Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 466 Kidnap and Ransom

Chapter 466 Kidnap and Ransom


Chapter 466 Kidnap and Ransom

Although they did not know what Lin Dong was mumbling about, judging by his expression, Lei She and the rest knew that he was definitely up to no good. Immediately, their scalps turned numb. After fighting with him, all of them knew that this man before them was no virtuous soul and god knows what strange method he was cooking up to deal with them.

“Lin Dong, if you kill us, our Devil Cliff Empire will never let you off. Even though your strength and methods are not weak, you cannot match up to the elite practitioners of my Devil Cliff Empire. You should be able to guess the cultivation stage of our top practitioner. He is a man you cannot afford to offend.”

Lei She was after all no ordinary individual. Even though his life was now at the whims and fancies of Lin Dong, he still spoke in such an unyielding manner.

“Don’t I already have a death grudge with your Devil Cliff Empire? Do you really think I am stupid enough to believe that your Devil Cliff Empire will forgive me if I let you guys off?” Lin Dong chuckled. However, his chuckle caused Lei She to be taken aback.

“However, don’t worry. I will not kill you guys.” When they heard Lin Dong’s words, Lei She and the rest were stunned.

Lin Dong was all smiles. Promptly, he haphazardly chose one of them and tossed him, before he casually said: “Go back and report to your Devil Cliff Empire leader. Tell him that if he wants Lei She’s life, he will have to exchange it for Nirvana Pills.”

“You… You actually dare to use hostages to extort our Devil Cliff Empire!”

When they heard his words, Lei She and the rest finally understood Lin Dong’s plans. Immediately, all of them were stunned, before they promptly exclaimed in rage.

“Ask your Devil Cliff Empire to prepare one million Nirvana Pills. Once you are done, I will come down to collect. If you refuse, I will give you some corpses in return.” Lin Dong chose to ignore them, as he stared at that elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioner and said.

That elite Devil Cliff Empire’s face was a mix of a pale and steely green expression. Evidently, this was the first time he had met a madman that actually dared to extort their Devil Cliff Empire. However, he was no fool. Right now, Lei She and the rest were at the mercy of Lin Dong and he had no right to speak back.”

“I will send the word back. However, I wonder if you will have to courage to pick up those pills!” That Devil Cliff Empire practitioner gritted his teeth, before he viciously retorted. Following which, he hideously turned around and fled.

After Lin Dong saw that figure depart, he was all smiles as he turned around and look at Lei She and the rest, before he said: “I have given you an opportunity to live. However, as to whether your Devil Cliff Empire leader is willing to forsake Nirvana Pills in order to save you guys, it will have to depend on how much he values all of you.”

“One million Nirvana Pills. You are simply too greedy. I am afraid you won’t have the stomach to handle it!” Lei She gritted his teeth as he said.

“Don’t worry, I can easily handle it. In fact, this should not concern you. You guys should be worrying about whether your empire is willing to fork out the Nirvana Pills. Perhaps, you guys are not even worth one million Nirvana Pills in their opinion?” Lin Dong stretched his back, while a peculiar taste lingered in his words. His plan was quite diabolical. If the leader of Devil Cliff Empire was unwilling to use Nirvana Pills to secure the hostages, even if Lei She and the rest managed to survive and return, they would definitely feel unhappy. This may prove to be a hidden time-bomb in the future.

Lei She and the rest had a grim expression while their eyes were gloomy. No one knew what they were thinking of.

Lin Dong chose to ignore their expressions. With a flick of his mind, Mental Energy immediately penetrated their bodies and formed into a seal. This would prevent them from absorbing the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth in order to recover. Furthermore, once they made any sudden moves, Lin Dong would immediately detect it.

“It seems like we should leave this area first. Since I have obtained three hundred thousand Nirvana Pills, I can attack half-step-to Nirvana stage. Now that I have completely offended the Devil Cliff Empire, I should quickly upgrade myself…”

After finishing, Lin Dong was silent for a moment, before he promptly jerked his arm. Immediately, Little Flame leap out from his sleeves before it transformed into battle mode and directly carried Lei She and the rest on his back. Following which, it flapped its wings before it dashed forth together with Lin Dong and quickly disappeared into the mountain range.

After flying across the mountain range for a while, Lin Dong finally picked a resting spot. Waving his sleeves, he directly knocked out Lei She and the rest. Promptly, Little Marten finally appeared leisurely.

“I will attempt to attack half-step-to Nirvana stage. Please help me to look after those fellows.” Staring at Little Marten, Lin Dong smiled as he said.

“Alright. However, before you do that, you should erase that blood seal inside your body. Right now, that item is completely useless.” Little Marten nodded it’s head before it cautiously said.

Lin Dong smiled. Without further ado, he immediately sat down before he calmed himself down and gradually entered into cultivation mode. As he slowly circulated the Yuan Power inside his body, he started to wipe off the blood seal inside his body…

It took Lin Dong an entire day in order to remove that blood seal and that item was indeed quite tricky. Thankfully, it was not too troublesome. By using his formidable Yuan Power, Lin Dong was able to get rid of it safely.

After erasing the blood seal, Lin Dong stealthily heaved a sigh of relief. It seems like the Devil Cliff Empire will no longer be able to track him.

“It’s time to attack half-step-to Nirvana stage…”

Lin Dong had already advanced to peak Manifestation stage for quite some time. During this period of time, he had already reached the pinnacle of peak Manifestation stage. Therefore, once he had sufficient Nirvana Qi, it was going to be quite easy for him to attack half-step-to Nirvana stage.

With regards to Nirvana Qi, since he had just obtained three hundred thousand Nirvana Pills, it was obviously no problem to Lin Dong.


A puff of white air escaped from Lin Dong’s nostrils. Promptly, Lin Dong lifted his palm, before countless fiery-red Nirvana Pills gushed out from within his Qiankun bag and transformed into a fiery lake and hovered above him.

When such a large amount of Nirvana Pills, the entire domain seemed to have boiled, as traces of fiery-red Nirvana Qi seeped out and caused the surrounding air to turn dry.

Lin Dong lifted his head. When he saw that burning stream of energy, he smiled. Promptly, his mind moves, before a black hole slowly extended behind him. Following which, streams of Devouring Force gushed out before all the Nirvana Pills flew down and continuously tunneled into that bottomless black hole…

As these Nirvana Pills continuously flew in, Lin Dong’s skin gradually turned fiery-red. Faintly, one could see a sparkling golden glow

Devil Cliff City. This city had a fairly renowned reputation in the northwest region of the ancient battlefield. Naturally, the name came from the city’s overload, Devil Cliff Empire.

There were numerous empires in Devil Cliff City and most of them were mid to low rank empires. Of course, there were also a few high rank empires. However, all of them had to acknowledge that this city’s overlord is the Devil Cliff Empire.

The fact that they could force so many empires to acknowledge their strength, which even include high rank empires, showcased the might of the Devil Cliff Empire.

Right now, the latest rumours leading to the most uproar in Devil Cliff City, was naturally regarding Lin Dong, who had the guts to actually kill a Nirvana stage practitioner from Devil Cliff Empire.

Some of the more astute empires have already gotten wind of this information. This time around, the Devil Cliff Empire had sent a fairly formidable lineup in order to kill Lin Dong. Amongst them, were Lei She, Chen Mu and other powerful Nirvana stage practitioner. Therefore, most people believed that Lin Dong was definitely going to die. That is because all of them were keenly aware of just how powerful those men were. When Chen Mu attacked Nirvana stage, he had used five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills. Meanwhile, Lei She is even more powerful. Even though he failed to pass through the Nirvana Tribulation, the fact that he could still survive indicated that his strength far exceeded that of a ordinary Nirvana stage practitioner. Furthermore, the rest who accompanied them were all imitation Nirvana stage practitioners, who were about to advance to Nirvana stage.

Against such a lineup, disregarding Lin Dong who had just advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master, even if there were two of him, it would be difficult for him to survive.

For several days, these rumours were discussed enthusiastically in Devil Cliff City. However, when they saw that Lei She and the rest had yet to return, most of them felt perplexed. Some of the more astute ones, even faintly detected that something had went wrong.

Under this pretext, the city’s atmosphere slowly turned increasingly heated. Even though the Devil Cliff Empire is the overlord in Devil Cliff City, none of them here were submissive individuals. In particular, though some of the high rank empires typically feared the Devil Cliff Empire and did not dare to offend them, they still felt joyous when they saw them being on the losing end and losing their dignity.

As this city heated up, two days had passed. Finally, several of them saw a hideous-looking figure jump over the high walls, before he headed into the city.

This city had no shortage of capable men. Therefore, they immediately realized that this man had left together with Lei She and the rest.

However, when they first left, their ranks were strong and their morale was high. Yet, only one hideous-looking figure returned.

As he stared at that hideous-looking figure, the Devil Cliff City descended into silence. Meanwhile, a horrifying though stealthily emerged in everyone’s mind…

In the middle of Devil Cliff City, stood a tall spire. This was the tallest building in the city and one could oversee the entire city by standing on top of the tower.

Right now, the atmosphere on the top of that spire was so tense that it caused one’s heart to shudder. All the elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners were gathered here, while their eyes were in shock as they stared above the stone temple. At that spot, there was a man wearing white robes quietly seated on a stone chair. Though he did not speak, a terrifying icy cold aura spread out from his body.

Under the stares from the crowd, that man in white robes seated on that stone chair, gradually lowered his head, before he stared at a trembling figure in the large hall. On his handsome face, there was a gentle and playful smile.

“That Lin Dong wants us to prepare one million Nirvana Pills in exchange for Lei She and the rest’s lives?”

When they heard that laughter that came from that stone chair, that elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioner that had been spared by Lin Dong immediately trembled. With his back drenched by sweat, he trembled while he nodded his head.


An exceedingly powerful shockwind swept across the large hall, before that elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioner was viciously slammed against a stone pillar. Immediately, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. Following which, he promptly bowed down even lower and he did not even dare to wipe the blood stains off his mouth.

“A bunch of useless shit.”

The man wearing white robes finally stopped smiling, before he slowly stood up, while a bone-chilling expression hung on his lips. As he stared into the distant, a venomous glow flowed in his eyes.

“I will prepare the Nirvana Pills for him. However, I wonder if he has the guts to collect them!”