Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 460 The Scheme

Chapter 460 The Scheme


Chapter 460 The Scheme

The number of empires in the ancient battlefield was like stars in a vast sky, which was inumerable. Even the number of high rank empires could dazzle one’s eyes. It is not an easy task to establish one’s reputation amidst such a competitive environment.

Clearly, the Devil Cliff Empire was one of those reputable high rank empires. Even though their reputation reeked of blood, they was still made up of real capabilities. Therefore, the Devil Cliff Empire had been considered by many empires as an empire that was troublesome yet could not be offended.

In fact, this idea had been further reinforced in many people’s minds after a high rank empire was previously eradicated by the Devil Cliff Empire.

And because of this, after news on the killing of a Nirvana stage practitioner from the Devil Cliff Empire spread out, commotions and uproars broke out in this vast vicinity.

Apparently, no one had expected that someone would actually dare to offend the Devil Cliff Empire at this point of time. Furthermore, everyone clearly knew that the youth named Lin Dong would be hunted down mercilessly. Even though the Devil Cliff Empire was not an overlord that no one dared to offend in the vast Northwest region of the ancient battlefield, they were still an extremely troublesome force to be reckoned with.

In this region, there were not many empires or elites that could curb the Devil Cliff Empire’s infamy and dominance. Lin Dong’s capabilities were far from these group of empires and elites. Therefore, the Devil Cliff Empire would be relentless in their hunt for Lin Dong. However, while everyone in the Northwest region was in a uproar over Lin Dong’s audacious action in offending the Devil Cliff Empire, the main character of the whole incident, Lin Dong, was deep within a mountain range and he was blocking off all these information.

This mountain range was located far away from the Yang City. The vastness of this mountain range certainly did not lose out to the Thunder Granite Valley’s and might even be bigger. This kind of massive mountain range was commonly seen in the ancient battlefield. At the same time, the amount of Demonic Beasts in these mountain ranges had reached a terrifying number. Even Nirvana stage practitioners had to stay vigilant in this kind of area.

Lin Dong was sitting cross-leggedly with both his eyes shut tight on the peak of a green valley that was in the mountain range’s depths. Strong waves of Devouring Power was gushing out from his body like a flash flood, devouring the Heaven and Earth’s essence from his surroundings completely. After refinement, these essence became surging Yuan Power and flowed through limbs of Lin Dong, bringing about a vigorous and relaxed feeling to his body.


This kind of silent training continued for another half an hour before Lin Dong slowly opened his tightly-shut eyes. The flickering radiance in his eyes vanished quietly as a smile swept across his face.

It had been five days since Lin Dong left the Yang City. Within these five days, most of his time were spent on training. Right now, he had become someone who was cut off from the rest of the world once again. Even though he was lonesome, he did not need to repress his Devouring Power anymore. Thus, his training efficiency had increased significantly as compared to the past.

Given his current training speed, Lin Dong predicted that he could attack the half-step-to Nirvana stage in a month’s time. However, it was not issue of attacking the half-step-to Nirvana stage that bothered Lin Dong, but rather, it was issue of how should he attack the Nirvana stage. After Lin Dong fought against Nirvana stage practitioners, he finally understood the significance of the amount of Nirvana pills used to attack the Nirvana stage. Given Lin Dong’s current capabilities, the reason why he was able to defeat Li Pan was because the latter had only used one hundred thousand Nirvana pills when he attacked the Nirvana stage. As such, the Nirvana Qi in Li Pan’s could not match against an elite like Chen Mu.

Lin Dong was able to defeat Li Pan easily, however, if he was to face Chen Mu, it would be far from easy. That was because, Chen Mu used five hundred thousand Nirvana pills when he attacked the Nirvana stage. This amount of Nirvana pills allowed him to overshadow a Nirvana stage practitioner like Li Pan even before he passed the Nirvana Tribulation.

Naturally, after Lin Dong knew about the situation clearly, he did not want to end up like Li Pan after he reached Nirvana stage.

This was like building a foundation. If he was able to get his fundamentals right, it would be beneficial for him in the future when he needs to attack the Nirvana stage.

“However, all these Nirvana pills….”

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows as he thought of another troublesome problem. Currently, he only had around sixty thousand Nirvana pill. Approximately one half of these Nirvana pills were from Li Pan’s Qiankun bag. This amount was far from what Lin Dong had expected…

“Hehe, still thinking hard about how to get more Nirvana pills?” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder with a sly look on its face.

“Do you have a plan?” Lin Dong asked while raising his eyebrows.

“Given your character, if there are no more than a few millions of Nirvana pills to attack the Nirvana stage, you will not be satisfied. However, though you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it will hard to refine so many Nirvana pills in a short period of time,” Little Marten replied lazily. It then continued, “What else can be more efficient than stealing in this world?”

“Steal?” Lin Dong slight twitched the corner of mouth.

“I never ask you to go around stealing from people. The Devil Cliff Empire will definitely send people to hunt you down. Meanwhile, those who are sent to hunt you down will be much powerful than Li Pan. These people are well-off individuals. If you are able to capture one of them, I guess they should be worth at least a hundred thousand Nirvana pills each?” Little Marten chuckled.

“Stealing from the Devil Cliff Empire,” Lin Dong’s eyes opened up slightly before he stared at Little Marten with a peculiar expression on his face. Right now, he was thinking about how to avoid the Devil Cliff Empire’s hunt. Yet Little Marten was actually thinking about how to kill them and steal their Nirvana pills….

“Don’t have the guts?” Little Marten taunted Lin Dong.

“What else will I be scared of when I have already killed one of their men. However, as you have said, this time around, the Devil Cliff Empire will send their elites after me. It will not be an easy task even if I have attained the Heaven Symbol Master,” Lin Dong smiled while shaking his head.

Given his current strength, he could only tie with Chen Mu in a fight. Even though he possessed the Blood Soul Puppet, the enemies would not consist of only one Nirvana stage practitioner in Chen Mu. As for his last resort in summoning the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile, he has only one shot. The Ancient Heavenly Crocodile could definitely contend against a Nirvana stage practitioner that had passed the Nirvana Tribulation. However, it would quite wasteful to use this last resort on such situation. “You seem to underestimate your own capabilities,” Little Marten laughed indifferently as if it knew what Lin Dong was thinking.

“You possess a Heavenly artifact called the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. In the past, you did not even display more than one percent of its power. However, the level of your Mental Energy has greatly increased now and you can activate other powers as well. With the help of these abilities, Chen Mu will not be able to deal with you. We can start planning and lay an ambush for the Devil Cliff Empire. When that moment comes, we can get rid of them in one go and the rewards will be considerably huge.”

“Get rid of them in one go….”

Even though Lin Dong was an individual with huge guts, he was still shocked by Little Marten’s plan. However, he was not a timid person. As soon as he thought of the rewards, a blazing fury gushed through his eyes. If this plan was to succeed, the rewards he reaped would be extremely pleasing.

“Do you have confidence?” Lin Dong asked softly while blinking his eyes.

“Hey, Grandpa Marten had plotted against all kinds of people in the past. It’s not difficult to plot against this kind of worthless individuals…” Little Marten replied arrogantly.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong smiled as well. However, he still had some reservations in his heart. Little Marten might be very powerful in the past, but that was in the past after all…

“Actually I can get rid of the tracking mark in your body, however, I think it will be best to use it as a guide for them. During this period of time, I will teach you a few other ways to use the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Currently, I think you are somewhat capable of activating some of its powers…..”

Little Marten clapped its claws as its tiny eyes flickered with a tinge of cunningness. It then shifted its gaze into the distance and mocked,” Some bullshit Devil Cliff Empire dares to be so arrogant in front of Grandpa Marten. If they dare to come, Grandpa Marten will make all of them perish!”

Lin Dong patted Little Flame, which was sitting beside him, and smiled. There appeared to be a tinge of chilliness in his drooping eyes. Initially, Lin Dong still thought that he had to stay low for a while. However, it seems like there was no need now.

“Devil Cliff Empire, I hope the men you send will be powerful. Otherwise, this game will not be fun…” Lin Dong murmuring voice echoed throughout the mountain peak. No doubt, Lin Dong and Little Marten had massive guts. While the outside world was either worrying or rejoicing over their misfortune, they had already taken the initiative to ambush and wait for the Devil Cliff Empire’s elites to arrive.

The positions of predator and prey appeared to have swapped inadvertently.

The question is who will get the last laugh in this game of prey and predator.…..