Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 464 Devouring World

Chapter 464 Devouring World


Chapter 464 Devouring World

A densely packed net of light spread out in the sky. Like a sturdy prison, it completely sealed off a several hundred kilometres radius. This formation was rather spectacular. Looks like the Devil Cliff Empire had came prepared this time.

Bang bang!

As the net of light spread, two figures crisscrossed at lightning-like speed above the lush woodlands. Terrifying energy waves erupted, causing a verdant tide sweep across the sea of green below. In the end, the tide was stopped by the descending light net.

Clearly, this formation was reasonably strong. Hence, no matter how fierce the battle between these two figures was, the area beyond the glowing net remained as calm as still water.

Chen Mu spitefully looked at the figure within the glowing net. Lin Dong’s performance had certainly exceeded his expectations. However, no matter how much the latter struggled today, the end result would not change at all. Even Nirvana stage practitioners could not escape from this formation. Furthermore, with the addition of Lei She in this battle, even if Lin Dong was stronger, he would be hard pressed to escape his demise!

“Let me see how you can get out of this today!”


As Chen Mu gnashed his teeth, the two figures suddenly bounced apart, each one landing in the sea of trees, ripping a gigantic crevice through the lush woodlands in the process.

“Bastard, you are indeed quite capable!”

Lei She jerked his body, dispersing the remnant energy within. He raised his head towards the figure who was not too far away while his eyes were surging with amazement and seriousness. Given his current strength, ordinary Nirvana stage practitioners would not have lasted ten rounds in a fight with him, yet Lin Dong had relied on his powerful Mental Energy alone to battle Lei She till this point. How could this not amaze him.

Lin Dong deeply exhaled as Devouring Force spread out in his body and swiftly devoured the damaging force rampaging inside. He lowered his head and glanced at his Devouring Armour, noticing a few tiny cracks on it. His ability to face Lei She head on was completely due to this Devouring Armour. Without it, Lin Dong’s inner organs would have been crushed. After all, Lei She was indeed quite formidable.

His eyes twinkling a little, Lin Dong lifted his head and looked ineffably at the slowly extending glowing net. He knew that Lei She was merely trying to stall him in order to give Chen Mu and his counterparts more time to complete the formation. Since the formation had now been completed, perhaps their next move would be to kill him.

“My Devil Cliff Empire focuses on the results, not the process. We have no problem ganging up on someone with superior numbers on our side!” Lei She chuckled sinisterly when he saw Lin Dong notice the glowing net in the sky.

“You are indeed a genius. If those events in the past hadn’t happened, I might recruit you into my Devil Cliff Empire. It is such a pity….” Lei She seemed to felt a tinge of regret. Soon after, he smiled again and raised his palm before he casually said, “Do it.”

As Lei She finished his sentence, the eyes of Chen Mu and his counterparts became sombre out of sudden while a sneer flashed across their faces. Their hand-seals transformed and the enormous glowing net began to flicker immediately.

Swish swish!

As the glowing net flicked, numerous light rays shot out from within and ripped apart the air with a terrifying speed. Then, the light rays came down and trapped Lin Dong tightly before he could escape.


After the light rays bound Lin Dong, they began to flicker again. This time around, the light rays materialized into a huge glowing spear and blasted towards Lin Dong ruthlessly.

“It’s over…..” Upon seeing Lin Dong being rendered immobile, Lei She muttered to himself while the corner of his mouth curled slightly.

The glowing spear ripped through the sky and was accompanied by a palpitating energy wave. In a blink of an eye, it appeared thirty feet before Lin Dong. Due to the powerful shock wave from the glowing spear, Lin Dong’s Devouring Armour began to tremble continuously. It must have sensed the deadly incoming attack.

Lin Dong’s eyes locked on to the glowing spear. Instead of containing fear, his eyes contained a tinge of cockiness. Then a black hole started to form and expand in front of his body with a lightning speed. The incoming glowing spear went straight into the black hole. Indistinctly, a frantic explosion could be heard from within the black hole. Eventually, the sound disappeared along with the black hole.

The unforeseen event froze the smiles on Lei She and his counterparts’ faces. Then. their facial expressions became increasingly cold.

“I have already said that I have waited a long time for all of you…”

Under the cold gazes from Lei She and his counterparts, Lin Dong raised his head and gave them an indifferent smile. Upon seeing Lin Dong’s smile, for some reasons, Lei She’s heart unexpectedly sank.

After finishing his sentence, Lin Dong did not open his mouth anymore. His body trembled slightly and the Devouring Power began to extend from it silently. The light rays that bound Lin Dong’s body melted rapidly as if they were snow that had encountered heat.

“No matter what tricks you have up your sleeves, do you really think that you alone can stop two Nirvana stage and eight quasi-Nirvana stage practitioners’ encirclement?” Lei She yelled with a ghastly tone.

This kind of formation was enough to kill any Nirvana stage practitioner, Even if Lin Dong possessed the Bloody Soul Puppet and the status of Heaven Symbol Master, he still would not be qualified to stop this formation!

Lin Dong loosened his wrists and flashed a mocking smile at Lei She. Soon after, his eyes began to surge with strains of chilliness.

“Since you have come to hunt me down, you should have planned for the worst scenario. That is because you might lose your lives in the mission this time around!”

“Just by you alone!?” Chen Mu cackled nastily.

“Just me alone.”

Lin Dong nodded his head seriously. Soon after, his hands suddenly performed a hand-seal. At the same time, in the stone talisman, the long-awaiting Little Marten gave a weird chuckle and its claws performed a hand-seal that was similar to Lin Dong’s.

As Lin Dong and Little Marten performed a similar hand-seal at the same time, the lush woodlands suddenly began to waver. After a short moment, the lush woodlands was torn apart and a canopy of darkness shot up into the sky. Within a short period of time, the canopy formed a space of darkness and began to engulf the glowing web formation!

The sudden change in situation changed the facial expressions of Lei She and his counterparts. As they continued looking at the space of darkness that was engulfing their glowing web, a wave of chilliness gushed through their minds. It seemed that the space of darkness could even destroy light.

“Kill him!” Lei She bellowed as he quickly returned to a state of calmness and his eyes ashened.

No matter what tactics Lin Dong executed, as long as he was killed, all these weird happenings would cease to occur.

Upon hearing Lei She’s voice, Chen Mu and his counterparts returned to their sense. Immediately, their hand-seals changed and the glowing web began to coagulate again. Numerous glowing spears were formed in the process.

Poof poof!

However, this time around, after the glowing spears were formed, they were being pulled abruptly and then vanished into the thin air under the shocking gazes from Chen Mu and his counterparts.

“Darn! Our formation is vanishing!” After Chen Mu and his counterparts saw what had happened, they shouted in astonishment as if they had sensed something.

Upon hearing what was said, Lei She’s facial expression changed drastically. Indeed, the glowing web was diminishing with a speed that could be observed with a naked eye. It was as if the glowing web was losing energy rapidly.

“Maintain the formation!” Lei She’s eyes were flickering. Soon after, he clenched his teeth and palms, before a black-coloured soft sword appeared in his hand. Then, he moved his body and flew towards Lin Dong. This time around, he had pushed the Yuan Power in his body to its maximum. Clearly, he did not want to give Lin Dong any time to do something funny.

“This is my Devouring World. There is nowhere to run.”

Even when he saw an incoming Lei She, who was accompanied by a terrifying outburst of energy, Lin Dong merely smiled. With a jolt of his body, Lin Dong oddly escaped from the glowing net and disappeared into the deep darkness.

After Lei She saw Lin Dong disappeared, the former’s face ashened immediately. He tried to look around in the extreme darkness while the tinge of chilliness that was creeping in his mind was getting increasingly stronger.

“Senior Lei She, the Yuan Power in our bodies are dissipating rapidly. This place is stealing our Yuan Power!” While Lei She was at a loss, those Devil Cliff Empire practitioners shouted out in fear.

While these people were in shock, Lei She’s face was twitching. That was because he knew that the Yuan Power in his body was dissipating slowly as well. Apparently, this place of darkness was devouring the Yuan Power in their bodies.


At this moment, even the cool-headed Lei She could not help but break out in rage. He then snarled, “Lin Dong, come out and fight with me, you coward!”

“I’m sorry. The way I do things is that I only care about the end results, rather than the process…..”

Suddenly, a mocking voice came from the abyss of the darkness. Lei She’s eyes hardened and hurled a brutal punch in the direction of the source of the voice. However, there was no response or reaction.

“Senior Lei She, the formation is about to break!”

A gush of fear swept across Chen Mu’s eyes. He then looked at the slowly weakening glowing net. This was their only source of light now.

Even when Lei She heard Chen Mu’s words, the former continued clenching his fists. He had no ways to break out of this world of darkness. Right now, they could only wait helplessly for the Yuan Power in their bodies to dissipate. When their Yuan Power were completely exhausted, they would not have the strength to resist Lin Dong….


Under the dreadful gazes from Lei She and his counterparts, the glowing net got increasingly weaker and eventually disappeared. Finally, this place had descended into complete darkness.

Above the lush woodlands, a humongous, square-shaped canopy of darkness had engulfed the mid-air. Even the light was devoured by the darkness.

Outside of the square-shaped canopy of darkness, Lin Dong was standing on a lofty tree while keeping his eyes closed and waiting for the time to pass slowly. Finally, the positions of the prey and predator had been swapped perfectly.