Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 469 Shi Xuan

Chapter 469 Shi Xuan


Chapter 469 Shi Xuan

The chaotic city walls immediately turned silent as a chilling aura stealthily spread out in the air, causing the crowd to silently shiver.

Shi Xuan stood in mid-air, his solemn gaze firmly fixed onto Lin Dong. His gaze slowly combed Lin Dong’s body inch by inch at a crafty angle with eyes so sharp that it was as if he could completely see through the latter.

However, in response to Shi Xuan’s sharp and ice-cold stare, Lin Dong did not even bat an eyelid as he faintly smiled and said, “Oh? Is the Devil Cliff Empire unwilling to spare one million Nirvana Pills to save Lei She and the rest?”

“Lin Dong, it’s best to be tactful and not burn one’s bridges. There are some people in this world that you can’t afford to offend. Don’t sow the seeds of your own destruction. Else, it will be too late for you to regret in future!” Shi Xuan ominously said.

Lin Dong spread out his hands, before beckoning with his palm. Immediately, Little Flame’s large python tail appeared. Wrapped around its python tail were nine figures. They were Lei She and the rest.

“I will give you ten seconds. If I don’t see the Nirvana pills, I will slaughter all of them.” Lin Dong’s voice was calm, as if he was speaking about an insignificant matter. However, his calm tone caused Shi Xuan’s pupils to shrink a little instead.

The citywall was deathly silent. Most people’s palms were drenched with sweat as they stared peculiarly at the figure in a distance. None of them could imagine how this fellow was able to remain so calm in front of a practitioner as powerful as Shi Xuan. Was he merely putting on a strong front?

“Lin Dong, on account of the fact that you are a talented man, if you are willing to let Lei She and the rest go, I can look past our grudge and invite you to be a guest of my Devil Cliff Empire. At that time, you shall be treated generously!” Shi Xuan’s eerie eyes gently shimmered, before he declared in a low voice.

Lin Dong glanced at him, before he promptly smiled. Just as Shi Xuan thought the former had momentarily let down his guard, Lin Dong’s calm voice sounded out, “Time’s up. Seems like your Devil Cliff Empire does not care about these men.”

After he spoke, Lin Dong’s mind move. Nine extremely sharp Mental Energy spears materialized in front of him before viciously waved his sleeve. The Mental Energy spears took off and mercilessly flew towards Lei She and the rest.

The moment these Mental Energy spears shot out, an overflowing killing intent gushed out from Lin Dong’s eyes, causing no one to dare doubt if his intentions were real.

Shi Xuan’s expression was grim while he watched this. Suddenly tightly clenching his fists, he stared at the Mental Energy spears and at the very last moment, he finally spoke up, “Alright, you win.”


Just as they were inches away from Lei She and the rest, the sharp Mental Energy spears suddenly stopped before they subsequently disappeared. Lin Dong stretched out his hand towards Shi Xuan and spoke, “Hand it over.”

Shi Xuan’s chest gently rose. Evidently, the rage in his heart had accumulated to a terrifying stage. He venomously stared at Lin Dong, sucking in a deep breath before speaking, “I will handover the pills when you handover the hostages!”

After he spoke, he clenched his fist as a Qiankun bag appeared in his hands. The bag opened slightly, immediately letting out a flame-like Nirvana Qi. From the looks of it, there seemed to be a rather astonishing amount of Nirvana Pills in the bag.

As he stared at that rich Nirvana Qi, even Shi Xuan felt a slight stab of pain in his heart. One million Nirvana Pills was no small sum and even the Devil Cliff Empire agonized over it. However, they had spent quite a fortune in order to nurture Lei She and Chen Mu. In particular, even though Lei She had failed to survive the Nirvana Tribulation, with his past experience, his odds of success should increase the next time around. Therefore, if he was killed now, it would be a major blow to their Devil Cliff Empire.

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the Qiankun bag. With his keen eyesight, he could vaguely deduce the number of Nirvana Pills in the bag from the Nirvana Qi that was seeping out. Immediately, he nodded his head in an indifferent manner.

Lin Dong exchanged a look with Shi Xuan, before both of them promptly jerked their arms. Following which, the Qiankun bag as well as Lei She and the rest were both thrown at the same time.

Lin Dong had quite a way of throwing someone. He used a different amount of force on each of them, causing them to scatter out as they descended from the sky like petals. Furthermore, since Lei She and the rest were all unconscious and their bodies were weakened, if he allowed them to simply fall, even if they did not die, they would break their necks or their limbs. Therefore, if Shi Xuan wanted to save them, it would definitely delay him for a while.

Just as Shi Xuan reached out to grab Lei She and the rest, the Qiankun bag had already arrived in front of Lin Dong. However, owing to his cautious nature, he did not grab it immediately. Instead, he sent out his Mental Energy to quickly scan the Qiankun bag. When he realized that there was nothing wrong, he finally waved his sleeves and kept it.

“Haha, thank you for your generosity. If the opportunity arrives, let’s catch up in the future!”

Having obtained the Nirvana pills, Lin Dong let out a hearty laugh. Immediately, Little Flame flapped its wings, before it shooting into the distance like a bolt of lighting.

Currently, Shi Xuan had finally caught everyone. Promptly, he waved his sleeves and viciously flung all of them onto the citywall, causing loud colliding noises to sound out. Everyone could tell that he was extremely pissed with Lei She and the rest. If they were ordinary individuals, he would have likely killed all of them personally.

“Kid, do you think it’s so easy to take my Devil Cliff Empire’s Nirvana pills?! If I let you escape, do you think I will have the face to stay in Devil Cliff City?”

Shi Xuan’s expression was dark as he stared at the fleeing Lin Dong while a red glint flashed across his eyes, Faintly, it seemed like his face was a little twisted. Looks like he was truly enraged by Lin Dong.

Swoosh! Swoosh Swoosh!

As if in response to Shi Xuan’s words, just as Lin Dong took off, several formidable Yuan Power light columns suddenly shot up from behind him, transforming into a light screen that completely sealed the entire area.

Savage Yuan Power shockwaves rippled from the glowing screen. Faintly, one could see several formidable figures at the spots where the Yuan Power light columns emerged from. Evidently, in order to stop Lin Dong, Shi Xuan had spent a huge fortune and hired most of the elite practitioners in the Devil Cliff Empire in order to build this large formation. Under the glow of this cage-like screen, even Lin Dong would find it extremely difficult to break through.

Above the citywall, countless people stared at the towering light screen, their hearts gently trembling. There was indeed no way to peacefully conclude today’s matter.

A distance away, Lin Dong instructed Little Flame to stop. When he saw the majestic and large formation, a little astonishment flashed across his eyes. It seems like the Devil Cliff Empire regarded him rather highly and had actually deployed the power of an entire empire in order to trap him.

“I have warned you before, it’s best to be tactful and not burn one’s bridges. With your current ability, you must be naive if you believe that you can obtain anything from my Devil Cliff Empire!”

Lin Dong slowly turned around. Shi Xuan was already floating through the air, stopping a small distance away from Lin Dong. The smile on his face looked rather sinister.

“I have given you a chance, however, you chose not to treasure it. Now, you have lost your final opportunity.”

A resplendent golden glow accompanied Shi Xuan’s footsteps as it gradually emerged from his body. Meanwhile, an extremely formidable pressure emerged, causing the surrounding air to solidify.


The rage in Shi Xuan’s heart had evidently accumulated to a tipping point. Therefore, the instant he spoke, his eyes turned bone-chillingly cold. As he took a step forward, the air in front of him exploded, his figure vanishing like a phantom.

As Shi Xuan disappeared, Lin Dong’s pupils gently shrunk before he suddenly turned around and crossed both of his arms. Golden light emerged, and in the blink of an eye, it was as if his arms were made of real gold.


A golden fist ripped through the air, viciously slamming into Lin Dong’s crossed arms. Immediately, a terrifying shockwave erupted, directly blowing Lin Dong off Little Flame’s bag. After being pushed back a dozen or so steps, he finally stabilized himself as he felt a sharp pain in his arms. Immediately, a solemn look flashed across his eyes. If it were not for the fact that he had mastered the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, Shi Xuan’s previous punch would have directly broken his arms.

“Nirvana Golden Body?”

Shi Xuan’s figure suddenly appeared in mid-air, staring at Lin Dong’s golden arms in shock. He naturally knew that was something only Nirvana stage practitioners possessed. However, from Lin Dong’s current Yuan Power undulations, he was only at the half-step-to Nirvana stage. Therefore, how could he have mastered the Nirvana Golden Body to such a level?

“It’s no wonder you dare to be so arrogant. It turns out you have some skills. However, in front of my Devil Cliff Empire, even if you truly are a dragon, you will still have to kneel!”

After being momentarily stunned, the shock in Shi Xuan’s eyes were replaced by an ice-cold light. As he gently stretched his neck, all the joints in his body seemed to crack. An explosive force squirmed between his muscles, exploding outwards, causing the air to vibrate.


Lin Dong deeply breathed out a puff of white air, before he shook his slightly numb arms. Meanwhile, an excited smile slowly emerged on his face.

“One Yuan Nirvana stage? Let’s see if you have what it takes to keep me here!”

On the citywall, the crowd’s eyes turned heated as they heard the exchange between the two. All of them were dying to know who would emerge victorious when these two prominent figures clashed head on.