Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 487 Giant Essence Swallowing Palm

Chapter 487 Giant Essence Swallowing Palm


Chapter 487 : Giant Essence Swallowing Palm

Under the crowd’s attention, two terrible without equal forces ferociously collided, like a meteorite crashing into a mountain, and in a manner that was extremely provoking to the senses.

The instant they collided, a berserk shockwave, which could be seen with the naked eye, frantically unfurled outwards. The ground within a dozen feet of the two immediately disintegrated, while the numerous practitioners located nearby hastily backed away, afraid that they would be drawn into the destruction.


The great hall shook violently as a loud noise suddenly rang out. After which, everyone watched as the golden light blade wielding Shi Kun abruptly flew back in retreat. His body swiftly spun in midair before landing, but the ground on which his feet landed on still turned into dust!

Crack crack!

While Shi Kun shot backwards in retreat, the well built Little Flame was also forced back by a couple of steps. The solid ground under his feet blasted apart, exploding into fine powder.

Neither of them had the absolute upper hand in this exchange.

Everyone in the hall watched this result while shock surged up their eyes. Even the eyes of the Prehistoric Empire’s bare torso giant and the woman from the Death Valley Empire were filled with a grim expression.

Who was Shi Kun? He was an expert who had attempted the second Nirvana Tribulation. Although he ended up failing, everyone knew that after the first failure, he would definitely possess over seventy percent chance of success in his next attempt. At that time, he would become a genuine Two Yuan Nirvana expert. This level of strength was considered top tier in the north-western region!

Despite this, he was actually unable to gain any advantage at all in the hands of this metal tower like man of mysterious origins even after personally being in the fight. How could this not surprise them?

To one side, shock was also revealed on Shi Xuan’s face due to this result. He very clearly understood his big brother’s strength. Originally, he believed that once the latter got involved, he would definitely be able to sweep everyone away. However, what had appeared in the end was an outcome where both were evenly matched……

“You are quite skilled indeed!”

The warm smile on Shi Kun’s face slowly faded bit by bit while a pair of sharp and cold eyes stared intently at Little Flame’s body. After which, a savage smile flashed across his face. “However, your foundation is still too thin. You dare to challenge my Devil Cliff Empire with just the two of you?”

“Shi Xuan, bring your men and capture that little brat. I want to see just what kind of storm they can create today!”

If the Lin Dong duo were allowed to act in a mighty manner in the current situation, he knew that it would affect his Devil Cliff Empire’s reputation.Hence, Shi Kun had already made up his mind that he would not let this matter go!


A ferocious expression suddenly surfaced on Shi Xuan’s face when he heard Shi Kun’s cry. After which, his gaze stared densely towards Lin Dong. Although the appearance of Little Flame had vastly exceeded their expectations, as long as Shi Kun acted to keep him in check, Lin Dong was nothing!


At the moment Shi Kun’s cry sounded, numerous figures suddenly shot out from within the great hall. There were quite a number of familiar faces amongst them. Surprisingly, they were Lei She’s group which was captured by Little Flame back then. However, they were currently staring at him with sinister and vicious eyes.

The expressions of the many empires within the great hall also changed a little upon witnessing this scene. It seemed that the Devil Cliff Empire wanted to finish off this thorn Lin Dong, even if they had to use up all of their strength.

“Whoever dares to step forward shall die!”

The black coloured metal rod in Little Flame’s hands was violently swung and a frightening forceful wind directly split the ground apart. A dense chilly glow was flickering on the scales that covered the rod. At the same time, a fierce and brutal aura swept out from within his body. His low and deep voice was filled with a violent aura.

“You do not have the qualification to say these words in this place!” Shi Kun coldly laughed. His body moved and once again rushed out. Gold light surged and waves after waves of crazily brutal attacks covered Little Flame.

A fierce glint also surged up Little Flame’s eyes as he looked at Shi Kun who had once again rushed over. The black coloured metal rod in his hand danced, forming numerous afterimages as he used a powerful stance to ruthlessly confront Shi Kun.

Clang clang!

The exchange between the two this time around was even fiercer and more brutal than before. Each attack was fatal. Clearly, both of them wished to kill the other party.

“Humph, Lin Dong, I will see just who else will protect you now!” The dense expression in Shi Xuan’s eyes also instantly became richer while Little Flame and Shi Kun entered into battle. He gave Lin Dong a fearsome smile while a dazzling golden light surged out from within his body. He was just like a gold coloured divine warrior as he charged forward.


The killing intent within the eyes of Lei She’s group also surged when Shi Xuan attacked. Accompanied by the low roar were numerous attacks of unmatched sharpness which covered Lin Dong. From the looks of it, they clearly already possessed the intention to kill him at all cost.

The surrounding empires hurriedly withdrew when they saw this situation. The original minor fiction had clearly already been amplified into a decisive battle to the death between both sides. Both sides were not ordinary people. Hence, they did not wish to intervene in this battle.

“This fellow, although he possess such an expert beside him, he is not very powerful. Currently, Shi Xuan and so many people have attacked him at the same time. Given his Heaven Symbol Master abilities, it is likely that he will have great difficulty fighting back.” The red armed large man from the Prehistoric Empire shook his head and said when he saw this scene.

“It is not possible to use the fleeing ability of the Ancient Secret Key in this Ancient Hall…” The lady in purple-black dress from the Death Valley Empire also spoke indifferently. They had heard that Lin Dong had fled from the hands of Shi Xuan’s group the last time because of the Ancient Secret Key. However, this place was a special terrain. Due to the presence of the Ancient Treasure Trove. The ability of the Secret Key to flee into nothingness was blocked.

“This little fellow has miscalculated this time around…”

Numerous gazes in the great hall watched Lin Dong who had descended into a situation of being surrounded at this moment. All of them quietly shook their heads.

Lin Dong had naturally also sensed the surrounding gazes. However, his face did not reveal a panic expression which everyone had expected. His gaze was rippleless as he stared at Shi Xuan’s group which was rushing over. His hand was suddenly waved. At the next instant, a red glow suddenly shot out from his sleeves.

“Soul Puppet huh? This thing cannot save you!”

Shi Xuan involuntarily let out a cold laughter when he saw the red glow that had rushed out. Lei She by the side also rushed out a little quicker. Powerful Yuan Power gathered on his palm. After which, he threw a palm explosively towards the red glow that had rushed out.


A clear metallic sound was spread as Lei She and the red glow suddenly collided. Everyone immediately saw that Lei She’s body suddenly stiffened. After which, he directly shot backwards before eventually colliding on an enormous rock pillar. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.

The sudden unexpected turn of events caused the originally cold smiling Shi Xuan’s group to be shocked. Their gaze hurriedly looked towards the red glow only for their eyes to shrink abruptly.

“Grade 1 Soul Puppet?”

Numerous exclamations resounded over the great hall. The skin on the heads of most people suddenly became somewhat numb. They were really unable to imagine just how a little fellow who had come from an unknown low rank empire possess so many powerful trump cards?

“Darn, this fellow’s Soul Puppet had actually evolved?” A shocked expression also surged up Shi Xuan’s eyes. He was able to sense a powerful ripple that was not inferior to him from the Soul Puppet.

“I will block this Soul Puppet. Everyone else will go after Lin Dong!”

Shi Xuan clenched his teeth violently. They had finally managed to get Shi Kun to intervene and delay Little Flame which was most difficult to deal with. If they did not grab the opportunity and finish off Lin Dong, it would likely be quite troublesome in the future.

However, just when Shi Xuan was prepared to intervene and block the Blood Soul Puppet, the latter suddenly dodged and opened a path. After which, its body charged towards the other experts from the Devil Cliff Empire. Immediately, it became just like a wolf that had entered a herd of goats as it killed the many experts from the Devil Cliff Empire until they fled miserable in all directions.

“I cannot be blamed since you are seeking your own death!”

Shi Xuan was initially startled when he saw that the Blood Soul Puppet had not only not attacked him but had instead opened a path. However, a dense wild joy immediately surged within his eyes. His toes pressed on the ground and his body directly rushed towards Lin Dong in a lightning like manner. All the fights would naturally come to an end once Lin Dong was finished off!

The other people in the great hall were similarly greatly shocked by this action of Lin Dong. He actually took the initiative to allow the most troublesome Shi Xuan through. Was he planning to rely on his ability to fight with the one Yuan Nirvana stage Shi Xuan?

Shi Xuan’s speed was extremely quick. He did not give others too much time. Within a couple of breath’s time, he had appeared above Lin Dong. The Yuan Power in his body was completely unleashed without holding back as he threw a punch forward.

“I will see just how you shall flee this time around!”

An enormous pressuring force accompanied by a wild and violent fluctuation swept down, directly cracking the ground and formed numerous huge crack lines. This attack of Shi Xuan encompassed his full strength. Clearly, he did not plan on giving Lin Dong any chance to resist.


A mocking smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. Immediately, his eyes suddenly turned dark and stern. His palm swirled and the Yuan Power, Mental Energy and Devouring Power surged from within his body. After which, they were all poured into the “Ancient Universe Formation” in his Dantian.

“Hua Hua!”

An invisible hurricane suddenly took shape around Lin Dong. The space around faintly had a distorted feeling to it.

“Giant Essence Swallowing Palm!”

Lin Dong suddenly strided forward. A grayish-black colour permeated both of his eyes. After which, the strange grayish-black coloured energy that was merged from the three energy suddenly erupted from within his body before directly agglomerating into a grayish-black palm that was around ten feet in size. That palm seemed to hide countless number of swirling black holes, appearing extremely frightening!

A fiery heat expression shot past Lin Dong’s eyes as the palm was formed. This was the first time that he had catalysed merged energy. He really wanted to know just how powerful was the might of this merged energy!


A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind. The grayish-black palm that was formed did not pause for even a moment. It directly rushed past half of the air in the great hall under his urging before blatantly colliding with Shi Xuan who was rushing over!