Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 482 Little Flame after Metamorphosis

Chapter 482 Little Flame after Metamorphosis


Chapter 482 Little Flame after Metamorphosis

Boom boom!

Scarlet red flames burst out from the flood of Nirvana pills like giant scarlet red dragons before being continuously absorbed by the humongous figure on the mountaintop below.

Currently, the mountaintop was shaking as if there was an earthquake due to the powerful aftershocks, while an astonishing pressure continuously seeped out from the humongous figure.

In the face of this berserk Nirvana Qi, even Lin Dong retreated several steps as he solemnly watched this scene. Although the rate at which Little Flame absorbed Nirvana Qi could not compare to himself, who possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, this speed had already far surpassed some Nirvana practitioners!

Moreover, due to Little Flame’s alarming rate of absorption, the flood formed from two hundred thousand Nirvana pills shrunk at a rate which could be seen with the naked eye.

“This fellow has such a good appetite……”

While he watched the quickly disappearing Nirvana pill flood, Lin Dong could not help but slowly inhale.

“When it breaks through to the Nirvana stage, the Nirvana Qi will temper it, allowing its blood and flesh to better fuse with the Heavenly Devil Tiger Bone. In the future, this fellow will be like a carp leaping through the dragon’s gate, transforming directly from an ordinary Fire Python Tiger into a Heavenly Devil Tiger!” Little Marten grinned as it observed the situation and explained.

“Of course, this is not full story. It should be a Heavenly Devil Tiger that posses a Transforming Physique! Tch tch, I truly wonder what level this stupid tiger will be able to reach.”

Lin Dong smiled a little as his clenched fist slowly relaxed. He felt particularly happy as he watched the rebirth of this companion who had accompanied him for many years.

Attacking the Nirvana stage was obviously not something that could be completed in a short time. Even with Little Flame undergoing a metamorphosis, it still took a whole day before completely absorbing the Nirvana Qi formed from two hundred thousand Nirvana pills.

In addition, after absorbing the two hundred thousand Nirvana pills, Little Flame’s breakthrough was clearly still not fully complete. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong immediately tossed out another three hundred thousand Nirvana pills. Such a huge amount caused Little Marten to make a little noise, Lin Dong only had about one and a half million Nirvana pills which he had practically risked his life for, yet, he had fished out almost a third of it just for Little Flame. Even practitioners from various high rank empires would find it difficult to enjoy such a luxury.

“Haha, as long as this fellow can absorb it all, giving all my remaining Nirvana pills to him will not be a problem.” When he heard Little Marten grumble, Lin Dong merely laughed as he declared.

For the sake of becoming stronger and staying by his side, Little Flame had endured even the pain of extracting its bones. How could his contribution of merely Nirvana pills compare?

“Let us see exactly what this fellow will transform into next……” Little Marten lazily said before raising its head as the burning scarlet flames reflected in its eyes.

After Lin Dong once again cast in three hundred thousand Nirvana pills, Little Flame clearly possessed enough Nirvana Qi again. To absorb such an enormous amount of Nirvana Qi, it used an entire three days and nights.

After three full days, Little Flame’s body was now completely engulfed by Nirvana fire.

While its body was as still as a statue within the flames, terrifying undulations that were hammered into shape by the raging inferno stealthily spread outwards.

When dawn of the fourth day embraced the mountain range, the vast flood of Nirvana pills had already become extremely sparse, while the Nirvana fire that enveloped the enormous figure had also weakened substantially. Evidently, the three hundred thousand Nirvana pills had already been thoroughly absorbed by Little Flame.

Lin Dong silently sat on a rock atop the mountain peak. His unblinking gaze was glued onto the figure within the flames. Over the past four days, his eyes had not rested for even a moment, but not only was he not the least bit tired, there was instead an extremely intense expectation and curiosity in his eyes.


Nirvana fire soared into the air as the enormous figure within seemed to tremble violently before suddenly raising its head. As it opened its huge mouth, the remaining Nirvana pills and Nirvana fire in the sky was completely devoured by it.

As the last wisps of Nirvana fire was swallowed into its body, the enormous figure finally clearly appeared before Lin Dong’s and Little Marten’s eyes.

It was a giant tiger that was pitch-black like ink. When the rays of the sun shined upon its body, it gave off a metallic lustre. Humongous black wings were folded on its back while the squirming feathers on them seemed to flicker with an icy cold glint that was as sharp as the edge of a blade. In the face of this icy cold glint, even Nirvana stage practitioners would shiver.

Moreover, its tiger eyes that appeared pitch-black faintly seemed to give off an endless aura of brutality.

It was just like a peerless ferocious tiger from a savage land!


The giant black tiger roared at the sky, resulting in an almost solid sound wave sweeping outwards. Immediately, the mountain peak split apart, forming an enormous crack.

At the same time, a ferocious and vigorous to the extreme aura suddenly exploded from its body. The aura was one that had truly reached the Nirvana stage!

Evidently, Little Flame had advanced to the Nirvana stage!

“Success!” Astonishing delight abruptly shot out from Lin Dong’s eyes. Little Flame had finally reached the Nirvana stage!

Just as the delighted Lin Dong was about to stand up, the giant black tiger that Little Flame had transformed into did not immediately pounce over, but instead roared at Lin Dong before sitting down like a human. Meanwhile, Lin Dong felt an undulation that made even his scalp feel numb abruptly spread out from Little Flame’s body.

The instant this undulation spread outwards, Little Flame’s metallic black body strangely turned scarlet red, while plumes of white smoke constantly emerged from its body.


The surface of the mountain peak started to dry up at an alarming rate. Numerous cracks spread out as the forest on the mountain peak instantly wilted.

“What’s going on?” As he watched Little Flame, Lin Dong’s expression immediately changed as he urgently asked.

“This fellow.” Little Marten was also shocked for a moment, before it solemnly watched the now seated Little Flame and muttered, “Its actually starting the Nirvana Tribulation, it plans to pass the Nirvana Tribulation!”

“What?!” Lin Dong’s body violently trembled, clearly greatly alarmed by this. He shouted in a low voice, “What is this brat doing! How can it dare to so careless attempt the Nirvana Tribulation!”

The Nirvana Tribulation was the greatest fear of Nirvana practitioners. Among those of the Nirvana stage, more than fifty percent fell not in battle, but during the Nirvana Tribulation. Every Nirvana Tribulation was extremely terrifying and the slightest slip would cause all of one’s cultivation to be completely destroyed, causing one had to everything transform into dust.

Thus, this explained why Lin Dong’s expression had turned so grim when he heard that Little Flame dared to challenge the Nirvana Tribulation immediately after reaching the Nirvana stage,

“No need to be so worried. This stupid tiger has fused with the Heavenly Devil Tiger bone and it is likely the remnant energy within the tiger bone that forced it to start the Nirvana Tribulation. However, this is good. Since the Nirvana Tribulation was initiated from within, if it successfully passes, it will be able to perfectly fuse with the Heavenly Devil Tiger bone and no longer face the tiniest bit of rejection.” Little Marten’s twinkled in thought as it explained.

“When this fellow advanced to the Nirvana stage, its intelligence had also greatly increased. If it knew that it had no chance, it would not dare to be so reckless. In any case, there is no point in worrying now, let’s just wait and see.” In the end, Little Marten helplessly sighed. Evidently, the development of this situation was out of its expectations.

Lin Dong’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together and could only gravely nod his head. He lifted his head as he watched the now scarlet red Little Flame, while his originally calmed down heart started to thud violently once again.

In the next half a day, the terrifyingly hot undulations from Little Flame’s body grew stronger and stronger. In the end, even Lin Dong and Little Marten could not longer endure and were forced to withdraw from the hundred foot radius around the mountain peak.

Only when they exited the mountain peak did they realise that all the trees within a hundred foot radius of the peak had withered completely, an extremely spectacular sight.

“The Nirvana Tribulation is indeed frightening. No wonder Nirvana practitioners view it as if it were a peerless beast.” Lin Dong could not help but mutter when he saw this sight.

Although he had yet to personally experience it, just thinking about how much destruction such terrifying undulations exploding from within his body could cause was enough to make him feel fearful.

The terrifying undulations from the mountain peak lasted for a whole half a day. Only when the night slowly started to creep across the land did Lin Dong finally sense the terrifying undulations begin to swiftly disperse.

“Is the Nirvana Tribulation over?”

When he sensed this, Lin Dong’s instantly became alert as he hastily cast his gaze towards the mountaintop. Due to the high temperature, the mountaintop was covered in mist, and for a time, nothing could be clearly seen.


The moment Lin Dong cast his gaze towards the mountaintop, a heavy thud echoed out from the thick white mist. Almost immediately after, Lin Dong watched as a figure slowly walked out from the white mists……