Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 470 One Yuan Nirvana Stage

Chapter 470 One Yuan Nirvana Stage


Chapter 470 One Yuan Nirvana Stage

High up in the sky, two figures faced each other. The atmosphere was so tense that it seemed as if the air had solidified. Faintly, a murderous killing intent silently pervaded the air.

Numerous pairs of eyes on the citywall were burning with excitement. The two figures in the sky were rather famous in the Northwest region. Naturally, Shi Xuan had became famous a long time ago. His One Yuan Nirvana stage prowess allowed him to tower over many high rank empires’ practitioners. Furthermore, with the Devil Cliff Empire’s reputation backing him, most people acknowledged that he was an elite individual.

In contrast, it was only recently that Lin Dong had become famous. He always kept to himself and most people deduced that he was from some small empire. However, this did not stop people from developing an astonishing attitude towards him. After all, he was able to successfully challenge the entire Devil Cliff Empire single-handedly. This was something that was not seen very often in the Northwest region.

Clearly, the battle between these two famous individuals was highly anticipated and many people wanted to know who would prevail in this battle.

“I have seen many people like you. When a miracle happens to them and their powers advance by leaps and bounds, they think they are invincible and look down on everyone. However, perhaps only one out of ten of them will survive by chance,” Shi Xuan sneered ominously while stepping on nothing but air. Meanwhile, his gaze wandered, looking for weaknesses in Lin Dong’s body.

“In my opinion, you belong to this group of people. However, it’s a pity that you won’t be the one out of the ten that survives. The foundation of a high rank empire is not something that your miraculous outburst of power can compare with!”

Lin Dong laughed. He did not have any intention of squabbling with Shi Xuan. The foundation of a high rank empire was indeed substantial, but that did not mean they were invincible. With a strong foundation, one would have a more advantageous starting point than most ordinary individuals. However, one’s accomplishments in the future would still depend entirely on oneself.

However, it was Lin Dong’s casual smile that made Shi Xuan involuntarily clench his fists while nefarious flames arose in his hear. Whenever others mentioned his Devil Cliff Empire, their tones would contain reverence and fear. However, the man in front of him did not care at all. Either he was ignorant or he was simply confident in himself.


As Shi Xuan clenched his fists, brilliant golden light slowly flowed in his body while astonishing Yuan Power undulations unfurled like a hurricane.

“Let’s see if you still can smile later on!”

As Shi Xuan changed his hand-seal, surging Yuan Power whizzed out and even the surrounding Yuan Power started circling around Shi Xuan. Powerful rays of light burst out, forming a humongous mountain in the sky within seconds. At the peak of the mountain, a huge symbol radiated horrifying energy.

As the mountain cut across the sky, it was accompanied by a mighty shock wave that seemed to be generated from a punch. At that moment, even the sky started to tremble due to that mountain.

“Demonic Symbol Mountain-Subduing Fist!”

Shi Xuan’s face was ice-cold. As his fist flew out, the humongous mountain immediately blasted towards Lin Dong. The powerful shock wave from the punch caused the ground beneath them to cave in.

Shi Xuan’s attack had displayed the real strength of a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner. The strength of this attack was numerous times stronger than Lei She and his counterparts. Such a powerful attack could easily blow away a Nirvana stage practitioner like Chen Mu.

As Lin Dong saw the incoming mountain, which was accompanied by a huge shadow and a pressuring presence, a serious expression surfaced in his eyes. After taking a deep breath, he flipped his palm and an ancient praying mat appeared in his hand. It was the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat.

Robust Yuan Power and vigorous Mental Energy gushed out almost simultaneously before continuously streaming into the praying mat.


As the two different types of energy poured into the praying mat, a gigantic pillar of light suddenly emerged from it and shot up into the sky. The unique energy instantly caused the Yuan Power around to surge.

Shi Xuan looked shockingly at the muddled-coloured pillar of light while his facial expression changed. He could sense that this mixed energy, which was entirely different from Yuan Power and Mental Energy, was rather powerful.

“This guy can fuse two different types of powers!?” Clearly, Shi Xuan’s eyesight was rather good. With a glance, he was able to identify what was going on and he was overwhelmed by this sight. He clearly knew about the difficulty level of fusing two different types of powers. Even a practitioner who had passed through a few Nirvana Tribulations would not have this ability, let alone a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner like him.

Reportedly, the method of fusing different types of powers was not something that a Nirvana stage practitioner could master. However, right now, Lin Dong’s action had brought him quite a huge amount of shock.

“It must be that praying mat!”

Even though Shi Xuan was shocked, he did not lose his composure. His gaze shifted and concentrated on the ancient praying mat in front of Lin Dong. The muddled-coloured pillar of light was rising from the mat.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, First Finger Imprisoning The World, Second Finger Shredding Mountains And Rivers, ……Fifth Finger Moves The Universe!”

Multiple gigantic pillars of light then arose and shot up into the sky. A void was torn open in the sky as five ancient huge fingers emerged and hovered silently in the air. The fingers’ archaicness seemed to be forever-lasting.

This was the first time Lin Dong had activated all five fingers of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. Furthermore, they were imbued with Essence Yuan Power. The entire world seemed to show signs of crumbling under such might.

On the citywall, numerous pairs of eyes stared at the humongous ancient fingers hovering above Lin Dong’s head. Their eyes were surged with astonishment. Even some Nirvana stage practitioners could sense the deadliness of such a powerful martial art.

Lin Dong’s eyes were surging with battle fervor. After reaching the half-step-to Nirvana stage in addition to the Heaven Symbol Master’s powers, he could finally execute the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger to his heart’s content.

While the five fingers was suspended in the mid-air, Lin Dong suddenly swung his arm. Immediately, the humongous ancient fingers lined up and shot out violently. The force from that kind of terrifying impact seemed to distort even space itself.

Bang bang bang!

Muffled explosions could be heard continuously beneath the huge fingers. Finally, under countless astonished gazes from the onlookers, the humongous ancient fingers collided ferociously with the mountain.


A world-shaking boom resounded in the area like thunder. Even the earth trembled due to the loud noise.

As the first huge finger made contact, it exploded due to the powerful impact. Following which, the second finger also smashed into the mountain….

Under Shi Xuan’s sneering gaze, the third giant ancient finger pressed down onto the mountain for approximately ten seconds before exploding.

This sight caused an uproar among many people. Though Lin Dong’s martial art was strong, it was not as powerful as they had expected.

However, even though there was a commotion, Lin Dong’s gaze did not falter at all. The might of each finger in the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was entirely different. In particular, the fifth finger had a different fundamental makeup. Hence, it was still too early to be celebrating now.

As Lin Dong had expected, after the fourth finger exploded, the most ancient and solid fifth finger finally landed on the bizarre symbol atop of the mountain with a loud bang.


The originally unobstructed momentum of the mountain stopped momentarily. The Yuan Power around began to freeze along with the sneer on Shi Xuan’s face.

The two colossus were deadlocked in the sky while terrifying energy waves constantly rippled outwards. These energy waves were powerful enough to make even Nirvana stage practitioners fearful.

By fusing the Nirvana stage’s Yuan Power and the Heaven Symbol Master’s Mental Energy, the fifth finger of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was so powerful that even Lin Dong himself was amazed.


Taking in a deep breath, Lin Dong’s gaze suddenly turned sharp as a deep voice emerged from his throat.


Upon hearing Lin Dong’s voice, a brilliant radiance exploded from the numerous ancient patterns on the powerful fifth finger while an invincible and terrifying energy stealthily spread outwards.

This kind of power faintly showed signs of exceeding that of the usual Manifestation martial art!

Upon seeing this, Shi Xuan’s eye pupils abruptly shrunk. He watched as the symbol atop of the mountain suddenly collapsed. In the end, the humongous mountain was directly crushed by the last finger with a loud bang.

After destroying the mountain, the giant ancient finger was much dimmer than before. However, its remnant force continued to crush towards Shi Xuan. The violent undulations forced Shi Xuan to retreat several steps back before the giant ancient finger finally faded.

Silence swept across the entire area. Numerous gazes were thrown in the direction of the collapsed mountain and the retreating Shi Xuan. After a moment, numerous gasps could be heard from the citywall.

“Such a powerful martial art! Such a powerful yet strange energy!”

After forcibly stabilizing his body, She Xuan’s hands trembled slightly. Soon after, greed surged in his eyes. Lin Dong’s martial arts and muddled-coloured energy had aroused the greed in his heart.

“These kind of treasures can’t be possessed by someone like you, hand them over!”

The air in front of Shi Xuan exploded as his body appeared in front of Lin Dong like a phantom. Soon after, he reached out with his hand and tried to grab the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat in front of Lin Dong. Evidently, Shi Xuan had discovered the intimate link between the might of Lin Dong’s martial arts and the praying mat!

Snatching away this praying mat was a must!