Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 457 Might of a Heavenly Symbol Master

Chapter 457 Might of a Heavenly Symbol Master


Chapter 457 Might of a Heavenly Symbol Master

The entire area was silent. On the stone chair, Li Pan’s expression was one of dread. Lin Dong’s sudden advancement to the Heaven Symbol Master had evidently surpassed his expectations and this situation had already spun out of his control.

He clearly understood that since Lin Dong had advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master, he had the ability to face off directly against him. Moreover, Lin Dong still had a Soul Puppet in his hands that was comparable to a Nirvana stage practitioner.

This line-up was enough to frighten Li Pan.

“I was wondering why you dared to appear. It turns out that you had something up your sleeve.” However, though he felt fearful, Li Pan did not panic. He icily stared at Lin Dong while these words slowly left his mouth.

There were many Devil Cliff Empire practitioners at this side, and among them were two quasi Nirvana practitioners with strengths comparable to Liu Yuan and the rest. In addition, there were some half-step-to Nirvana practitioners, overall an extremely luxurious lineup. Even a Heavenly Symbol Master like Lin Dong plus the Soul Puppet in his hands would be unable to shake them.

As if they had sensed how thorny a problem Lin Dong was, wind noises suddenly rang out in the area. Subsequently, some black-clothed figures appeared on the plaza with their cold gazes vigilantly locked onto Lin Dong. This lineup caused the onlookers’ hearts to be alarmed. As expected, this Devil Cliff Empire was a rather powerful existence even among the high rank empires.

Mo Tie and the rest, who were originally astonished by the formidable Mental Energy Lin Dong had displayed, regained their wits at this moment. Following which, their expressions changed gently when they witnessed this scene.

“Lin Dong, if you’re smart, hand over the Ancient Secret Key and we can erase the grudge between you and my Devil Cliff Empire.”

Li Pan stood up, darkly staring at Lin Dong as he slowly spoke, “I know that you have already advanced to become a Heaven Symbol Master. However, let me warn you, this still poses no threat at all to my Devil Cliff Empire. There is no lack of Nirvana practitioners among the empires that have fallen to our Devil Cliff Empire…”

Li Pan’s words were clearly a little less contemptuous compared to before. However, the threat within them was instead much greater. His words were very easily understood; they meant to warn Lin Dong that advancing to Heavenly Symbol Master level did not indicate that he had the qualifications to negotiate with their Devil Cliff Empire. Since they had eliminated even Nirvana stage practitioners before, taking care of Lin Dong would not be a difficult matter.

“Whether you want to become friends or enemies with my Devil Cliff Empire hinges on your reply.” Li Pan declared in an indifferent manner.

One could not help but admit that Li Pan’s words contained an extreme amount of pressure. After all, the Devil Cliff Empire was too powerful and anyone would think twice before offending them. Additionally, it was said that a high rank empire had been directly wiped out by Devil Cliff Empire a few years ago, causing their terrible reputation to arise. Even some Nirvana stage practitioners did not dare to carelessly offend them and this was also the ultimate reason why everyone had to swallow and hide their indignation during Li Pan’s tyrannical reign in Yang City. A single Nirvana stage practitioner was not enough to make them fearful, but the Devil Cliff Empire backing him possessed that ability…

It was absolutely silent after Li Pan’s voice faded. Gaze after gaze were involuntarily cast towards Lin Dong’s figure. No one knew if this new Heavenly Symbol Master would still be so unyielding in the face of the titanic Devil Cliff Empire.

Under numerous gazes, Lin Dong stared at Li Pan and smiled. Upon seeing this smile, the latter thought that Lin Dong was going to compromise. Immediately, a derisive smile started to arise from the corners of Li Pan’s mouth.

However, just as the corners of his mouth rose a little, Lin Dong lifted his hand and pointed to the outside of Yang City, “Take your men and get lost from Yang City.”

The raising corners of Li Pan’s mouth froze, before traces of maliciousness gradually climbed up on his face. He stared at Lin Dong with a face interlaced with green and red before venomously saying, “Such a hard bone, however, since you don’t want the face that I’ve given, you can only blame yourself for not making use of this final chance.”

As Li Pan’s venomous words gradually faded, surging Yuan Power immediately spread out from his body like a tide, the enormous pressure directly causing the surrounding people to feel breathless.

Li Pan’s face twitched with malevolence, obviously completely outraged by Lin Dong. From Li Pan’s point of view, even if Lin Dong had truly advanced to become a Heavenly Symbol Master, he did not have the qualifications to speak to Li Pan in such a manner.


“Thousand Beast Fist!”

A muffled explosion sounded out. The crowd watched as Li Pan’s figure shot out like an arrow as his fist flew forward, instantly exploding the air. Vigorous without equal Yuan Power swept outwards, condensing into a stampede of beasts which roared as they charged towards Lin Dong. The power of this attack was rather astonishing. Every Demonic Beast made from Yuan Power contained a terrifying undulation that was enough to destroy a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner. With such a number of beasts gathered together, even the expression of a quasi Nirvana stage practitioner like Liu Yuan changed tremendously.

Lin Dong’s figure did not move at all. While he watched Li Pan’s attack, a burning expression arose in his eyes. He did not summon his Blood Soul Puppet. The current him very much wanted to personally test how powerful his Mental Energy had grown after advancing to Heavenly Symbol Master.

The inside of his Niwan Palace that had become a mini world started to churn at this moment as if a gale was forming.

Rumble! Tumble!

The sky above the plaza suddenly darkened as a strong wind blew past. Everyone could feel terrifying Mental Energy spread out across the area.


A bright light shined in Lin Dong’s eyes. His hand grabbed out as a hurricane started to form within his palm, directly transforming into a hurricane hand which mercilessly flew towards the stampeding beasts made of Yuan Power.

Bang bang bang!

Low explosion noises continuously echoed. Wherever the hurricane hand went, Yuan Power Demonic Beasts were completely blown apart. In addition, even the ground broke as cracks formed due to the sweeping hurricane.


As they watched Lin Dong’s almost effortless move, everyone in the area could not help but gasp once again. Was this the power of a Heaven Symbol Master? Transforming Mental Energy into wind and then into a palm attack. Such level of power was indeed extremely formidable.

As Yuan Power was blown apart, Li Pan was pushed back several steps, while his complexion turned ashen. He never expected that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy would be this powerful. He had been lucky when he advanced to the Nirvana stage, plus the Nirvana pills he had used was only a mere hundred thousand. Therefore, though Li Pan was ranked number one among those who had not successfully reached Nirvana stage, he was definitely ranked amongst the last compared to fellow Nirvana stage practitioners. Even so, he believed that there would be no problems fighting with a recently crowned Heavenly Symbol Master Lin Dong. Yet, this scene made him understand that he seemed to have underestimated Lin Dong.

“I don’t believe a brat like you that has just reached Heavenly Symbol Master will be able to utilise Mental Energy to such a level!”

Li Pan’s sternly shouted. His hand clenched as a flickering bright light appeared within. His figure moved, transforming into numerous after-images that swept towards Lin Dong like layers upon layers of waves.

However, he did not know that when Lin Dong reached the Heaven Symbol Master stage, he had also obtained some of the memories and experiences of the dead practitioner within the Mysterious Key Space. Hence, his Mental Energy control and utilisation obviously far surpassed Li Pan’s expectations.

“It just so happens that I can use you as practise!”

In response to Li Pan’s suddenly more powerful attacks, the fire in Lin Dong’s eyes burned even hotter. He directly stepped on the wind as he moved, his figure as incorporeal as the mist. At this moment, gales blew across the land while lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

While obtaining some of that practitioner’s experiences and memories, Lin Dong had also received some valuable Mental Energy utilisation methods. He very much wanted to find out how powerful his Mental Energy was at full force now.

Lightning flickered across the horizon as everyone stared at this scene in horror. Evidently, such an abnormal phenomenon had been brought forth by Lin Dong’s Mental Energy.


An enormous bolt of lightning poured down like a pillar of light while gales also started to take shape. In the end, wind and lightning was forcibly fused together by the unimaginable Mental Energy.

“Wind Lightning Fist!”

Lin Dong floated above the wind and lightning. Soon after, his hand abruptly slapped out. Immediately, the incomparably berserk lightning and wind swiftly squirmed, condensing into a humongous palm of light under numerous astonished gazes.

This light palm was not made from Yuan Power, but completely formed from pure lightning and wind. Though there was admittedly powerful Mental Energy wrapped around it!

This was a style that was completely different from Yuan Power!

The wind lightning palm formed as Lin Dong’s eyes abruptly turned cold. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, the palm furiously descended upon Li Pan below.

Before the wind lightning palm landed, there was already an enormous depression on the plaza. Afterward, a resplendent light palm that engraved itself into Li Pan’s shocked eyes, brought with it the momentum of wind and lightning as it viciously slammed down!