Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 461 Arrival

Chapter 461 Arrival


Chapter 461 Arrival

Deep within the mountains, an arduous mountain peak soared into the skies. Mists curled around the mountain peak, making it look somewhat celestial. An unmoving figure sat atop a boulder upon the mountain peak. As a light breeze brushed against the figure, his black hair floated, causing him to appear rather carefree.


While the figure silently sat as if in deep sleep, a snow-white Demonic Beast flapped its wings as it flew out from the mists. Using the clouds as cover, its scarlet and beastly pupils locked onto the figure.

This Demonic Beast was considered rather powerful in the Ancient Battlefield. It was known as the Human-Faced Devil Hawk. It had a human-like face but when this face was put together with the rest of its body, it looked extremely weird and frightening.

The Human-faced Devil Hawk was extremely powerful. From its aura, one could tell that this Demonic Beast could match up to a quasi-Nirvana stage practitioner like Liu Yuan. It noiselessly flapped its wings like a ghost without form that was impossible to guard against. Even ordinary Nirvana stage practitioners would find it rather troublesome.

This Human-faced Devil Hawk had clearly been observing the figure below for an awfully long time. After stealthily flying back and forth for a long period of time, it suddenly jerked its wings, raising its speed to the max. However, the most terrifying thing was that it did not make the slightest bit of noise while charging at this speed, and even the flow of air was concealed by it.

This kind of sneak attack was indeed an extreme headache.

The Human-faced Devil Hawk was extremely swift. In a blink of an eye, the Demonic Beast pierced through the mist, poised to grab the figure’s skull with its deadly talons that were sharp enough to tear apart the defence of a Nirvana stage practitioner. Its talons flickered with a chilling light, and given the how formidable the attack looked, if it were to strike its target, his or her skull would be ripped off.


However, just as the sharp talons were about to touch the figure’s skull, a black hole suddenly materialized and expanded. Soon after, the Human-faced Devil Hawk’s claws were caught in the black hole.


This sudden change of events put the Human-faced Devil Hawk in great distress. It urgently flapped its wings with tremendous strength as it tried to escape from the black hole.


However, while it flapped its wings, numerous strings of black light suddenly burst out from the black hole. The numerous strings twined around the Human-faced Devil Hawk and forcefully pulled it towards the black hole. Like a giant mouth, the black hole swallowed the Demonic Beast, leaving not even a single feather behind.

A weird sneak attack met an equally weird ending. At this moment, the figure slowly opened his tightly-shut eyes, a faint smirk in his eyes. With a flip of his palm, a fist-size Demonic Crystal appeared within, vigorous waves of Nirvana Qi surging inside.

“The amount of Nirvana Qi in this crystal is comparable to a few thousand Nirvana pills….” The figure clenched his hand as the Demonic Crystal was absorbed by powerful Devouring Power, transforming into churning Nirvana Qi that flowed through his body. This intake of Nirvana Qi was equivalent to a whole day of training. However, it was a pity that this kind of Demonic Beast was rare even in this deep into the mountains, while given his current strength, it would be a difficult task for him to break into the areas where these Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts gathered in groups.

After devouring the Demonic Crystal, the figure finally stood up and raised his head. This face belonged to Lin Dong, who had ventured deep into the mountains.

“Another five days have passed…..”

Lin Dong stood up and gazed into the distance with a pair of slightly narrowed eyes. In his eyes were an indescribable expression. With Little Marten’s guidance over the past five days, he had become much more skillful in the using of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol than he was in the past. Additionally, due to his advancement to the Heaven Symbol Master stage, Lin Dong was becoming increasingly proficient in utilising the tyrannical Devouring Power.

As Lin Dong mastery of Devouring Power grew, he became completely aware of how powerful the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was. This object was indeed a truly godly artifact.

His fighting capabilities had once again significantly improved compared to ten days ago. Right now, Lin Dong would not be at a disadvantageous position even against a Nirvana stage practitioner like Chen Mu.

“These fellows are a little slow….” Lin Dong muttered to himself. Previously, he and Little Marten’s plan was to deal with the Devil Cliff Empire’s men that were sent to kill them. Of course, Lin Dong did not stay in one spot for too long and was constantly on the move so as to avoid their suspicion and to create the facade of him fleeing. However, the long-anticipated hunters had yet to appear.

“There’s no need to be anxious, they should be arriving soon. They can sense the tracking seal in your body while I can also borrow this tracking seal to roughly gauge their position. Even though the signal may be extremely weak, I can feel that they are getting increasingly closer to us….” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and laughed.

“How are the preparations?” Lin Dong glanced at Little Marten and chuckled.

“We are more or less done. As long as they dare to come, I will make sure they will be unable to return!” Little Marten’s eyes flickered with excitement. It had been clearly been awhile since it had went all out on something.

Upon hearing these words, the smile on Lin Dong’s face grew even wider. Soon after, he took a glance in the direction of the distant north while a whistle sounded out from his mouth.

As the whistle faded, a scarlet figure abruptly swept out from the mountain range below. With a jolt of its wings, the figure appeared at Lin Dong’s side, revealing itself to be Little Flame. This fellow had some rather good meals over this period. Practically all the Demonic Crystals from some half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts Lin Dong had killed devoured by Little Flame. However, this had brought it many benefits. Right now, Little Flame had not only grown bigger, but also appeared more majestic and powerful, while the aura emitted from its body faintly showed signs of being comparable to a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner.

Lin Dong was overjoyed with Little Flame’s transformation. After patting its head, Lin Dong leapt onto its back. The former flapped it wings, transforming into a flash of red lightning that shot away into the distance.

As Little Flame took flight, Lin Dong cast an indifferent glance behind him. The bait had been set and was ready for the arriving fishes….

Devil Cliff Empire, since you want to capture me, I will first let you have a taste of the price to come.

While Lin Dong was changing location, ten shadows appeared like ghosts on a distant mountain peak far away.

The auras of these ten black shadows were extremely tyrannical. Unexpectedly the leader of the pack was the sinister-looking Chen Mu. He raised his head and looked forward as his eyes surged with a chilling light.

“That chap is fleeing again….”

After Chen Mu finished his sentence, a few laughters broke out behind him, “This lad is truly like a stray dog, fleeing in such a diligent manner.”

Chen Mu slightly furrowed his eyebrows. For some reason, he could sense that something was amiss. Even though the tracking seal was quite hard to erase, Lin Dong should have plenty of time to slowly remove it over this period of time. Instead, Lin Dong did not do this. Could it be Lin Dong did not know that as long as the tracking seal was not removed, he would be unable to get rid of them?

“Chen Mu, let’s increase our speed. We have already wasted a lot of time ….” A hoarse voice suddenly sounded behind the frowning Chen Mu.

Upon hearing this voice, the corners of Chen Mu’s eyes slightly twitched for a moment. He tilted his head to look at the skinny man. The man had an ordinary face, but his pupils were inverted triangles like a snake’s, and gave off an extremely creepy feeling.

Even someone as cold as Chen Mu could not maintain a natural expression in front of this person. In the Devil Cliff Empire, Nirvana stage practitioners possessed relatively high status. Other than first senior and second senior, this man was the undisputed number three. Even Chen Mu had to lower his head in front of this man.

As if he knew that Chen Mu was sizing him up, the man slowly raised his head and extended his hand from his sleeves. His hand was covered with black scales, an extremely strange sight.

“Still not moving? I want to see if Lin Dong is really a three headed six armed asura that actually dares to kill someone from the Devil Cliff Empire,” The man laughed, showing his sinisterly white teeth. His smile was full of a terrifying viciousness.

A slight chill surfaced in Mu Chen’s heart. Without tarrying any further, Chen Mu turned around and dashed forth while everyone else swiftly followed behind.

The following day, Chen Mu and his counterparts travelled without any rest. They pushed their speed to the limits as they followed the weak signal and crossed mountain after mountain.

Just as the scorching sun slowly began its descent in the western skies as scarlet light engulfed the vast mountain range, ten figures finally stopped at a lush woodlands while they cast their gazes to their front. A figure was silently seated there. A light breeze blew past, causing his clothes to float and his black hair drift gently in the wind.

“Not running anymore?”

Chen Mu’s extremely sinister gaze was directed at the figure, his ghastly voice causing a chill to run up one’s spine.

However, that figure merely smiled in the face of Chen Mu’s icy voice as he lazily stretched his body. His eyes were not flickering with the fear that Chen Mu and his counterparts had anticipated. Instead, the figure’s eyes contained a mysterious smile.

“You are really too slow. If this carried on, I might have lost my patience….”

Upon hearing these words, Chen Mu’s eye pupils instantly shrunk.