Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 484 Ancient Palace

Chapter 484 Ancient Palace


Chapter 484 Ancient Palace

As there were still ten days till the opening of the Mysterious Ancient Treasure Trove, Lin Dong and gang were not overly hurried like before. Furthermore, he wanted to give Little Flame time to adjust to his new body, hence their speed slowed significantly. All in all, they spent three to four days on the road before they finally arrived at the most crowded area in the Ancient Lands, the Ancient Palace.

Even though it was called a palace, what stood there was a large and spacious city. It was said that in the past, this was the headquarters of a super sect, thus, the scale of this city was truly breathtaking.

Furthermore, this was the place to unlock the Mysterious Ancient Treasure Trove. Therefore, nearly every decent empire in the Northwest region had rushed here. As such, the atmosphere in the city could not be described by mere words.

Lin Dong and his party landed on a mountain peak outside the Ancient Palace. When they lifted their heads and saw the swarms of black-bobbing figures flying across the sky, even with their mental fortitude, they involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air. Had the Ancient Palace attracted nearly sixty to seventy percent of the entire population in the Northwest region?

“The allure of the Mysterious Ancient Treasure Trove is truly terrifying. There are so many empires.” Lin Dong was shocked as he stared at this sight. This city was extremely huge and Yang City paled in comparison. However, it still gave the feel of being packed with people and there were many presences even in the city outskirts plus the surrounding forests. Evidently, the number of people here had far exceeded the city’s capacity.

Little Flame’s muscular body stood behind Lin Dong like a black metal tower. An instinctive vigilant and fearsome glint flashed within his deep black eyes as they scanned the passing crowd. Even though he had left his beast form, that habits he was born with were evidently not going to be erased so easily.

“Let’s go Little Flame. Time to enter the city.” Lin Dong smiled before he promptly leapt off the mountain cliff and headed for the massive Ancient Palace.

Behind Lin Dong, Little Flame nodded his head as he quickly followed behind. Over the past few days, he had already started to cultivate the ‘Heavenly Devil God Transformation’ that Little Marten had given to him. Therefore, he had gradually gained increased mastery over his body and his footsteps were extreme precise. Every step was of the same distance and he was never more than ten feet away from Lin Dong. Within this radius, he had absolute confidence that he could handle anything situation that arose. Even if they encountered a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, no harm would befall Lin Dong under his watch.

The Ancient Palace was extremely huge and had a total of eight doors. However, there was still a large number of people flooding in. As he watched the long queue, Lin Dong naturally did not want to anger the crowd. Hence, Little Flame and him could only silently follow behind.

“In a few day, we will be able to open the Ancient Treasure Trove. I’ve heard that this treasure trove is truly remarkable and it was actually left behind by a super sect. If we can obtain a little something from it, we can definitely stand out in the ancient battlefield.”

“Oh please, do you think it is going to be so easy? Take a look at the number of people who are attracted by this Ancient Treasure Trove. There are even countless high rank empires here as well. If you are not capable, don’t even dream about those treasures.”

“Furthermore, don’t think that these are all the competitors you will face. Who knows if there are others lurking in the dark? Disregarding ourselves, perhaps even powerful empires like the Devil Cliff Empire and Prehistoric Empire, whom have also obtained the Mysterious Ancient Key, will not dare to guarantee that they will return with a full haul.”

While Lin Dong quietly stood in the queue, he furrowed his brows when he heard the idle talk around him. It seems like this trip to the Mysterious Ancient Treasure Trove was going to be a arduous journey.

“Right now, the three empires who have a Mysterious Ancient Key, the Devil Cliff Empire, Prehistoric Empire and Death Valley Empire, have already arrived at the Ancient Palace. However, it is said that the individual who has the final key, Lin Dong, has yet to show up.”

“Heh, I wonder if that kid will dare to show up. Have you seen the posters on the wall? The Devil Cliff Empire has raised the bounty on his head to one million Nirvana pills. Furthermore, he possesses a Mysterious Ancient Key. He will surely be in a dire situation once he shows his face. That fellow is truly unfortunate, like the saying goes, an innocent man will get in trouble because of his fortune. Since he dared to snatch the Mysterious Ancient Key without the backing of a high rank empire, isn’t he courting death?”

Lin Dong, who was leisurely eavesdropping on the conversations, was suddenly stunned. Evidently, he had never expected that the topic would turn to him. Immediately, he slightly narrowed his eyes as he looked towards the city wall. Sure enough, he saw that there was indeed a bounty poster there. Moreover, there was even a picture of him.

“One million Nirvana pills. It seems like the Devil Cliff Empire really has it out for me.” When Lin Dong saw the reward offered, his lips gently curled as he muttered to himself. While Lin Dong muttered to himself, the atmosphere surrounding him suddenly froze. Immediately, all the chattering around him mysteriously vanished, before Lin Dong felt several people turn to stare at him. Promptly, their expressions changed from shock to excitement.

“It seems that we have been recognized…” Lin Dong stroked his face and muttered to himself, while everyone slowly distanced themselves.

“That fellow is Lin Dong.”

Amidst the frenzied looks, a shocked voice suddenly rang out. Promptly, several pairs of eyes outside the citywall turned heated.

“Grab that kid and we can obtain one million Nirvana pills plus a Mysterious Ancient Key!” A few deep growls filled with greed sounded out.

Lin Dong furrowed his brows as he watched. It seems like the Devil Cliff Empire had truly caused much trouble for him.

“Get lost!” Just as the crowds jostled, a group of men finally walked out before they stared coldly at Lin Dong.

“It is the men from the Desert Empire, a high rank empire. It is reputed that their head has advanced to the Nirvana stage and is quite powerful.”

As that group of men walked out, a chorus sounded out in the crowd. It seemed like this so-called Desert Empire was fairly famous.

“Lin Dong, I do not need to capture you for the Nirvana pills. As long as you hand over the Mysterious Ancient Key, I will let you go. How about it?” The Nirvana stage practitioner from the Desert Empire stared at Lin Dong, before he stretched out his palm and said.

After he spoke, the several dozen men behind him immediately put on a threatening expression. Meanwhile, formidable Yuan Power shockwaves extended out from their bodies with the aim of intimidating Lin Dong.

Lin Dong had a slightly peculiar expression as he glanced at that group of men, before he shook his head helplessly. Following which, he chose to ignore them as he directly headed for the city.

When they saw Lin Dong completely disregarding them, the Nirvana stage Desert Empire practitioner’s eyes instantly turned ice-cold. In the next instance, a venomous glint flashed across his eyes, before he coated his fist with potent Yuan Power and punched at Lin Dong’s head.


However, in the face of such a powerful attack, Lin Dong’s footsteps were not disrupted at all. As he gently waved his palm, a crisp slap suddenly sounded out outside of the city.

Buzz Chh!

The instant that slap sounded out, a blood red palm print immediately appeared on the Nirvana stage practitioner’s face. Instantly, a powerful force blew him away as he vomited out a mouthful of freshblood.

The chaotic city entrance instantly lapsed into silence. As the crowds stared at the sorry figure of the half-dead Nirvana stage practitioner lying on the ground, everyone stealthily sucked in breath of cold air. Most of them had finally regained their wits after being temporarily overwhelmed by the huge reward. After all, the man standing before them had successfully escaped from the Devil Cliff Empire’s Shi Xuan.

“If you want the Mysterious Ancient Key in my possession, someone of his calibre had better not step up. I will not be so merciful next time…” Lin Dong did not even glance at the Nirvana stage practitioner that he had swatted away, as he glanced at his surroundings and warned.

When they heard his words, several people’s hearts shuddered and none of them dared to speak up. Of course, the Ancient Palace had already attracted a huge crowd and there were several powerful practitioners mixed in. Therefore, some obscure glances were secretly cast towards Lin Dong. It seems like many of them were curious to find out more about the man who had recently been the center of attention.

Lin Dong naturally detected those powerful yet obscure stares. Immediately, his eyes narrowed. Behind him, Little Flame who had yet to make a move, suddenly took a step forward. Instantly, a peculiar shockwave extended from his foot, following which, some groaning noises secretly sounded out and somewhat shocked gazes were cast at the Little Flame standing behind Lin Dong.

“Let’s go. I have sensed the location of the other three Mysterious Ancient Keys and they should also have detected me as well. The Devil Cliff Empire should be in there too. Alright then, I am curious to find out what they can do to me.”

Lin Dong casually glanced at the hidden spots surrounding him. Without further ado, he lifted his head and headed for the inner regions of the Ancient Palace. There, he could detect the presence of three of Mysterious Ancient Keys.

As his words faded, Lin Dong widened his footsteps as he directly walked into the city and headed towards the location of the three other Mysterious Ancient Keys.

This time around, he was going to directly confront the Devil Cliff Empire!