Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 479 Retreating in fear

Chapter 479 Retreating in fear


Chapter 479 Retreating in fear


That powerful martial art attack exploded completely in mid-air. However, despite being blasted by the powerful explosion, the black lightning palm still landed ruthlessly on the bodies of the appalled Chen Dong duo.

“Buzz buzz!”

A deep and low sound erupted from their bodies. Like a breakaway kite, their bodies were being knocked back. Then, they violently spat out a mouthful of blood and their breathing became ragged almost instantly. Clearly, Lin Dong’s attack had injured them severely.

As the practitioners from the two high-ranked empires around the valley witnessed this scene, their facial expression drastically changed while their shocked stares were locked on to Lin Dong. Previously, based on Chen Mo’s astonished gasp, they already knew that the seemingly half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner was actually a Heaven Symbol Master. Even then, they felt that given the Chen Dong duo’s Nirvana stage’s capabilities, it should be an easy task for them to stall Lin Dong even if they could not defeat him. However, the current scene of them being blasted off by a single palm from him appeared to have destroyed the fantasy in their minds completely.

“How is this possible!?”

At the same time, Chen Mo’s face, who had been observing Lin Dong along, turned extremely grim when he saw what had happened. Indistinctly, a worried look flashed across his eyes. The current situation appeared to have spun out of their control.

Chen Mo clenched his teeth. He dodged the Bloody Soul Puppet’s frenzied attack and cast a sweeping glance at Teng Hu’s side. At this moment, under the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger’s fevered offense, Teng Hu fell into a disadvantageous position and could only use his powerful martial arts to forcefully fight back. Apparently, this situation would not last long. Not only were the Demonic Beasts stronger than humans, but they had far more endurance than humans as well. Once humans were engaged in a deadlocked match with them, it would not be a good news to the former.

“Everyone, listen to me, let’s kill this lad together!” Chen Mo suddenly shouted as his eyes flickered with ghastliness.

Given the current situation, they must first get rid of Lin Dong. Otherwise, he could not escape the Blood Soul Puppet’s attacks. And if he could not get his hands free, Teng Hu was bound to be defeated by the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger.


There were quite a lot of men from the two high-ranked empires in the valley. Therefore, when they heard Chen Mo’s order, they replied in unison. Soon after, numerous powerful beams of Yuan Power erupted and blasted towards Lin Dong with an earth-shattering force.

Lin Dong hovered in the mid-air and glanced mockingly at the two high-ranked empires incoming practitioners from under his straw hat. Then, with a flip of his palm, his Devouring Power swept out abruptly and formed a dark canopy that enshrouded the area.

Devouring World.

This time around, Lin Dong did not bring out its maximum power and the area that the canopy enshrouded was not too big. Nonetheless, it should be enough to deal with these minor characters.

Pfft pfft!

Those incoming practitioners flew directly into the Devouring World as they were caught unprepared. Apparently, they were far weaker than Lei She and his counterparts. That was because their powers were completely devoured by the Devouring World in less than ten seconds. Immediately, they fell down helplessly from the sky and landed heavily in the valley. A series of faint groans could be heard from within the valley.

“Who exactly is this guy!?”

Indistinctly, Chen Mo’s eyes were overwhelmed with horror when he saw his henchmen being completely drained. Clearly, he could not comprehend how his previously vigorous henchmen landed up in this state in less than ten seconds.

“You bastard!”

Lin Dong’s actions had attracted much attention. Therefore, even Teng Hu, who was being forced by the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger to a sorry state, could sense what was going on and involuntarily cursed in rage.

“You still dare to be distracted now?”Just as Teng Hu finished his sentence, the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger’s eyes gushed with killer intent and it hurled its tiger paw forward. An ear-piercing tiger whistle then swept across the area. Following which, a turbulent energy wave blasted towards Teng Hu ferociously.

Facing such violent attack from the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger, Teng Hu’s facial expression changed drastically. Suddenly, his body began to tremble and then inflated abruptly. In the twinkling of an eye, he transformed into a tiger-like beast that was roughly the same size as the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger. The martial art that this fellow practised was somewhat similar to the Devil Ape Transformation that Lin Dong practised in the past.


As the two gigantic tigers collided fiercely, all the huge rocks within a hundred feets were crushed to powder by the powerful energy erupted from the collision. Numerous thick and solid cracks extended throughout the ground like a spiderweb.

Teng Hu’s body ricocheted backwards. Both his feet were half a metre deep in the ground, leaving a deep mark in the ground of the valley. Even though he practised this kind of unique body transformation martial art, his powers were still lacking compared to the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger’s.

“How dare you dream about snatching the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bone with that lousy martial of yours, you’re obviously courting death!” Apparently, the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger was extremely angry with the fact that it was being subdued by these people previously. As such, its attacks were extremely ruthless and it did not even give Teng Hu any chances to take a breather. Taking a step forward, its gigantic body surged with a dense smell of blood once again. Then, it pounced on Teng Hu, whose qi and blood was churning inside of his body.

When Teng Hu saw the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger pounced over once again, a grim look appeared on his face. However, since there was no way he could dodge the attack, he could only directly face it.


While Teng Hu was being forced into a rather perilous state by the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger, on the other side, Chen Mo was not in any better shape as well. Currently, the Blood Soul Puppet’s powers were comparable to a One Yuan Nirvana Stage practitioner’s powers. Therefore, even when Chen Mu went all-out on his attacks, he could only fight evenly against the Blood Soul Puppet and he was not able to gain the upper hand.

Furthermore, Lin Dong, who had completely wiped out the men from the two high-ranked empires, was carrying out sneak attacks now. In this case, Chen Mo, who was not able to gain any upper hands in the first place, was now in a dire straits.

In addition, Lin Dong’s sneak attacks were extremely cunning. Not only did he not need to face his opponent directly, he managed to use his powerful Mental Energy to carry out unpredictable attacks that caused Chen Mo to be extremely vexed. In a moment of rage, the Blood Soul Puppet caught a mistake and ruthlessly landed a punch on his body.


Even though Chen Mo had passed through the Nirvana Tribulation once, the Blood Soul Puppet’s punch that landed on him was no trifling matter. Thus, instantly, Chen Mo’s face turned pale-white and he let out a groan.


After a single attack, Lin Dong was able to completely dominate his enemy. Following which, with a jolt of his mind, the Bloody Soul Puppet’s attacks suddenly became violent and intense. In fact, Chen Mo was denied of the chance to even readjust the qi and blood in his body.

“Damned lad!”

After being harassed constantly, Chen Mo flew into a rage. However, he secretly began to conceive the thought of retreating. Given the current situation, it was clear that they would not be able to successfully obtain the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bone. In fact, they might even end up worse off.

While his eyes glimmered, Chen Mo finally clenched his teeth and let out a sharp whistle from his mouth.

The sharp whistle echoed throughout the valley, letting everyone heard it loud and clear.

When those extremely weak practitioners from the two high-ranked empires heard the whistle, they hastily struggled to stand up. Then, after taking a look at each other, they fled the valley like a flash flood. It seemed that Chen Mo’s whistle was a signal of retreat.

Once again, Teng Hu was viciously knocked back by the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger, while he vomited out a mouthful of blood. After glancing at his fleeing men with an ashen expression, Teng Hu finally let out a resentful grunt and threw a spiteful gaze at Lin Dong.

“Kid, you had better watch out, don’t let me find out who you are, otherwise I will tear you into pieces!” Teng Hu bellowed. Initially, today’s plan was a sure-fire, however, the sudden appearance of Lin Dong had destroyed everything. How could this not enrage him.

After finishing his sentence, Teng Hu did not stay any longer. Today’s mission had been a failure. If he carried on fighting, he would probably suffer more than a minor injury. Immediately, with a jolt of his body, he transformed into a red streak and fled the place. After a while, he disappeared from the valley.

After the men from the two high-ranked empires retreated hastily, the turmoiled valley gradually quietened down. Only the crushed rocks and huge cracks on the ground could prove that there was epic battle in this place previously.

Lin Dong looked at the retreating empires with a serene face and smiled indifferently. As for Teng Hu’s threat, he merely ignored it. This is the so-called fearless. He offended a lot of people but he did not care about them at all.

Lin Dong waved his hand lightly and the Blood Soul Puppet stood behind him silently. The dangerous aura that it was emitting previously had been withdrawn.

At this moment, the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger was panting heavily. Apparently, the previous epic battle was not an easy one. Then, it raised its head and looked at Lin Dong. The was a red glint flickering in its tiger eyes and there seemed be a brutal aura pervading the air.

Under his straw hat, Lin Dong’s eyes silently met with the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger’s eyes. He was not threatened by the despotic look in the tiger’s eyes at all. Therefore, after a while, Lin Dong plainly smiled, “Now, shall we talk about the price you are willing to pay?”

The Mighty Earthshaking Tiger narrowed its eyes and looked at the Bloody Soul Puppet behind Lin Dong. Then, it said, “I’m not like those ungrateful humans. Tell me, what is the price to pay!?”

However, as the tiger was speaking these words, its eyes were somewhat flickering.

Lin Dong stretched his body as if nothing had happened. Then, he pointed his finger towards the cave and laughed insipidly, “Awesome, give me the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bone and we can call it even.”