Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 471 A Situation

Chapter 471 A Situation


Chapter 471 A Situation

Shi Xuan’s body appeared before Lin Dong in a flash. However, he did not launch any attacks on Lin Dong. Instead, he tried to grab the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat in front of Lin Dong. It appeared that he wanted to forcefully snatch the praying mat!


Naturally, Lin Dong could sense Shi Xuan’s motive. With a tinge of chilliness in his eyes, Lin Dong suddenly took a step forward. Immediately, the violent Yuan Power around his body erupted with brilliant rays of light that materialized into a gigantic glowing elephant.

“Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle!”

The gigantic glowing elephant was exuding a terrifying yet powerful aura. With an earth-shaking force, it charged towards Shi Xuan ruthlessly.

Bang bang!

The air beneath exploded due to that powerful impact. Following which, Shi Xuan’s eyes squinted before his facial expression changed abruptly into a fearsome one. Ignoring Lin Dong’s attack, he did not withdraw his hand and continued reaching for the praying mat.

He drooled at the thought of obtaining this praying mat – which was able to fuse two different kinds of energy. If he could obtain it, it would be a formidable weapon in his hands!

As for Lin Dong’s attack, even though it was violent and ferocious, Shi Xuan felt that there was no need for worry since he had already passed through one Nirvana Tribulation. In his opinion, even if he took Lin Dong’s attack head on, the latter still would not be able to handle him.

This is the confidence of a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner!

When Lin Dong saw Shi Xuan ignoring his attack and continue reaching for the praying mat, his eyes ashened. At that moment, the gigantic glowing elephant, which was accompanied by an terrifying force, ram into Shi Xuan’s body ruthlessly.


At the very moment when the collision took place, the crisp sound of two metals crashing together erupted. The golden radiance on Shi Xuan’s body was surging wildly as he tried to withstand the powerful impact by force.

Under the powerful impact, Shi Xuan’s outstretched hand became increasingly slower. And finally, his hand froze while it was still a few metres away from the praying mat.

“Get lost!”

As Lin Dong bellowed, his body erupted with a resplendent golden radiance as well. Soon after, the golden radiance began to extend and materialized into a gigantic glowing elephant within seconds. The golden radiance that it exuded was eye-glaring.

“Clank! Clang”

This time around, a more violent and loud sound echoed out. Just when Shi Xuan’s fingertips were about to make contact with the praying mat, his body was sent flying back. After taking a few steps in the air, he was then able to stabilize himself. At once, his face became exceptionally ashen. Clearly, the fact that Lin Dong was able to knock him back had exceeded his expectations.

However, even though Shi Xuan received such a devastating blow from Lin Dong, the former was still vigorous and lively without showing any signs of weakening. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong secretly felt apprehensive about Shi Xuan. Shi Xuan was truly worthy of being a practitioner who had passed through the Nirvana Tribulation. Such an attack would make an ordinary Nirvana stage practitioner’s blood to churn. Yet Shi Xuan appeared as if nothing had happened….

Shi Xuan stabilized his body. Apparently, the repeated failures in the recent events had humiliated him to the extreme.

Chilliness gushed through his eyes. Suddenly, he took aim at Lin Dong with his finger at a distance.

Swoosh swoosh!

Resplendent golden radiance, which was fused with extremely violent Yuan Power, gathered at Shi Xuan’s finger with a terrifying speed. This energy matched well with the glittering chilliness in his eyes. Everyone knew that he was really enraged this time around.

“Diamond Heaven Splitting Finger!”

The lightning-like golden radiance began to surge. In a matter of seconds, a golden light beam shot out violently from Shi Xuan’s fingertip at a speed that could not be seen by a naked eye.

This golden light beam was astonishingly intense. As the golden light beam whizzed through the air, it even seemed to leave down a faint gold-coloured mark in the space of nothingness.

Lin Dong’s eyes tightened as he saw the incoming golden light beam. At this moment, he could sense a strong sense of danger. Immediately, he whirled his palm before a black hole was formed on it.


The golden light beam approached ruthlessly. However, at the very moment when Lin Dong stretched out his hand, the golden light beam suddenly made a weird turn in its flight path. Instead of attacking Lin Dong, it blasted ferociously towards the praying mat in front of Lin Dong!

It was at this moment that Lin Dong realized that Shi Xuan’s target was not him but the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat. This fellow was indeed decisive. If he could not obtain it, he would destroy it!

Undoubtedly, this move was extremely vicious and it had exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations as well. Therefore, when Lin Dong saw the golden light beam made an abrupt turn in its flight path, it was already too late for him to react.


The golden light beam landed squarely on the praying mat. Instantly, wild and powerful energy waves swept across the area. After being hit by such a powerful attack, numerous cracks ripped across the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat before Lin Dong’s shocked eyes.

The Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat was not a Soul Treasure and it did not have much properties, except for the fact that it could fuse Mental Energy and Yuan Power. Therefore, when it was hit by Shi Xuan’s all-out attack, it could not bear the damage and eventually collapsed.

“Creak! Crack!”

The cracks began to extend rapidly. Finally, under Lin Dong’s despaired gaze, the praying mat exploded and filled the sky with glittering lights.

The Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat was destroyed by Shi Xuan!

Shi Xuan, who was standing in a distance, sneered at this sight. Even though it was a pity to destroy the praying mat, it was still better than allowing Lin Dong to keep it.

However, while the glitters of light floated in the sky, everyone including Lin Dong did not discover that a beam of light shot out from the sky of glittering lights. And because Lin Dong was standing behind the praying mat, he was the first person that the beam of light came into contact with.

After it made contact with Lin Dong’s body, the beam of light disappeared without the slightest bit of abnormalities, to the extent that even Lin Dong did not discover anything.

Lin Dong’s face was gloomy. Apparently, he did not expect to be fooled by Shi Xuan, who brazenly destroyed the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat in front of him.

Lin Dong clearly understood the importance of the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat. Even an experienced individual like Little Marten would find it rather troublesome to fuse different types of powers together. This certainly showcased the value of the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat. Therefore, Lin Dong suffered a considerably big loss when the praying mat was destroyed by Shi Xuan!


Lin Dong’s eyes looked sinister. Surging Mental Energy, accompanied by the rage in his heart, erupted and filled the Heaven and Earth in a flash. Suddenly, violents gales were swept up and storm clouds were formed and thunder rolls resounded throughout the sky.

“Such powerful Mental Energy. Did this guy really just attain the Heaven Symbol Master recently? How does he have such powerful Mental Energy!”

Upon seeing the Heaven and Earth were filled with powerful Mental Energy, the onlookers on the citywall broke into an uproar. Even Shi Xuan squinted his eyes slightly.

“Devouring Thunder Palm!”

A huge, silver, snake-like lightning suddenly shot down from the sky. As Lin Dong struck out his palm, that lightning materialized into a black lightning palmprint which blasted towards Shi Xuan ruthlessly.

As Shi Xuan saw the incoming black lightning palm, he did not dare to hesitate. He could sense an odd aura coming from the lightning palm and hence, he did not dare to overlook it. Immediately, he activated his Yuan Power and formed a huge palmprint, which in turn collided ferociously with the lightning palm.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lightnings were ripping non-stop through the sky. After the lightning palm collided with Shi Xuan’s attack, a deafening explosive sound resounded throughout the sky.

On the citywall, as the onlookers watched the two individuals engaged in an extremely furious battle, they licked their lips silently. Clearly, they were very surprised at how Lin Dong could fight evenly against Shi Xuan for so long.

Naturally, those who were insightful could tell that Shi Xuan would secure a victory if this fight was prolonged. After all, he was an individual who had passed through one Nirvana Tribulation. Hence, the robustness of his Yuan Power naturally surpassed Lin Dong’s.

After another painstaking exchange, Lin Dong retreated a few steps back. After a moment, he stared at the sneering Shi Xuan with an ice-cold look.

“Lin Dong, your fighting capabilities indeed exceed my expectations. However, I have already said it’s impossible for you to escape today!” Shi Xuan pointed to the glowing net in the sky, which had sealed up the entire area. Lin Dong might put up a strong resistance now, but it would be short-lived. After a while, he would show signs of fatigue. When that moment came, it would be an easy task to capture him!

Lin Dong squinted his eyes and just when he was about to sneer, Little Marten’s voice rang across his mind urgently, “Lin Dong, let’s leave first. There’s something unusual with your body!”

Upon hearing Little Marten’s voice, Lin Dong was startled. However, even though there were some doubts in his mind, he still nodded his head. Then, he casted a glance at Shi Xuan and laughed, “Do you really think that these things can stop me?”

Shi Xuan squinted his eyes and laughed coldly, “Is it possible that you still got some ravings to say?”

“It’s not really considered ravings. I just want to say that your formation is a waste of energy. I will remember the fact that you destroy my praying mat. Next time around, I will make sure you pay your debt!” Lin Dong said plainly. With a wave of his palm, an ancient key appeared in his hands.

“Ancient Mysterious Key!”

As Shi Xuan saw the key, his eye pupils dilated abruptly. Soon after, he seemed to sense something and struck out his palm. A huge Yuan Power palmprint was hurled towards Lin Dong ferociously.

“There’s no need for you to send me off. Today, I will kindly accept these one million Nirvana pills. Next time around, you better be careful!”

With regards to Shi Xuan’s attack, Lin Dong merely smiled. Then, the Mysterious Ancient Key erupted with a dazzling light that engulfed Lin Dong’s body. Shortly afterwards, Lin Dong bizarrely vanished from the sky.

The huge palm hit nothing but air. As Shi Xuan looked at the empty air, his face turned incredibly ashen.