Wu Dong Qian Kun

Chapter 454 Heaven Symbol Master

Chapter 454 Heaven Symbol Master


Chapter 454 Heaven Symbol Master

After the entity that invaded Lin Dong’s mind was destroyed, the latter’s rigid body gradually relaxed itself. Meanwhile, waves of terrifying Mental Energy continuously gushed out from his Niwan Palace, causing the mini world within to ripple.

Compared to before, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was now on a completely different scale. This transformation was akin to the power difference between the Manifestation and Nirvana stage!

Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened as resplendent and almost solid-like Mental Energy shot out, directly tearing a long crack along the sturdy black marble floor. This Mental Energy had already reached a rather tyrannical level.

Upon seeing Lin Dong awaken, Little Flame’s body armour erupted with a bright radiance before returning to its original state as it tenderly rubbed its large head against Lin Dong.


Lin Dong spat out a mouthful of impure qi, a trace of lingering alarm in his eyes. Apparently, the previous unforeseen event had gravely frightened him. If not for Little Marten’s help, it would have truly become extremely troublesome.

“This fellow is nothing good,” Little Marten commented as it appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and glanced at the blown up corpse.

Lin Dong nodded his head. After devouring the greyish entity that had tried to takeover his body, Lin Dong managed to obtain some memories of the dead practitioner. These memories proved that this fellow was indeed a bad person. However, what pleasantly surprised Lin Dong was that there were some unique Mental Energy manipulation techniques among these memories. From Lin Dong’s perspective, these techniques were akin to gifts from the heavens. Even though he had attained the rank of a Heaven Symbol Master, his knowledge on manipulating Mental Energy was still shallow. From these memories, he was able to learn numerous Mental Energy manipulation techniques and Secret Spirit Skills, which certainly filled up some of the gaps in his knowledge on Mental Energy.

Furthermore, while obtaining these experiences related to Mental Energy, he was also able to acquire information on the Ancient Treasure Trove as well.

From these vague memories, Lin Dong understood that the Ancient Treasure Trove was left behind by an extremely powerful sect. The treasures that existed within the Ancient Treasure Trove were extremely enticing. Besides this, the dead person who tried to takeover Lin Dong’s body was not the actual guardian of the Ancient Treasure Trove. He obtained the Mysterious Ancient Key only after mounting a sneak attack on one of the Ancient Treasure Trove guardians. Even though he was able to successfully snatch the key, he was gravely injured by that particular guardian. As a result, he was forced to hide in this place to recuperate. Unexpectedly, he still died in the end and the key that he had obtained was conveniently taken by Lin Dong.

Moreover, the Mysterious Ancient Key in Lin Dong’s hands was not the only key. There were four keys in total. Only by inserting all four keys at once could the Ancient Treasure Trove be opened.

“We still don’t know who has obtained the other keys….”

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. If the Ancient Treasure Trove was really that enticing, it would definitely attract numerous drooling treasure hunters. Those high rank empires would inevitably set out to snatch the keys as well. If news that he had obtained the key was leaked, it would bring considerable trouble.

As Lin Dong’s thoughts reached this point, his eyes slightly narrowed before he smiled. He had not feared Nirvana stage practitioners such as Chen Mu even before he had attained the level of Heaven Symbol Master. Thus, now that he had become a Heaven Symbol Master, he would be able to do battle against Chen Mu without relying on the Blood Soul Puppet.

“This fellow turns out to be a great help at this dangerous juncture.”

As Lin Dong slowly digested the dead practitioner’s memories, his eyes flushed with joy. Even though this fellow was perhaps not a good person while he was alive, he was considerably strong. Therefore, from Lin Dong’s perspective, being able to obtain these experiences and memories were as good as acquiring a high grade Manifestation martial art.

“Little Marten, thanks for the help this time,” Lin Dong smiled a little as he shifted his gaze towards Little Marten.

“Cut the crap, if you really want to thank me, help me obtain the Samsara pill,” Little Marten replied while rolling its eyes before continuing, “The levels of a Symbol Master are divided into seals. There are nine seals for the Heaven Symbol Master stage, which is identical to the nine Yuan Nirvana stages. At every advancement, the tiny world in your Niwan Palace will become more and more perfect. Once you reach the ninth seal, the tiny world will have completely transformed. When that moment comes, you can flip the land with a flick of your wrist.”

Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders and did not ask in detail about that transformation of the tiny world in his Niwan Palace. The current him was not even at the first seal of the Heaven Symbol Master yet, therefore, the ninth seal was unimaginably far off. Sometimes, it was not good to think too much.

“Relax, now that I have acquired the Mysterious Ancient Key, the Ancient Treasure Trove is a must-go place. Once we are there, I will do my utmost to obtain the Samsara pill…”

Lin Dong chuckled. For the past few years, the friendship between Little Marten and himself had grown increasingly deep. Even if Little Marten did not make this request, Lin Dong would still do his best to retrieve the Samsara pill for it.

Little Marten lazily acknowledged Lin Dong’s words. Even though Little Marten appeared nonchalant on the surface, a small trace of emotion still flashed across its eyes.

Lin Dong paid attention to Little Marten’s reaction. He turned around and took a sweeping glance around the Mysterious Key dimension. Following which, he waved his hand and said, “Let’s go, it’s time to leave this place….”

After hiding here for a month, it was time for them to go. Given Lin Dong’s current capabilities, even if Chen Mu and the rest were still guarding the stone temple, Lin Dong would be able to fend them off easily and retreat safely.

After making his decision, Lin Dong tarried no further. With a thought, the Mysterious Ancient Key in Lin Dong’s hand began to emit a powerful light that engulfed Lin Dong and his counterparts. Their bodies became increasingly fainter and eventually disappeared from the Mysterious Key dimension.

As Lin Dong and his counterparts disappeared, the Mysterious Key dimension once again became silent and void of life.

As the darkness before Lin Dong’s eyes disappeared like a receding tide, vigorous Mental Energy gushed out and formed an extremely powerful defense around his body. However, the attack he anticipated did not materialize. Lin Dong immediately heave a sigh of relief as he scanned his surroundings.

Instead of appearing in the stone temple, Lin Dong had appeared on an isolated mountain peak. After Lin Dong took a sweeping glance at his surroundings, a familiar feeling surged through his mind. Though he was not at the stone temple, this place was not far from Thunder Granite Valley. As Lin Dong gazed into the distance, he could see Thunder Granite Valley that was within the mountain range.

“Tsk, it seems that the Mysterious Ancient Key is quite a valuable treasure,” Little Marten looked surprisingly at the Mysterious Ancient Key in Lin Dong’s hands before continuing, “It appears that once you activate this key, it will bring you into the void before starting to move. In the future, you will be able to hide in the Mysterious Key dimension if you encounter any dangers. As long as the individual you are dealing with is not exceptionally problematic, he or she will not be able to find out where you are hiding.”

Upon hearing these words, an amazed look flashed across Lin Dong’s face. Clearly, he had not expected the Mysterious Ancient Key to have such unique property. If this was so, he would have an escape route even if he encountered any dangers in future.

“It seems that the people in Thunder Granite Valley have left.”

Lin Dong was amazed for a while before he shifted his gaze beyond Thunder Granite Valley and saw numerous thunderous clouds gathering above the valley. From time to time, lightnings poured down in torrents, causing the entire valley to rumble with thunder.

The weather in Thunder Granite Valley was the most berserk at such a time. Even Chen Mu and his counterparts would not dare to stay so long in this place. Therefore, most groups had withdrawn from Thunder Granite Valley. This certainly allowed Lin Dong to silently heave a sigh of relief. Even though he had reached the Heaven Symbol Master stage and had no fear of Chen Mu and his counterparts, it would still be troublesome if he was ambushed by them. Hence, it was naturally best to avoid such trouble.

“What do you plan to do now?” Little Marten asked as it glanced in the direction of the thunder-filled valley with a somewhat amazed look on its face.

“We will go back to Yang City and find Mo Ling and the rest.” Lin Dong pondered before replying. The Mo Ling trio had been following him since the beginning, thus Lin Dong had to ensure their safety no matter what. Furthermore, he was a little worried. Chen Mu was obviously no kind soul and was not easy to deal with. If he could not find Lin Dong, he might shift his attention to Mo Ling and the rest.

Chen Mu and his counterparts knew the value of the Ancient Treasure Trove, therefore, they would not give up on the Mysterious Ancient Key so easily.


As his thoughts reached this point, Lin Dong’s fists clenched tightly as killing intent surged in his eyes. He hoped that Chen Mu would not resort to such tactics, otherwise, he would pay a hefty price…

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong gently breathed out. Without any further words, he waved his hand as his body shot into the sky. After becoming a Heaven Symbol Master, he could easily muster energy from the land. A gust of powerful wind formed beneath his feet as he flew him past the mountain range, heading towards the massive Yang City at a terrifying speed.