moreover, right now, Lin Dong was not on the ground, but he was hovering in a vacuum. Surrounding him, were countless massive rocks. Meanwhile, he could faintly see some broken relics scattered across these large rocks.

This was a lifeless domain, and the ground and the sky were both greyish dark, while a extremely savage spatial distortion force slowly extended out. This domain was evidently extremely unstable.

“Is this the mysterious ancient treasure trove…” Lin Dong stared at this large endless domain while he muttered to himself.

“This domain is already extremely corrupted. It can last at most a few hundred more years before it will self-destruct. At that time, all of the treasures within will disappear as well..” Right now, Little Marten had appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulders. As it glanced at this barren and dark domain, it said.

“This must have been caused by some great war. Heh, it seems like a bloody and terrible fight took place many years ago…”

Lin Dong was secretly stunned. What kind of battle could reduce this domain into such a state? Even the space within the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet was not as dilapidated as this?

“Be wary of the time cracks here. If you are accidently sucked in, not even your bones will be left…” Little Marten glanced at its surroundings as it said.

Lin Dong followed his glance, before he pupils promptly shrunk. That was because he realized that there indeed several time cracks inside this greyish dark domain. These cracks were not uniform in size and if one did not look at them closely, it was easy to overlook them. Immediately, a bunch of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. Thankfully, he was not so unfortunate. Else, once he entered this mysterious ancient trove, he could have already lost his life.


Just as Lin Dong was rejoicing over his own fortune, several terrible screams sounded out behind him. As he quickly turned around to look, he saw that several men had indeed fallen into a time crack. Instantly, the domain squirmed, before a terrifying ripping force immediately swallowed up all of them.

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong’s expression turned solemn. This mysterious ancient treasure trove was truly full of deadly traps…”

“This domain is rather vast. Most of them who entered here are just winging it. Therefore, even at this stage, it seems like many unlucky fellows will lose their lives. Alright let’s go. It’s time to hunt for treasures. The most important thing is to look for the Samsara Pill. It’s time for me to make a breakthrough.” Lin Dong nodded his head before he immediately looked into the distant horizon.

The instant the mysterious ancient treasure trove was activated, he detected an extremely obscure aura hidden in the city, that was even more powerful than Shi Kun. These men should be the powerful practitioners hidden in the dark. In the future, he might have to cross paths with them. Since these men were even powerful than Shi Kun, based on his current abilities, he would probably end up in a rather sorry state.

Therefore, right now, he must quickly breakthrough to Nirvana stage and survive a Nirvana Tribulation. Only by doing so, can he gain the qualification to stand up to those truly powerful practitioners. Else, he would at most be able to scrap some leftovers and this result was something that Lin Dong could not accept.

After he spoke, Lin Dong did not linger on. His figure flashed as he floated forth and carefully avoided those fleeting time cracks. While he was quickly moving forward, behind him, Little Flame held onto his steel pole and quickly followed behind. At the same time, his vigilant eyes constantly scanned their surroundings.

As Lin Dong slowly travelled, he gradually understood how large this domain was. Everywhere he passed by, there was a large rock of differing size hovering near him. Meanwhile, there were debris and relics on that large rock, which showcased the might and grandeur of this place in the past…

When he passed by a larger rock or special relic, Lin Dong would land on it. However, what caused him to feel a tinge of regret, was that these relics were all severely damaged and they had no life left on them. In fact, there was not a hint of energy vibrations from them and they seemed just like a dead city.

However, after Lin Dong made several trips to explore, he stumbled upon a rather strange question. It seems like there was more than one sect in this domain. On the giant rocks floating in this domain, he saw several names that resembled different sects.

Devil Cloud Sect, Blood Shadow Door, Fiery Burning Valley…

“This domain seemed to belong to a martial arts alliance. Perhaps there are all members of the alliance…” With regards to this sight, Little Marten silently contemplated for a moment, before it came up with a rather logical answer.

With regards to its answer, Lin Dong was fairly convinced by it. At the same time, he was shocked by it as well. Any of these sects were probably extremely powerful. Therefore, one can only imagine just how powerful their alliance would be.

“It seems like these ancient sects were truly glorious back in the day…”

However, though he felt shocked in his heart, Lin Dong realized that along the way, he did not find anything useful at all. It seems like this domain truly resembled that of a dead city.


Just as Lin Dong prepared to up his speed and head deeper into the domain, his eyes suddenly locked onto something. As he stared into the distant space, he saw an extremely massive large rock hovering there. This rock was approximately a thousand miles wide and it looked just like an island. It was the largest rock that Lin Dong had seen up till now.

When he saw this giant rock island, Lin Dong hesitated for a moment, before he headed over. Just as he was approaching, he realized that this island was actually a dry and barren desert. As he glanced into the horizon, that barren desert extended till the limits of his vision.

“There is something in the middle of the desert.” Little Marten glanced into the distant horizon before it suddenly said.

“Oh?” When he heard its words, Lin Dong’s heart instantly jumped. Immediately, his body flashed before he leapt forth. Approximately several minutes later, he finally realized the center of the desert. Then, he immediately saw that there was a corpse seated on top of the yellow sand.”

Though the bones were yellow in color, one could faintly see a golden tinge. It must have be due to the Nirvana Golden Body.

Lin Dong stood near to that corpse, while he furrowed his brows.

“This should be a person that failed the Nirvana Tribulation. However, it seems like this was at least his sixth one…” Little Marten stared at this desert, before it answered thoughtfully.

“Sixth Tribulation…?” Lin Dong’s pupils gently shrunk, before he glanced at the desert and asked: “Is this desert caused by him?”

“Yes. It seems like he was unable to suppress the Nirvana Flames within his body and they broke free of his body. Therefore, everything within a thousand mile radius was burnt into yellow dust and there are no signs of life anywhere.” Little Marten calmly said.

Lin Dong’s expression was solemn. It is difficult for him to imagine just how terrifying it must be, when those powerful Nirvana Flames exploded from within that tiny human’s body. It turns out the sixth Nirvana Tribulation was actually this terrifying…

“Nirvana Tribulation is truly a blessing and curse for a Nirvana practitioner…”

Lin Dong softly sighed, before he stretched out his palm and gently rested it on that corpse.

The instant Lin Dong’s fingers made contact, that corroded corpse instantly turned into dust. Even though he possessed the Nirvana Golden Body, it was still difficult for him to withstand the corrosion of time.

Lin Dong glanced at those scattered ashes before he suddenly stretched out his palm. A trace of Devouring Force extended out from within his palm. There were still some messages left within those ashes. Perhaps, they could allow Lin Dong to better understand the mysterious ancient treasure trove.

His Devouring Force flowed for a moment, before Lin Dong gently opened his eyes. Just as he opened his eyes, one could faintly see a tinge of surprise and joy in his eyes.


Just as Lin Dong was delighted by the fact that he managed to receive some information, he suddenly saw a golden speck within that ash. Immediately, he stretched out his palm and plucked out a shiny golden thumb-sized golden ball from within the ashes.

This golden ball’s shape was not uniform and it seemed like a rhombus. Faintly, he could feel a special vibration left within in.

“This is…”

Lin Dong stared at this item with an awestruck expression on his face.

“Golden Body Sharipu.”

The words that suddenly rang out did not come from Lin Dong, but it came from behind him. Immediately, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk before he slowly turned around, only to see that standing at a short distance behind him, a man dressed in black clothes had unknowingly appeared behind him.