Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 486 Little Flame’s Might

Chapter 486 Little Flame’s Might


Chapter 486 Little Flame’s Might

Under the numerous watching eyes in the large hall, Little Flame’s fist directly slammed into the incoming Shi Xuan.

“That fellow is courting death!”

The instant they collided, some people involuntarily chuckled. Even in a place like this, Shi Xuan was considered rather powerful. After all, he was a genuine One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, an existence that was several times more powerful than those who had failed to pass a Nirvana Tribulation. Therefore, a single punch from him could severely wound any ordinary Nirvana stage practitioner!


However, just as these chuckles slowly spread out, a deep yet shocking noise suddenly echoed out from the point of contact. Immediately, alarming shockwaves instantly swept forth.

Crack! Crack!

Large cracks as thick as an arm were directly ripped on the solid stone floor beneath the two’s feet. Following which, the crowd was dumbstruck as they watched the originally menacing Shi Xuan suddenly shoot backwards in a hideous manner. He retreated over a dozen steps, and each step left a deep mark on the ground.

“How is this possible!”

This sight undoubtedly caused the facial expressions on most of the people in the hall to change drastically. Instantly, everyone’s attention was focused on the spot where the dust was settling, only to see the muscular, steel-tower like figure standing in the same spot right in front of Lin Dong. To think that the fearsome clash from before had not even caused him to take a single step back!

The originally noisy large hall instantly lapsed into silence. Several pairs of eyes stared in awe at Little Flame, who was standing in front of Lin Dong… Using his bare fist to blow away a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. Could he be a elite practitioner who had survived two Nirvana Tribulations?

In the middle of the large hall, the pupils of the large burly man and the lady in dark purple, gently shrunk. Meanwhile, the mocking look in their eyes disappeared as they solemnly stared at Little Flame. Only now did they finally realize…… the vibrations emitted from the latter’s body, caused even them to feel a little danger.

“That kid, from where did he find such a powerful helper……”

The two of them glanced at each other, before they gradually retracted the contempt in their hearts. It seems like Lin Dong dared to show up because he had some backing.

Seated between the two of them, the steel ball in Shi Kun’s hand slowly came to a stop… He lifted his head…… slightly narrowing his eyes as he concentrated on Little Flame’s body. Within his eyes were a cold and sharp blade-like glint.

“How is that possible?!”

Currently, Shi Xuan had finally managed to stabilize his body. His face looked as ugly as pigs blood. As he angrily bellowed, his blood-red eyes stared at Little Flame. Promptly, savage Yuan Power shockwaves suddenly swept forth. He was simply unable to acknowledge that he could not even defeat this anonymous person that had popped up from nowhere!

“Fool that appeared from nowhere…… how dare you interfere in my Devil Cliff Empire’s affairs!” Shi Xuan’s face was terrifying. As he took a step forward, a resplendent golden glow erupted from within his body. Evidently, he had fully activated his Nirvana Golden Body. With a flip of his palm, potent Yuan Power rapidly gathered together and transformed into a Yuan Power mountain.

“Demon Seal Mountain Suppressing Fist!”

After losing out previously, this time around, Shi Xuan did not dare to be negligent at all and chose to use his killing move immediately. A giant Yuan Power moutain-like fist viciously smashed into Little Flame.

Nonetheless, against such a savage attack, Little Flame slowly curled his palm into a fist, veins wriggled on it like tiny dragons. Faintly, an extremely terrifying energy rippled outwards.

A punch was directed upwards in a barbaric manner.


A loud noise once again sounded out. The Demon Seal Mountain Suppressing Fist, that had once vexed Lin Dong, was directly blown apart by Little Flame’s fist.

Buzz! Chhiii!

After his Yuan Power Mountain blew up, Shi Xuan, who was connected to it, immediately vomited a mouthful of freshblood. His eyes were filled with shock and disbelievement. He had never imagined that Little Flame’s strength was actually so terrifying.

In the large hall, as the crowd stared at the scattering Yuan Power glowing dots, some of them stealthily sucked in a breath of cold air. If they tried to rationalize the previous setback by claiming that Shi Xuan was unprepared, this time around, they had no more excuses…

“That fellow, since when did he get such a powerful helper? I wonder how he managed to find such a powerful practitioner. In fact, it seems like this helper would not lose out to Shi Kun and the rest…”

While some of them silently whispered, judging from the ones who turned to look at Lin Dong, the greed in their eyes had obviously dimmed. All of them chose to target Lin Dong mostly because he came from a low rank empire. However, the sight before them led them to understand that even though Lin Dong came from a low rank empire, his own strength as well as the strength of his helper was not weak at all.


Shi Xuan wiped off the blood trails at the corner of his mouth. Right now, his face was so hideous that it looked a little twisted. Just as he was about to explode in rage, Shi Kun’s mouth finally slowly opened, “Shi Xuan, stop. You are no match for him.”

When he heard Shi Kun’s words, Shi Xuan violently gnashed his teeth while he stared venomously at Lin Dong and Little Flame. However, he slowly withdrew in the end.

As they watched the retreating Shi Xuan, everyone in the large hall focused their attention on Shi Kun. All of them could feel a faint killing intent from the latter’s body.

“This gentleman, my Devil Cliff Empire has a major feud with Lin Dong. Even though I do not know how much he has agreed to pay you, if you chose to walk away from this matter, I will pay you double of what he is offering. Furthermore, if you ask for anything in future, as long as it is within my ability, my Devil Cliff Empire will surely assist you. How about it?” Shi Kun lifted his head, looking towards Little Flame as he asked in a low voice.

When the crowd in the large hall heard these words, their hearts involuntarily trembled. This steel-tower looking man was truly not an ordinary individual. In fact, even a someone like Shi Kun, did not want to cross blows with him.

Just as the crowds was in awe, standing in front of Lin Dong, Little Flame finally lifted his head. A heart-palpitating blood trail surfaced in his originally dull eyes. In the face of such a gaze, even Shi Kun and the rest felt their hearts shudder. His eyes were similar to that of a ferocious beast.

While the crowd stared at him, Little Flame finally opened his mouth. His voice was still a little rough, but it had a fearsome and savage aura that could not be ignored.

“Anyone who tries to touch my big brother, will first have to step over I…… Lin Yan’s body.”

His shaky voice was filled with a beast-like savageness as it sounded out in the large hall. Immediately, everyone’s pupils gently shrunk.

“His big brother…… is that Lin Dong?”

Strong disbelief flowed in the eyes of some elite practitioners. At first, they thought that this powerful fellow was a helper that Lin Dong had spent a large sum of money to hire. However, they never expected that Lin Dong was actually this steel tower like man’s big brother…

Furthermore, all of them could hear from the tone of his voice, that this fellow who could easily blow away Shi Xuan and even Shi Kun was fearful of, held the utmost respect for Lin Dong, who was merely a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner. His words were spoken from the bottom of his heart.

Shi Kun was similarly stunned by Little Flame’s answer. Promptly, a cold and malicious light surfaced in his eyes.

“In that case, you shall die together with him!”

The instant he spoke, a savage killing aura violently gushed out from within Shi Kun’s body. As his figure flashed, he appeared in a phantom-like fashion in front of Little Flame. The Yuan Power shockwaves emitted from his body were several times more powerful than Shi Kun.

“Golden Demonic Chop!”

While a savage killing aura swivelled around his body, Shi Kun gripped his palm as a savage golden glow quickly gathered together and transformed into a sharp golden blade. Together with a powerful aura that could split apart a mountain, he was as quick as lightning as he furiously chopped at Little Flame.


Even though the blade of light had yet to touch the ground, it had already ripped a several meters long ditch in the large hall.

Once Shi Kun made a move, he immediately proved that he was several times more powerful than Shi Xuan. His strength was close to that of a Two Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner!

Little Flame lifted his head, a blood-red glow emerging in his eyes. He had no intention of retreating at all. As he grabbed out with his large hand, a large black rod immediately appeared within. With a jolt, the bar flew forth!

When he swung the rod, the surrounding air was directly blown apart. Faintly, it seemed like a heart-palpitating tiger roar could be heard.


Blade and rod swept forth like a bolt of lightning. In the next instance, they viciously slammed together under the shocked gazes of the crowd. Instantly, a savage wind ferociously swept across the entire large hall like a hurricane!