Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 481 Fusing The Tiger Bones

Chapter 481 Fusing The Tiger Bones


Chapter 481 Fusing The Tiger Bones

After leaving the beast valley, Lin Dong did not immediately leave the depths of the mountain. Instead, he flew towards the inner sanctum of the mountain range that were inaccessible to outsiders. Little Flame was going to fuse with the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones and use this to attack Nirvana stage. When that moment arrived, it would definitely attract a lot of attention. Therefore, these remoted areas would be the most suitable.

After flying towards the inner sanctum of the mountain range for a few hours, Lin Dong gradually decided on his destination. Finally, he landed on an enormous and steep mountain peak.

The mountain reached up till ten thousand metres tall and it was bolted upright, making it extremely steep. Clouds and mist surrounded the mountain summit, making it hard for one to observe what was going on atop it.

“Here’s the place.”

Lin Dong’s figure landed on the mountain summit. After glancing around the area, he then nodded his head with satisfactory. With a pull of his sleeves, Little Flame leapt out from within.

At the same time, Little Marten leisurely appeared. It then casted a glance at Little Flame and said, “Stupid tiger, Grandpa Marten knows that you already possessed some level of spiritual intelligence now. Therefore, I want to explain clearly to you that even though you possess a transforming physique, your bloodline is far too mediocre and it even pales in comparison to the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger’s. Hence, it will be quite dangerous for you to fuse with the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones.”

Upon hearing these words, Li Dong’s facial expression changed slightly. It seemed like he wanted to say something though he did not do so eventually. Little Flame was merely an ordinary Fire Python Tiger and if it were not for its rare transforming physique, it could not have reached this level in its entire lifetime.

“Your bloodline is far too mediocre. Even if you possess the rare transforming physique, due to your bloodline, your ability is severely limited. Thus, if you really want to be more powerful, you will have to take this risk. Otherwise, I think that it’s better for Lin Dong to send you back to the Great Yan Empire in the future. The outside world is far too dangerous and you are not powerful enough. Therefore, you will only be a deadweight to Lin Dong if you continue to follow him,” Little Marten said indifferently.

Little Flame’s tiger eyes were shimmering gently. Clearly, it understood what Little Marten had meant. Following which, Little Flame’s gaze stopped on Lin Dong and then, it let out a deep and low roar

Even though Lin Dong could not understand the meaning behind Little Flame’s roar, he could sense the decision that Little Flame had made. Soon after, he heaved a deep breath and looked at Little Marten and said, “Let’s do it. I will have to leave it to you.”

“Heh, as a matter of fact, this stupid tiger is rather brave. That’s good too. If you can pass through this ordeal, you shall undergo a metamorphosis,” Little Marten chuckled. Soon after, Little Marten’s eyes became gradually sombre and it nodded it’s head slowly.


Lin Dong waved his sleeves before the pitch-black, black metal-like Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones landed heavily on the floor. Meanwhile, a faint tyrannical aura pervaded the air.

“To fuse the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones into its body, we must first take out its bones. In a nutshell, we need to remove the original tiger bones. This step is rather dangerous as a slight mistake would destroy its bones and kill the beast,” Little Marten warned with a low voice as it looked at the intimidating Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones.

“Lin Dong, two hundred thousand Nirvana pills!”

Upon hearing Little Marten’s yell, Lin Dong tossed out his Qiankun bag without any hesitations. Immediately, numerous perfectly round and fiery Nirvana pills whizzed through the air and became a huge energy current that gathered at the mountain peak. As the Nirvana Qi diffused through the air, the entire mountain seemed to be blazing with flames all of a sudden.

“Nirvana Flames, freeze!”

Little Marten’s hand-seal began to change. Numerous purplish-dark light beams shot out of its claws and went right through the huge energy current that was made up of the Nirvana Qi.

Boom boom!

As the light beams entered, the energy current suddenly became warped. In a flash, scarlet flames erupted from the energy current. Meanwhile, under the burning of the intense flames, even the space of nothingness showed signs of distortion.

“Little Flame, if you can’t endure this step, you won’t be able to proceed with the rest of the procedure,” Little Marten said with a grave look on its face. With a swipe of its claw, the Nirvana Flames swoop down and engulfed Little Flame’s body.

Creak creak!

As the Nirvana Flames engulfed Little Flame’s body, Lin Dong could see with his own eyes that the scale armour on the latter’s body melted in an instant.


A mournful roar came out from the raging Nirvana Flames and resounded throughout the mountain range.

Lin Dong looked at the intense Nirvana Flames, where Little Flame was struggling frantically, without batting an eyelid. Indistinctly, Lin Dong could see that Little Flame’s body was becoming increasingly distorted under the blazing flames. It was as if its flesh were cooked into a liquid-like state.

The mournful roar continued for around ten minutes before gradually fading away. However, this did not mean that the pain was over. It was merely because Little Flame’s mouth was being burned away and it could no longer roar.

Within the raging Nirvana Flames, Little Flame’s body was gradually becoming a ball of badly mangled flesh. If it were not for the weak signal of life that Lin Dong could still sense, he would have thought that Little Flame had already lost its life.

“Take out the tiger bones!”

A fierce look swiped across Little Marten’s eyes. As Little Marten stretched forwards its claws, the purplish-dark light beams materialized into a huge hand. The hand reached into the Nirvana Flames and pierced right through the ball of bloody mess and then made a ferocious tug.


A set of death-pale, slightly warped tiger bones was ripped out from the ball of flesh by Little Marten!

As Lin Dong saw this scene, his body trembled involuntarily and both his palms were tightly clenched. He could feel the terrifying agony that Little Flame was going through at this moment.

The sight of burning body and removing of bones would make ordinary people trembled with fear. Yet this situation was actually being displayed by Little Flame now.

“Lin Dong, the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones!” Little Marten’s sombreness was intimidating and at the same time, its yell rang across Lin Dong’s ears.


Lin Dong fiercely clenched his teeth and blasted his palm onto the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones. Accompanied by a metallic-like sound, the bones flew straight into the Nirvana Flames.

At the moment when the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones entered the Nirvana Flames, the ball of mangled flesh wiggled frantically as it had sensed something. Following which, the flesh entwined with the bones bit by bit.

Bang bang grumble!

As the flesh entwined with the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones, the latter emitted a dark radiance that attempted to bounce off the flesh completely. Even so, the flesh still persevered unremittingly in entwining with the bones like a sticky candy.

“The Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones still contained the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s imprint. This will resist the fusion with Little Flame. However, there’s nothing much we can do and it solely depends on Little Flame to overcome it itself,” Little Marten said as it wiped off the sweat on its forehead and stared at the Nirvana Flames.

“Furthermore, Little Flame’s Demonic Spirit is integrated with its flesh. However, it can stay in this state for only an hour. If it can’t fuse with the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones within an hour, it will lose its life.”

Lin Dong nodded his head silently. Then, he sat down cross-leggedly and stared at the flames without batting an eyelid. His heartbeat quickened unconsciously as well.

The fight between the flesh and the tiger bones continued for nearly half an hour in the intense flames. As time passed, Lin Dong’s eyes were getting increasingly bloodshot. This made Little Marten shook its head helplessly. It had never seen Lin Dong losing control of his emotions like this after knowing the latter for so long.

Another ten minutes passed and soon, an hour would have passed. Finally, Lin Dong could help but stood up and nervously paced to and fro.


Lin Dong’s footsteps stopped and he raised his head abruptly. Then, he scurried forward and threw his hands into the Nirvana Flames involuntarily. He knew that if this dragged on any further, Little Flame might really lose its life on the spot!


However, just as Lin Dong’s hands were about to make contact with the Nirvana Flames, the raging Nirvana Flames expanded abruptly. That impact pushed Lin Dong backward several steps.

“Don’t be rash, Lin Dong!”

Little Marten appeared in front of Lin Dong and stared tightly at the Nirvana Flames. It seemed that the fight within the flames had stopped. Vaguely, an enormous creature could be seen standing silently in the midst of the flames. A fearsome aura, which was numerous times stronger than the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s a few days ago, swept across the area. It was as if a prehistoric beast had awaken!

“Did we succeed?” Lin Dong’s eye pupils dilated as he sensed the exceedeingly fearsome aura.


Under the attentives gazes from Lin Dong and Little Marten, within the Nirvana Flames, the enormous creature raised its head and let out a deafening tiger roar that echoed through the air.

As the spine-chilling and powerful tiger roar echoed through the air, numerous Demonic Beasts in the mountain range trembled with fear and trepidation.

“The might of the Heavenly Demonic Tiger!” Little Marten muttered as elation gushed through its eyes.

The tiger roar majestically resounded through Heaven and Earth. Following which, the raging Nirvana Flames pour frantically into the body of the enormous creature as if it was being attracted to something. At the same time, the hovering energy current transformed into blazing Nirvana Qi and descended in a steady flow. Finally, these Nirvana Qi were completely devoured by that enormous creature!

“This stupid tiger is preparing to attack the Nirvana stage….” Little Marten laughed as it saw this scene. From its laughter, it seemed that Little Marten had a load off its mind.


Lin Dong dropped his body and sat back onto the ground. His heavy heart had finally settled down.