Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 468 Collecting The Pills

Chapter 468 Collecting The Pills


Chapter 468 Collecting The Pills

During this period of time, Devil Cliff City had undoubtedly became the focus of attention in the Northwest region of the Ancient Battlefield and news that leaked out from here spread with a terrifying speed.

As the news spread, it piqued a lot of people’s interest. Some people even rushed to the Devil Cliff City just to see what astounding capabilities the man who blackmailed the Devil Cliff Empire possessed.

Undoubtedly, the popularity of the Devil Cliff City had risen significantly. Everyone in this city was anxiously anticipating the firestorm that was about to come.

Under such anticipation and expectation, two days went by silently. Yet Lin Dong, who was supposed to collect the Nirvana pills had yet to show up. Indistinctly, this led to people feeling impatient and suspicious. Could it be that this fellow was merely boasting and purposely annoying the Devil Cliff Empire?

However, if this was really the case, it would disappointing for everyone. Therefore, as time passed, sneering and disdainful comments arose in the Devil Cliff City. These people must have thought that the recent buzzing event was only a publicity stunt by the lad named Lin Dong.

Naturally, no matter how rife the spread of the news was, the atmosphere was still solemn and sombre in the highly-regarded stone palace. That kind of pressure was enough to suffocate one’s breathing.

In the stone palace, there was a white-clothed man sitting apathetically on a stone chair. His pale and slender fingers were drumming softly along the armrest of the chair. The subtle yet crisp drumming sound of his fingers echoed throughout the dead-silent stone palace, exerting a suffocating presence.

Beneath that white-clothed man, there were many figures. These people were the elites from the Devil Cliff Empire. However, there were a few spots which were empty. When Lin Dong took out Lei She, Chen Mu and their counterparts in one swoop, he dealt a devastating blow to the Devil Cliff Empire. After all, a lot of resources were spent on nurturing these two men.

“Senior Shi Xuan, it has been three days and there’s still no sign of Lin Dong. Is it possible that he is playing with us?” Finally, a figure could not help but asked in a low voice after the pressured atmosphere continued for a long time.

“That lad is crazily daring. I wonder what methods he used to capture Lei She and the rest. And because of this, he dares to challenge the Devil Cliff Empire. However, these two days, he must have realized how foolish his actions were after he calmed down…” Another man sneered involuntarily. These two days, Lin Dong had stressed them out and therefore they were extremely angry towards him.

“Even though Lei She failed to pass through the Nirvana Tribulation, he had still made great progress. Therefore, ordinary Nirvana stage practitioners shouldn’t be his match. Furthermore, with help from Chen Mu and the rest, as long as it’s not someone who has passed through the Nirvana Tribulation, nobody should be able to defeat them. However, Lin Dong was able to do it, therefore, this man should not be underestimated,” One cautious-looking man said in a deep voice while shaking his head. Apparently, not everyone carried the same attitude towards this issue.

Upon hearing this man’s words, many people curled their lips. Lin Dong, who had just attained the Heaven Symbol Master, should find it difficult to even defeat Chen Mu. Hence, it was hard for them to believe that Lin Dong actually single-handedly captured Lei She and his counterparts.

Sitting on the stone chair, the white-clothed man, whose name was Shi Xuan, looked indifferently at the commotion beneath him. After a while, he then plainly said, “Since the news of this incident has spread, we don’t need to care about whether he is coming or not. The Devil Cliff Empire shall not tolerate a person like him. Once we capture him, I want his corpse to be hung on the Devil Cliff City’s citygate. Otherwise, other people will forget about the notoriety of the Devil Cliff Empire.”

“Therefore, if that lad really appears, anyone who lets him escapes due to negligence will take his place and be hung on the citywall instead.”

“Do not worry, Senior Shi Xuan. We have already the necessary preparations. The moment that lad appears, there will be nowhere for him to run!”

Upon hearing the cold and emotionless voice of Shi Xuan, the people in the stone palace trembled and quickly nodded their heads.

“Senior Shi Xuan, Big Senior is still in the outlands. Should we send a message to him and ask for his return?” A man hesitated and asked.

“No need. Currently, Big Senior is fighting with other people over another Mysterious Ancient Key. There’s no need to bother him over a small matter like this. Furthermore, I want to see with my own eyes what capabilities does that Lin Dong possess such that he dares to step on the head of the Devil Cliff Empire!”

Upon hearing these words, those people beneath Shi Xuan nodded their heads respectfully. They were very clear about Shi Xuan’s capabilities. As long as Lin Dong appeared, there would be no escape for him!

Shi Xuan took a sweeping glance around the stone palace and the sinister look in his eyes vanished gradually. He then waved his hand and let each of those practitioners to do their own preparations. Suddenly, his eye pupils dilated abruptly. He then stood up and shot a solemn gaze through the stone palace and into a distant place that was faraway from the Devil Cliff Empire. The corner of his mouth formed a sinister arc gradually.

“Finally coming? You are indeed courageous….” Upon seeing Shi Xuan’s sudden movement, the people in the stone palace were slightly startled. Then, as if they had understood something, they turned around and looked beyond the city.

Not long after Shi Xuan had sensed something, the entire Devil Cliff City broke into an uproar abruptly. After all, there was no lack of talents in this city. Even if they were not as powerful as Shi Xuan, they were still able to sense the same thing.

Swish! Rustle!

Suddenly, powerful gales swept across the huge city. Numerous figures flew over the city and threw themselves onto the citywall eventually. All of their gazes were thrown towards the distant horizon beyond the city. There was a black spot in the sky that was getting larger and larger.

“He’s coming! Lin Dong is really coming!”

“This fellow is really reckless. It’s true that this kind of impulsive act will increase his reputation significantly, but I’m afraid he will not have the fortune to enjoy this reputation.”

“Yes. Rumour has it that Devil Cliff Empire’s Shi Xuan is furious over this incident. That guy is someone who had legitimately passed through the Nirvana Tribulation. Don’t tell me Lin Dong thinks the method that he used to capture Lei She and his counterparts will be qualified enough to contend with an elite like Shi Xuan?”

“Humph, nonsensical.”


It was as if the entire city was erupting with emotions that they had accumulated after suffering in wait for a long time. Numerous whisperings broke out on the citywall. However, most people were rejoicing in the incoming black spot’s misfortune. Of course, there were also a few people who looked interestingly at the incoming black spot. From Lin Dong’s ability to capture Lei She and his counterparts, it goes to show that this man was rather capable and was not a foolish individual. In conclusion, there were two perspectives on Lin Dong’s insolent action.

The first perspective was that Lin Dong was seeking death. The second perspective was that he was truly confident in dealing with a powerful elite like Shi Xuan and believe that he could escape unscathed.

Those who possessed a meticulous mindset would automatically abandon the first perspective. That was because there is no one in this world who will want a shorter life. Therefore, the plausible one should be the second perspective and this perspective aroused the curiosity of some practitioners. As part of the dwellers in the Devil Cliff City, they clearly knew about the prowess of Shi Xuan. Even they themselves would find it hard to escape unscathed if they were contending against Shi Xuan. Furthermore, Lin Dong had just attained the Heaven Symbol Master….

Under such conjecture, numerous looks on the citywall were burning with fervent glow.

The black spot gradually magnified in everyone’s eyes. And finally, the black spot materialized into an extremely majestic, scarlet tiger-like beast. Under the illumination from the sun, as the tiger-like beast flapped its huge wings, its scarlet armour reflected dazzling radiance which looked extremely imposing.

A lot of gazes stopped on the Demonic Beast for a moment before shifting upwards. Following which, a young-looking figure then appeared in their line of sight.

That figure had his arms drooping by his sides while his face contained a wide smile. He did not look especially outstanding but there were some sensitive individuals who could sense the menace hidden behind that smile.

The Demonic Beast stopped at a few hundred feets before the Devil Cliff City. Lin Dong, who was standing on Little Flame’s back, casted a glance at the dark and murky city. Then, he shifted his gaze to the stone tower located at the centre of the city. With the help of vigorous Yuan Power, a sneering voice then resounded throughout the city.

“Devil Cliff Empire, come and collect your men.”


After Lin Dong’s laughter fell, a powerful gush of killer intent-filled Yuan Power erupted from the stone tower. Then, a white-clothed man flew out from the tower and appeared on the citywall within seconds. His ice-cold piercing eyes were locked on to Lin Dong, who was still standing on Little Flame’s back.

“Shi Xuan!”

After seeing this man appeared, a commotion broke out on the citywall. Apparently, they had recognized the overlord of the Devil Cliff City. Then, they casted a look of rejoice at Lin Dong, clearly rejoicing over his misfortune.

“You are called Lin Dong, right? The fact that you dare to appear truly exceeds my expectation,” Shi Xuan said indifferently as he stared at Lin Dong with a pair of venomous eyes and his arms put behind his back.

Lin Dong’s gaze was fixated on this figure as well. The energy emitting from that figure’s body was enough to make Lin Dong’s eye pupils dilate. The Devil Cliff empire was indeed extraordinary. It appeared that this fellow had passed through the Nirvana Tribulation once and could be considered a One Yuan Nirvana stage practitioner!

Under numerous gazes, Lin Dong stared at Shi Xuan and smiled. Then, the former stretched his body and extended his hand and waved at the latter.

“Let’s cut the crap and hand over the Nirvana pills.”

The commotion on the citywall quietened down slightly and numerous gazes were casted in the direction of Shi Xuan. At this moment, the chilliness around Shi Xuan’s body was getting increasingly stronger and the sinister arc that the corners of his mouth formed was getting wider and wider.

Everyone knew there was going to be an exciting show today.