Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 473 Ancient Universe Formation

Chapter 473 Ancient Universe Formation


Chapter 473 Ancient Universe Formation

Lin Dong’s mind returned to his body, and the ancient formation floating above his Dantian once again appeared before his eyes.

The ancient glowing formation gave off a dim glow. Upon closer inspection, one would realize that the countless glowing lines within the formation were squirming while they changed. Due to this, the formation did not have a fixed shape, making it seem as if its appearance was changing every second.

Lin Dong carefully examined the ancient formation while thick awe flowed in his eyes. This formation was terrifyingly complex and it was difficult for him to imagine how such a complex formation could possibly exist.

“No matter how talented an ordinary person is, it would be impossible for them to create another formation like this even after countless tries,” Little Marten’s echoed in Lin Dong’s mind. It must have been paying close attention to this magical formation as well.

“Previously, this formation was kept inside the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat, concealing most of its abilities. I wonder if that was the original intention of its creator. In that case, even if someone else obtained the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat, he would only be able to combine two different types of energy.

When he heard Little Marten’s words, Lin Dong slowly nodded his head. This time around, if it were not for the fact that Shi Xuan accidentally tore apart the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat, and the formation inside had coincidentally tunneled into his body, he and Little Marten would have likely not realized how powerful this formation was.

“What should we do next?” Lin Dong asked. He was clueless on how to suppress this ancient formation. Therefore, he could only ask Little Marten for help.

“Most formations, regardless of how complex they are, are all cut from the same mould. Hence, there always exists a focal point within. As long as we can suppress that focal point, we can suppress the entire formation!” Little Marten’s voice slowly sounded out.

“Focal point.” Lin Dong gently furrowed his brows as he stared attentively at the ancient formation. The complexity of the formation caused his head to ache a little. After all, it was no simple feat to uncover the focal point of such a complex formation.

“The so-called focal point is the point where all the energy in the formation is gathered. Owing to the complex nature of this formation, if it does not stand still, even I would be unable to discover its focal point. However, since it is continuously draining your Yuan Power, you can use that to trace its focal point!”

When he heard these words, Lin Dong’s eyes brightened a little before he promptly nodded his head. Immediately, streams of Yuan Power quickly gushed out from his Dantian and poured into the ancient formation.

With regards to the Yuan Power that was delivered to its doorstep, the ancient formation did not turn them away as it completely absorbed all of it. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s mind slowly began to feel the direction the Yuan Power flowed.

This was fairly taxing work and the complexity of the ancient formation bedazzled even Little Marten. Therefore, Lin Dong failed repeated as he tried to follow the flow of Yuan Power, causing him to grow rather frustrated.

However, though he felt frustrated, he knew that this matter could not be rushed. Therefore, Lin Dong could only calm himself down, and keep trying to detect the flow of Yuan Power. Eventually, he quietly immersed himself into the extremely complex formation.

This search lasted for an extremely long time. Even for someone like Lin Dong, it still took a huge toll on his Mental Energy. Therefore, anyone else would have probably ended up committing suicide…


The inside of Lin Dong’s body was deathly silent. Moments later, an extremely faint buzzing suddenly echoed out from the ancient formation.

The instant the noise sounded out, Lin Dong immediately awoke. Promptly, an overwhelming joy surged from in his heart, while his gaze was tightly fixed onto a spot inside the ancient formation. He had finally discovered where the energy converged!

Little Marten, who was closely following the situation, finally heaved a sigh of relief. Looks like Lin Dong had finally found the focal point and though it took him quite a while to do so, it was a pretty good accomplishment…

“Now, I shall find out what waves you can stir!” Lin Dong suppressed the wild joy in his heart as he stared at the ancient formation. Finally, he smiled as he moved his mind. Promptly, a black-hole like symbol appeared above the formation, streams of Devouring Force emerging from it. It was the Ancestral Devouring Symbol.

The instant the Ancestral Devouring Symbol appeared, the ancient formation below seemed to have sensed something that could threaten its existence as the glow around it suddenly intensified.

This sudden change caused Lin Dong to be slightly taken aback and involuntarily exclaim in shock. He never expected a mere formation to actually possess such intelligence.


While his heart was still slightly in shock, Lin Dong focused his mind. Promptly, his Devouring Ancestral Symbol was once again under his control as it transformed into a black beam. Together with his mind, it charged into the ancient formation.

Buzz! Buzz!

After his Ancestral Devouring Symbol forcefully barged in, a peculiar buzzing noise immediately erupted from the ancient formation. A powerful suction force exploded, forcibly sucking Lin Dong’s mind into the formation.

The instant he was being sucked in, Lin Dong’s mind immediately went blank. However, he quickly recovered his senses. He saw a bright light that surrounded his body, and to his shock, he found that he was now in an unknown land. Countless crisscrossing glowing line surrounded him, while a path of light extended from his feet, faintly seeming as if it was the veins of the world.

“I am inside the formation!” Lin Dong was stunned when he saw this sight. He had actually been sucked into the formation.

Meanwhile, the Ancestral Devouring Symbol silently floated above Lin Dong, streams of Devouring Force continuously emerging to protect him.

Lin Dong looked to his front and saw a round glowing ball. An ancient yet profound sensation faintly emerged from it and there seemed to be ancient letters inscribed on its surface.

“Ancient Universe Formation!”

Lin Dong strained his eyes as he tried to decipher the ancient characters. Finally, he muttered to himself, “Is that the name of this formation? Wow, pretty arrogant. It actually dares to name itself after the universe.”

“Lin Dong, you are currently at the focal point of the formation. As long as you can suppress the glowing ball, you can control the formation.” Little Marten’s voice echoed from outside the ancient formation.

Lin Dong nodded his head. Without further ado, he deeply exhaled as his eyes turned serious. With a wave of his palm, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol immediately dashed forth, transforming into a black hole as it hovered above the glowing ball. Promptly, a powerful Devouring Force immediately swept out.

As if it sensed the intention of the Ancestral Devouring Symbol, the glowing ball began to squirm. Immediately, several pillars of light shot out and actually managed to deflect the Devouring Force from the Ancestral Devouring Symbol.

“Such a formidable formation…” Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk a little. Although he was still unable to fully bring out the power of the Ancestral Devouring Symbol with his current strength, this formation was after all not under anyone’s control. Yet, it was still able to defend itself against the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s power. This ancient formation was truly not simple.

“Nonetheless, regardless of how powerful you are, you are still an object without a master. Furthermore, this is my body and you have no right to do as you please!” Lin Dong’s eyes turned solemn. He must suppress this formation, or else, it would continuously drain his Yuan Power. If the formation grew increasingly powerful, it may even take over his body and cause him massive harm.


As Lin Dong urged on his Ancestral Devouring Symbol, the black hole grew larger and larger. Streams of majestic Devouring Force continuously invaded the glowing ball.

As it was being invaded by the Ancestral Devouring Symbol, the glowing ball desperately tried to resist, significantly slowing down the Devouring Force.


When he saw this stalemate, Lin Dong coldly snorted. With a flick of his mind, a white flash suddenly flew out from his body and directly headed into the Universe Formation. It transformed into a stone talisman as it appeared in front of Lin Dong.


Once the mysterious stone talisman arrived, under Lin Dong’s instructions, it immediately appeared beneath the glowing ball. A warm white glow emerged, joining the Devouring Force to form a peculiar black and white glowing screen.

However, what shocked Lin Dong the most was that this Devouring Force, which could supposedly devour everything, actually became gentle once it came into contact with white light from the stone talisman.

Thanks to this glowing screen, the vigorously resisting glowing ball finally showed signs of exhaustion. Evidently, against the combined might of two heavenly treasures, even this Ancient Universe Formation had no choice but to succumb!

A black and white glowing screen enveloped the glowing ball. One above and one below, two heavenly objects were completely suppressing the Ancient Universe Formation!

The tremors from the glowing ball finally disappeared. When Lin Dong saw this sight, a smile surfaced on his face. Thanks to the combined might of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the mysterious stone talisman, he was able to suppress the Ancient Universe Formation of unknown origin. From now on, this formation was his to wield!

Even though he had lost the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat, Lin Dong had gained an even more powerful and mysterious Ancient Universe Formation. This was truly a blessing in disguise!

“Shi Xuan, I really must thank you this time!’

Inside the mysterious ancient key space, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened. Promptly, the corners of his mouth moved to form an ice-cold smile as he muttered to himself.