Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 467 Attacking the Half-step-to Nirvana Stage

Chapter 467 Attacking the Half-step-to Nirvana Stage


Chapter 467 Attacking the Half-step-to Nirvana Stage

Even though the Devil Cliff Empire tried to suppress it, the news of Lei She and his counterparts suffering a crushing defeat in the hands of Lin Dong still spread out in one night’s time. This news certainly shocked the entire city as astonishment gushed through everyone’s minds.

Clearly, this result had exceeded the expectations of everyone in the city!

At that time when Lei She and his counterparts set off, everyone had no qualms about them. Capturing a practitioner who had just attained the Heaven Symbol Master should be an easy task for this kind of line-up. However, the end result caused everyone’s eyes to pop out. Moreover, the most distressing issue was Lin Dong’s kidnapping and blackmailing.

After this news spread out, even some disciplined practitioners went into a daze for a few moments before returning to their senses. Their facial expressions could only be described by one word – amaze. Even though the Devil Cliff Empire was not considered an invincible overlord in the Northwest region of the Ancient Empire, they were still an extremely powerful empire and even the other high-ranked empires did not wish to have any conflicts with them.

The first reason for this was that the Devil Cliff Empire was indeed quite powerful. The second reason was that the Devil Cliff Empire was extremely vengeful. They will try to achieve their goals by hook or by crook. Hence, no one wanted to have anything to do with this troublesome empire. In fact, even when the Devil Cliff Empire was being tyrannical, no one dared to confront and offend them.

Of course, this does not mean the Devil Cliff Empire could afford to be brainless. They also understood there were some empires that they could not afford to offend and they would not be so foolish as to challenge those empires….

As time passed, the reputation of the Devil Cliff Empire got increasingly notorious. Therefore, when some of the empires in the Devil Cliff City heard that someone wanted to blackmail the Devil Cliff Empire, it was as if they had heard an world-shaking news. That kind of shock was indescribable.

Thus, in the next few days, everyone in the Devil Cliff City was anticipating anxiously. They wanted to see if the conceited person, who had blackmailed the Devil Cliff Empire for one million Nirvana pills, possessed remarkable abilities so much so that he dared to do such a horrifying thing.

Naturally, there were some people who felt that Lin Dong was merely bluffing and from their perspectives, Lin Dong would not have the guts to come to the Devil Cliff City and collect the Nirvana pills. The fact that Lin Dong was able to defeat Lei She and his counterparts was amazing, but one must remember that Lei She and his counterparts were not the best fighters in the Devil Cliff Empire.

No matter what kind of discussions were out there, it was clear that the people in the Devil Cliff City were waiting for that man’s arrival….

While everyone was anticipating anxiously in the Devil Cliff City, a distant mountain range was engulfed in blazing heat. A powerful current of energy, which was formed by fusion of Nirvana pills, hovered around the mountain like fiery-red, glowing cassia. Astonishing waves of Nirvana Qi were given off in the process.

Lin Dong sat cross-leggedly and silently beneath that powerful current of energy. Right now, his body was giving off a scarlet glow, looking like a red-hot burning charcoal. Boiling temperature was seeping out from his body, causing the nearby grass patches to be burnt and withered.

In the mid-air, there was a black hole hovering over Lin Dong’s head. The powerful current of energy that was formed by the fusion of Nirvana pills was constantly pouring into the black hole. With a terrifying speed, the energy was being refined into surging Nirvana Qi which then gushed into Lin Dong’s entire body.


This time around, the number of Nirvana pills that Lin Dong used was approximately one hundred thousand. This is a reasonably large number. After all, when Li Pan was attacking the Nirvana stage, he only used the same number of Nirvana pills. However, currently, Lin Dong was merely attacking the half-step-to Nirvana stage and he already took out this number of pills in one breath. No doubt, this is considered a large amount.

With one hundred thousand Nirvana pills as backup, Lin Dong did not worry about the shortage of Nirvana Qi. The only thing he worried about was whether his body could withstand such vigorous intake of Nirvana Qi.

Nirvana Qi provides an extremely remarkable result for tempering and strengthening one’s body. However, the better a tonic is, the more poisonous it will be if one keeps using it. Nirvana Qi followed the same logic as well. If it was forcefully absorbed and the body could not take it, a fire would ignite in that person’s heart and eventually burned him from inside out and not even ashes would remain in the end.

For the amount of Nirvana Qi generated from one hundred thousand Nirvana pills, let’s not talk about a half-step-to practitioner, even a quasi-Nirvana stage practitioner like Liu Yuan would carefully consume them bit by bit. Only those who had successfully passed through the Nirvana Tribulation would have the ability to consume these Nirvana Qi in a large chunk like what Lin Dong was doing.

Therefore, it was rather foolish to consume one hundred thousand Nirvana pills worth of Nirvana Qi in one go. If Lin Dong did not possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, he would been reduced to ashes. However, there is no such thing as ‘if’ in this world. Since Lin Dong dared to be so insolent, he naturally possessed the ability and Nirvana pills to do so.

After being devoured by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, the previously volatile Nirvana Qi smoothened down significantly. Furthermore, with the addition of the Lesser Nirvana Golden Body, even though the process of absorbing Nirvana Qi posed a few sufferings for Lin Dong, the worst situation clearly did not occur.

He had successfully withstand the body-incinerating Nirvana Qi!

Meanwhile, Little Marten sat on the back of Little Flame while squinting its eye and looking at the heat-radiating Lin Dong. It could not help but nod its head slightly. Little Marten could feel that the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body was increasing at a terrifying speed. Apparently, these one hundred thousand Nirvana pills had provided him with a lot of benefits.

“Given the current speed, these one hundred thousand Nirvana pills can be completely absorbed within the next two days….” Little Marten muttered to itself. If the news of such absorbing speed was being spread out, people would pass out from shock. If this was some other guy who was absorbing one hundred thousand Nirvana pills, he would need at least half a month. However, with the help of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong could take in one hundred thousand Nirvana pills in a few days’ time without any repercussions.

And just as what Little Marten had expected, after two days had passed quietly, the previously hovering current of energy in the mid-air disappeared as the last Nirvana pill got devoured by the black hole. A moment of silence swept across the mountain peak.

The silence lasted for around ten seconds before a terrifying wave of energy swept out from Lin Dong, whose eyes were tightly shut. Some of the huge rocks around him were blew up into fine powder.


His tightly-shut eyes finally opened and two red-colored light beams shot out from them. The light beams then landed upon the lush woodlands beneath him and ripped out two gigantic burnt marks that were a few hundred feets long.

A flame-like breath then shot out from Lin Dong’s mouth and thoroughly burned the air in front of him. He lowered his head and looked at his palms. With a jolt of his mind, resplendent golden radiance gushed rapidly beneath the skin of his palms. In a blink of an eye, both of his palms seemed to be made of real gold, giving off the shine of gold and appeared indestructible.

With the official attainment of the half-step-to Nirvana stage, Lin Dong’s Lesser Nirvana Golden Body also improved greatly. It was even comparable to some of the Nirvana stage practitioners’ Nirvana Golden Body.

Usually, when the half-step-to Nirvana stage was attained, most people would be strengthened thanks to the large amount of Nirvana Qi. Indistinctly, there would be signs of the Nirvana Golden Body forming as well. However, it was clear that they could not be compared to Lin Dong. Their strengthening process mostly consisted of becoming stronger and even some outstanding ones might form a solid golden radiance on their bodies for a short period of time. However, they would never reach the same level of Lin Dong, whose arms looked as if they were casted from real gold.

Lin Dong casually swiped his golden-radiated palm at a nearby tree. As his arm made contact with the tree, his arm melted through the tree like a knife cutting through a piece of tofu. The degree of sharpness would make one tongue-tied.

“Not bad.”

Lin Dong was rather satisfied with his growth. With a smile, the golden radiance on his arms withdrew and returned to their normal colour. He then stretched his body and stood up.

“Your absorption rate is faster than what I have expected. It seems you are getting more familiar with the use and control of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol as well….” Little Marten flew over and chuckled.

Lin Dong smiled and casted a glance at Lei She and his counterparts, who were in a coma. He then spoke softly, “I think it’s time to collect the Nirvana pills. However, I feel that it will not be so smooth this time around….”

Even though Lin Dong did not receive any news from the outside world, he could guess the impact of his actions. Perhaps, the leader of the Devil Cliff Empire was already clenching his teeth and waiting for him to arrive.

“Hey, men die for wealth while birds die for food. Without Nirvana pills, it’s impossible to break through the Nirvana stage….” Little Marten laughed oddly while giving an expression as if it wished for the whole world to be in chaos.

Lin Dong bit his lips and nodded his head. He did not really fear anything. No matter how ferocious the Devil Cliff Empire was, he would still have a way to escape. Given the vastness of the Ancient Battlefield, would he even be scared of the Devil Cliff Empire flipping up the entire land to search for him?

“Furthermore, while you are training, I have done something to these people’s bodies. In the future, if they dare to try anything funny, I will make sure they suffer,” Little Marten chuckled wickedly.

Lin Dong startled for a moment before breaking into laughter. Indeed, Little Marten had a lot of evil tricks up its sleeves. Even when they were going to use these people to exchange for Nirvana pills, Little Marten still would not let them off.

“That’s good too. This can prevent troubles in the future.”

Lin Dong raised his head and gazed into the distant horizon. His eyes were blazing with flames once again.

“It’s time to set off. I really want to see what is the Devil Cliff Empire made of. I’m definitely getting this one million Nirvana pills!”