Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 476 The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger

Chapter 476 The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger


Chapter 476 The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger

“As long as you have the information I need, I will give you a satisfactory price…”

The bright gaze under Lin Dong’s bamboo hat gradually withdrew as he let out a soft laughter. His tone did not contain any hint of eagerness. He had dealt with these kinds of shrewd people before and knew that these fellows loved to ask for sky-high prices.

“Hehe,” the lean guy chuckled before continuing, “I shall not beat around the bush and I don’t want to lie to you. I do know a thing or two about this issue. However, this information can’t be divulged at will, otherwise, I will be in deep trouble.”

“Say your price,” Lin Dong said in an indifferent manner.

“Twenty thousand Nirvana pills! Don’t complain about the high price as there are extra implications involved with this matter. I’m afraid my life will be in danger if they knew that I divulged this information,” The lean man licked his lips and said.

Under his bamboo hat, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. After a moment of silence, he threw out a Qiankun bag and said, “There are ten thousand Nirvana pills here. As for the rest, I will decide after you have told me what you know.”

The lean man hastily received the bag. After hesitating for a moment, he spoke in a low voice, “A thousand miles north from here lies a beast valley. Inside the beast valley are numerous Demonic Beasts and most of them are comparable to Nirvana stage practitioners. Reportedly, the overlord of this beast valley is as powerful as a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner, the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger.

“A One Yuan Nirvana stage Demonic Beast….” Lin Dong’s pupils enlarged a little. Soon after, he furrowed his brows and said, “I’m not looking for the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger. Are trying to scam me?”

“Heh, don’t be anxious and let me finish,” the lean man laughed oddly before continuing, “According to our intelligence, there’s a Heavenly Devil Tiger bone in the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger’s nest. The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger obtained the bone by luck and is preparing to use it to pass the second Nirvana Tribulation.”

“Heavenly Devil Tiger bone!”

Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly lit up. However, his voice still remained composed, “A dead one?”

“Brother, if you want to find a live Heavenly Devil Tiger, I’m afraid you will have go to the legendary Demon City. I can swear that there are none in the Ancient Battlefield,” the lean man replied.

“Lin Dong, the tiger bone will work too as the power of the bloodline is definitely within it. The Heavenly Devil Tiger clan concentrate their power in the bones, hence their bones are the most powerful part of their bodies and where their essence is contained!” Little Marten’s voice rang out in Lin Dong’s mind. Its voice seemed to contain a trace of happiness as it did not expect to actually obtain the news of the three tiger species in the Ancient Battlefield.

Upon hearing Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong softly heaved a sigh of relief, feeling somewhat pleased. If Little Flame could make use of this chance and advance to the Nirvana stage, it would inevitably be a formidable aid to Lin Dong.

“If you really desire the Heavenly Devil Tiger bone, perhaps you should set out as soon as possible because there are already two high rank empires preparing to act on this information. I took the risk of obtaining the information from them, therefore, the price of twenty thousand Nirvana pills is not expensive,” the lean man grinned as he reminded Lin Dong.

“Oh?” Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. He took out another eleven thousand Nirvana pills and said, “This is payment for the information. As for the surplus, tell me all you know about these two high rank empires.”

The lean man accepted the Nirvana pills quickly while the smile on his face grew increasingly wider.

He then said, “The ones who are after the Heavenly Devil Tiger bone are the Devil Tiger Empire and the Bestial Empire. The martial arts that the former practises are largely associated with tigers. The reason why they are after the Heavenly Devil Tiger’s bone this time should be to master a powerful martial art. As for the Bestial Empire, it is a unique empire that uses Demonic Beasts’ to battle and are rather troublesome.”

“Furthermore, these two high rank empires each have a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner and a Nirvana stage practitioner subordinate. As the half-step-to Nirvana stage, there are also quite a few. I’m afraid it will not be an easy task to seize the Heavenly Devil Tiger bone from their hands,” Clearly, the lean man’s last sentence contained hints of a warning. From his perspective, the person standing in front of him might be mysterious, but he would have to be crazy to do something stupid like single-handedly challenging two high rank empires.

“Two One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners, two Nirvana stage practitioners…..”

Under the bamboo hat, astonishment swept across Lin Dong’s face. The might of these two high rank empires were far greater than the Great Crow Empire he had encountered at Thunder Granite Valley previously. Looks like the strength disparity amongst high rank empires was rather wide.

“Many thanks.”

As soon as Lin Dong got the information he needed, he did not plan to stay any longer and bidded the lean man farewell before turning around, leaving the latter behind. The lean man looked at Lin Dong’s back and shook his head helplessly. In his opinion, Lin Dong was just an impulsive fellow who had gone crazy over an artifact.

After leaving the central information exchange bazaar, Lin Dong immediately left the city. He summoned Little Flame and flew towards the beast valley without delay.

“Lin Dong, this trip will be much more dangerous than Devil Cliff City. These two high rank empires each have a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. Furthermore, the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger isn’t some easy target. If it can pass the Nirvana Tribulation, its intelligence will not be low at all. It will not be easy to seize the Heavenly Devil Tiger bone from them,” At this moment, Little Marten appeared and said.

“The information on the Heavenly Devil Tiger is hard to come by. If we miss it, we won’t know when our next chance will come. Those two empires might be troublesome to deal with, however, they do not know about us after all and still need to fight it out with the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger. If we can grasp this chance, it might not be impossible for us to succeed,” Lin Dong chuckled. Naturally, he knew about the difficulty of this mission. However, he had put in a lot of effort to obtain the information on the Heavenly Devil Tiger and he could not give up like this.

Upon seeing Lin Dong insist, Little Marten could only nod its head. I patted Little Flame, which was flapping its wing and flying through the air, and said, “This stupid tiger should have no complaints while following you. However, I believe that you will find it extremely worthwhile for what you have done for it in the future.”

Demonic Beasts which possessed transforming physiques were considered an extremely rare breed in the world of Demonic Beasts. No one could determine whether this foolish-looking tiger would become a world-shaking entity in the world of Demonic Beasts…..

“I already feel that it’s worth it….” Lin Dong grinned as he softly declared before slowly closing his eyes to take a rest.

When Lin Dong closed his eyes, he did not see what unfolded next. While Little Flame was diligently flapping its huge wings, a dignified look flickered in its eyes. Its eyes seemed to turn scarlet as its huge wings flapped increasingly fiercer.

Little Marten glanced at Little Flame. A sensitive being like him could naturally sense the subtle energy in the air. Immediately, it spread out its claw and vanished with a jerk of its body.

There was some distance between the beast valley and Lin Dong’s current location. However, with Little Flame’s high-speed flying, Lin Dong could feel the sound of the wind growing weaker after two hours. He slowly opened his eyes and immediately, an extremely vast prehistoric forest suddenly filled his eyes.

This forest towered on a vast piece of land land and exuded a heavy, rustic and ancient scent. It must have existed for quite a long time.

“Is this the mountain range where the beast valley is located……”

Lin Dong’s eyes flashed. Just as he was about to allow Little Flame to descend, several red streaks suddenly flashed across the sky. These red streaks materialized into a few figures that appeared before him.

“My friend, the Devil Tiger Empire and Bestial Empire have blocked off this place, please make a detour!” The four people who had appeared stared at Lin Dong vigilantly while greeting the latter. Their auras were extremely powerful and showed that they had reached the half-step-to Nirvana stage.

“Oh, sorry for the trouble.”

Lin Dong faintly smiled and did not make any unnecessary actions. Patting Little Flame, they turned around and left. When that four people saw how direct Lin Dong was, they were stunned for a moment before letting out a laugh. Most likely, they believed that Lin Dong was afraid of their two high rank empires. They turned around at once and flew towards the deeper areas of the mountain range.

As they turned and departed, they did not discover the ghost-like figure that was slowly and patiently tailing them……

Lin Dong’s figure swiftly moved through the prehistoric forest. In this forest, numerous huge trees reached high up into the sky. The canopy enshrouded the area and blocked even sunlight, causing the forest to be dim and gloomy.

The four figures continued flying forward while sprinkling some sort of powder along the way.

“Are they chasing away Demonic Beasts?” Lin Dong sniffed the powder. A hot and spicy smell began to overwhelm his nose as his eyebrows lifted themselves. No wonder these people could travel in and out so smoothly. It appeared that they had employed a unique method.

Along the way, Lin Dong quietly tailed the four people. After ten minutes, the gloomy forest finally came to an end as a gigantic valley appeared before Lin Dong’s eyes.

On the cliff of the valley, one could vaguely see some figures. Looks like the two high rank empires had already started dealing with the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger.

Lin Dong moved his body and bizarrely appeared in a hidden spot on the cliff after quite some time. He shifted his gaze toward the inner sanctum of the valley. The valley was extremely vast and there were numerous Demonic Beasts within. However, most of the Demonic Beasts were now lying on the ground. It appeared that they were not killed, but rather being put to coma by some kind of medicine.

At this moment, two figures floated down from the cliff. When Lin Dong saw these two figures, his eye pupils immediately shrunk a little. From the auras that were surging through the two figures’ bodies, they must be the One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners from the two high rank empires……

“Come out Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger. We have been preparing for a very long time just for you….” The two people coldly laughed as they appeared.

Lin Dong’s gaze followed the duo’s, only to find a huge cave in the depths of the valley. Faintly, the earth seemed to tremble as a several hundred metres tall figure, which was accompanied with an astonishing pressure, slowly walked out from the shadow of the cave with a booming footsteps.

“Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger.”

As Lin Dong observed the enormous figure that had walked out of the cave, he gently exhaled and muttered to himself.