Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight

Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight


Chapter 477 A Fierce Fight

A muscular figure slowly walked out from the dark mountain cave before it finally appeared under the sunlight.

As the figure revealed itself, the air in the valley seemed to stealthily freeze, while a faint savage aura spread out in the air.

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little as he stared at the massive figure. It was several meters tall and looked just like a small-sized giant, while its body was covered in black steel-like fur. The most shocking thing about it was its head. Instead of a human head, there was a large tiger head.

Its sinister fangs had traces of blood on them and gave off a chilling sensation. Meanwhile, it’s slightly blood-red tiger eyes were filled with a savage bloodlust.

This was no ordinary Demonic Beast. This Mighty Earthshaking Tiger had obviously shed most of its beast form. If it was to pass through another one or two Nirvana Tribulations, it could completely leave behind its beast form.

The Mighty EarthShaking Tiger stood upright outside of the mountain cave. It’s savage killing aura, which enveloped its body, looked as if it was life-like and it felt sharp like knives.

When the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger appeared, all the troops from the two high rank empire’s faces changed and there was immediately a tinge of fear in their eyes. It seems like that savage pressurizing aura emerging from the former’s body caused their breathing to turn ragged.

“Regardless of your motive, get out of this beast valley immediately!”

That Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s eyes were filled with viciousness as it stared at the men from the two high grade empire. Following which, its deep growl ricocheted across the entire valley just like thunder. That piercing noise caused some weaker practitioner’s eardrums to ache.

“You can actually speak human language. Truly a demonic beast that has passed through a Nirvana Tribulation.” When Lin Dong saw this situation, he secretly praised it inside his heart. Other than Little Marten, this was the second time he saw a demonic beast that could speak.

“Haha, you are but a mere beast. How dare you be so arrogant. Do you really believe that you are invincible after passing through a Nirvana Tribulation? I know that you possess the corpse of a Heavenly Demonic Tiger. If you willingly surrender it, perhaps you can still remain as the king of this place.” The one speaking was a man dressed in grey clothes and there were a few peculiar tiger tattoos on his face. Both of his hands were behind his back and it seemed like he was not the slightest bit affected by the aura of that Mighty Earthshaking Tiger.

“That man should be be the head of Devil Tiger Empire, Teng Hu.” Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered.

“Do you want this king’s Heavenly Demonic Tiger bones?”

That Mighty Earthshaking Tiger’s pupils suddenly turned cold, before its large and solid palm gripped onto a large rock. Then, it viciously flung it toward Teng Hu. That splitting wind sound was extremely formidable.


When he saw the Mighty Earthshaking Tiger immediately attacking him, Teng Hu coldly snorted. With a wave of his palm, formidable Yuan Power forcewind gushed out and blasted that large rock into dust.

“A beast is still a beast and it won’t listen to reason. In that case, I shall take care of you as well. It just so happens that my friend here is quite interested in you. If he can successfully tame you, it would bring him much glory!”

A cold glow flowed in Teng Hu’s eyes. Promptly, he titled his head and turned to look at a man dressed in beast-like clothes, before he smiled and said: “Brother Chen Mo, how about we combine forces and take care of this beast?”

“Hehe, I have never fought such a powerful demonic beast. However, we have a deal. You shall get the Heavenly Demonic Tiger’s bones and I shall get this Mighty Earthshaking Tiger!” That man dressed in beast-like clothes had a burning glow in his eyes, as he stared at that Mighty Earthshaking Tiger. This man’s aura was quite powerful as well and it could rival Teng Hu. Evidently, he was the leader of Bestial Empire and he was also a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner.

“As you wish!”

Teng Hu laughed heartily. Promptly, his figure suddenly dashed out. At the same time, waves of formidable Yuan Power instantly swept forth. Following which, his formidable Yuan Power aura surrounding the entire valley, before it clashed against that Mighty Earthshaking Tiger.


At the same time, a formidable Yuan Power that would not lose out to Teng Hu, also erupted from within Chen Mo’s body. Instantly, the entire aura was surrounded by two men and one beast’s powerful auras. Due to their powerful auras, all the men from the two high rank empires, with the exception of the two Nirvana stage practitioners, found it difficult to breathe.


Savage Yuan Power swivelled amidst the valley. In the next instance, Teng Hu and Chen Mo’s expression suddenly turned cold, before both of their figures suddenly dashed forth.

“Heavenly Tiger Devour Space!”

Teng Hu hovered in mid-air, before the majestic Yuan Power gathered around his body, actually transformed into a giant Yuan Power tiger. As it roared at the heavens, a genuine tiger aura faintly emerged from it.

“Beast Trapping Seal!”

Chen Mo’s hand seals changed, before a large glowing seal promptly flew out. In a blink of an eye, it had appeared above that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger. Following which, countless light beams rained down from every direction, before it completely trapped the latter just like a glowing screen.

When the two of them attacked, they showed some chemistry. One man was in charge of attack, while the other took charge of defence. Furthermore, they had pretty good coordination.

That large Yuan Power tiger carried a menacing and formidable aura as it flashed across the sky, before it lighting-quick slammed against that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s body.

A deep explosive noise sounded out in the valley, while that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s muscular body was blown back a dozen over steps. Furthermore, each time it took a step back, the entire valley would tremble.


As it faced Teng Hu duo’s combined attack, that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger was evidently outraged. The bloodlust in its tiger’s eyes grew increasingly rich. As it roared at the heavens, a bloody energy immediately spurted out from within its body.


The Majestic Earthshaking Tiger viciously stomped its foot against the ground. Promptly, its figure transformed into a bolt of lightning as it tore through the sky. In a flash, it had appeared in front of Teng Hu before it delivered a tiger punch. Faintly, one could see that there was a hint of martial arts background in the way it moved and it’s aura was extremely formidable.

“Devil Tiger Fist!”

A cold glint alsof flashed across Teng Hu’s eyes. As his fists danced, they seemed to resemble that of a sinister and vicious tiger. Meanwhile, his fist also took the shape of a vicious and sinister tiger, before it solidly clashed against that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger.

A deep echo swept across the mountain valley, before Teng Hu’s body was forcefully blown away. Even though they were both at One Yuan Nirvana stage, in a real fight, he was evidently outclassed by the Majestic Earthshaking Tiger. For these types of demonic beast, once they develop intelligence, based on their naturally powerful physical bodies, humans at the same cultivation level would usually lose out to them.

Even though he was blown away, Teng Hu was fairly vicious as he immediately leapt back and fought with the Majestic Earthshaking Tiger. Instantly, large granites exploded in the mountain valley, while savage shockwinds swept forth, a pretty alarming sight.

While Teng Hu was fighting with the Majestic Earthshaking Tiger, Chen Mo lept into mid-air. After he whistled, every elite Bestial Empire practitioner in the surrounding valleys immediately made a move. Instantly, several Yuan Power light columns shot out, before they all gathered on Chen Mo’s body. Based on his expression, it seems like he was preparing for something.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he stared at that fearsome battle within the valley. As his eyes swept across the mountain cave, he was silent for a moment. However, he did not make a move. The two men and beast in the valley were no simple individuals. Even while they were fighting, their minds were locked on the mountain cave. Therefore, if Lin Dong showed up, he would definitely be discovered by them. At that time, those fellow may all charge towards him.

Even though his Blood Soul Puppet has been upgraded to a Grade One Soul Puppet, it was evidently not powerful enough to battle against three One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners.

Therefore, right now, he could only wait and see.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As this thought flashed across Lin Dong’s mind, the battle in the valley got increasingly intense. However, for this fight, the Mighty Earth Shattering Tiger evidently had the upper hand. In a one-to-one fight, it had no need to fear a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner.

Nonetheless, it was also obvious that Teng Hu had no intention of fighting seriously against it. Meanwhile, Teng Hu’s body was once again viciously blown away. As he tried to suppress the raging blood inside his body, there was a solemn glow in his eyes. Their Devil Tiger Empire’s martial arts were typically powerful and domineering. However, against a genuine Devil Tiger, even he felt geniunely troubled.

Just as his figure flew out, Teng Hu glanced at Chen Mu, who was hovering in mid-air, before he shouted out: “Brother Chen Mu, quickly make a move!”

In mid-air, when Chen Mu, whose entire body was enveloped by a powerful and peculiar glow, heard his words, he laughed heartily before his handseals changed: “Demonic Binds!”

Hua! La! La!

After Chen Mo shouted out, a crisp noise sounded out as countless chains formed from Yuan Power suddenly descended. The tips of these chains were extremely sharp. As they flashed across the horizon, they finally stabbed viciously into the Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s body. Furthermore, when those glowing symbols flowed along the chains and reached the Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s body, the bloody glow undulated on the latter’s body immediately began to weaken.

“Hehe, Bestial Empire specializes in dealing with demonic beasts like you. This time around, let’s see what you can do!” When he saw that the Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s bloody glow was rapidly weakening, Teng Hu involuntarily laughed.

“Despicable humans!”

That Majestic Earthshaking Tiger struggled frantically as it tried to remove those chains from its body. However, these chains seemed to possess a peculiar energy which had a suppressive effect on its body.

Teng Hu floated over, before he gripped his palm. Immediately, formidable Yuan Power quickly transformed into a Yuan Power spear. Meanwhile, a cold glint glimmered in his eyes.

As if it detected the killing intent in Teng Hu’s eyes, that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger began to growl immediately. A bloody glow continuously flowed, however it was forcefully locked down by those chains.

“I can help you solve your current problems. However, there will be a price to pay. Are you willing?”

Just as the blood-red glint in that Majestic Earthshaking Tiger’s eyes intensified, suddenly, a soft voice stealthily entered into its ears.

That Majestic Earthshaking Tiger, which was struggling manically, froze for a second before its tiger eyes lightning-quick scanned across the entire valley. After contemplating for a moment, it decisively nodded it’s head.